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Un conte des êtres celestrial [A Tale of Celestrial Beings]

Chapter 1

By Fuji. S. Yuki

'Do you know?' The voice whispered against the other's ear, 'My tale, your tale, our tale?' Subtle the voice and fingers crept into the brown hair callous fingers brushed against his lips until…

Syusuke jerked up awake his sapphire eyes looking around him then glancing over to the clock he noted the time as 2 o'clock am. Groaning he rubbed his fingers to his temple, as he slid out of his sturdy bed paddling along, he ventured into the kitchen to fetch himself some tea. Surprise evident on his face when he notice that his sister Yumiko was already preparing some. Tarot cards were laid neatly on the kitchen table. "Syusuke do you want one cup of tea too?"

"Un." Syusuke replied while sliding into the cushion table chairs, laying his hot forehead against the table cooling the heat.


He didn't question how his sister knew, after living in a household with her for so long he grown use to his sister knowing about things before it happened. "Un."

"They've been getting more frequently haven't they?" Yumiko slid the cup of tea in front of her brother, while sliding into another seat. "Syusuke I think you should tell me."

Dreading that she would even ask but knowing it was inevitable. "It isn't really a nightmare." His fingers twirl the spoon in the cup, while his head remain in the same position. "It was just a few images that I can't make sense of and…" The silent 'and' from his sister made him consider his words carefully, "Someone asking me questions, that I don't quite understand."

Yumiko was quiet through all of this, her eyes slid to her tarot cards then back at Fuji. "Syusuke. I want you to be careful during these up coming weeks." The normal tender smile that was on his sister's face was gone, replaced only with a dead seriousness expression.

Fuji of course wasn't sure what his dreams had to do with the up coming weeks, "What do you mean Nee-san? I am always careful." A hand shoot out and grasp onto his wrist silencing him.

"Change is coming. Your cards told me that you'll be facing something soon, it is better safe then sorry." The light color eyes shifted a bit in her contemplation on what to tell him. "Just be careful." Drawing her eyes back, she pick up three cards that made her a bit nervous and replace them back into the deck, "If you have anymore dreams tell me ne?"

By now, Syusuke was becoming a bit suspicious at his sister's odd behavior. Only time he recalls that she acted in a similar way was when Yuuta was five and he was six. Yumiko told him and Yuuta that they had to stay home and couldn't leave for school. Of course, something did happen, Yuuta started to manifest some odd abilities that were almost like his sister. It was some form of energy. Syusuke wasn't exactly sure what to call it. However, after helping Yuuta contain his power for the time being. Yumiko had informed Yuuta and Syusuke that their family was gifted with odd abilities. Yumiko was good at divination, Yuuta's ability stemmed from the ancient practice of sealing and casting spells. Since his strange energy was pure spiritual power. It took many years of training with the help of Yumiko for Yuuta to master and use his powers properly. Syusuke was always there to help lean a hand when he could.

Then again, Syusuke couldn't understand why he didn't have any of these abilities. After several years, no strange gift had yet manifest against in his body. It was rather peculiar after all, wasn't he a Fuji? Wouldn't he have manifested some sort of abilities like his siblings? Yuuta of course comment that his Anki's ability was to annoy the hell out of people. Let alone be a genius in almost everything like tennis, music, and writing. However, perhaps fate wasn't going to let go of the middle sibling that easily. "Nee-san is this about the abilities that you and Yuuta have?"

All that was met was silence in the room. Yumiko stared at her brother, then she stood up, and quick like silver her fingers pinched and pulled his cheeks. "Baka go to sleep you have school tomorrow."

"Nee-san that hurt…" Syusuke echoed slightly rubbing his cheeks while his sister's departed from the kitchen to her room. Sapphire eyes shifted open until they landed on the tarot cards stacked neatly together, his fingers slid across the kitchen table and pulled on the first card then the second and the third card. In his hand, he held the tower card, the devil, and the death card. Staring at them he pondering over his sisters reaction at the three cards. Setting them back into their piles, he finishes his tea and set it back down, then headed back to bed his questions left unanswered.


At Seigaku, Fuji was as usual staring out the window to the outside. The teacher was use to his behavior, and never did call on him knowing that the prodigy never was caught unaware of where they were in class so it was a waste trying to punish him. Besides to them Fuji Syusuke was the nicest boy they had every met, and he was a diligent student in their eyes. Boy, if only they knew about the sadistic side that Fuji held and that sometimes it wasn't a good idea to annoy the tensai if you wanted to live a healthy long life. Normally the teacher would pick on Kikumaru Eiji more then anyone else cause the acrobatic player would sometimes fall asleep let alone not pay that much attention in class.

While the teacher prattled on a certain sentence caught Fuji's attention, "I want you to write a tale about anything, however it must have some form of plot, and it has to be about five pages at least."

There was that word again 'tale.' On the other hand, Fuji found that he liked the idea of writing a tale; perhaps he could somehow use what he dreamt about as some sort of dream journal. It would be a plus side if he ended up getting credit for it in his literature class. When the bell rang indicating that lunch started now, Kikumaru was already taking out his bento and complaining about the assignment.

"Wah I am so going to fail this!" The acrobatic player wailed, while he manages to arrange his food around to his liking. "Why do we have to do this type of assignment Fuji it has nothing to do with literature nyah!"

Syusuke already had his bento open with his chopsticks at hand, "Sa sa, it sounds like fun." He kept his smile on his face, when Eiji balked at him and started to cough and wail at Fuji's lies.

"Fuji your lying nyah! This is horrible I can't believe you want to do the assignment it is homework! Nyah nyah!" Eiji dramatically waving his chopsticks around to emphasize his point, "Homework is not fun nyah!"

"Ma ne." Fuji replied after munching on his rice and wasabi bento that his sister had packed for him. "It is creative writing after all Eiji."

Eiji pouted, "I don't care I just wish we had no homework and we just play tennis nyah. Besides nyah! I want to spend more time with Oishi."

Fuji shove down the urge to smirk at the acrobatic player, "But you see him all the time Eiji."

"For school!" Eiji howled slightly, "It isn't enough time Nyah!"

"Maybe you should have him move into your home or you can move into his." Fuji suggested subtly.

"Nyah! That isn't a bad idea but we have no room Nyah and Oishi's parents might not like it nyah!" Eiji was already bouncing from the idea. "Nyah so it won't work ne?"

So Eiji kept on babbling about many topics picking up and dropping a couple in a span of ten minutes. With Fuji pretty much immersed in his bento enjoying the background noise from the acrobatic player.


The weather was changing it was evident, when Fuji look at the darken sky during tennis practice. Already Inui had made the whole regulars run around in laps, then place them in different exercises, while pairing them in weird combinations.

For some strange reason today Inui set Fuji to play doubles with Ryoma. Which amuse the tensai to a high degree a part of the reason behind his amusement was the disapproval on Tezuka's face. It was obvious that the Captain didn't like the idea of Ryoma playing doubles after the tragic and embarrassing incident with Momoshiro. However, this didn't deter Inui in the slightest bit, and so off Fuji and Ryoma went to court A to wait their challengers.

The data tennis player then paired Momoshiro with Oishi, which brought slight questioning glazes from Eiji to Inui. Eiji of course wasn't comfortable being separated form his regular partner. However, the acrobatic player chooses wisely not to protect, when Inui was holding a large jug full of his toxic concoctions.

The third pair that Inui had stuck together was Eiji and Kaidoh. Which drew more questioning looks, combined with hisses from the mamushi. Kaidoh didn't want to be in doubles, surely, he was use to playing with Inui as his partner, and ever since completing his boomerang snake, he had assumed that he would never again be place in doubles. It seems that his judgment didn't account for the sardonic data tennis player's habits to do the unexpected thing.

Then again Inui must had some form of death wish, when he decided to pair Tezuka with Kawamura, which of course earned a set icy glares from the Captain promising several forms of punishment later on. Now it was common knowledge that those that function well in doubles were flexible in their style of play and didn't dominate all of the court. It also told of the sign of trust that each player had for their doubles partner. These individuals were Fuji, Kaidoh, Kawamura, Inui, Momo once he gotten use to it, and the golden pair Kikumaru and Oishi. The rest were considered hopeless when it came to doubles these were Tezuka and Ryoma the all rounder players.

Tezuka and Ryoma were too territorial and didn't have set of trust in their other players, they rather deal with the opponent all by themselves, and were consider egotistical. Ironically, these two players were also declared for only singles were now place in a formation of double pairings. Someone must have not informed Inui in the sense of self-preservation that it wasn't exactly a wise decision to place those that were declared only for singles with partners in doubles. However, it seems even Inui didn't have enough common sense to see the warnings that would doom him to an unpleasant form of retribution by the Seigaku Tennis Captain. Indeed the data tennis player would play in the end; it seems already the thoughts were spinning in Tezuka's mind while he stared at the younger boy.

The doubles match would be set up with Momo-Oishi pair versus Kaidoh-Kikumary pair. Which made sense since Kaidoh never did get along with Momoshiro and well the golden pair against each other was something that would testing each other skills. Tezuka-Kawamura pair was going against Fuji-Ryoma pair that was a sight indeed, since the two declared single's players were now facing against each other once again. Except with a partner and well for Fuji and Kawamura they would be going against one another instead of playing together in doubles formation.

In the end however things ended with rain, the pairs didn't manage to get far before the sky decided to open and pour water on everything. Of course, those that didn't want to play in doubles felt immense relief. Even though the suffering was cut short, making those that enjoy tormenting other's slightly disappointed.

Most of the regulars by now had already exited from the locker room dressed in their school outfits with umbrellas. Only two individuals were left in the locker, one was Fuji and the other was Tezuka. Tezuka was observing the quiet boy for a bit he something was off with the other. He wasn't necessary sure; he had always felt that Fuji was an enigma full of vigor and hidden depth. He never did care about anything the other did as long as the tensai was able to performed well in tennis.

Yet, on a personal level the captain was curious as to what lay behind the other. Fuji held a magnetic quality that drew Tezuka to the slender boy like a moth to a flame. It wasn't because of Fuji's unique personality, far from it, perhaps it was Fuji hidden depth that made him feel uncertain toward the other. Tezuka had always felt there was a certain amount of antagonism going on between him and the younger boy. He never could determine why he felt this resentment toward the other, and he felt that these feelings were rather uncalled for, after all Fuji never cause harm to him. He never hurt others on purpose and there was a gentle side to the prodigy that came out occasionally during times of stress and fear.

Tezuka recognize that the resentment popped up frequently whenever Fuji was near Echizen Ryoma, the boy wonder of their group. Perhaps it was because he didn't agree with the way Fuji behavior with the younger boy, surely Fuji never did torment the little boy as he did with the other regulars including his brother Yuuta. Perhaps it was because he didn't want Fuji to sidetrack Ryoma from being the pillar of Seigaku. This resulted in a break of silence with the words, "Fuji don't distract him."

Fuji glanced up at Tezuka slightly surprised, after the prodigy slid his jacket in place he replied curtly, "I don't know what you mean Tezuka."

Tezuka of course wasn't comfortable with the topic; he was slightly confused about his feelings let alone his reasoning behind warning Fuji off, "Echizen. I want him to become the pillar of Seigaku like I was."

"I know." Fuji ruffles his hair a bit to get out the moisture his pose detached as he slid on his backpack. "However, I didn't do anything to attract let alone distract Echizen."

Glasses glinted slightly when the room light up from the lightening. "You are…"

Surprised a bit sapphire eyes glinted as they stared into the stoic captain's eyes, then they close shut with the ever-present smile that unnerved the tennis captain. "It is up to Echizen on what he wants to do ne?" He walks past the taller boy and stopped before he opens the door, "It is his choice you can't dictate it Tezuka." He then exited into the cold rainy day, feeling satisfied for some strange reason behind the parting shot. It was true that Tezuka couldn't decide on which path Ryoma would take; it was up to the little boy on what he wanted. If he distracted him, then it would be Ryoma's decision on whether or not he wanted to approach him to take care of it.

After all, he wasn't exactly purposely distracting the younger boy. Certainly, he felt a slight appeal for boy wonder; sometimes he could almost feel an connection between him and the younger boy. Almost has if he knew Ryoma in the deepest sense. Fuji recognized what the younger boy was before Tezuka even laid eyes on him.

Ryoma of course was too busy at the time chasing Tezuka. This was typical of one like Ryoma, wanting to become stronger, and after he discovers a certain strong opponent, he wanted to beat him. For right now, Ryoma was focused on Tezuka, cause he had to figure out how to destroy or defeat the Tezuka zone. This was fine with Fuji he wasn't prone to showing off, let alone to playing seriously, he didn't want any attention drawn to him. It would be like a flaring sign asking noisy people to poke their noses into his private business.

As for Ryoma, he could wait and see what happens with the younger boy. Fuji was patient, however for now he has to hurry home before his sister bites his head off from not taking her advice at hand. Besides, his shoulders were hurting a lot even during tennis. It was beginning to become an annoyance to him, hopefully when he gets home he could use some hot pads to try to ease out the ach. Rolling his shoulders, he heard them crack a bit, while a car honked beside him. Turning his head he saw his sister roll down the window of the car that she had for the day. "Syusuke do you want a ride home?"

"Aa..nee-san." Grateful for the ride Fuji walked and opens the door and slid in his hair was still dripping from the rain, since he had forgotten to grab an umbrella. "Arigato."

"Your going to catch a cold if you walk without an umbrella Syusuke." Yumiko made tsking sounds at her brother's behavior. "When we get home I want you to take a shower immediately."