Literary Juxtaposition

[Chapter 1 – Botan: The Yakuza Princess]

Sixteen dangerously wonderful years of age and beyond gorgeous, Botan Imamura confidently stood face-to-face with her full-body reflection just as she did everyday since she learned that the world provided humans with the beautiful pieces of glass meant for the most narcissistic. Staring into the mirror had started out as a habit but as the years progressed, it had become some kind of a ritual to stand before it every morning and calculate her height, weight, posture, size, her over-all image with her eyes.

Her hand resting languidly on her slender waist, her eyes roamed down to her long, well-defined legs finding herself to be content with its shine and smoothness. She could not remember her mother, but she had casually heard from her father's employees that Mrs. Imamura had some damn fine legs, which probably, they'd imagine, to be very useful in cradling – whatever the hell that meant. A strand of misplaced hair suddenly fell over her eyes, but before it could make contact with her face, her agile fingers had already grasped it tightly and patted it down to its place with the rest of the silken blue mass atop her precious head.

Satisfied with her classic up-do, her head automatically bent forward, as if by time-precise schedule, toward the looking glass where her eyes momentarily scanned her face, looking for any hint of dryness or flaw in her dainty, cream complexion. Finding none, the lids of her eyes came to a close so that her long lashes could come into contact with another once before they would gently move apart revealing a glossier pair of large, almond-shaped lavender oculars. Content with the diamonds in her eyes and the rosy hue in her cheeks and healthy color in her lush lips, she picked up the leather schoolbag that lay lifeless on the floor, which soon developed a sense of animation as she slung it across her narrow shoulders.

The young woman took one step back and eyed her pressed uniform one last time, making sure that certain parts of her uniform hugged snugly to the accented curves of her body. Dusting off the remaining bits of lint and dust, and with an arrogant disposition that paralleled the smile that dressed her dewy, cherry lips, she sashayed out of her room, looking very forward to her third year at Sarayashiki High School.


Author Notes: ^^; I must say that this is the shortest chapter that I have ever written. Well, this is just the "this-is-all-about-Botan" chapter. The first few chapters are going to set you up for the main characters' "roles" in this fic, but, unlike this one, there'll actually be a plot to the next three "character" chapters. =]

I will be elaborating more on Botan's being the daughter of Japan's "current" yet "fictional" Yakuza boss, but I won't get into that just yet. I'll progressively introduce that aspect into the fic as the story goes on because it's imperative to the plot. And why my sudden interest for the Yakuza? ^^; I have no idea. I just thought that since I haven't found a fic concerning YYH and the Yakuza, oh what the hey, I'll do one. And here you go.

This chapter didn't really give a general idea of what the fic is about, and I don't know how well the story summary has informed you, but if you're still foggy about this fic's concept, well, that was my intention. Please don't be mad. You should be able to grasp some meaning in the next chapter… I hope. =\

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