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Jess' POV 1:00pm

'Well this is just fucking great' I thought as I stepped off the bus. ' It's probably little house on the prairie, only on crack.'

J- Luke.

L- Jess.

'Well at least he's not the touchy-feely type. Wait…he's my mothers brother what the hell was I thinking' I tried to amuse myself as we towards the diner. I really wasn't listening when Luke told me where to put my stuff and all that shit.

L- Tonight we're eating dinner over my friend Loreali's house with her two friends Sookie & Jackson, and her daughter Rory. Rory is around your age.

I could tell Luke wasn't good at any of this adolescent shit, but so far he was doing better than my mother. I just nodded at him, and then he went back down to the diner. I figure Rory is probably going to be one of those people who couldn't carry on an intelligent conversation to save her life. 'Well she wouldn't be any different from anyone else I had ever met in my life.'

5:00pm_ Later: Gilmore Residence

Luke rang the door bell, and I heard a way to perky voice.

Woman- Coming.

Then I heard someone else. ' No that can't be Rory. According to Luke she's one of those town princess types. You know the epitome of good girls.

Girl- Mom I am not fucking wearing this.

Her voice came just as a woman opened the door. She smiled and held up her finger before yelling back.

Lo- Fine. But could you please put on more than you usually do!!

She motioned for us to come in. ' She must be Loreali. So far she doesn't fit the way Luke described her.'

R/L- Mom I do not wear small amounts of clothing! How the hell can you call Metalica tank tops small amounts of clothing!

The most beautiful girl I had ever seen came out of her room yelling this. She was wearing a black Metalica tank top that hugged her in all the right places, and skin tight flared jeans that left little to the imagination but just enough to want to find out, and black mission boots. She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail, that made her look oh so incredibly sexy.

I saw a shocked look on Luke's face almost as if he had never seen her wear anything like that before in her life. I was rather amusing if you ask me.

L- Rory where did you learn such language. (sarcastically; as he smiled) He Chris ( he yelled)

'Damn that man is loud. Just when I thought nothing could distract me from the gorgeous girl in front of me, I find out I'm wrong. When you think your losing your hearing from your uncle's yelling that will distract just about anyone.'

C/B- Hey Luke (screaming from another room) Tell Leigh to hurry with this dinner, we're on a tight schedule.

L- Oh yeah right I'll do that and then you can torture the hell out of the town, that's right. (sarcastically) Hello Chris I wasn't born yesterday.

C/B- Well it was worth a shot.

'Well maybe this town won't be so bad. But who the hell is Chris?' Then she looked straight at me and smiled. Without taking her eyes off of me she pounded on a door and screamed.

R/L- Brian get your fucking ass out of the shower already. ( yelled)

C/B- Why?

R/L- (smiling devilishly) Because I will always be 12 minutes older than you little brother, so you have to listen to me. Now get the Fuck out here -- with clothes on this time!!!

C/B- Your always going to hold those 12 friggin' minutes over me aren't you?

But before Rory could answer, I heard another girl coming down the stairs. But she was dressed in 'popular' clothes. And even though I could tell that Rory and this girl must be twins, I knew Rory was the prettier of the two. ' But wait Rory had said that she was 12 minutes older than Brian. So that means they must be triplets. But again who the hell is Chris?'

A- Chris I need the bathroom!! I have cheerleading practice come on!!

I saw Rory cringe when her sister said that. ' But I thought Brian was in the shower?! Damn this family is confusing!!'

R/L- Allyson there is no possible way that we are sisters when it comes to anything except that we share the same parents!!

A- Thank god!!

R/L- Brian!! A- Chris!! (they said at the same time)

C/B- Fuck off!!

R/L & A- Go to Hell!!

I couldn't help but enjoy the show . It was just like home, except here they didn't actually mean any of it. They teased each other out of love for each other. They didn't yell at each other because the hated or resented each other. 'I wish I had this.'

Lo- Alright, the three of you stop it. Rory go talk to Luke and Jess. Allyson you can use my bathroom upstairs. And Chris if you don't get out of the bathroom right now, you are coming to Friday night dinner with us. And you will actually carry on a civil conversation with your grandparents instead of yelling at them.-- (smiling devilishly) In a suit and tie!!

The door flew open.

C/B- ( eyes wide) You wouldn't!!

He looked just like Rory, Allyson must have died her hair or something. They most definitely had to be triplets. At least he looked like he had good taste in music. He pretty much had the same clothes on as I usually wear. Which was baggy, worn, blue jeans. A long white sleeve shirt under a black t-shirt with a rock band on it. Chains hanging from his belt and his hair looked like he had just rolled out of bed with a girl, not just getting out of the shower.

Lo- I would, be thankful I wouldn't make you wear a tux.

His mouth fell open in shock. You couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

Lo- Now go out and make mommy proud by terrorizing Taylor, we'll be you alibi, -- Now go!! (smiling)

C/B- (smiles) thanks mom, bye--

Lo- Bye honey. Say good bye to your sisters, Luke and his nephew jess on your way out.

C/B- yes mother (sarcastically)

He walked over to Rory and gave her a hug.

C/B- (hitting Rory playfully) Bye Leigh!!

R/L- Bye Bri, I'll catch you later and you can go into hauntingly gross detail about your newest conquest!!! (sarcastically)

C/B- Ha Ha!! Very funny!! (sarcastically) bye Alley.

A- Bye loser! ( snobbishly)

C/B- Alley I'm not feeling the love!! (laughing) Bye Luke.

L- Later Chris … oh hey Chris can you do me a favor and keep you know who away from the diner.

C/B- Yeah sure, no problem Dad. (turning to Jess) Hey are you Jess?

J- Yeah.

A/N: They do that guy handshake thing.

C/B-Hey man sorry I'm not sticking around to help cause trouble. But we'll have to hang out later.

J- Yeah sure. ( sounding really interested)

C/B- Alright cool, well I got to go man.

J- See ya.

And then he left. And Allyson went flying up the stairs saying how late she was going to be. Then I smiled when Rory screamed at her sister.

R/L- You are not my fucking sister!!

Lo- Well Jess welcome to the most fun you will probably have in Stars Hollow.

'Oh I wouldn't be to sure of that' I thought to myself before the door bell rang.

R/L- Mom, why don't you and Luke get the door and I'll show Jess around the house real quick.

The two adults went to leave when Allyson came barreling down the stairs screaming that she was going to her grandparents house after practice was over. Only if she didn't get laid of course.

I saw Rory shake her head at her sister. Then she grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the kitchen.

R/L- Okay if you don't know what one of these are your not as smart as you are hot. So…

Okay maybe this town wasn't so bad, even if her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

R/L- And this is my room.-- I kind of thought I would save you from a very perky Sookie greeting or a bunch of cheerleaders ready to drag you into the GAP. - whoever happened to be at the door.

I had to smile.

J- How do you know that I don't like cheerleaders?

R/L- Oh yeah you like them alright, When you get to play pranks on them!!! (smiling)

I must have looked a little mystified or something, cause she clarified what she meant.

R/L- I saw your mind go into overdrive the minute you saw my sister. Believe me, Bri and I torture them really well!!

Then I remembered that Brian had called her Leigh not Rory.

J- Okay Chris is your brother. Now who's Brian?

R/L- Same person. He, Alley, and I are 3 of 4 kids. My other brother is a few minutes older than me. But non of us have ever met him. (quietly)

J- Why? (curiously)

R/L- My grandparents insisted that my mother Couldn't take care of four kids by herself. So they took Alley because she had so many complications. Then my grandparents insisted that my mom take me because they didn't think she could raise a boy by herself at the age of 16. Our Aunt was really attached to Brian so he lives with her and our cousin in New York. And my other brother was given up for adoption. I just hope that he doesn't blame any of us. I have always wanted my older brother around as much as my baby brother. My mom wanted him just as much as the rest of us too. She named him Tristan. She even has a room for him upstairs, it's not decorated though. She wants him to be able to do that his way when he comes home.--There's this big sign in there that says " You are loved and wanted Tristan. Please come home!!! Love: Mom, Rory, Chris and Alley"- I hope he comes home soon.

J- Why did Chris call you Leigh? And why did you call him Brian?

R/L- My full name is Loreali Leigh and his is Christopher Brian. Both of us were named after our parents. He doesn't like to be called Chris but he tolerates it. And I'm not called Loreali because my mom being born first and all had dibs on the name. So me and Bri us each others middle names instead. While everyone else calls us Chris & Rory.--- You can call me Rory. ( smiles)

J- (smiling) let me guess you only let your brother call you Leigh.

She shook her head yes.

R/L- I think its safe for you to get a soda if you want one.

I nodded and went to the fridge. ' Beer thank god' I thought to myself. I grabbed one and headed out the back door.

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