Title: The Day that the Tezuka's Universal Toliet Lost.

Side Story A

Author: Fuji S. Yuki

Note: This isn't the end of the story this is just a side story. A reviewer was asking me this question so I've decided to make this clearer. It would be nice if you would read the Notes I place on the stories before proceeding forward.

It had all started by one spring morning, when the new astronomy teacher had started to teach class on the moon, stars, and planet arrangements. Many students found the subject to be utter fascinating, others found it boring and dull, since after all stars were nothing but gas balls that sprouted ice and fire.

Kikumaru of course was having fun playing around with the balls that represented the solar system that hung on the wall next to him. The acrobatic player was busy pouncing on the globe of Jupiter, while batting at the rings of Saturn. Of course, the teacher didn't mind as long as the hyperactive teen didn't end up doing damage to any of the models.

However for Fuji he just sat there like usual either staring out the window, while half listening in on the lectures. Today's lectures seem to be about the circular way the planets rotated and the orbiting axis they held. A diagram was projected onto the wall of the Milky Way system where the Earth, Sun, Moon, Mars, and the other planets belonged. The teacher explain the how and why's behind the circular motion of the orbits. How the gravity pull of the mass of balls sling shot each of the planets around forcing them to move in a certain way and to return to a certain point.

Fuji felt a large amusement at the diagram, it was the same as before and he started to remember the year before when he was sitting in a class just like this with another individual.

One Year Ago

"Ne Tezuka." Fuji sat behind the stoic boy while attending their astrology class. "Do you suppose that the teacher will teach us about the myths to the stars?"

"Aa…it is part of the curriculum." Tezuka replied dryly, not really wanting to know why the genius was asking such questions. After all, whatever it was he was sure that it would become something rather sadistic, to cause horror and trauma for anyone that peaks the slender boy's interest.

The teacher of course was already standing in front of the class, he was lecturing on the orbiting and how each planet had their own form of gravity. Which had amusing interesting factors for Fuji, and then the teacher presented a diagram with the directions of the gravity and the pull.

Staring at the diagram Fuji smiled in amusement, he started to think about chemistry and how the teacher had informed them that each element had a certain amount proton and neutron that form the core and there were these tiny little balls called electrons that circle around the core in fast speeds that can't be seen by the human eye. Yet, the electron when orbiting around the core forms different types of orbiting some were high wide, some were egg shape orbits, and others went left, right, up, or down. The Milky Way diagram reminded Fuji of those elements and the electron orbits, yet in the Milky Way solar system one could see the planets orbiting slowly. However what if the universe itself was nothing but a tiny electron that went around and around the core, which is the sun.

His lips curved upward at the thought and then it shifted, when Tezuka had raise his hand requesting to go to the washroom. The teacher had stuttered a bit, yet quickly agree to let Tezuka go to the washroom. Fuji of course let his eyes follow Tezuka as he walked out of their astronomy class.

Odd that Tezuka would leave in the middle of the class just to go to the bathroom. Then his mind started to drift a bit, when the teacher had turned off the lights and push play on a video. Immediately an image of a spiral galaxy appeared on the television. The teacher explained how the spiral galaxy circle around the major area's of the center while billions of stars follow going counter clockwise.

It was then that Fuji found great amusement at the image, and coughing a bit to clear his throat to stop the laughter.

"Eh Fuji-kun is something wrong?" The teacher asked concerned that one of his pupils might end up choking.

Fuji smiled slightly, "Aa…gomen ne I need to get a drink of water Sensei."

"Go on ahead then Fuji-kun." Standing up, he looks at Tezuka vaguely when the stoic boy returned and waltzes out of the door, down the hallway to go get some water. His lips kept on twitching, until he made it quickly to the boys bathroom. There it let out the laughter that he kept hidden, through out the whole lecture about spiral galaxies.

When he was finished, he walked over and turned on the fountain to drink some of the water. Sapphire eyes opened and slowly slid to look at the door of the stalls, perhaps it was perverse of him, maybe even silly of him to even want to try to see the item in question.

However, the temptation was to great and he had walked to the door of one stall and opened it to stare into the toilet bowl full of water. It wasn't special it was just an ordinary toilet, there was nothing special, but the idea that Fuji had received in class was just too great. So he push the level and watched the water to start to swirl slowly clock wise, taking a piece of toilet paper he rolled it and threw it into the toilet bowl watching it slowly sinker into the toilet until it was gone. Almost like a black hole never escaping.

Fuji felt his smile widen more into something sinister, it was the prefect opportunity of course, and he couldn't resist. While laughing softly, as he kept on watching the swirling waters.

Back in the classroom, Tezuka sneezed feeling a slight chill that someone was thinking evil intentions about him. His mind started to run over many scenarios if he had done anything to warrant any form of revenge, and yet he couldn't find anything. Only person that he had sense being obsessed by him was Inui, whom was a first year. That kid popped up anywhere let alone everywhere he went, it was almost as if the younger boy was stalking him.

At the end of the day class, Fuji and Tezuka had started to head toward the locker room. Fuji of course was walking behind the taller boy. The smile never left his face, while he kept on remembering the flushing of the toilet. Chuckling slightly behind his hand, he watched in amusement at the slight prickling hairs that seem to rouse on the stoic boy's neck, even though the other was stony and cold on the outside.

Once finished dressing and warming up, Tezuka and Fuji were already playing their match with one another. Fuji returning with attacks to the far deep drive's at the base lines, and then it started to happen. The world started to slow down, and the temperatures dropped suddenly. Fuji opened his eyes sapphire glinted as the swirling of the winds made its way around Tezuka.

The smile on the tensai widen as he called out suddenly only for the stoic boys ears. "Here it comes, Tezuka Universal Toliet Bowl!"

Everything seems to freeze suddenly as Tezuka cracked in his pose, from the sudden calling from the tensai. It was ridiculous for him to feel shock let alone unsettledness for such a titling of his skills. The ball had dropped and it seemed the Tezuka Zone had failed by the psychological attack by the tensai. "Fuji!" Anger crept into the stoic captains eyes, as he narrow his glance at the smiling tensai.

"Nani, Tezuka?" Fuji kept smiling clearly enjoying the discomfort on Tezuka's face, and the fact that he had somehow manage to break through Tezuka's defense. It was fun, it was amusing, and to see the display of emotion on the stoic captain's face was definitely worth it.

Tezuka just pauses and turns away, "Lets restart again."

"Hai!" Fuji said cheerfully, while waving his hand.

Yet, every time Tezuka would start to use the Tezuka Zone, Fuji would yell out in a cheerful voice, 'Tezuka's Universal Toilet Power up!' This resulted in Tezuka getting extremely upset, and screwing up, losing many points and so this was how Tezuka ;ost to Fuji. Even though it was never a official match, and was only done for practice.

Tezuka of course was furious, it wasn't that he lost, well okay maybe that was a itsy bitsy part of the whole pissed off attitude. It was more that Fuji would mock his tennis playing with the concept of a toilet boy. "Fuji!"

Fuji of course looking innocently, even though Tezuka could see the faint traces of a evil smirk residing in that ever hollow smile, answered, "Nnn…what is it Tezuka?"

"Run 100 laps around the court." Tezuka ordered.

"Why Tezuka?" Fuji just kept on smiling.

Tezuka growled slightly. "You know why…and if you keep on saying it you will be running until you dropped dead."

"Hai Toliet-san!" Fuji saluted his captain with his tennis racket and whizzed away quickly before the stoic boy could make him run more then 100 laps around the court.


Fuji started to chuckle softly under his breath. 'Fufufufufu' Earning startled glances from Eiji, yet the other's in the classroom didn't notice the soft chuckles of the tensai.

"Nyah! What so funny Fuji?" Eiji hisses softly, hoping that he wouldn't draw attention to him, while the class was immersed in the film.

Still chuckle Fuji managed in gasps, "Spiral galaxy…Tezuka…" While snicker, the redness of his cheeks showed the lack of control that the older boy had over his mirth. "Center of a toilet…" Cackling a bit, "Toliet-san…"

Eiji just stared at the tensai that was sitting behind him oddly; it was creepy that Fuji sounded scary whenever he laughed like that. "Nyah I don't get it…"

However, by the look of things the tensai couldn't even seem to answer in coherent sentences making the cat like boy wonder if his friend really had lost it. Perhaps Astrology was a evil thing that would even cause someone as sadistically scary like Fuji to crack. Then maybe he should just plainly run away from this class or perhaps it would be wise to transfer out of the school while he remain sane. Yet, to do so would mean abandoning his little Oishi, and he just couldn't do that. Indeed the world seems to be looking slightly odder let alone strange to the acrobatic player.

During practice, it seems that fate and destiny was going to play out this scenario to the bitter end. The regulars had finished their warm and once again, Fuji and Tezuka stood facing each other. Ryoma and some of the other regulars were standing around the fence watching the match. Even though many of them had seen Fuji and Tezuka play none of them ever gotten tired by the show.

And what with Eiji continuously telling them all that Fuji had flipped drew more of the tennis players over to watch the ranking match. Already things were going as planned, except Fuji was chuckling throughout the whole match. It was scary; it was disturbing, should any of them feel this surprise at all? The answer would probably be yes!

Then the world once again turned dark as the swirling of air started to gather around Tezuka, and a image of a spiral galaxy appeared, it was freaky, it was strange, it was unnatural, and then all of a sudden the words, "TEZUKA'S UNIVERSAL TOILET! POWER UP!" Ranged around the court, startling the captain and making him miss the shot and the ball had flopped one foot away from reaching its goal at the center of the universal.

The regulars and tennis club members were frozen as the light was flicker on and the spiral galaxy had disappeared from where Tezuka stood. Wind blew across them and finally pearls of laughter shriek from the tensai as he shank to the floor in fits of laughter. The remote control that he held in his hand fell from his fingers. Everyone of course was startled let alone scared out of their wits, 'What the hell was that!' many of them thought.

While some other's thought in disbelief that their captain had lost the ranking match, due to his inability to move from the stone like position that he stood. The referee was busy poking the captain and declared that the other side was unable to play due to shock and stony silence.

Inui of course was scribbling off the side and everyone had turned to him for some form of explanation. "Inui what was that?" Oishi asked clearly befuddled by everything that had occurred.

"It is very simple through the past history. Tezuka and Fuji had played, but the differences was Fuji and Tezuka also had one class together Astrology." Inui mentioned in his data voice, not paying attention to the whole questioning looks. "During the time and process Tezuka had developed the 'Tezuka Zone', and at the same time Fuji had developed a psychological attack that even Tezuka couldn't win against."

Kikumaru fluttered his arms around in pure frustration, "Nyah! But how did that spiral galaxy thing Nyah show up? And what does this have to do with it Nyah?"

"If you would be quite for a instances I'll tell you." Inui said in a bit of irritation at the noise, "Fuji developed a psychological attack that would sum up everything that the Tezuka Zone is in other words when he renamed the Tezuka Zone into 'Tezuka's Universal Toliet' he was making fun of the skill. He also was stating that Tezuka was the center of the universe the hole from where the balls would go in. And since Tezuka doesn't like to have his skills refer to as the toilet well…"

"He lost his temper and blew up!" Ryoma smirks, "Buchou is Mada Mada Dane…"

"Then how did Fuji do that spiral galaxy and why did he start to do it now?" Oishi was clearly not happy; it was obvious that anyone that pissed of Tezuka would end up in some form of hell.

Inui pushed back his glasses, "He set up a projector on top of one of the light posts, and operated it with remote control. He also set up speakers, and the reason why he probably stopped are either 1) He got tired of running laps. 2) He just simply got bored and lost interest in just taunting Tezuka or 3).."

"I simple forgotten about it and just wanted to do it again since I saw the diagram of the spiral universe in class." Fuji appeared behind the regulars, his cheeks were still rosy red and he seem rather happy, not noticing that the Captain was in stone like form from the shock of what had occurred. "Besides, it was just to much fun seeing Tezuka in stone form after so long. His suffering is delicious." The sadistic genius purred happily, and then walked off not punished for what he had done.

Everyone pauses to stare at the departing figure then back at the stone image of their captain. "How do you suppose it would take him to unfreeze?" Momoshiro wonders aloud.

"Eh…" Ryoma snickers, "You mean how many laps is Fuji-sempai going to get, right Momo-sempai?"

Oishi of course was a bit worried, "Do you suppose we should go over and help him?"

"No way Oishi!" Eiji whines, "not unless you want to run laps when he unfreezes I say we get out of here…"

"I suggest we all move to the lockers and get dress and leave." Inui said while still scribbling in his notebook.

"Hsssss…" Kaidoh replied already heading toward the lockers, he knew that if the Captain was pissed off it meant that they all would be suffering for this in the end.

All of the tennis club and regulars were gone, only the lone figure of the Tezuka statute stood in it's place still stony, still cold. Perhaps it would be erected as a memorial for the last breathing effect of the Tezuka's Universal Toilet, but then again this could all be just a joke to get everyone rival up. But then again it could be a warning to never let a tensai take an astrology class unless you know what is good for you.

The End…or is it?