AN: Here we go again. This story genre should be labeled Drama/Romance/Action-Adventure because there will be some fighting in it. For the naming of my characters I'll be using some from Greek mythology. I'll be using names like Ares--God of War and Apollo--son of Zeus, but I'll be changing things around for the purpose of this story. In Greek mythology, Ares and Apollo are both the sons of Zeus, but I like the name Ares better than the name Zeus so Ares is the father of Apollo in my story. I'll be bringing in Medusa. In Greek mythology she turns anyone who looks at her ugly face into stone, but she's also going to be a sorceress like Hagar from Voltron. Anyone remember that show? She's ugly too and reminds me of her. I'll also be throwing Zodiacs constellations into this. Kiro and Kira (not Greek names) are twins based on the Zodiac Gemini. That's how certain names will go around in this story.

This is the sequel to "Unexpected Love". If you haven't read that story, read it now otherwise you will not understand what's happening in part two of this story. If you're a Bulma and/or Bulma/Vegeta fan then DON'T read that story or this sequel. Get out of here now!! Don't say I didn't warn you. Enough with my talking, onto the sequel.

The Past Returns

Part One

A young Ox King waved his ax violently at his opponent. This opponent wasn't like any other as Ox King fought him ruthlessly. Besides his unfathomable strength, he wasn't an Earthling. Ox King had just terrorized a village nearby and had taken a break by a river to drink some water to replenish his body. That was when he took notice of a strange object in the sky. He followed it as it got closer and realized it was a spacecraft landing. Ox King looked on in curiosity. He had never seen a spacecraft like this before. From the sleek, sophisticated design, it didn't look like it came from Earth so it had to be an alien. Funny, he never thought such beings exist.

The spacecraft landed less than five yards from where the Ox King was. Curious, Ox King went to investigate. The ship opened and a man stepped out. From his athletic and muscular build, he looked to be a warrior experienced in fighting. He looked on as if he was superior and everything around him was beneath him. He commented how the life force on the planet was inferior, weak and easy to conquer. Feeling insulted, Ox King stepped up and challenged Ares to a battle. After a few exchanged of words, the two battled each other.

So far they prove to be evenly matched. Ares was stunned to find that another being was as strong as him. He raised his sword to block the attack of Ox King's ax, but he wasn't quick to avoid one of Ox King's strong kicks in the stomach. Ares was slammed into the tree, breaking it in half with his back. Slowly, Ares rose to his feet.

"I will not let an inferior being defeat me."

"Deal with it," Ox King said delivering a fatal blow to Ares left side with his ax.

Ares cried out in pain, fell to his knees and clutched his left side with both hands. Blood spilled out of his side onto his hands and clothes as he tried to stop the bleeding. Ares looked up at Ox King with a dark stare. "Finish me now or I'll come back to haunt you."

Ox King laughed. "That was a fatal blow I delivered to you, Ares. You won't be the same again. You won't be a threat to me anymore. That should teach you to think Earthlings as inferior." Ox King laughed as he turned on his heel and walked away.

"I will make you pay for this, Ox King. I swear." Ares winced in pain and rose. He stumbled in his ship to the bridge, hit the auto pilot and flew off to his home at lightening speed. He held his left side tightly, wincing in pain of the bleeding. He rose from his seat, blood dripping from his body onto the floor as he went to another room of the ship where he patched himself up. He did all he could do and the bleeding had stopped but ten minutes later, blood was seeping out from the side again.

"I can't stop the bleeding and with home so far away…I'm not going to make it," he said in a grave voice. He became angry again. He, Ares, warrior, conqueror and ruler of five planets defeated by an Earthling. 'Maybe I should've brought reinforcements with me. The planet was so far off and alone, I didn't think any strong beings would be here.'

Ares slammed a heavy hand against the wall. "I swear to make the Ox King pay for this."

Ares held the wound tightly for as long as he could, constantly changing the bandages of his wound, fighting the will to not submit to unconsciousness at least until he was back home. The loss of blood was making him weak, seeing double and nearly blacking out. With his fast ship, it took him half a day to get back to his home planet--Olympus.

When he stepped out of his ship, Ares collapsed. His servants quickly took him to the sickbay. The best doctors on the planet worked on him, but they knew they couldn't save him. He lost too much blood and would soon past away.

Ares' son at nine years old, Apollo entered the room as soon he was allowed to. The doctors already told him it wasn't good news. Apollo saw his father lying in bed with machines attached to him and the monitors beeping slowly. It didn't look good. He rushed to his father's bedside. "Father."

Ares opened his eyes and smiled weakly at his son. "You must… get the man… who did this to me. Avenge… my death."

Apollo's eyes grew firm and determined. "I will, father. Tell me his name and I promise to carry out your wish. No one hurts our family and gets away with it."

Ares knew this was it for him. He had been holding on so he could see his son and passed this final message to him. His heartbeat was slowing as well as his breathing and his vision was going in and out. With his last breath, he spoke the name of the man that caused his death. "He calls… himself Ox King. Avenge… my death…son." His eyes closed, accepting death.

"Father!" Apollo called out. The monitors flat lined. Apollo shook his father trying to wake him up but he knew his father was gone. Soon, doctors rushed into the room. Apollo stepped aside and walked out the room. He clenched his fist in anger. "Don't worry, father. I'll avenge your death. I'll train to be the best fighter in the universe and get the Ox King for this. I promised."


For the next twenty years, Apollo trained his body, pushing it to the limits. He would fight with his soldiers and other warriors from other planets. When he defeated all the warriors on his planet, Apollo went out into space, challenging other warriors from other planets. Sometimes he would be victorious and at other times he would return home in defeat. It angered him when he lost but it pushed him further along to continue his training. His father was very strong and for him to lose to the Ox King meant that the Ox King was very powerful. He had to be ten times better to defeat him.

After one of his intense training sessions, Apollo went to see his witch, Medusa, a master in the dark magic. She created and saw many things with her sorcery. Medusa was in the middle of reading her book of spells and magic when Apollo entered the room.


Medusa stopped what she was doing and faced Apollo. Since her hideous face and head full of snakes instead of hair turned anyone who saw her into stone, Medusa was forced to wear a mask over her face. "Yes, your highness?"

"Use your magic to bring up an image of Earth. I want to see what this Ox King has been up, too. Maybe I'm strong enough to kill him now."

"Yes, my king," Medusa said. The two walked to the center of the room where a giant sphere was standing on an axis like a globe. Her hand glowed as she touched the magic sphere, sparking the sphere to ignite its power. It spun on it's axis as Medusa said an incantation. Once the sphere stopped moving, an image was projected and Apollo saw a giant man wearing a helmet with horns attached to it.

"That man is a giant. He must be the Ox King," Apollo thought.

There was someone else with him. It was a young woman with long, dark hair and she was fighting the Ox King.

"Who is that?" Apollo asked. He watched on to see Ox King battle the woman and noticed how well she was doing against him. "She's handling herself well against the Ox King."

"Patience, young King. You'll know soon enough who she is," Medusa advised.

Apollo folded his arms and continued to watch the picture. The woman was putting up a strong fight against the Ox King. With an amazing kick to the Ox King's chest, he was sent to the ground. Apollo was shocked by that. A woman defeating the Ox King--the man who killed his father?

Chi-Chi walked over to help her father up. "How was that, Dad?"

"Dad?" Apollo sputtered surprised.

Ox King laughed joyfully. "That was very good, Chi-Chi. You are definitely a fighter." He winced a little as he clutched his chest in pain.

Chi-Chi became concerned. "Are you all right, Dad? I didn't hit you too hard, did I?"

"I'm fine, sweetheart. Just a little bruise. You certainly inherited my strength. I'll get one of the servant women to fix this wound. Don't worry."

Chi-Chi watched her father walk away. She turned away and threw some kicks and punches in the air, practicing martial arts by herself. She looked upward to the sky and smiled. "I haven't forgotten about you, Goku. If I don't see you soon, I'll be sure to see you at the next World Martial Arts Tournament. You'll see me and remember your promise to marry me."

"Marry at her age?" Medusa said in disgust. "That's sick."

"What are you whining about? You'll never get married. A man would have to be blind and desperate to marry you." He looked on at the picture of Chi-Chi in the sphere. "But I agree; she does look young. How old is she?" Apollo asked.

"From what I can tell, she appears to be seventeen."

"Seventeen?" He spoke in surprised and looked back at Chi-Chi. "Such strength at that age. Amazing. She has beauty, too. I'll take her as my bride. What perfect revenge that would be for the Ox King--that I take his daughter for my wife and force her to have my children. That should be enough to kill the Ox King's heart before I take it myself with my bare hands." He then frowned thinking about what he said. "But she's still young. She's not ready for me. I need a woman of strength, beauty, youth as well as wisdom. I'll take her when the time is right. I'm not ready to take a wife just yet anyhow. I have kingdoms and planets to conquer, not to mention more training and that will take time, years. By that time, I should be ready to marry."

"Didn't this woman speak of a fiancé--Goku?" Medusa asked.

Apollo scoffed. "So? I'll have him killed and take Chi-Chi. He's not as strong as me. Besides, I always get what I want."

"Your mother won't like it," Medusa spoke. "She doesn't want you trying to conquer planets like your father. That is how he got killed. She'd certainly be against you taking a woman that's already promised to another man."

"As if I care what that wench thinks. She wasn't mournful enough when my father died. I'm King of this planet. I have been since my father died so I have more power than her. The only reason she's still around is because she's my mother. Otherwise, I would've killed that nagging shrew a long time ago." He told Medusa and looked back at the picture of Chi-Chi. "In a few more decades, we'll be ready for each other."


Over the next thirty seven years, Apollo increased his strength and skills with training until he felt he was the strongest being in the universe. He defeated killed the men and women who defeated him years ago. Apollo used his strength to expand his empire of one planet to ten planets. Some were planets that his father had once ruled. When Ares was in control, five planets were under his reign, but because of Ares death and since Apollo was so young when he took control, the people of the other planets rebelled from Apollo as the new ruler. He was only a child at nine then and pose no threat to them as his father did.

Now, Apollo ruled those planets with an iron fist, making the people tremble in fear of him. Now that he had conquered many planets and made his place in the universe, he was ready to make Chi-Chi his wife.

Upon receiving his call, Kiro and Kira entered Apollo's throne room. The brother and sister team who were better known as the Gemini Twins and were one of Apollo's strongest warriors. Their carefree, youthful attitude left them with no worries on missions and quick wit, cunning and fighting prowess with agility lead them to victories in a battle. The two also had the symbol 'II' on their foreheads.

"You called for us?" Kiro said.

Apollo sheathed his silver sword he was fiddling with as he waited for the twins' arrival. "I have a simple mission for you." He snapped his finger and a servant who stood in attendance by Apollo walked to Kiro and Kira. She handed a photo to Kiro.

Kiro looked at the photo of Chi-Chi at 28. "Who's the hot chic?"

Apollo's lips curled in disgust. "That 'hot chic' is my future bride and you will never speak so vulgarly about my future wife again."

Kiro cringed. He didn't want his King angry at him, especially since Apollo was so much stronger than him. "Forgive me."

Kira smirked at her brother's embarrassment. She looked at the picture of Chi-Chi. "You never mentioned you were engaged."

"I picked her out thirty-seven years ago. She was too young to marry me then but she is ready for me now. She's on a planet called Earth."

"Earth?" Kiro said confused. "I never heard of that planet. Where exactly is it?"

"You never studied history did you, brother? Earth is a planet millions of light years away. There isn't much known about the planet, but the last king--King Apollo's father was killed by an Earthling. Am I not correct?" Kira asked Apollo.

"As always."

"Suck up," Kiro muttered under his breath. Kira stuck her tongue out at him.

Apollo rolled his eyes. Kiro and Kira were grown adults and at times acted like kids. He snapped his fingers again and the servant handed a piece of paper to Kira. "Her name is Chi-Chi and when I checked on her whereabouts twenty-six years ago, she was last located at these coordinates. My spy told me she was widowed with one child and pregnant with another."

"What if her children are there when we get her?" Kira asked. "Should we bring them too or kill them?"

"I don't care about her children. She'll forget them soon enough when I have her."

Kiro took the paper that was in his sister's hand and read over it. "We'll get right on it as soon as possible."

"This isn't a two person mission. I advise you to take some of my soldiers with you. You might have a fight on your hands. After all, one of those Earthlings killed my father and you know how strong he was."

Kiro smirked. "As if those puny Earthlings can stop us. Come on, sis. Let's work on a plan of attack."

Once Kiro and Kira had left the room, Iris marched in upset. Apollo groaned when he saw Iris entering the room. The two siblings never got along. Iris was his younger half-sister. His very much younger half-sister who annoyed him for the past twenty-three years of his life. Iris hated him ever since she was five when she learned that he killed their mother just after her birth.

Apollo never liked his mother since his father's death and despised her when he learned that she didn't remain faithful to his father in death and fell in love with another man and gave birth to Iris. When Apollo learned of his mother's pregnancy, he had her lover killed and killed his mother not long after Iris' birth.

He tried to get Iris under his control but Iris found out what he did and forever hated him. If they weren't related by blood and if she wasn't so strong then he would've killed her already.

"I can't believe you! How dare you?!"

"How dare I what?" Apollo asked.

"You know what! How could you order Kiro and Kira to take this Chi-Chi from her family! The woman is a widow for a crying out loud! Why are you going to take her anyway? Isn't it her father you want this revenge one which I think is stupid since it's been over fifty years?"

"I am getting revenge for my father's death, by taking the Ox King's daughter. She is strong and will provide me with strong children for my vast empire. It's time for me to retire and provide heirs for my kingdom. After Chi-Chi has my children and the Ox King realizes he's helpless to stop me, I'll just kill him."

Iris rolled her eyes. "Oh, goodness. If I have to hear your stupid plans again…I think I'll kill myself."

"Go ahead. It'll save me the trouble later."

Iris folded her arms and glared at him. "As if the kingdom would accept that. I heard about the uproar of the planet when mother was killed. Besides, I'm the only heir left. You can't kill me."

"You'll be easily disposed of once Chi-Chi has my children and I won't show any mercy to you. You have been a pain since the day you were born."

"The feeling's mutual. I won't let you kill me. I would've long since fled this planet before that happens. As I said before, what you're doing is wrong. What makes you think Chi-Chi would want you anyway?"

"She'll accept me and if she doesn't, I'll just have to make her won't I?"

"That's disgusting. You will not get away with this," Iris threatened.

"You just try to stop me and I'll have you killed. Accidents do happen."

Iris turned on her heals and stormed out of the room. Apollo watched his sister with disgust. "I won't let anyone get in the way of what I want."

To Be Continued