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Lemme show you what kind of heaven is on earth!:Johnny is sitting at his desk finishing up with the happy noodle boy 'Okay should it be where he is getting shot again or getting stabbed better go with the shot' Knock Knock! "Who the hell can that be?"Whispered Johnny to himself getting up. He opens the door and see's Todd (*Squee*) he was crying and gasping for air "Mr.Nny help me please!!!"Yelled Todd running in and behind Johnny.

(1 Hour later) Todd stopped crying and Johnny smiling "So you say your father kicked you after trying to kill you well we'll see about that,"Said Johnny smiling more "I need some money can I kill him now?"Asked Johnny giving dog eyes "I'm an out cast do whatever you want."Thats all he said before getting up and tried to go out the door "Hey Squee where are you going?"Johnny asked "I'm going to school."Said Todd Johnny gets up and runs to the door "Hey Squee how about living with me?I can adopt you!"Said Johnny with excitment.

(At school with Johnny watching)Todd walks in sweating looking around Johnny stares at him from his tree near the school with a sniper...knive he's still smiling Todd walks into the zombie class "Hello Ms.Bitters!"Said Todd tyring to sound like a zombie (a/n:Thats her name watch invader ZIM and it will show it : ))"Hello Todd finally try the cafeteria food?Good!"Said Ms.Bitters.

(End of school it was a short thing educational you learned the name of Todds teacher) Todd walks out of school still trying to see Johnny "Hey Todd lets play!"said some kid that looks like one big boil then pushes Todd in the gutter getting him wet then a knive flys through the air and hits the kid through the hand "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH"Boil face yells out in pain before getting ran over.

(At Nny's house)!Ring!!Ring! "Telephone!!!"Yells Johnny in excitment (A/N:Dang he jumpy today) "Hello?" says Johnny into the reciever "Hi Johnny?"Says some voice he does'nt know "You just won ONE MILLION BOTTLES OF FIZZ WIZZ!!!"Johnny hangs up the phone grabs a bottle of fizz wizz see's the contest and address jolts out the door and is at the fizz wizz place (A/N:I like spelling wiz as wizz)"Hi I am Johnny I'm here about my one million bottles of fizz wizz!"Said Johnny to the clerk "And so isthe other one hundred people!"Said the clerk looking at the happy noodle boy comic immedeatly he takes out a knives and kills everybody "I'll rephrase that I'm here about MY one million fizz wizz bottles!"The clerk looks at him "Yes sir it will be delivered immediatly!"She says before running.

(End of chapter one)I suck at beginning's I will try harder next time flame me if you wish I have not written in a long time so I am rusty expect more comedy okay? alright the idiotic bags of filth are gone wait a minute sorry didnt mean it!