Rainy day road trip by Melfina Lupin

Author's Note: Look! I've changed my name! Anywho this is the Sequel to 'In the Rain'. In this fic Rogue, Remy, and other X-men all take a road trip to New Orleans to celebrate Mardi Gras. It's full of humor and lots of ROMY as well as drama and angst! Oh no! I bash Jean and Scott so beware if you like them. Possible John X Kitty? Maybe. NOTE: I know only a small piece of Remy's history. I know the Thieves Guild fight the Assassins and I do intend to involve a certain homicidal ex-fiancée with a few 'changes'. **cough** Bella Donna **cough**

Since there is some German in that part and I don't know German, I used a translator on the web. So the translations could be a little off. Sorry in advance. ;_; me no speakie German.

Disclaimer: I don't own the x-men. I just borrow the characters. ^__^


Chapter 1

The Problem with Communal Bathrooms

On Sunday morning, a drowsy-eyed but nevertheless cute Kitty Pryde awoke to discover that she was alone in her gigantic bedroom as she peered through her long thick locks that had fallen over her eyes during the night. Yawning and rubbing the sleep from her blue eyes, the young girl saw that Rogue was so where to be found which was pretty odd since her roommate always slept in on the weekends. Even more confusing, Rogue's bed was made. Rogue never made her bed. It was like she didn't even sleep in her room last night.

"Well it's not like I want to, like, see her today," Kitty grumbled to herself as she scooted out of her big warm bed. "I'm still, like, mad at her for pushing my down that stupid ice slide yesterday." She winced as she tried to stretch in the chilly air. Not only was her bottom sore but so was the rest of her thanks to that mock battle in the front lawn of the institute via John's impulsive fervor.

Hopefully a nice long shower would work all the painful kinks out of her body and wake her up. She sighed, the aspect of a shower lightening her mood, and she moved to her closet to get a towel, her caddy full of showering necessities, and some clothes. Still dressed in her pale pink pajamas, she walked out of her room, said articles in hand, and hurried to the closest bathroom. Since it was still early morning, hopefully no one was in there yet.

Unfortunately Amara was cooped up inside, holding the bathtub hostage, and Kitty moped as she glared at the inaccessible door. This is so, like, not fair, she thought to herself, a breath away from throwing a gigantic hissy fit. Why can't the princess use the bathroom by her room?

Glowering a little, Kitty decided to steal the bathroom further down at hall by Remy's room. He was probably still sleeping because of his early morning drills yesterday so she figured that he didn't need the bathroom then. With a fixed plan, Kitty felt a little better. She turned and hurried down the long hallway.


Rogue sighed softly in her sleep as she felt a bright shaft of light fall across her eyes, slowly waking her up from her peaceful slumber. Feeling pleasantly warm and safely tucked against another sleeping body, she opened her misty eyes and blinked to clear her vision. And what a vision it was! She was lying in Remy's bed, covered in his large bathrobe, sheltered in his arms with her head resting against his shoulder. Remy's gorgeous upper body was naked but the coverlet covered him from the waist down. Both her face and heart warmed when she remembered what happened the night before.

Rogue looked into his face and found that Remy was still asleep. She smiled at the enchanting site. I could get use to waking up to this, she thought to herself as she leaned forward and placed a little kiss on his unshorn chin and then another one on his neck and collarbone. She felt him shift under her and watched as he slowly opened his demon eyes to look up at her.

"Good morning," she whispered shyly.

Remy smiled and pulled her close, pressing a kiss on the corner of her mouth. "Mornin', chere," he murmured, his voice rough with sleep. "How ya feeling?"

Rogue blushed and tucked her head underneath his chin so he wouldn't see it. "Great," she told him. She felt him run a hand through her tousled hair and she snuggled close to him, loving the feel of his brawny chest as she wrapped her arms around him. "I don't want to get up. It's too nice being here with you."

"I know, petite," Remy replied, his hands sliding up and down her back lazily. "But it's Sunday."

Rogue smiled and sat up, the loose robe opening a bit to show some of her pale skin. Remy automatically reached for her but she slapped his hand away playfully and readjusted the garment to cover her, blushing wildly. "Meaning what, Remy?" she asked, teasing him.

He too sat up, a devilish gleam in his eyes, and kissed her mouth. "It's still early, chere. Still got time to fool around before the other wake up."

Rogue found herself grinning like an idiot. "Sounds good to me," she replied and wrapped her arms about him. Remy drew her into a tight embrace and leaned down to kiss her. Laughing, she made a face and pushed herself back.

"Before we do anything, I'm going to brush my teeth," she told him. "I hate morning breath."


Kitty sighed in contentment when she found that the other bathroom was pleasantly void of any form of life. She walked into the peaceful sanctuary of glossy tile and polished marble, closing the door behind her. Like all the other bathrooms in the mansion, this one was large and spacious with a marble sink, enormous mirror locked inside a golden frame and a bathtub that could comfortably sit a couple of cattle. There was also a thick curtain that hid the bathtub and offered much-needed privacy for the occupant.

Kitty sat her towel on the floor by the tub for an easy reach before stepping inside it and pulling the plastic drapery shut. She sat her toxic pink caddy on the tub floor and was about to slip out of her nightclothes when she heard the bathroom door open. She froze. Did she lock the bathroom door? Determined to give hell to whoever entered, Kitty phased her head through the curtain and scowled as meanly as she could.

"John! Don't you ever, like, knock?" she demanded.

The impracticable Aussie, stilled dressed in his rumpled nightclothes with his hair an inflamed upheaval of orange spikes, was about to brush his teeth when Kitty caught him off guard. He dropped his toothbrush at the sound of her voice with an unmanly yelp of surprise and spun around, brown eyes wide in shock. When he saw the furious head, glaring at him through the shower curtain, he paled dramatically, a little unnerved by seeing just Kitty's head.

"Shit, mate! You scared me half to death!" he wheezed. His hand clutched the front of his shirt as if he was trying to catch his pounding heart as he leaned against the sink for support. "Why the hell to you phase through thing?! It looks like your head's decapitated!"

"Well, it's, like, just easier to phase through the thing," Kitty insisted before she found herself off topic. "Just why are you in here, John? The door was closed!"

"The door wasn't locked," he told her, "so I didn't know you were in bloody here, Kitty."

Her frown of exasperation deepened. "You still should have, like, knocked," she exhorted even though she realized that this whole encounter was mainly her fault. But she would never admit to that.

"Sorry. Errm…you ain't naked are you?" John looked a little neurotic.

"No! I still have my clothes on and thank god for that! Could you please get out now? I, like, don't want an audience when I shower." She pointed angrily towards the door via phasing her arm through the plastic barrier.

"But I just wanted to brush my teeth!"




The older boy offered an adorable pout and turned to leave, muttering, "Sorry, Kitty."

She sighed, her defenses weakening; his sulking face almost making her let him brush his darn teeth. He was just so cute. Er…wait. Did she just think John was cute? Well if you get passed the unrestricted swearing, the hyperactivity, and the unhealthy addiction to fire, Kitty reasoned that John was a really great guy.

With her system going into shock over the revelation, Kitty watched him leave, not willing to go back to her shower until he was safely out of the bathroom. She gaped when she saw him turn and dive behind the curtain, joining her in the gigantic bathtub.

"John!" she screamed, too bewildered to be angry. "What are you, like, doing?!"

"Shhh!" He quickly snapped the curtain back into place. "Someone's coming!"

Kitty put her hands on her hips and glared at him. "And you just thought, like, to stay in here will someone does their business?! I don't think so! Get out there and, like, say I'm using the shower!" She tried to push John out of the tub when the bathroom door swung open. They both froze, horrified, and John put a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

Oh god, she thought. This is so embarrassing. I hope they don't have to use the toilet.

Beyond the curtain, she heard the third person walk into the bathroom and turn on the faucet, sing very softly, oblivious to the two in the bathtub. Who was it, Kitty wondered for a moment. It sounded a lot the Rogue but that wasn't possible. Rogue never sang. At least not a happy song. Kitty looked towards John and saw him mouth the word 'Rouge?'. She shrugged, just as baffled as he was.

The signing stopped. "Damn it," the unknown person cursed softly and Kitty instantly knew that it was indeed her gothic roommate. She could pick that smoky southern drawl from a mile away.

"This hickey's not going anywhere," Rogue murmured under her breath. "I'll have to wear a scarf for a week."

Kitty's eyes widened as she stared at the curtain in disbelief. Hickey?! Ew...gross!

Just to make things worse, the door opened again and another voice flowed passed the curtain. "What's wrong, petite?" Kitty and John stared at each other, eyes wide in horror. Rouge and Remy together in a room by themselves was not good.

"Look what you did to me, Remy!" Rogue said irritably. The Cajun laughed softly despite his girlfriend's foul mood and Kitty heard him walk deeper into the bathroom. She gulped when she heard the door close.

Oh God!

"Just a love bite," Kitty heard him say.

"No, not that. This!"

Oh, GOD! Kitty suddenly wished that she were deaf. She really didn't want to know about Rogue and Remy's love life. It was just…ick. It was like thinking about your sister like that. Beside her, John was probably wishing the same thing since he was covering his ears and shaking his head, his face twisted into a grimace.

"Don't worry, chere," Remy said. "You gave me some too."

Now Kitty felt sick.

"Really? God, I hope they go away soon before someone sees. Hey, don't you start to give me another, Remy! I have enough as it is!"

"Sorry, chere." There was a rich amusement in his voice that could have seduced anyone. "You're just so gorgeous."

"I won't be gorgeous waking around with a pound of make-up on my neck," Rogue grumbled testily.

There was a moment of silence. "Second thoughts about last night?"

Excuse me?! Kitty's mind screamed as she felt her mouth plunge to the ground. What about last night? Oh god, they didn't…did they? Feeling that this was more than a little violation of privacy, Kitty just wanted to die.

"Of course not, Remy," Rogue snapped out testily. She paused and when she spoke again her voice was sweetly shy. "Of course not. I wouldn't trade what happened between us last night for anything."

"Me neither," he replied.

Kitty could just image them embrace while she thought about banging her head repeatedly against the tiled wall. Then blessed silence came upon the bathroom and John leaned in to cautiously whisper, "Did you think they left?"

"I don't know. I don't care. Let's, like, just phase out of here before-"

Before Kitty could finish, the curtain was violently jerked back and a seriously pissed off Rogue scowled at the two of them from the other side of the tub, her green eyes ablaze in rage. Kitty and John both cried out in shock and fear and clung to each other, waiting for their inevitable death.

"G'day, Roguey," John whimpered, trying to flash a brave smile but failing miserably. "Er…lovely hickey you got there."

Rogue's anger falter as she blushed hotly and quickly covered the discolored spot on her neck with her hand while Kitty poked her elbow sharply into John's ribs. "You're not helping!" she hissed softly at her tub mate.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing in here?!" Rogue demanded, her hands placed threateningly on her hips, hickey forgotten in her stalwart animosity. Kitty whimpered and closed her eyes. They were so dead.

"It's, like, a long story!" Kitty told her, trembling like a leaf as she held onto John.

"It was an accident!" John replied at the same time.

Remy stepped forward, looking just as angry as his girlfriend and just as skeptical. "Why don't you explain." It wasn't a question. More like an unappeasable order. Kitty was forced to open one eye and look directly at his handsome face. She shuddered. If looks could kill then she would have been a bloody stain on the floor.

"Um…well…." Kitty stuttered, suddenly intimated by the 6"2' Cajun with eyes that could burn through anything. It didn't help that his chest was bare and Kitty could see his chiseled physique. Talk about a great body! She could feel her face grow hot as her mouth became suddenly draw. She found that she couldn't look away.

"Well…er…um…" she stammered unintelligently.

Rogue glared daggers at her. "Well what? Damn it, Kitty stop gawking at my boyfriend and talk some sense."

Kitty's blush deepened and she finally moved her eyes to her pink bunny slippers. "Err…"

"What the hell you are two doing in the shower?" Rogue demanded.

"Cleaning," John blurted out before Kitty could say what actually happened.

Remy cocked an eyebrow. "Cleaning," he repeated slowly.

Kitty shot a look of confusion at John and he poked her in the ribs. "Yeah, that's right!" she exclaimed, forcing herself to sound truthful. "We were, like, totally cleaning the bathroom because…er…Xavier wanted to, like, punish us for what happened yesterday."

"What did you do wrong, Kitty?"

Kitty drew a big white blank in her mind. "Er…" What could a good girl like Kitty do that could possibly make the professor mad at her?

"She burnt Piotr's cookies," John replied without missing a beat.

Kitty glowered, knowing for a fact that John had done that himself. She could never do something so mean to the gentle Russian.

"Yay. You, like, know me. I'm, like, the worse cook in the world," Kitty added, adding a forced giggle.

Rogue looked doubtful. "That's it?"

"Yeah, mate! She could have inadvertently started the second cold war!" John told them.

"So you two were just cleaning," Remy looked down and saw Kitty's caddy full of her showering things, "with Kitty's expensive shampoo and soaps?"

John and Kitty nodded firmly.

"Nothing works better at dissolving grime like…er…Dove soap. Why are you still wearing your night civvies?"

"Cleaning can be a dirty job, mate," John replied.

Rogue sighed and began to rub her pounding temples with her fingers. "You are such bad lairs," she told them. "Tell us the truth already."

Kitty sighed and gave in. "Truthfully, I was going to take a shower in here since Amara was, like, in the one down the hall," she began to tell her friend. "I forgot to lock the door so, like, John just barged in here without knocking. He was about to, like, leave when he heard you two coming so he jumped in here with me."

Remy's dark eyes snapped towards John. "Why did you do that?" he asked. "Why didn't you just stop us?"

"That's what I, like, asked him!" Kitty pointed out.

The sets of eyes turned at look at John but the Australian shrugged. "Why are you guys looking at me like that! I don't know! I freaked!"

"This was, like, a totally accident! I'm so sorry!"

"How much did you hear?"

"Enough to make me wanna hurl," John told Rogue, his face a nice shade of green. He covered his eyes with his hands and wailed, "Oh god, the images! Make them stop!"

"I'm totally creeped out," Kitty muttered, shaking her head. She climbed out of the bathtub, her limbs exceedingly shaky, and gathered her belongs. "I'm never ever like going come to this bathroom again!"

"Amen to that, mate," John agreed, shuddering for the extra effect.

Remy and Rogue watched them walk to the door of the bathroom and out into the hall. Shooting a glance towards her boyfriend, Rogue hurried out and caught up with her roommate in the empty hallway.

"Wait up, Kitty!"

Pale and anxious, the younger girl turned around and looked at Rogue, preparing herself for the worst. "Yeah?" she called out with due precautions. "Are you going to kill me now?"

Rogue sighed and moved closer to the younger girl. "You won't tell anyone about me and Remy will you?" she whispered.

Kitty was surprised to see that Rogue looked genuinely fearful. "Did you…" she began but stopped, not knowing how to phrase her question.

Rogue bit her lower lip and gave a slight nod.

"Oh my god!" Kitty gasped.

"Shut up!" She moved to place a hand on the younger girl's mouth.

"You so, like, have to give some details!" Kitty said when she pulled Rogue's hand away.

"What? No way!" Rogue looked at her as if the younger girl had lost her mind.

"Come on!" Kitty urged. "Please?" She baited her big baby blue eyes hoping to destroy Rogue's iron will.

Rogue blushed and shrugged. "If you promise me that you won't tell anyone, I'll talked to ya later, okay? If Logan or the professor find out about this, they will skin our hides! You know the rules."

Kitty nodded eagerly. "You're secret's, like, totally safe with me."

"Thanks," Rogue whispered before backtracking to the bathroom, locking the door so no one could barge in.


John's left eye was twitching from stress as he retreated back to the quiet asylum of his room. Beside himself with an overload of information he didn't need or want, he just wanted to go back to sleep and forget about what happened in the bathroom. Thinking about Rogue and Remy like that was just…ick. They were like family to him and that, in turn, made him unintentionally feel like a brother and sister were like going at it. Ick indeed.

"Oh, why me?" he whimpered softly to himself. "This ain't fucking Utah." Still walking, he covered his eyes with his hands and shook his head. "God, the images! Poor Pyro didn't need this. Why Can't Rogue and Remy stay in his damn room instead of turning the entire place into their fucking love-nest? Oh God, I so did not mean for that to be a pun!"

Wallowing in deep self-pity, John paced passed Amara's room. It was just his luck that he while he talking to himself, the young aristocrat was in her room with the door wide open. She had heard everything. Eyes wide and frozen in mid-hair brushing, Amara stared in disbelief at her door.

What was this about Remy and Rogue together? Did they sleep together? Oh. My. God. Major gasp! Oh, I gotta tell the others!

Jumping off her bed, Amara raced out of her room like the devil was on her back. She was on her way to tell the latest gossip to Sam when she crashed right into Jamie after she rounded a corner at top speed. Both mutants were knocked backwards onto their bums with Jamie landing in a dozen multiples of himself.

"Ouch," the Jamies murmured in pain. "Amara can't you watch where you're going?"

"Sorry," Amara gushed out, too ecstatic to be the rude girl she sometimes was. "I was just on my way to tell Sam something."

"Tell him what?" Jamie asked, standing up with the help of one of his multiples.

"The latest gossip!" she squealed. "What else could be this important?"

Jamie looked unimpressed and stared at her with vacant blue eyes. "So?"

Amara was lost; the excitement in her face was quickly replaced with a look of emptiness. She didn't know why Jamie wasn't curious as to what it was. Was it possible for someone to be so nonchalant with the latest news? That simply wasn't right!

" 'So' what? Jamie, this is major gossip!" she exclaimed, almost dancing with her enthusiasm. "Don't you want to hear what it is?"

Even though Jamie wasn't a big fan of hearing gossip, most of it was just rumors anyway, he felt honored that Amara wanted to include him. Because of his age, most of the other mutants just ignored him. Jamie shrugged and replied, "Sure, Amara. What is it?"

Grinning from ear to ear much like the crazy Cheshire cat, Amara leaned forward and whispered into the main Jamie's ear. When the insidious news was passed on, Jamie's innocent eyes were as big as saucers as he gaped at her in utter shock.

"But…" he stuttered, "that's against the rules!"

"So?" Amara asked snootily and gave a dreamy sigh, clasping her hands together under her chin. Jamie was positive that he could see big red hearts dancing in the depths of her dark eyes. "I think it's romantic!"

"I think it's gross," Jamie returned with a scowl of disgust. He, of course, was still at the young innocent age where girls were people from a different planet.

Amara rolled her eyes, her fanciful expression turning cold. "Whatever," she dismissed. "You're probably to young to understand anyway."

"Hey!" came the insulted reply from all the Jamies.

Amara shrugged and continued down the hall towards Sam's room. "See ya later, Jamie!"

Frowning, Jamie glared at his conceited teammate before hurrying off to Ray's room to tell him the news. He'd show her that he was old enough to understand.


"Yeah, Remy and Rogue totally did it!"

"You're kidding, right? My sister?!"

Kitty paused as she walked passed Kurt's room, her heart almost stopping from shock. Did she just hear right? How in the world did Bobby know and why was he telling Kurt? Who told Bobby?

Still a little confused, Kitty slowly backtracked and stood in the doorway of Kurt's room. Lo and behold a very distraught blue elf was clutching his head and wailing in pain while Bobby stood there, grinning.

"Not my poor sister!"

"Um…guys, like, what's up?" Kitty asked.

Bobby turned and looked at her. "You mean you don't know?"

Kitty hated to ask. Maybe they were talking about another Rouge and Remy she didn't know. It could happen.

"Know what?"

"Rogue and Remy slept together last night!" Bobby exclaimed. "Amara said they were so loud she heard them in her room!"

Kurt shuddered and moaned, "Ich will nicht das hören! Ich sollte nicht das hören!" (I don't want to hear this! I shouldn't hear this!)

Kitty rolled her eyes, ignoring Kurt's German rambles for the most part. "Whatever, Bobby! I would have, like, heard them before she did. My room is closer to, like, Remy's than hers is."

"Did you?"

"No! Not a peep. How could you, like, ask that, Bobby? You are, like, so perverted!"

He shrugged, a goofy grin plastered to his face. "Just curious."

"Do you know for sure that they slept together?" Kitty asked. "Did you, like, walk in on them or something?"

"Oh come on! Where talking about Rogue and Remy here! They can hardly keep their hands off each other as is! Why shouldn't they fuck each other's brains out since Rogue has control of her power? She's sex on legs, man!"

At that, Kurt screamed something out in German and tried to scratch out his ears. The other two mutants ignored him.

"Who told you that they slept together anyway?" she asked, knowing for well that she didn't spill anything.

"Heard it from Ray."

"Ray?" Oh there was a reliable source. Maybe Ray had been just bored and started to spread some rumors just to piss everyone off?

"Yup. He said he heard it from Jamie who heard it from Amara who heard if from John," Bobby told her. "Talk about your grape vine!"

Kitty frowned, wanting nothing more than to super glue the pyromaniac's mouth shout forever. Darn it, John!

"Amara even heard from John that they are going to elope in Utah," Bobby added.

"Utah?" Kitty asked, a look of skepticism passing her face. "That's, like, the dumbest thing I've ever heard next to Rogue and Remy sleeping together. That totally dumber. They were probably just studying last night. He had a lot of work from, like, school to do you know."

Even though she knew the rumor was true, she thought it would be best if she passed the whole thing off as deceptive lie formulated by a bored student to raise hell on a boring Sunday. She valued her life, thank you very much.

"You think they just studied?" Bobby laughed. "You're so naïve, Kitty! If I had a hot chick like Rogue in my room, studying would be the last thing on my mind!"

"Please! Do not talk about my sister like that in front of me! I can't take it!"

"Sorry, dude," Bobby quickly replied, not looking contrite at all.

"So you think they really did it?" Kitty asked in a small, defeated voice.

"Oh yeah! Why wouldn't they?"

Kitty sighed. Rogue was going to kill her.

"Ich bin dabei, ihn zu töten! I'm going to kill Gambit!" Kurt suddenly screamed, now looking extremely pissed and no longer sick to his stomach. He cracked the knuckles in his six fingers menacingly and Kitty could just see the fur in his back stand up on edge much like an angry cat. "How dare he lay one finger on my sister! Remy Lebeau is going to die!"

"Kurt, like, calm down!" Before she could calm him, the blue guy was gone in a **bampf** of sulfuric smoke. She stamped her foot down peevishly. "Darn it! Why in the world did you, like, tell Kurt?" she nearly shouted at Bobby.

"I dunno! I thought that he would get a kick out of it! Shit! You think he'll really do it?" Bobby asked but Kitty was already in mid-phase, halfway through the floor of Kurt's room. "Hey, wait for me!" He grabbed a hold on her hand before she could disappear all together.

"Kurt? Don't! Just, like, stop!" she screamed even though she knew he couldn't hear her.

"Where do you think he went?" Bobby shouted as he watched them more through the floor.

"To the kitchen!"

"Why the kitchen? Why not Remy's room?"

"There are, like, knives in the kitchen," Kitty replied. "Big, sharp knives."

"Knives? Shit!"

Kitty finished phases and they were suddenly falling into the dining hall. They landed with a loud thud on the large table, Bobby groaning when Kitty collided into him.

"Sorry," the she replied hurriedly before hopping of the table and running full speed into the kitchen. A winded Bobby was right on her heels. "Kurt," she called out. "Stop! Don't do it!"

She flung open the kitchen door and saw Kurt urgently searching the cabinet drawers, his yellow eyes bright with anger.

"Don't try to stop me, Kitty!" he yelled, absentmindedly pointing a rather large butcher knife in her direction. "I have to protect my sister's honor!"

Kitty frowned and put her hand on his hips. "Come on, Kurt! Do you honestly want to, like, hurt Remy?"

"Yes! I never liked Gambit! He's not good enough for her!"

"Kurt, like, stop and listen to yourself or a sec!" Kitty pleaded. "They love each other. Remy wouldn't hurt her!"

Kurt glared at her. "But she's my sister!" he whined.

"I know that, Kurt. But if you leave this kitchen, I'm going to, like, tell Logan!"

He seethed with anger. "No you wouldn't," he dared.

Kitty put her hands on her hips. "Yes, I will! Besides you think you can, like, take Remy with a knife? He would do see you from a mile away! He's a thief and use to defending himself!"

"Not if I teleport!"

"Kurt!" Kitty urged, an inch from losing control and phasing Kurt halfway through the kitchen floor.

"What?!" Kurt glared at her again.

"I wouldn't let you go!"

"Me neither," Bobby added, shooting a blue wave of ice across the room. His power hit Kurt in the chest and the blue elf froze completely, standing in the middle of the kitchen like an ice statue, a look of anger and horror on his face. The knife fell from Kurt's hand and clattered and skidded across the tiles, disappearing into the dusty, dark realm underneath the stove.

Kitty sighed, the tension in her shoulders quickly fading. "I hope he's not hurt."

"Nah," Bobby replied. "I went easy on him."

"Good. Come on. Let's, like, get Kurt back in his room before he thaws."


Around 10 in the morning, Rogue and Remy walked into the dinning hall for breakfast. When they stepped inside the room, it became unnaturally silent. Rogue was a little confused as she looked at the long table. Most of the students were sitting down, avoiding eye contact with her and acting very unusual. Amara was giggling, John and Kitty looked unwell, Kurt looked frostbitten and downright murderous, Piotr looked nonchalant, Sam and Jamie were uninterested, Ray, Evan, Roberto, and Bobby were sniggering into their hands, and the responsible adults, Ororo and Xavier, looked utterly puzzled. There was no sign Jean, Scott, or Logan. What was going on? Everyone was acting more crazy than usual.

They found two empty seats, sitting down slowly as if waiting for a bomb to go off, and looked around the table like the kids had lost their minds. Rogue had dressed carefully and had wrapped a scarf around her neck to hide the telltale blemishes and Remy had the collar of his trench coat up.

No one talked for a loooooong while.

"Where's Logan?" Rogue asked the professor, finally breaking the tense stillness in the air.

"Missing," Xavier replied, sending a sharp look in the former Acolyte's general direction. All three turned and ignored his stare, forging utter innocence.

"And Jean and Scott?"

"They, too, have been missing for some time, Rogue."

John's sickness eased up enough for him to snicker into his cup of black coffee.

Rogue nodded, not too concerned with the whereabouts of her teammates, and grabbed a bagel from the platter before her. She ate in silence until she felt many pairs of eyes staring at her. Looking up through her dark lashes, she saw that most of the younger students were watching her and Remy. She glared at them.

"Y'all what somethin'?"

The immediately shook their heads and looked down at their plates.

"I'll take the butter, Rogue," Sam piped up shyly.

(a/n: Yay for Sam!)

Rogue frowned and shoved the container into his hands, which he took gratefully before returning to his toast. Sighing, she settled back into her seat and slid her hand into Remy's under the table. He looked over at her and she leaned into him to whisper, "You think they all know?"

He flashed an irresistible smirk. "Probably, chere."

Rogue blushed and glared angrily at the mutants. "Damn it. How the hell do they know?"

"You think Kitty talked?"

Rogue frowned. "No."

"Must have been John then," he returned sagely.

Rogue turned and glared at the fiery mutant who was all but oblivious to her stare. "I'll kill him." Her hand tightened around her half-eaten bagel as if she was preparing to launch to across the table.

"Just hold on, chere," Remy replied. "It's just a rumor to them anyway. They probably only half-believe it. Let's just keep 'em guessin', all right? It'll be fun."

"It won't be fun when you wake up 2 miles outside of town, Remy," she told him. "Kurt looks ready to kill you."

Remy turned to look at the furious elf and shuddered.

Rogue put her hand to her forehead and muttered, "I hate this place. Nothing can't happen here without anyone knowing!""

"Ooh la la, what are the two lovebirds whispering about over there?" Bobby's voice rang out over the table and Rogue looked up to glare daggers at him.

"Shut up, Bobby," she told him.

He rolled his eyes and blew a kiss in her direction. Roberto, who was sitting next to him, made loud kissy noises that made most of the young students snigger quietly. Rogue growled low in her throat and considered throwing her bagel at them too. Damn little brats, she cursed angrily.

Just then a furious bellow came from behind the dinning room doors, quieting down the noise instantly, and everyone jumped. Piotr, John, and Remy instantly looked up, heads turned towards the entrance with eyes wide.

"Uh-oh," Remy sighed, jumping to his feet.

"About fucking time," John muttered, also standing up.

"We should run," Piotr wisely advised.

Before Xavier could do anything, a pair of lethal metal claws mutilated the wooden doors, bringing them down as if they were mere toothpicks, in an instant and Logan pounced in, seething with anger and coated with a nice layer of dirt and leaves. Jean and Scott where right behind him, looking just as filthy and pissed. Seeing Jean with twigs in her perfect red hair and Scott with his disheveled, grubby clothes made Rogue smile inside out of spite.

Eyes flaming with anger, Logan looked for the former Acolytes. When he saw them, he snarled. "YOU!!!"

"G'day, mate," John replied brightly. "Have a nice night?"

Logan growled ominously and vaulted towards the table, ready to rip them into tiny bloody pieces despite Xavier sitting just a couple of chairs away. The raging, homicidal mutant didn't get far when a charged apple flew through the air to explode in his face, stopping him in his tracks. John cackled and jumped away from the table. Remy and John followed him.

"Just what I need! A game of cat and mouse!" John laughed as the boys ran out of the dinning hall. Logan snarled and ran after them. So did Jean and Scott. The rest of the mutants were left to stare and contemplate.

"Does anyone else think we're living in some sort of action movie?" Sam quietly asked after a moment.

The other mutants shook their heads in unison.

"Nah. It's more like a steamy soap opera than anything else," Bobby quipped, making a point to stare directly at Rogue.

She frowned at him and let her bagel fly. Damn the consequences. The delicious morning treat hit him right in his face, knocking him backward onto the ground, chair and all. The other students turned to laugh at their fallen comrade. Feeling a little better, Rogue stood and left the room before the adults could gather their wits.


Later in the day, Rogue wondered aimlessly to one of the many recreational rooms to find something to watch on the television. She was bored to tears since Remy was still missing, gone just like John, Piotr and Logan. The four of them were no doubt fighting somewhere. Jean and Scott had given up on the idea of revenge and opt to take a very long nap elsewhere in the mansion. She was walking passed Amara's room when a hand reached out from the doorway and dragged the struggling Rogue inside.

"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Rogue snapped out once she was pulled within the room. She glared at the younger girl when the door was shut and locked behind her. She turned and found Ray next to the entrance.

Instead of answering, Amara stared at Rogue before nodding at Ray. He turned off the lights and the room was automatically plunged into an unbreakable darkness. "What the hell? Ouch!" Rogue winced when a flashlight was shined right in her face.

"Hey, watch it, Magma!" Rogue growled, rubbing her blind eyes. "What are you doing?"

"We just want some answers," the girl told her as if this was the most normal thing to do in the world. "So spill."

Rogue frowned, the bright light mixed with her confusion shutting down her brain. "Spill what?" she asked.

"Are the rumors true?"

Rogue was flabbergasted. "Bobby, is that you?!"

"Did you guys actually do it?"

"Jamie?! What the hell is this?!"

"Just tell us!"

"Sam?! Are you guys gangin' up on me or something?" Rogue asked, placing her hands on her hips and glaring at all the bored little children, or at least she tried to glare in their general direction for it was too dark to see them. "Are you tryin' to interrogate me?"

Amara put the flashlight in Rogue's eyes again. "Where the ones who ask the questions around here. Understand?"

"You are all out of your sad, little minds!"

"Rogue where were you after midnight last night until 8 in the morning?"

"That's none of your business, Roberto!" Rogue snapped defensively. "God, who's all in here anyway?" She tried to see for herself but she was blinded yet again by Amara. "Will you stop that?!"

"Answer the question, Rogue," the girl ordered, her voice deep and solemn left little room for argument.

"What? No! This is none of this is your business. Just what do you think your playing at, y'all?" Before the girl could stop her, Rogue reached out and grabbed the flashlight, twisted off the lid, and dumped the batteries on the floor. "I'm bigger and a whole lot stronger than all of you so I won't fall for your stupid games. Ray, hit the lights or I'll kick you in the nuts."

Ray gave a rather undignified squeak despite his cool exterior and immediately turned on the lights. When she was able to see again, Rogue glowered at the younger mutants, most of who were sitting on Amara's bed with a large tub of buttery popcorn. She turned to a guilt-ridden Amara.

"You really ought to stay out of people's lives," she told her, hurling the empty flashlight to the floor. She looked at the other mutants and scoffed. "You guys are so sad!"

"No, we're bored!" Bobby spoke up from the bed while many of the other students were motioning for him to shut up. "Gossip is our only means of shaking things up around here on the weekends!"

"You want some gossip?" Rogue questions, red-hot sparks of malice glowing in her eyes. "Fine! Have it your way! Gossip, shaken and stirred!" Gathering, Avalanche's power to shake the earth (as well as the ability to make hideous puns), she sent a mighty earthquake through the room, knocking the mutants on the bed into each other. Amara and Ray lost their balance on the unstable ground and fell to the floor, landing smartly on their backsides. Rogue grinned smugly at the comical site and, satisfied with her devious onslaught, she turned and withdrew from the room.

Damn, she thought as she walked down the hallway. Xavier's got to give those kids something to do besides watching NYPD Blue.

Thinking of the professor, she decided to head to his office and have a nice chatter with him about her spring break. Hopefully she could butter him up enough to the point where he would let her and Remy go to New Orleans for their vacation. Arriving at the professor's suite, she rapped politely on the door.

"Come in, Rogue," the muffled voice of the professor echoed form inside the room.

Taking a deep breath, Rogue opened the door and stepped inside. At the other side of the room, Xavier was sitting at his desk like usual with Ororo and Hank occupying the chairs that flanked the front of the desk. It looked like they were having some sort of meeting and she automatically felt contrite for barging in.

"Sorry if I'm interrupting something," she quickly replied, taking a step back. "I'll just come back later when you're not busy, professor."

"Stay, Rogue," Xavier called out before she could escape. "You are interrupting nothing. What would you like to speak with me about?"

Rogue walked further into the room and took the seat next to Ororo by the desk. "Um…I just wanted to talk to you about spring break," she started. "It's coming up pretty soon and I was wondering if you could let Remy and me could go down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras."

Xavier nodded, frowning slightly from contemplation, when Rogue was finished with her request. "Mardi Gras can be a very dangerous place for unsupervised teenagers," he began.

She sighed, knowing where this was heading and prepared to be denied.

"But Remy's been working his tail off. Can't you give him leave for a week?" she asked. "It would mean a lot to him if he could go home." And it would be a lot for me too, she secretly added.

"I would imagine so. And as it turns out I was thinking about the very same thing."

Rogue blinked. "You were?"

"Yes, Rogue," the professor replied. "Ororo, Hank, and I have been discussing the latest antics of our students. It seems like most are…how should I put this…?"

"Driving you mad?" Rogue offered.

Xavier smiled gently and nodded. "Yes. Unfortunately we don't have the means to keep up with all our maturing students. Most have become antsy and high strung and Logan, unfortunately, isn't helping the problem. The students are no doubt more than ready for spring break to start. So I have decided that we all should take a vacation together."

"A vacation?" Rogue frowned. "Together?" Young mutants vacationing together often meant costly repair bills and a shitload of Tylenol to deal with the inevitable headaches.

"We're hoping that if we get the students out of the institute for the break, they might calm down," Ororo continued.

"We thought about skiing in the Alps," Hank added, "or maybe a nice relaxing spa in France, but nothing seemed to fit."

"But a vacation in New Orleans sounds excellent," Xavier put in. "Both you and Remy will need some sort of supervision anyway and the students will enjoy the parade as well as the ample festivities."

"That sounds…great," Rogue replied, forcing herself to smile nicely at the adults. But on the inside she was raving mad. This was meant just to be for her and Remy. "You really serious about this?"

"Of course," Xavier told her. "Everyone loves Mardi Gras."

"Can't see why not," Rogue muttered, standing up. "When will you tell them?"

"Tonight at dinner."

"Better pack the food with sedatives," she advised with a faint laugh. "Thanks, professor."

He benevolently smiled at her before she turned and walked out of the room. Pondering if she should tell Remy about the trip when she saw him or wait until dinner, she wondered down the hallway, circling back to her room. For the second time that day, a hand reached out and pulled Rogue the lemon-scented linen closet.

"The hell?! Amara, I'm so gonna kick your ass this time! This ain't funny anymore!" Rogue snapped, her eyes blinding searching for the other girl in the obscurity of the small space. It was so dark she didn't know where the door was or else she would have left.

"Not, Amara, chere."

Rogue anger immediately evaporated. "Remy?" she called out tentatively. "What the hell are you doing in the linen closet?"

"Hiding," he answered in the darkness. "Next time remind Remy that he should never piss off a guy with metal bones and a healing factor." She heard him shudder in the darkness. "He just won't give up!"

"Aw, poor baby," Rogue cooed, feeling nothing but the utmost sympathy for her boyfriend. "Where are you? Can I turn on the light?"

"Go ahead."

Rogue struggled to find the string that was attached to the light switch in the darkness. When she did, she pulled it and the closet was filled with a honey-soft glow. She laughed softly when she saw Remy. He was sitting on the floor, wrapped in a bed sheet. He looked like a little kid with only his face sticking out.

"What's with the sheet, ghost boy?" she asked.

"Masking my scent so the homicidal badger won't find me," he replied. "Now, Logan will think I'm a really big lemon and leave me alone."

She smiled and sat down next to him. "Want some company?"

He nodded. "It's not easy to keep up a conversation with blankets."

"Should I be worried that you know that, Remy?"

He shrugged. "You should be more worried about Wolverine dicing your boyfriend into tiny pieces," he replied. "But if you're going to stay, you need to wrap yourself up in a sheet too."

Rogue rolled her eyes and pulled a large blue sheet from the closest shelf, wrapping it around her as if it were a toga. Just to be stupid, she grabbed another one and shrouded her had like she was wearing a very large turban.

"I always liked playing pretend," she told him when she saw his amused smile. "How do I look?" She stuck a pose.

"That is the best sheet toga Remy has seen in a while, chere," Remy chuckled.

Smiling, Rouge sat down next to her boyfriend again and Remy wrapped an arm around her, keeping her close to his side. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Where is John and Piotr?" she asked. "Are they hiding too?"

Remy nodded. "Last time I checked with John he was hiding in one of the dryers in the laundry room and Piotr ran inside the X-jet. I hope Wolverine hasn't found them yet."

"You'd heard the screams if he did," she joked but that only made Remy pale. She smiled and leaned in to kiss his cheek. "Don't worry. He probably won't find any of you and give up trying to kill you."

"Really?" There was hope glowing in his dark eyes that melted her heart. "You think so?"


"Gee, thanks," Remy sulked, pulling the sheet over his face and shifting so he could rest his head in her lap. "Hold me?"

Rogue chuckled and rubbed his back in a soothing fashion. "There, there, babe. I'll take care of the big bad Wolvie if he comes a-callin'."

"Thank you, chere," Remy murmured, snuggling against her like a big cat.

She smiled and leaned back against the shelves. "Never really noticed how nice these closest are," she mused softly after a quiet while.

She felt Remy idly trace circles with his fingertips on her thigh. "Did you know that there is a ventilation system that connects all the closest together and that the closest on the third floor has a secret passage leading to the outside?"

"Why am I not surprised that you know that, Remy?" Rogue laughed. "How did you find that out?"

"A thief's work is never done, petite. Xavier's got more secret passageways and such than Willie Wonka has chocolate. Remy's dedicated his life to uncovering every secret nook and cranny here."

"Well, it's good that you have a goal in life, Remy," she replied.

"Remy can be very ambitious," the thief added. "And right now Remy's very ambitious on tickling his girlfriend."

Before she could stop his, his nimble finger made their way to her waist and began to tickle her without mercy. She screamed in shock and tried to wriggle away from his touch but he held her down. She squirmed until she was lying on the ground and he rolled on top of her, pinning her to the floor.

"Remy!" she laughed breathlessly. "Stop it! This isn't fair! You're bigger than me!"

He ignored her and continued his relentless torture.

Finally, Rogue had had enough and decided to put an end to it once and for all. "Remy, how can you rough house with me? I'm still tender ya know!"

Instantly Remy was halfway across the closet. "Sorry, chere. Wasn't thinking."

Rogue sat up and grinned at him. "Just kidding!" Before he could stop her, she threw herself into his lap and pinched the tip of his sensitive ear. He yelped in surprise and started at her, looking incredulous. "You play dirty, chere," he said.

She shrugged the best she could. "That's the best way to play. And if you keep tickling me, I'll do it again!"

A look of terror passed his face and he smartly resigned. "Okay. You win."

Rogue shook her head and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, pulling him closer to her. "I love you so much, Remy," she murmured, grinning.

His hand caressed the side of her face. "I love you too, chere," he returned and kissed her softly.

She smiled up at him, running her hands through his hair. The dark auburn locks fell over his dark eyes, and with his smirking mouth, it made him look all the more irresistible. She sighed and kissed him but this time it lasted a lot longer and was a lot more satisfying.

When they both pulled back for much needed air, Rogue was blushing and hid her face in the crook on his shoulder. Remy smiled and held her in his lap. For a long while they just sat quietly, holding on another, in the closet, not really caring for the outside world.

"You sure you're okay?" Remy suddenly asked, his voice as soft as a whisper.

Rogue shrugged, blushing. "Just a little sore," she admitted. "It's ain't that bad."

"I'm sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?" she asked. "I'm not gonna die or anything."

"Remy knows…but still," he trailed off and shrugged.

She sighed and snuggled deeper into his embrace. "You're so silly," she murmured softly, pressing a soft kiss into the side of his neck.

"You know what would help you?" Remy asked.


His grin was lecherous. "A massage."

She laughed quietly, her cheeks reddening as she hid her face against his neck. "Pervert," she murmured but kissed his ear as he smirked down at her. "But ya know, that might help, Remy."

"We should try that soon then, right, chere?"

"Eh, you just want another reason to get your hands on me, Gumbo."

"But, chere, I don't need a reason to do that."

Rogue smiled at his and rested her head against his shoulder. Remy ran his hands up and down her back, the warmth luring her off to sleep. She did after all had a late night. But with the, Rogue's tired mind began to wonder to the previous night and her exhaustion soon wore off.

Of course she had been a virgin but she didn't know about Remy. He couldn't have been on with the way his kissed and touched her. That made her worry a bit. Had he taken girls to bed? How many? Were they safe and used protection? Did he love any of them? Those pounding unanswered questions turned her stomach into a thousand knots.

"Remy?" she spoke up after a moment. "Can I ask you something?"

"What it is, chere?"

She didn't dare look at him but nervously toyed with her toga. She would have died from embarrassment. "Um…can I ask you something personal?"

Rogue missed it when he looked down at her. His fingers where under her chin in an instant and they lifted her face up so he could see her. She bit her lower lip and refused to meet his stare, looking at his chin instead.

"It's not like the rogue to be so shy," Remy murmured softly, his eyes caressing her face as he watched her. "What do you want to ask me?"

Rogue sighed. It was now or never.

"You know I love you, right? And that I couldn't care less about your past," she began slowly, not knowing how to find the right words.

"Right," he drawled out casually.

"It's just that…I want to know if…if you've slept with any other girls besides me," she murmured, her eyes shooting away to his face to concentrate on the wall behind them. "I don't care if you have. It's just that I want to know."

"If you don't care, why are you asking?"

She frowned. "Okay. Fine. I do care. I'm damn possessive and hate sharing, Remy. You're my boyfriend damn it. So have you?"

She heard him sigh. "Yeah, chere, I have."

"Were there many."

He shook his head.

"Did you love them?"

When he didn't answer, she turned and looked at him. His face was unreadable.


He shook his head again. "No, I didn't. It was mutual lust both ways."

Rogue wanted to sigh with relief as she felt her stomach disentangle. That certainly felt good to hear.

"You've been the only girl I loved, Rogue," he told her, pressing a tender kiss to her forehead. She smiled up at him, her bright blush somewhat lessening.

"Thanks for being honest," she told him.

He grinned at her. "What made you think I wasn't a virgin, chere?"

She tried to stifle her laugh. "You a virgin?" she asked, incredulous. "Come on, Remy. Only a guy with some experience could know…er…what drives a girl up the wall."

"I could have been a well-read virgin," he offered, teasing.

"Well-read my ass," she laughed. "I don't think so. Man, I'm getting hot just thinking about it," she started to fan her warm face.

"Maybe you ought to take off your toga?"

She glared at him.

"I didn't mean it that way. Honest, chere," Remy told her but his ill-concealed smirk told her otherwise.

"Sure," she murmured but slipped off the toga anyway. She tossed it to the floor and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning in to kiss him. His hands rested on his hips.


"What, chere?" he purred, pressing his lips against her throat.

She sighed and closed her eyes for a brief moment. "Um…last night…" she stammered. "Was I any good?"

Remy smiled gently and looked at her. "Don't talk like that. You were perfect, Rogue," he told her. "But if you want any pointers it's just your luck that you have a very willing instructor."

She grinned and slowly began to tug off his sheet. He watched her, wanting to see where she was taking this as his heart began to race. Without saying a word, she leaned forward and pressed a hot kiss against the bare skin on his neck. Remy closed his eyes as he felt her lips and tongue assault his sensitive flesh. He moved his hands to unfasten her headdress, throwing the blanket into a shapeless pile on the floor. His breath caught in his throat when he saw her slowly unbutton his shirt and run her warm fingertips over his chest.

Her smile was absolutely wanton. "It's just your luck that you have a very willing trainee," she told him, her southern drawl turning into a purr. If he had been a virgin, that might of made him blush. Instead he grinned, cupped her face in his hands, and kissed her hungrily, the first shivers of arousal rushing throughout his body.

"How do you feel like having some practice right now, chere?"

Rogue smiled, her bright eyes gazed over with passion and her lips swollen from he kiss. "Told you I was willing," she replied, pulling him in for another consuming kiss.

(a/n: that was so cheesy! Did I actually write that?! I'm horrified!)


Most of the oddity present at breakfast passed when dinner rolled around. Along with the other mutants, Piotr and John were accounted for, alive and in one piece, as well as Logan, Jean, and Scott. At the front of the table were Ororo, Hank, and Xavier. Remy and Rogue walked in and sat down and everyone began to eat. Or at least try to eat the food that was not scorched beyond recognition.

"What's up with the food?" Evan asked, picking at the burn blob that was on his dinner plate. "I didn't know you could burn spaghetti noodles."

"A slight glitch in the kitchen," Hank told them. "There was a knife under the stove which caused it to malfunction."

Bobby and Kitty coughed into their hands while the other students grumbled at started to nibble cautiously on what was edible.

"Can I have your attention, students?" Xavier called out in the middle of dinner. Instantly the chatting stopped and a dozen eyes turned to regard the professor.

"As you all know you will have a spring break from school next week," he continued. Many of the students smiled and nodded. "With your recent antics, we feel that it would be appropriate if we had a vacation."

"Really?" Evan asked. "Awesome!"

"Where are we, like, going?"




"What's cool about Kentucky?"


While the students talked with one another, Remy turned to Rogue, a pout on his face. It looked like he had swallowed something very unpleasant, like a bucket of nails. "Let me guess, chere," he murmured. "New Orleans?"

"Afraid so, Remy," she sighed and patted hand. "There, there. It won't be so bad."

"Stop lying."

"Okay. New Orleans is going to hell in a hand basket filled with hyperactive mutants."

"Lord, help us all."

"Children," Ororo calmly spoke up from the front of the table. "We are all heading to New Orleans for Mardi Gras."

"Really? Awesome!"



Roaring cheers filled the dining hall and Remy winced, putting his head on the table.

"Of course, there will be adult supervision so all the adults will come as well."

"Excuse me?" Logan asked, looking insulted. "I don't do parties and what about the drills for the break?"

Ororo shrugged. "Forget the drills. You're coming, Logan," she told him in a whisper through clinched teeth. "I believe we will need all the help we can get."

He frowned and turned so he could see all the students. "If I see any beads around your necks, girls," he growled, "there will be hell to pay." He popped the claws out of one hand and scowled at them.

Jean, Kitty, Amara, and Rogue nodded firmly.

"Pity," Remy murmured under his breath. "You won't be able so show your lovely tits to the world." He groped her with his agile hands before she could stop him. Luckily no one had been paying any attention. Still she blushed and kicked Remy's leg underneath the table as hard as she could.

"Bastard," she hissed, crossing her arms over her harassed chest. Remy snickered and returned to his sulk.

"When do we leave, professor?" Kurt asked.

"This coming Friday," Xavier replied. "After you are dismissed from school."

"Sweet! Less than a week until we go!" Ray exclaimed.

"Oh my God!" Kitty shirked, looking panic-stricken and pale.

"Look at her butt," Bobby added.

"It's so big!" Roberto finished with a snicker.

"What are your guys, like, talking about? How can I have a big butt when I only weigh about 100 pounds?" Kitty asked, confused.

"Ask Jean," Bobby told her.

"Hey!" The fiery redhead glared at them while the other students howled with laughter at the insult.

"Scott likes big butt and he cannot lie," Bobby sang out causing their fearless leader to blush and hid his face in his hands.

"Um…like I was saying. Oh my god we only have a week?" Kitty asked, bringing everyone pack to the topic. "I so have to pack!"

"Me too!" Amara added, jumping to her feet.

"Remy, like, what's the weather like down there?"

"Wamutumid…"Remy replied, his voice muffled since his head was still down.

Kitty looked confused. "Huh?"

"He says it will be nice and warm," Rogue translated.


"And to take sunscreen."

"Okay." With a bright smile, Kitty and Amara ran out of the dining hall.

"I'm out," Logan growled, standing to his feet.

"What about dinner?" Ororo asked.

"Don't think I can stomach the rest." Frowning surly, Logan marched out of the dining hall looking as bad tempered as a wet cat.

"Man, I'm so excited I can hardly sit still!" Sam exclaimed, suddenly turning into cannonball mode and flying throughout the dinning room, bouncing off the walls literally. Jean was forced to grab him with her telekinesis before he did any major damage to the mansion. He was smiling sheepishly when she returned him to his seat.

"Sorry," he murmured, blushing.

"God, I don't think New Orleans is ready for the x-kids," Remy said, raising his head to look at Rogue.

"Don't worry," she told him, finding it hard to stay mad at her trouble boyfriend. "New Orleans has seen worse things than us."

"I wouldn't bet on that, chere."

To be continued ^_^

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