"Where'd they go?!" said Mod as he looked at each off his camera's going off line. He felt a tap at his shoulder and turned his head in fear. He saw Robin there with the rest of the Titan's. "So you've been actually hiding in this replica of our big screen T.V.? Said Robin.

"Now, now don't get to mad at me, he said as anime sweat drop fell down his head. "Game Over dude say's Cyborg. "You're really losing your touch, taunted Beast Boy, so give up."Not until I say so Mod shout's as he run's past the Titan's. "See if you can catch me now he shouts. He presses a button and a little hypno disk fell in front of BB. "Not again, muttered Raven as she rubbed her forehead. "I got this, said Cyborg.

Cyborg grabbed Robin by the collar and gave him a wedgie. "Cy, stop, Robin shouted. "Ha,ha,ha, Cyborg laughed. Beast Boy instantly shot up and laughed as well. "Let's go!, Raven shout's as she drag's BB by the wrist. "We have to catch Mod, Robin said while he tripped Cyborg. "Oh,ha,ha very funny, said Cyborg as he dust himself off.

The Titan's began to chase Mod, and knowing Mod, he had lots of crazy doors. They chased Mod for what seemed like hours. "I put my control's on auto pilot, he laughed, that's why my illusions still work. It was to late to turn back and thrash the control room, the Titan's thought it would've have been easier to chase the elderly man. He was actually old after all without his hologram's. The titan's ran through door's, holes, and fake walls. They came upon a room of banana peel's and everyone slipped clumsily if they didn't know how to fly. There was this other room filled with modern art. The looked at each one and Starfire shuddered. She had never seen human's painted in such disturbing position's.

The walked past this one particular one, but then walked back and did a double take. Mod was in the picture and he laughed when he jumped out and put a watermelon on Cy's head. "Dude, I hate it when he does this shouted Cyborg when he ripped it off.

"He's really fast for a old dude, said Beast Boy. "Indeed, I am Mod laughed as he hopped away with a kangaroo. The titan's pursued and they were surprised when they were brought back to the living room. "Oh, man, back where we started, shouted Cyborg. "Hey, but Mod's over there, shouted Beast Boy as he pointed at the man who was cornered near a window.

"You think you have me don't you, he snickered. "I still have one surprise though he said. "Like what asked Robin. "Like this Mod shout's. Mod presses a little remote on his belt and something came crashing through the window. Everyone gasped, it was Slade! "Slade !",shouted Robin as he lunged toward's him. Slade dodged him and slammed Robin's head against a chair. "So what will you do now?", asked Mod, will you help your friend or send me to jail? The choice is your's. Mod laugh's hysterically as he watches the fight between Slade and Robin.

"What should we do asked Starfire. "We should help Robin shouted Cyborg. "No, go chase Mod said Robin as he threw a punch at Slade. Slade caught it and punched Robin in the gut. Robin spat out blood and countered with his signature double backflip kick. Slade rubbed his mask and laughed at Robin, "Is that all you got!" he shouted. "Go get Mod!, shouted Robin.

"Hey I'll fight with Robin, said Cyborg, the rest of you catch Mod!" "Can you handle him asked BB. "Yeah, now go shouted Cyborg as he blasted Slade, in the face. That's when all the pieces came together. "Hey dude look at Slade's head!", shouted Beast Boy. "He's only a machine shouted Starfire. Robin looked at a monitor where Slade's face should have been. Instead, there was a recording of Mod, and he was laughing at them. "I can't you believe you fell for this one, my little ducky's, haven't you learned anything!? "Anyone can make a robot with the proper material's, he taunted as the recording laughed at the Titan's stupidity. "Gaah shouted Robin as he thrust his fist through it's chest. "Mod really know s how to piss me off! Where'd he go!"

"He's over there, said Starfire as she pointed at Mod who was calmly sitting down with his leg's crossed. Robin ran over to him and pulled him by the collar. He was surprised when his hand went through him. "What the, he isn't real!" Mod laughed, of course not, remember? I'm old. I have grey hair not red, he say's as he takes off his hat. The real me was just wearing a wig to throw you off his trail, my controls are in auto pilot remember!? Mod laughed again, we gave you ducky's the old switcheroo, you got the hologram, while I'm getting away!, he laughed some more but then vanished into thin air. "Hmph, forgot to mention that auto pilot only last's for 45 minutes." But I'm probably gone by now.

Beast Boy heard a motor starting up, he glanced over to the window. "Hey! He's not gone yet, shouted Beast Boy as he saw a motor boat leaving the Tower. "Titan's go!, shouted Robin. Mod was there laughing, it would be a long time before they figured it out he thought to himself. Unfortunately, he thought wrong. A black light ripped the engine from the boat and it slowly skidded to a stop. Mod looked up in fear, he saw Raven and the rest of the Titan's hovering above him. He laughed, "So I guess there's no chance for parol?" he said stupidly with a goofy grin. "No, way said Robin with a grin on his face.

In a few hour's Mod was arrested, again! And the Tower reverted to normal. Despite a few damages done to the ceilings and floors, everything was okay. Everything was a allusion.

The only thing's that were real where the robotic Slade and Cyborg copy's. It seemed the whole team only moved two rooms above the living room, which still had their candy! "Alright, shouted Beast Boy. "Shows how much one can be fooled when they have the right equipment.", Robin said. The rest of the thing's all vanished when Cyborg trashed that fake T.V. Mod was hiding in with his controls. The rat's, the pendulum, all fake. Cyborg brought the copy's to his room and melted them down to scrap metal. He and Robin never wanted to see those two again. When they were all done, they all returned to what they were previously doing. They all moved back into the living room and sat down on their couch in silence.

"So what did you guy's learn today asked Robin as he broke the silence. "Well I learned that you should never jump to conclusion's, said Starfire as she handed another band aid to Robin to cover his cut's. "What about you Raven?", asked Starfire "I learned that fear is nothing but a emotion I have yet to control, she said.

"What about you Cyborg, she asked. "Well I learned that shoving a sonic cannon down a bad guy's throat is a well effective method, he replied grinning. "And what about you Beast Boy?, asked Raven. Raven awaited his reply but when she turned to face him, he was gone. She heard a tiny squeak and felt a tiny paw touch her thigh. "Ahh! She screamed as all the window's cracked. Beast Boy snickered and morphed back to normal. "I learned that your afraid of rat's, snickered Beast Boy some more, and your afraid on any kind!" "Beast Boy! Shouted Raven.

"Eep! He said as Raven flung him towards the pile of candy. Beast Boy manage to grab her hand and bring her in with him. Beast Boy threw a little candy bar at her and she threw one back. The two begin to laugh, as well as the rest of the team.

"Hey coming through shouted Cyborg as he cannon ball's into the pile, sending flying treats everywhere. He rises to the surface, and does the back stroke in the pile. "Man this is the life!". he shout's. "Shall we join them asked Starfire. "Yes, let's, replied Robin. The two jumped in and threw candy bar's at each other and at Beast Boy and Raven. The two retaliated and it erupted into a candy fight. Candy bar's and jelly bean's where being thrown as each other, while in the background Cyborg was munching on sweets. "Man, I love Halloween!", shout's Beast Boy.

"Your not the only say's Raven. Beast Boy smiles at her, his eyes glittering at her like when she said yes to join him for breakfast after that incident with her mirror. "Oh man, I am going to be sick laughed Cyborg as he looked at the two forcing a fake gag. Raven and Beast Boy nodded at each other and looked at Cyborg. Cyborg was then pummeled in a flying assortment's of candy and was buried in it. "Nice one said Beast Boy.

"Thank's, Raven say's as a grin stretched across her face when she glanced at Beast Boy. "Dude I need some help here, Cyborg say's as he interrupted the moment. Cyborg's arm was swinging in the air and was asking for assistance. The whole team broke out in laughter and their laughter could be heard from outside the tower by the whole city. It was a happy ending after all.