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Inuyasha Tashio: The rich new kid at Shinkon No Tama High school. 17 years old. (Human, has silver hair, golden eyes, a great smile. Just like out real Inuyasha without the powers and things, really nice when he wants to be, and other times, he can be a pain in the ass.)

Kagome Higurashi: The rich girl that no one ever notices known as a geek. 15 years old. (Human. Has beautiful shiny raven hair flowing down her shoulders to her waist. Innocent brown eyes, geeky.. So she wears glasses, has braces - even though she doesn't need them- always braids her hair, has no friends, except for Chau, her only friend.)

Sango Motoko: Miroku's girlfriend, very bad tempered. 16 years old. (Our Sango. the scary, yet cool one. She is Miroku's girlfriend as you know, and she is. well Sango.)

Miroku Houshi: A lecher/hentai, Sango's boyfriend. 17 years old. (Has a small pony tail, wired, Sango's man. as she likes to say, is a hentai who likes to touch Sango... The usual.)

Kikyo Minamoto: Rich, SLUT, popular prep. 17 Years old. ( Chocolate brown eyes, wears tons of makeup, bitchy, slutty, likes to pick on Kagome. cause Kagome looks like her without the glasses and stuff, likes to make fun of the losers, friends with bitchy people.)

Naraku Onigumo: Scary guy, known as a bully. 18 years old. (Likes to stalk Kikyo. wavy hair, scary guy. cousin to Kanna and Kagura. Likes to beat people up with his gang/followers. he is also Human.)

Hojo Mou: A geek who has the hots for Kagome. 16 years old. (Our Hojo. tsk tsk tsk, he has the hots for Kag, and likes to ask her out all the time. he thinks Kagome is nice and pretty, but Kagome always turns him down, or says nothing. Nice guy.)

Kouga Yumo: Rich, Popular prep in the group/gang called the Pac. 17 years old. (Likes to hang with his friends. Human. Soon likes Kagome.)

Chau Akaishi: Friends with Kagome, Rich, and Kagome is her best friend. 14 years old. Freshman. Happens to be Kikyo's cousin, but doesn't consider one another as one, avoids Kikyo all the time at family things. (Has light brown hair flowing down her waist, light brown eyes, friends with Kagome. Not a geek, but is pretty ok in school. Would probably fit in the preppy group with Kikyo if accepted Kikyo's offer, but doesn't like to be preppy and cheery, although she is at times.)

Other characters not important

~*-CHAPTER 1: Geek?-*~


A girl woke up from her sleep and dragged herself to the bathroom. She took her usual shower in the morning, and got ready for school. She rummaged through her closet for something to wear. She pulled out a dark pair of blue jeans, and a white shirt, and a blue jean jacket. She grabbed her shoes and wore then on with ankle socks. She walked over to her table and opened a box and pulled out a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, and two thin hair ties, and tied her hair in separate braids. The girl walked over to her full sized mirror and looked at herself. She walked over to her table and pulled out her glasses that glared, which meant you could hardly see her eyes, she meant it to be like that. She fixed her outfit and grabbed her books and folders and left the house.

"BYE MOM" She yelled

"BYE KAGOME" Kagome's mother yelled back from the kitchen

"COME ON SOUTA LETS GO!" Yelled Kagome

"COMING" Yelled a young boy running up to Kagome with his shoe. "Okay ready" He said as he closed the door behind himself.

Kagome's little brother wore on his shoes and ran after Kagome "Hey sis wait!" He yelled catching up to her.

Kagome and her little brother Souta walked down the shrine steps and heard running behind them, Kagome turned around and so did Souta.


"HEY KAG WAIT!" Screamed a girl with hair flowing down her waist trying to catch up, and once did, tripped in front of Kagome and landed on her face. "I'm ok. I think." The girl said lying on the ground trying to get up.

Kagome put out her hand to help the girl. "Chau, you know you shouldn't run in the morning, its slippery." Kagome said.

"I know, but I don't want to walk to school alone today." Chau said as she got up with Kagome's help.

"Why not?" Kagome asked

"BECAUSE YOU ALWAYS WALK WITH ME TO SCHOOL!" Chau screamed in Kagome's poor face, fogging her glasses.

"Um. Heh Heh. forgot. I wanted to get to school early for the test today ya know." Kagome said as she started walking with Chau and Souta.

"Oh that test? I finished studying; you want me to help you study?" Chau asked.

"Yeah, that'll be great. Thanks" Kagome said dropping Souta off at school.

"Hehe what are friends for." Chau said

It had been almost 5 months since Kagome and Chau became friends, after Kikyo tried to pick on Kagome, Chau came and made Kikyo leave her alone. Ever since then they've been best friends.

Kagome and Chau walked to school talking about things they usually talk about.

"So Kag. why do you wear those glasses and braces when you don't need them?" Chau asked not looking at Kagome, she knew the answer, but thought Kagome looked a lot prettier without them.

".Well." Kagome started "I just don't like being a somebody, I like being a nobody better." Kagome said

Chau never got that answer before, so she was surprised, usually Kagome would say because she liked them, even thought Chau knew she hated them, or either change the subject. "I think you'd look better without them Kagome." Chau said as they entered school grounds.

Kagome and Chau walked up the steps of Shinkon No Tama High and into the library to study for a test.

Kagome and Chau sat studying together. For about 30 minutes, they hear yelling at the door and looked.

The door burst open and a girl with her hair tied up in a high pony tail walked in yelling and pleading to a guy with his hair tied in a tiny pony tail.

"Come on Miroku; please help me study please, please, please." The girl pleaded.

"Sango I cant, I gotta go meet the new student Ms. Kaede wanted me to show around the school." The boy said

Sango stared at him with a glare. "Miroku is escorting someone more important than studying with me to get me and A?!" Sango yelled.

"Well. No, but I wanna meet him SANGO" Miroku whined

"MIROKU!" The girl whined sarcastically then slapped him on the side of the head...

"OW! Why dont you ask those girls over there, I think they're in all of our classes. yeah. I think their names are Chau and Kagome or something." Miroku said as she ran out the door.

"MIROKU!!!" Sango screamed. Sango turned around and walked towards the desk where Kagome and Chau were sitting.

Kagome and Chau just went back to study, 'no use to talk to her.' They thought at the same time.

Sango sat down and looked at Kagome and Chau. "Hey, could you guys help me study?" Sango asked. 'Maybe they're nice, even though Chau Akaishi is Kikyo's cousin. Kagome. I heard she was mean.' Sango thought 'ARG, don't listen to rumors.' Sango thought as she waited for an answer.

Kagome and Chau stared at Sango for about 20 seconds.

"For what?" Chau asked.

"IM NOT PAYING YOU TO HELP ME STUDY!" Sango practically yelled 'OMG they are what people say ARG' Sango thought about to leave.

"I didn't mean it like that." Chau said kinda pissed off at the outburst causing the whole library to listen and stare. "I meant for what subject are you trying to study for?" Chau asked.

Kagome just stared.

"Oh. Heh Heh." Sango said as she sat down. "Sorry." She said 'GOD I OVERREACTED!" Sango's mind screamed

'God she is SCAAAARY' Chau and Kagome thought at the same time, they almost think the same thing at the same time, it's kinda scary also.

"Um. I'm studying for English." Sango said trying to make the embarrassment blush go away.

Kagome and Chau looked at Sango blushing with embarrassment. "You don't have to be embarrassed." Chau said out of no where. "We'll help ya study." Chau said as she took her notes and gave them to Sango. "Study them for about 5 minutes and we'll test ya." Chau said

Kagome had been sitting there looking at Sango. 'Why is Chau talking to her? What is it's one of those preps who pretend to be nice and make you feel bad at the end.' Kagome thought looking at Sango from behind her glasses.

Sango couldn't see Kagome's eyes, the glasses glared and she couldn't see behind it at all, so she went back to the notes.

Chau sat there staring at Sango also. She turned to Kagome and Kagome turned to her also. Chau shrugged.

"Done" Sango said "I think."

"OK." Kagome said as she took the notes back. 'I'll make it hard and embarrass her for trying to mess with us." Kagome thought. Many people had pretended to like them and always ended up messing with them.

Chau knew what Kagome was up to so decided to stop her. Chau knew Sango wasn't prep, but. 'What is she was paid to? Oh well let Kagome have her fun.' Chau thought

Kagome gave Sango answers and Sango answered them all and got all of them right except for 3.

Kagome was shocked. 'She answered them all, but they were easy. I guess she isn't dumb and bad after all.' Kagome thought looking at Chau who was holding a book.

"Hey she has been sitting like that for a while without moving, and she hasn't turned a page." Sango said staring at Chau

Kagome didn't say anything. Kagome reached for the book.

-_-;; Kagome and Sango sweat dropped at the sight. Chau had been sleeping behind the book the whole time.

"Chau look its Kouga." Kagome whispered.

"What where?! ILL KICK HIS ASS!" Chau yelled as she looked around.

-_-;; Kagome and Sango sweat dropped again

"I take it she hated Kouga?" Sango asked

Kagome just nodded.


The girls looked over at the door and saw Miroku with another guy next to him. The boy had ling silver hair, golden eyes, and looked kinda pissed off.

"Miroku." Sango said as she stood up and walked over to Miroku.

"Hey Sango, I want you to meet Inuyasha Tashio, Inuyasha meet my girlfriend Sango Motoko." Miroku introduced.

"Nice to meet you Inuyasha" Sango said.

"Hey Sango did you study for the English test?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah, thanks to Kagome and Chau." Sango said looking behind her, "They helped me study."

"Oh." Miroku said as he walked up to the girls, "Thank you so much for helping Sango study is there anything I could do to repay you beautiful?" Miroku asked.

Chau looked around. "You talking to me?" She asked

-_-; Miroku sweat dropped. "Yes." He said as he inched his hand lower and lower

"You can start by STOP TOUCHING MY ASS YOU PERVERT!" Chau yelled as she slapped Miroku. "Come on Kagome lets go." Chau said as Kagome followed behind.

The whole time Kagome had been staring at Inuyasha. 'He is handsome.' Kagome though.


The bell rang for first period and Kagome and Chau walked to class and sat in their seats. Chau sits in front of Kagome.

"Class please settle down. NOW!" The teacher yelled. "Thank you very much, *ahem*, we have a new student and I'd like you to welcome him. Please introduce yourself Mr. Tashio

The boy from the morning stood in front of the class. "My name is Inuyasha Tashio. I'm 17 years old. I live with me half brother. And I just moved here from Kyoto." Inuyasha answered

"Ok Inuyasha you may sit next to Kagome Higurashi." The teacher said "Kagome please raise your hand."

Inuyasha looked to see his seat and a girl raised her hand. 'Wasn't she the girl at the library with Chau or something?" Inuyasha thought as he walked to his seat. 'God why does her glasses glare that much? I can't even see behind them.' He thought

Kagome sat in her seat trying not to look at him.

Chau noticed Kagome squirming a lot. She looked at Inuyasha. 'He's staring at her, probably making her uncomfortable.' Chau thought as she took her eraser and threw it at Inuyasha's head.

"Ow" Inuyasha said as he turned around to see who threw it.

Kagome noticed also, and was relived he wasn't staring at her anymore.

"Why'd ya do that?" Inuyasha asked looking annoyed

"Shut up, and stop staring at Kagome, you're making her uncomfortable." Chau said harshly. "And leave her alone." Chau said and looked up at the teacher. Chau raised her arms and stretched.

"Ok class we are having a test today as you all know, please clear everything and take out your materials and quiet down." He said as he passed out the tests. "You will have approximately 40 minutes to do the test, and the last five minutes after the test you may talk among yourselves."

Inuyasha sat in his seat looking at the ceiling. *Sigh*

Everyone was taking their test, Kagome and Chau always finished their tests first, because they knew all the answers already.

Inuyasha looked around. 'They're the only ones finished. I thought geeks like Kagome always finished last. maybe she isn't a geek.' Inuyasha thought

"TIMES UP!" The teacher yelled and collected all the papers. "You may talk now." He said as the class erupted with talking, laughter, and whispers.

Kagome turned around to face Chau. "Thanks Chau" Kagome said

"No problem." Chau said

"Hey Chau, I've been thinking, I might take off my braces, they are annoying, I don't need them, so wanna come with me and get them taken off this afternoon?" Kagome asked.

"You are? Sure." Chau said smiling. "Finally without the braces, you'll look half you again." Chau said

Inuyasha looked at them 'Half you? Did she look different before?' He thought as he pushed all thought about Kagome and Chau away.

"Hey Kag, I'm going to get my belly pieced and my ears pierced. Wanna come with me after we get those things out of your mouth?" Chau asked

"Um. Sure, but why do you need piercing on your ears when you already do have some? And a belly ring? Won't that hurt?" Kagome asked

"Um. I'm getting two more piercing on each ear, and I want a belly ring to freak Kikyo out cause she wants one, and I think its cool, I've always wanted more piercing." Chau said smiling at Kagome.

"Right, anything to make Kikyo pissed off you'll do, you've got guts, and no one would ever dare to make her mad." Kagome said laughing a bit.

"Right, the oh so mighty Kikyo! *laughs* Like she could do anything, she'll be too worried about her nails, even a baby can beat her up." Chau said as she and Kagome laughed

Inuyasha sat looking at Kagome, even though he couldn't see her eyes, she had a beautiful smile. Inuyasha couldn't stop looking.

"So Chau, who's your secret crush you've been dieing to tell me?" Kagome asked


The bell rang and everyone got ready to leave.

"Um. Ill tell you later, not here, someone might hear." Chau said as she and Kagome walked out of class together.

Inuyasha walked onto his classes which he had with Kagome, Chau, Sango, and Miroku also.



Kagome stood up and walked out to her locker with Chau to put their books away, since Chau's locker was next to hers.

"Come on; let's see what you brought for lunch as usual Kagome." Chau said giggling.

"Ya know what? I have something different today, I brought a sandwich." Kagome said.


"Um. Kagome, you always bring sandwiches." Chau said sweat dropping.

"I know *laugh* but I brought turkey instead of ham. Want some?" Kagome asked knowing Chau usually forgot her lunch at home, or either ate school lunch.

"Sure, and I brought JUNK FOOD!" Chau cheered as she dumped out her bag of junk food.

Both Kagome and Chau laughed

"Since your getting those braces off, you won't have to worry about them! Here take some." Chau said handing some Pocky to Kagome.

"Thanks." Chau said as Kagome passed her half of her sandwich.

Kagome and Chau ate and talked about what they were going to do for the afternoon...

Inuyasha sat with Miroku and Sango, talking and eating. Inuyasha heard laughing and turned to the direction it came from. He saw no other than.

'Kagome' Inuyasha thought.

Kagome and Chau were laughing about something.

Soon the two girls stood up and walked to a different direction.

Inuyasha stared

"Hey, I got to go talk to Chau and Kagome." Sango said as she stood up and ran after the two girls.

Inuyasha and Miroku stood up and followed Sango.

"HEY KAGOME, CHAU, WAIT UP!" Sango yelled trying to catch up.

Kagome turned around along with a confused Chau.

They saw Sango running up to them.

The two looked at Sango confusingly.

"Hey, what you guys doing?" Sango asked trying to bring up a subject.

Kagome didn't answer; she just turned around and walked away.

Chau stood staring. Then she noticed Kagome was gone "HEY KAGOME DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND!" Chau said as she followed after Kagome.

Kagome slowed down for her friend to catch up

'What's with her?' Sango thought.

"Well, that went pretty well." Inuyasha said, not taking his eyes off Kagome as she left

"Shut up" Sango said as she followed Kagome and Chau

"HEY WAIT WHATS WRONG?" Sango yelled as she ran to catch up

Poor Inuyasha and Miroku ran after also until Kagome swirled around.

"Ya know, just leave me alone! What ever they put you up to just leave me alone for god's sake! I'm tired of you people!" Kagome yelled

A confused Chau stood staring, and she understood why Kagome was yelling. "Come on Kag, let's go." She said as she took Kagome's arm and walked off.

"Ok, what's her problem?" Inuyasha asked

"I don't know, Miroku do you know what she meant?" Sango asked looking at Miroku as he stared at the girls walking into the school.

"I think it might have to do with the preps always picking on them or something as I've seen before, Kikyo sends people to pretend to be their friends and end up embarrassing them or something like that." Miroku said as he faced Sango.

"Why would she think that? We aren't preps." Sango said

"Well maybe she doesn't know that." Miroku said as he started walking

Inuyasha just listened to their conversation.

The three walked and talked until the bell rang.

Kagome and Chau walked into their class and sat down and listened to the teacher talk. Chau fell asleep as usual, it's a miracle she gets A's. Kagome listened and took notes.

Inuyasha sat there and saw Chau sleeping and next to her was Kagome taking notes. 'Why can't I get her out of me head?' Inuyasha thought as he watched the teacher talk on and on and on.


*Yawn* Chau sat up and walked out of class with Kagome

"So I guess you had your daily sleep huh Chau?" Kagome said


"Yeah, you better be glad, you'll be wishing I would shut up once I'm fully awake Mwahahahahaha *Cough* hahahaha *cough, weez, cough* I think I shouldn't do that anymore." Chau said choking on her own laugh

Kagome laughed, sometimes Chau can be crazy, and be so calm.

The two walked onto their last class for the day.

Inuyasha walked with Miroku and Sango off the campus.

"So Yasha, where ya live?" Miroku asked

"Um. down that direction. *points down the street*" Said Inuyasha

"REALLY?!" Sango practically yelled

"Um. Yeah. Why. What's wrong?" Inuyasha asked

"Well, for one thing, that's the rich neighborhood!" Sango yelled

"So.?" Inuyasha asked

"So. you're rich, and you're not a snob." Sango said

"*Laughs* doesn't mean I'm a snob or anything." Inuyasha said as he caught a sight of Kagome and Chau walking down the street the direction he pointed earlier. "Hey, they live down there?" Inuyasha asked

"Yeah they do, kind of weird, they should be hanging with the in-crowd, but they aren't. kind of like you `Yasha. Not a snob, just normal I guess. And plus Chau lives like 5 houses away from Kagome, which takes about 10 minutes to walk cause the mansions are so big." Miroku said

"Oh." Inuyasha said "Well I got to get going" Inuyasha said as he sped off the direction Kagome and Chau took.

'I guess we are in the same neighborhood.' Inuyasha thought as Kagome walked into her house/mansion 'wow, she lives like 2 houses/mansions away from me' Inuyasha thought.

Kagome and Chau walked into Kagome's house and straight into her room.

"Hey Kag, I think you should change back to before, ya know when I first saw you." Chau suggested.

"Chau." Kagome said not meeting each other's gaze.

"I mean, I miss the real you." Chau said

"Chau, I miss the real me too, that's why I'm getting my braces removed, and throw away these stupid fake glasses also. I was going to tell you later but o wells." Kagome said cheerfully.

"KAGOME!" Chau said as she ran to Kagome's closet. "OKAY let's start by cleaning out your wardrobe. And then change that hair of yours, and get everything back to the way they use to be!" Chau yelled as she threw clothes out


1 hour later

Chau had cleaned out Kagome's geeky cloths and was ready to go shopping and getting the piercing and braces removed.

"LET'S GO!" Chau yelled as they walked down the street to get Kagome's braces removed permanently.

After Kagome got her braces removed, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looks like her old self again.

"Kagome, take off those ridiculous glasses" Chau ordered.

"All right, all right." Kagome said as she threw her glasses in the trash and walked to get Chau's piercing done.

Kagome and Chau walked into the piercing shop.

"Kag, you should get piercing too." Chau said looking for the jewelry she was going to have on her new piercing.

"Should I?" Kagome asked

"Yeah you should." Chau said not looking away from the jewelry section

"Alright let's get it over with." Kagome said as the two picked out the jewelry they were going to put on their piercing and got pierced.

Chau had 4 piercing on each ear, a belly piercing and her nose, a small one though. She looked cool

Kagome had 3 piercing on each ear, and her belly pierced.

They looked cool.

Kagome and Chau went to the mall.

Chau pulled Kagome into Hot Topic to buy some clothes. Even though Kagome only bought a little, it was ok. Chau pulled her to about 25 different stores and ended up with 15 shopping bags.

Chau pulled out her cell phone and dialed for a limo to pick them up.

Kagome and Chau waited until the limo came and they went back to Kagome's and made everything new.

Chau went home looking different, and was scolded for having piercing.

That night Kagome went to sleep waiting for the next day to come.