Disclaimer:Hello heres a lil' update I am quitting this story to move on to a new one after this so enjoy!

The betrayel of shmee revealed:Johnny sits on his couch watching the news "This just in it seems something called the combo is terrorizing New York!"Said the news lady "What crazy things next walking and talking dolls?!"Said Johnny throwing his head back laughing "Nny why is that funny?"Asked little Todd Johnny looks at him still a little laughing "Its nothing."said Johnny before getting up "I feel like a fizz wizz after all were well now were thousandaires!"Said Johnny taking the cap of the bottle "Oh yeah and Nny can you help me?"Asked Todd Johnny jumps on the couch "Sure what is it?" Todd flips through some papers "Whats 12x12?"Asked Todd Johnny spits his fizz wizz all over the place "WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE A CALCU....SOMETHING!?!?"Yelled Johnny running out of the room and slamming his door "Um Nny thats the closet."said Todd Johnny walks out "I knew that."

(Shmee?)Its about a day later and Johnny sits on the same couch doing what he did yesterday (Hey!why is Little squeegee in such hard math at his age?) the news comes on "Half of New York is already taken by the combo thats all for now goodbye."Said the reporter Johnny looks at the tv a little longer thinking to himself "Hey Squee were taking a trip to New York!"Yelled Johnny jumping up and throwing things into his backpack Todd starts doing the same without question "Where the hell are you going?"Asked the only stuffed thing in the room Shmee Johnny looks around and so does Todd "Shmee?!"cried out both of them Johnny takes out a knive "I haven't quite killed you yet huh bear?WELL FUCK YOU!!!YOU LINT STUFFED BEAR!!"Yelled Johnny plunging at Shmee ripping him up "Just so you know thats not going to stop me!"Yelled Shmee before being only lint. Johnny walks on the plane first followed by Todd "Lets not speak of Shmee anytime soon okay?"Asked Johnny Todd looks at him "Okay!"Said Todd a little nervous.

(The short part of the story)Johnny looks at the things that happened to him lately and relized that little sweet Todd gave him great things Todd lays on Johnny sleeping "I'll be happy when his life gets better."Whispered Johnny to himself.

(The end?)Well thats the short ending it sucked did'nt it?thats why after I get these other ideas out of my head I will write more the sequel so heres a rough draft of the title of my "Romance"story "Love?Hate?whats the diffrence?" it will have Devi and Johnny and next time Johnny ain't gonna be so nice : )

(See'ya For Now)