November. A month of thanksgiving. For us, it was a month of celebration. For over three years my sister, brothers and I were imprisoned in an attic. Because of the cruelty of a grandmother and the heartlessness of a mother, we were denied our childhood and we were to be forever damaged. My twin and I will always look "funny." We did not have many friends for they seemed to have a problem with how we look. Our heads are too big and our bodies are too small.

It didn't matter. We had each other.

Chris and Cathy were busy in their own worlds: Chris studying hard to become a doctor and Cathy a prima ballerina.

We lived with Doctor Paul. He was wonderful. He bought us anything we wanted. He even left Cory and I attend a school close to home when we both hated to be away at the dorms. Cory and I lived with Paul until he died.

This is the story of how Cory and I found out about.the love between our sister and brother.