I began feeling better, enough to help Cathy with the chores. Cory practically followed me around the house carrying anything that I needed. I laughed when I turned around and he almost fell trying to juggle the laundry basket. Quickly, I reached out for the towels that began falling.

"Cory, you cannot carry all of that." I said laughing. "Well, you shouldn't be. You should be resting." Laughing I carried the clothes in my arms, into the other room and began separating them calling out behind me, "I'm fine." And as I knew, he followed me.

The kitchen door opened and Cathy and Chris came in talking quietly between them. "Cathy. I don't think that you. Why are you seeing that man? Why can't it be me?" Cory and I looked at each other and Cory pulled me away from the door. Quietly, we listened to our brother and sister. I dared to look around the corner again.

Cathy's eyes were wild and she was shaking her head. "Chris! You know that we cannot do that! We have to think about Carrie and Cory. What would they say? I know that Julian can be hard to get to know, but he is a good person!" Chris tried to stay calm, but his feelings were plan across his face. "I don't like him, Cathy. I never did. I don't understand why you must date him!" He walked out slamming the door behind him. Cathy looked shaken. Soon we heard the ballet music coming from the other room.

Cory and I began to breathe again. Chris was always acting angry one moment and then he was fine the next. We couldn't figure it out. "What do you think he meant?" I shook my head. "I don't know." I looked at my twin. "Do you think it sounds like he, like they are together, aren't they?" The doorbell rang and there was a thud in the living room. Cory and I ran to see what happened leaving the thoughts of our sister and brother for another day. Cathy was on the floor waving her hands and rubbing her leg. "I'm fine. Check to see who is at the door."

I smiled and straightened my hair. It was Alex. "Hi, Carrie," he said quietly. He had flowers and candy in his hands. "I was wondering if you felt like going out tonight?"

Alex was great. I felt even better when he decided not to become a minister. "Carrie? Who is it?" Cathy was behind me. "Alex! Hi, come on in. I was going to make dinner. Why don't you stay?"

Alex shifted his weight and said politely, "I was hoping that Carrie would want to go to the movies with me. What do you say, Carrie?" I looked up at Cathy and she smiled. I could see that she was still upset about her argument with Chris. "Do you mind?" I asked her. She shook her head. "No, of course not. Cory and I will stay home. Go and have fun."

My date with Alex was wonderful. I couldn't have expected more. He was the perfect gentleman. The movie ran a little late and I was extremely tired. Alex walked me to the door. "Did you like the movie?" he asked. I shook my head and smiled up at him. My attention moved to the house where I could hear ballet music. "I really must be going."

He kissed me gently and I walked into the house.

The music was coming from Cathy's room. When I passed the room, I saw her and Chris dancing. Waltzing. It was the only dance that Chris knew. Cathy was dressed in her nightgown and Chris' shirt was opened. I know that I should have passed the room, but they looked so happy like they were in a fairytale. They must have made up with each other I thought, when all of a sudden Chris put his hands into her hair and said softly, "Dance, Ballerina, Dance." Cathy immediately began to spin in circles until she was once again in his arms laughing.

"God, Cathy, you are so beautiful," I heard Chris say painfully. He bent down and kissed her on the lips. "Chris?" she asked quietly, uncertain. "It's okay the twins aren't here, just this once," he whispered into her ear. Her arms gracefully circled around his neck as she kissed him back.

The door downstairs opened and closed and I moved to my room before they could see me. I was shaken by what I had seen and I screamed when Cory came into our room. "Carrie! Are you okay?" Everyone immediately came running. I was embarrassed.

"Carrie, darling, are you okay? What is wrong?" Cathy asked. She had put on a robe. Chris was buttoning his shirt. My eyes quickly when to Cory who only looked concerned for me.

"I just wasn't expecting you to come in, Cory. I thought that you were home." He put down his guitar. "No, I was out with some friends." Chris looked really uncomfortable and Cathy said, "Chris, come with me, we'll make some hot chocolate." And they left.

I went to take a shower. I needed to think before I told Cory what I saw. After seeing Cathy and Chris the way that I thought of Alex and I, I began to remember different things about them throughout the years.

My shower lasted longer than it should have, but the memories were too much: all of the gifts Chris gave Cathy, the words they said between them, the look in their eyes whenever they saw each other, the fact that they always needed to touch one another whenever they passed each other.

I was shaken…and I need to tell Cory….

When I came out of the bathroom, I found Cory sitting on the rocker in our room playing his guitar. I stood there listening for a minute to his beautiful voice. I was use to hearing him play. He looked up at me and stopped playing and smiled at me, "Hi." He got up and began to gather his things for his own shower, when I stopped him. "Cory, can we talk?"

I guess it was something in my voice because he turned around and looked a little alarmed. "Sure," he said as he sat, "what's wrong?" I turned to the hallway and closed the door, so Cathy and Chris didn't here me.

My twin and I sat on my bed; I drew up my legs and put my arms around them. "Tell me again about what you remember from Foxworth Hall. What do you remember about Chris and Cathy?" Cory looked a little confused and he shook his head. "Carrie, you know what I remember. Chris and Cathy took care of us. They did the best they could and they made that room and attic a whole house for us. Why?" My hair was still damp from my shower and I moved it off my neck and said, "Remember Chris and Cathy argued this afternoon? When I came home tonight, the ballet music was playing from her room and her and Chris were dancing." Cory said, "Carrie, they always do that." I shook my head. "She was in her nightgown and his shirt was unbuttoned. They seemed to be like…. in a fairytale." I looked up into his eyes, "Cory, they kissed the same way that you'd kiss a girlfriend." Blushing, I looked away from him and said, "The same why Alex kisses me." I quickly continued, "Think about it from the past several years. Do you think they could be in love with each other?"

I watched the emotions float across his face and knew that he was remembering all the times when Chris and Cathy were together. His blue eyes rested upon my face, "Maybe they are… They were older than us when they were locked up in that attic. It must have been harder for them. I mean Chris was 17 when we escaped, that is past the age of dating." I stood up and went to the bureau to get my brush. "Do you think we should say something? Let them know that we know? Chris had told Cathy that wet weren't here and that is when she left him kiss her."

There was a knock on the door and I dropped the brush. I was being paranoid. I just didn't want to hurt their feelings. I loved Chris and Cathy very much. Chris opened the door. "Hi, I just wanted to remind you guys that we are going to New York tomorrow.