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Now on with the story. The third chapter to Little Help.

He heard the scream. He knew it was Rose, he knew, yet he didn't move. No matter how much he ordered his legs to move, no matter how much he tried, they didn't. It was only when another scream filled the cave did he move. He ran, he pushed himself to go faster.

It didn't take him long to get where he had last heard the voice.

He came to the end of the cave. Then he froze. He stopped right in his tracks. He didn't know what he expected to find, but he didn't expect this.

An orc, holding a knife to Rose's throat.

He took a couple of steps forward and as soon as he did. The orc pressed the knife harder against her throat. Causing her to scream louder. "Don't come any closer or I will make her bleed". To prove his point he pressed harder on her soft flesh and a small trickle of blood came from the wound, making her whimper and struggle against his tight grip.

Legolas didn't move he didn't dare to move. He would do anything he could to keep her alive, and if possible unharmed.

Legolas could tell the orc was getting bored with this game. The orc was frantically looking for a way out. Legolas had to act fast. Or the orc would surly kill her. Ideas swam through his head. None of these could work they were risky to risky. He would have to do it fast. Or all would be lost.

A load crash in the distance, made the orc quickly turn. Legolas used this to his own advantaged. In a matter of seconds he grabbed an arrow from his quiver, put it on his bow, aimed, and fired. The arrow landed in the creature's skull killing him. Rose fell out of his limp arms and landed on the ground. She turned and looked back at the lifeless orc. Blood was pouring from the wound, making its way down the side of his head making a pool on the floor.
She screamed softly and turned her head quickly away from the dead orc. She looked up to see Legolas standing completely still, his eyes transfixed on the orc, he was holding tight to his bow.

Rose got up and slowly walked toward him. "Leggy" she said softly.

"Leggy" she tried again but he seemed not to hear her. It seemed like he was in some far off place where nothing could reach him.

"Leggy" This time she screamed his name softly and started to cry.

He heard her. His eyes slowly moved from the orc to the now crying Rose. She said his name once again above a whisper but it was enough to break the trance. He ran and kneeled next to her. He did nothing he felt to guilty to do anything but look at her, but he was able to say one word. He said her name softly. She looked up at him and as soon as their eyes met she threw her arms around him. He embraced her, he held on to her for dear life. He thought all the orcs were gone, he thought they were all slaughtered. He shouldn't have let her go alone, and his mistake could have cost her life. These thoughts rang through his head. The image of the orc holding the knife on her neck scared him. He had never been so scared in his life before this moment. She had her eyes tightly closed and her head on his shoulder, her little arms wrapped tightly around him, making sure he didn't leave her.

His grip on her started to loosen when the room started to spin. He let go of Rose and placed his hand on his head. When he did his figures came in touch with something sticky. That's when he remembered the wound he got in battle that he left untreated to find Rose. Rose looked up at Legolas and gasped. Blood was steadly coming from the cut on his head. He tried to smile at her to reassure her that everything would be all right, but at that moment a rush of pain hit him and everything went black.

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