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Kagome woke up to an annoying yell at her door.


Kagome grumbled and rolled over and grabbed the phone. "Nani?" Kagome asked groggily.

"Hey Kag, I see you still sleeping." Someone on the other line said

"KIKYO?! How did you get this number?" She asked

"Oh Chau told me to call you, she's taking a shower. I don't know, she said something about hanging out." Kikyo said

"Oh, ok. I guess you two made up?" Kagome asked

"Yup." She said as Kagome heard someone talking. "Oh, here's Chau"

"HEY KAGGIE!" Chau yelled into the phone making Kagome fall off the bed. "GOMEN!" She said as she heard a thump.

Kagome sat up, "I'm alright, I think." She said as she dusted herself off. "What cha need Chau?" Kagome asked

"Wondering what cha doing today, me and Kikyo are going to go shopping, want to come?" Chau asked

Kagome didn't want to say no. "Chau, um, I can't. Inuyasha asked me to hang out with him." Kagome said

"OMG! SOOO SORRY, UM. you two together now?" Chau asked


"HOW COME YOU NEVER TOLD ME?!" Chau screamed making Kagome fall to the floor anime style.

"Gomen." She said. "I got to go. bye Chau." She said as they said good-byes and she want to go take a shower.

Kagome came out and dressed in a bluish skirt that went to her knees, a white halter top, and blue converse. [Love converse]

Kagome heard a honk and looked outside her window and saw a limo and ran out to it.

"Good morning Kagome." Inuyasha greeted.

"Morning" Kagome smiled as she kissed him on the lips and sat in the limo.

Inuyasha blushed and sat inside too.

They drove to the movies and decided to go watch something, which ended up with nothing and decided to go get something to eat.

Inuyasha and Kagome ate their food and walked around for a while.

"So, what do you want to do?" Kagome asked.

"Anything." Inuyasha said

"Ya know, when you ask a girl to hang out with you, you have to have it planed." Kagome said as she giggled.

Inuyasha laughed. "Yeah, well it's your choice on what we do today my princess." Inuyasha said as he bowed.

They laughed and went on their way again.

Kagome stopped as she saw Kikyo, Chau, Kei, Sango, and Miroku walking.

"HEY GUYS!" She yelled as Inuyasha and her walked up to them

"Hey, what a quinky dink." Chau said as they started walking again.

All of a sudden when they were walking Chau froze and turned around.

"Hey Chau, Kagome!" He yelled

He walked up to Kagome. "Hey, want to go to a movie tonight Kagome?" He asked

Inuyasha was clenching his fist

"Um. Hojo, this is my boyfriend." Kagome said as she wrapped her arms around him.

Inuyasha smirked and held Kagome's waist.

Miroku was holding hands with Sango

Naraku was holding Kikyo's waist

Chau on the other hand was free.

"Oh, so." He glanced around and saw Chau." He use to like her too, but saw Kagome and moved on. He walked up to Chau, "Hey Chau, want to go to the movies? We can watch anything you want." He said with a charming smile

Chau made a panic face.

"Um. Hobo, for your information." Was interrupted

"It's Hojo." He said

"Right." She said

"So, what do you say?" Hojo asked

Chau looked at the others for help. She noticed Kei was being held back by Miroku and Inuyasha, obviously wanting to beat the pulp out of Hojo for asking Chau out.

The girls walked up to him, "Actually, she's taken." They said

The guys looked confused, "She is?"

"She is?" Hojo asked, "But why isn't he here with you guys? Looks like a couple thing." He said.

"That's the point, she's going out with. Kei." Kikyo said

Chau froze. 'I knew I shouldn't have told her.' Chau thought glaring at Kikyo.

Kikyo had a sheepish smile on.

"Oh, is that true Chau?" he asked

"Um." Chau said. not knowing what to do.

Kei walked up and held Chau by the waist, "Yeah, we are going out Hobo."

"It's Hojo." He corrected

"What ever. She's taken, if ya don't leave, you'll lose and arm and a leg." He threatened

Chau blushed.

Everyone smiled as they saw her blush.

Chau held her left cheek and blushed. "Thanks guys. Kei." She whispered

Kei smiled at her shyness. He was still holding onto her waist

They kept walking. Chau felt comfortable. Kei stopped and let the others walk on a bit.

"Chau, um. will you go out with me?" He asked. "And. be my. um. girlfriend. officially?" He asked

Chau smiled and hugged him. "Hai." She whispered

They caught up with everybody.


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Everyone was still a couple.

Chau is happy being with Kei.

Kagome and Inuyasha are happy together.

Kikyo and Naraku broke up.

Sango and Miroku still dating.

Everything was normal, except for when guys were hitting on the girls; the guys would beat the hell out of the dudes who were hitting on them.

Years later

Well, as usual, life goes on, everyone graduates and goes on with life.

Inuyasha and Kagome have a baby boy named Shippo and a girl named Rin.

Miroku and Sango had a baby girl named Sakura.

Kikyo is happily married to a guy named Akira.

Chau and Kei are married with twin girls with opposite personalities, named Ayame, Suzume.

Everybody stayed happy and loved each other. Life couldn't be better than this.


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