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Our story begins within the Titan's tower. Beast Boy is standing in front of the Titan's wearing a classic general's outfit. He had army boot's on and they fitted his toes snuggly. He was wearing the camouflage shirt with several flashing golden badges, and was topping it off with a army helmet and wide dark sunglasses that covered his olive green eyes. "Alright troop's he said as he paced around the room. The Titan's were all seated around and weren't paying much attention to him. Raven was too busy reading a horror novel, Cyborg had his full attention on the big screen T.V. while playing his favorite racing game, and Robin and Starfire were flirting on the couch. Starfire was sitting on Robin's lap while Robin had his arm draped comfortably around her shoulder.

"Hey, Beast Boy shouted, Listen up!" The Titan's still were not paying attention to him. Beast Boy was getting annoyed from the Titan's lack of notice of him, he balled up his fist in rage, and morphed into a giant T-rex and roared at the Titan's at the top of his lung's. The Titan's all flew backward's from the force of his voice and flying spit with surprise, and were all huddled together in a bunch, a big soggy bunch. "Ewww....man that's gross dude! And I was about to beat Robin's high score", shouted Cyborg as we wiped the saliva off his face. "Yeah right, you don't have to make up excuses, I'm just to good", replied Robin. "Here you go Star," say's Robin as he stand's up and hand's Starfire a towel. "It is truly revolting." replied Starfire as she wipes away the spit from her face. "You need a mint.", replied Raven as she stood up and wrenched the drool out of her cloak. "Yeah, what's your problem Beast Boy," asked Robin. "Hello, haven't you been noticing me? I've been standing up here talking non stop for 5 minutes trying to get your attention!", Beast Boy exclaimed.

"What is it that you want us to share Beast Boy?", asked Starfire as she rubbed her hair in the towel. "Look guy's", Beast Boy said, as he pulled out a fake corn-cob pipe that blew bubbles. He blew one bubble and stood backward's. The random translucent bubble floated into the air and popped in Starfire's face. "Now that I have your full attention, I have to tell you guy's something, I've been waiting for this day for a long time. This is the day, the day that I know everyone was waiting for". Each Titan looked at him in interest, they knew what he was talking about. "So the day has finally come, huh?", said Cyborg with a stern face "You know it private!, replied Beast Boy. Beast Boy then pulled down a giant map, "We will strike here, he said as he pointed at the location with a laser pen. "And here, and here, and maybe here, heck, we'll hit em all. "Now I won't lie to you , this is a dangerous mission, some may not come back alive.", Beast Boy tuck's the pen in his side pocket and then pull's on a rope where the American flag fall's behind him. "But it is a risk we are willing to take. And our mission is, to get free candy and have fun doing it!!", Beast Boy laugh's hysterically as he held up his pumpkin candy bag with a giant grin

"You didn't have to be so mellow-dramatic", replies Raven as she sat down and wiped the spit off her book, and began reading again. "Well in a matter of fact, yes I do have to be this dramtic Madam Rae", replied Beast Boy as he moon walked in front of her. "Whatever.", replied Raven, as she looked at her book again, Raven wasn't really reading, she just had to do something to cover up her excitement. She really looked forward to Halloween Day, for some reason, it made her happy, and Beast Boy knew it to, even without a smile or smirk on her face, he knew.

Oh, this is so exciting chirped Starfire with joy. "Robin has been telling me stories about people dressing up as fictional character's and exploiting candy from other's by standing on their door step. But is it wrong we will be taking there candy and not repaying them", asked Starfire. "Don't worry about, They have lot's to go around, they won't mind if we take a few, Robin said with a grin. 'Sometime's, he thought himself, Starfire just say's the cutest things', Robin then lean's over and gives Starfire a little peck on the cheek. Starfire blushed and returned a kiss a of her own. "All right, were gonna party tonight, shouted Cyborg with excitement. "When we're down getting candy, were going to hit the club's and dance till we drop y'all, he say's as he dances around the room.

"If we must go out and receive candy from strangers and dance to ear deafening music that would probably damage our hearing permanently for our enjoyment, then fine", say's Raven. Every titan just stares at her with blank looks as a tumble weed stroll's past her. "What?", asked Raven. "We have to seriously close this door, say's Beast Boy as he closes it. "Tumble weed's are coming in. "As I said before, Whatever". "Well, otherwise this peculiar mishap with the tumble weed, whoever is going to enjoy this night out better shout", say's Beast Boy. Everyone in the room shout' s out with excitement, besides Raven, she gave a half-hearted "Yay", when she really wanted to shout with the team.

The Titans didn't realize it but the clock in the tower soon struck 6 as the little bird that lived in the clock went"Ku-koo, Ku-koo. "It's almost time!", shout's Beast Boy. "Alright then, Titan's suit up!", shouted Robin. "Go!". Raven quickly disappeared into her portal, Beast Boy morphed into a Bird and flew away, Starfire giggled as she floated and Robin and Cyborg ran, each of them to their room's.

Cyborg was the first to reach his room. He quickly closed his door and ran to his closet. He punched in a few codes and walked into his closet. "Alright, now what was the code?", he said to himself as he stroked his chin. "Oh, yeah, he shouted as he took off a loose tile board which hid another lock. He quickly punched it in and a secret compartment opened up above his head. He poked his head through the hole and through the flowing mist in the shadow's, he could see his costume neatly assembled on a hanger. "Alright", he said to himself with a grin.

Robin was next to reach his room, he rushed in and turned on the radio. He opened his drawer and searched for a specific Cd. "Aha, he said as he took it out and threw it into the radio. In his room, rock music filled the air as he went off to look for his costume. He counted his step's from his door and stomped on a secret button. When he stomped on it, a hole in the ceiling opened and his costume fell out, all neat on a hangar. "Hmmm..," he said as he pulled it off the rack.

In Starfires room she was gliding around her room and was giggling with excitement as she looked for her costume in her closet. When she found it, she quickly took off her clothes and switched into her costume. She quickly ran to her large mirror and admired her outfit. "It is so beautiful she says to herself as she jumps up and down clapping her hand's. "Oh, and I bet Robin is wearing something spectacular himself", she say's as her cheek's turned a rosey pink just by thinking about him.

In Beast Boy's room, he was having some difficulty finding his costume, since everything in his room was covered in junk and clothes. "Oh, man I got to find it, he say's as he morph's into a ram and flinged some clothes around. He morphed back and took off the underwear that was hanging on his head. "Oh man, wear is it?, he said as he grabbed his head. Suddenly the bright light from the moon had pierced through his window and was directed into one spot on a pile of clothes. Beast Boy was curious, and a bit surprised, so he went over and threw all the clothes off the pile. "Alright!, he shout's as he pull's out the trunk that held his costume. "Okay, let's see here, he said to himself. "If I just flip this switch, I think that's how I opened it last time. Beast Boy nervously moved his trembling finger's, his knuckles turning white with fear, he moved closer to the lock and focused on it. "Okay, he said as he licked his lip's in anticipation. It started to get hot in the room our was it him? Whatever it was he was drenched in sweat. He finally made his move as he flipped the lock open and a bright light flowed out of it, along with white dove's. "Wow, how'd they get there, he asked himself. "How's that even possible, he said as a big question mark formed above his head. "Oh, geez! There's poop all over!", Beast Boy say's as he sticks out his tongue and pinched his nose.

Meanwhile, Raven has already made it into her room and was frantically trying to get ready as she jump's out of her shower. She was still soaked, so she waved her hand's and her telekinetic power's did the rest as they were covered in black light. A purple towel wrapped itself around Raven's head as other assortments of item's did their job. Scarlet black nail polish was painting itself on her nail's, while the lipstick and eye shadow did the same. The towel on her head fluttered off and neatly folded itself as the hair dryer blew through her purple silky hair. She quickly shook her finger's in a attempt to dry them quicker, for she was running out of time. She jumped out of her bath towel and put on her costume while a brush diligently brushed her hair making it soft and flowy. When she was finish, she then looked at herself in the mirror, grinned a bit and said to herself, "Nice.."



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