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Chapter five: The Squid Brings Us Together Again

The next morning at breakfast Hermione told Harry and Ron what had happened the previous night at detention.

"That evil, slimy git!" Ron spluttered angrily, almost choking on his toast, after hearing what Malfoy had done. His ears began to turn red.

"Please Ron, I don't want to think about it any more," she said gloomily and turned her face toward the window. "I hate him…"

During their whole first period (History of Magic) Ron and Harry exchanged spells and curses they would have liked to use on Malfoy as a way of cheering Hermione up.

Although Hermione did hate Malfoy she disapproved of their method to try make her feel better and instead indulged herself in a nice thick book to take her mind off the previous event.

She was sitting outside on her rock by the lake again (though careful not to slip) with a large pile of books next to her. She figured if she just kept her mind busy with books she would completely forget to think about Malfoy.

Urgh! Just thinking of his name made her cringe.

She shook her head. Must NOT think about Malfoy! She opened her Transfiguration book and turned to the first page and began to read…

Chapter One: History of the Animagus; The beginning…

Animagus: The ability to transform into an animal.

One of the first wizards to display this ability was Proteus. Proteus was servant to the Greek God Poseidon, god of the oceans. Proteus' one most special talent was his knowledge of the past, present and future. Because of this unique gift he was often asked for predictions. As a way of escaping he would quickly transform into a variety of animals and beastly creatures…


Draco Malfoy sat in his History of Magic class.


This was his 6th and last period for the day and it had been like this throughout every class. He would, instead of sit in his usual seat with Crabbe and Goyal, sit up the front, by himself.

At lunchtime Crabbe and Goyle had caught on and began to understand why Draco had suddenly stopped talking to them, and felt quite insulted. So now they weren't talking to him.

Draco shifted in his seat and looked at the pair.

They noticed him staring and glared at him.

He turned back to the front and rested his chin in his hand and sighed. He was beginning to regret dropping them. He now understood the price of 'friends'. Well… sort-of friends.

Its not like he was their friend in the first place, he just used them for protection. Also it looked cool. But now when he walked around the castle without his bodyguards he felt like he was walking around naked. Everyone saw him as he walked alone and finally began to see how helpless he was without the two. He wasn't as intimidating and he was beginning to lose his respect from Slytherines as well as the other houses. What would his father think?!

Draco tried listening to Professor Bins but his attention wouldn't focus.

"Morgana, or Morgan Le Fay, lived in the Straits of Messina off Italy. She was a powerful enchantress of Britain. Morgana was especially gifted in the healing arts. She once stole the sword Excalibur from King Arthur, her half-brother and rival. She was tutored by the famous wizard Merlin, who we studied a few years back…"

Draco's head snapped up. He had an idea. Professor Binns didn't even seem to notice him raise his hand. Draco began to feel frustrated holding his arm up and not getting any response.

To hell with it, he thought.

He stood up and walked toward the door as he said, "Need to go to the bathroom," and left the class. Professor Binns did not object. I don't even think he saw me leave! Draco shrugged and continued to walk, though not actually sure where he was going. He didn't really need to go to the bathroom, that was only an excuse.

His feet carried him through the corridor, down the stairs, to the Entrance Hall, through the front doors and stepped onto the lush green grass under the warm sunshine outside.

Deciding he could pretty much do whatever he wanted he headed for the lake. It was such a hot day for autumn that he thought he shouldn't waste it. He was going for a swim.

When he reached the lake he pulled off his shoes and socks, took off his robe (he is clothed underneath!) Wearing just a T-shirt and pants he dived into the crystal blue water.

God! He thought, I forgot how cold it was! But he kept swimming with the idea that he would get use to it. And he did.

Under water he did back-flips and turns. Becoming more confident and daring he swam further out in the lake where it was so deep the giant squid must live several meters under. In fact he could see something moving under him right now…

The water around him began to ripple fiercely. The dark 'Thing' under him began to grow larger. It was coming closer and closer…


It all happened so quickly- one second Draco was treading in the water the next he was in the air being held upside-down over the water. The Squid had laced its tentacles around his ankles.

"Aaaahhh…!!"  Draco screamed as the Squid thrashed him about in the air. The Squid shook him violently making Draco feel like he was about to throw-up.

Suddenly the Giant Squid plunged Draco head first into the water, still with a tight grip around his ankles.

Draco tried to wriggle free but it was no use. The Squid would not let him go. Draco's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt water seep into his lungs and darkness surrounded him…


Hermione was still sitting merrily on her rock, finishing off her Transfiguration book. She was just about to read the last paragraph when she was interrupted.

A wild splashing noise seeped into her thoughts. She glanced up from her book and gasped in horror. Across the lake the Giant Squid was shaking a student about in the air. Suddenly it thrust the person into the water and held him there.

Hermione's first thought was to go find a teacher for help but knew there wouldn't be enough time- this poor person could drown!! So she quickly pulled out her wand and ran to the other side of the lake where she could get closer to the Squid and its victim.

Waving her wand and shouting the first curse that popped into her head, "Stupefy!" (Those DADA lessons from Harry really paid off!) The Giant Squid froze then fell limply into the water, releasing its victim.

Once she was sure it was safe, Hermione conjured up a rope, threw it into the water at the unconscious body floating face down in the water. With another wave of her wand the end of the rope tied itself around the waist of the body.

Using all the strength she could muster she tugged the rope, pulling the body closer and closer back to shore.

When the body reached the bank Hermione pulled and dragged the limp person out of the water, lay him on the grass and knelt beside him.

Panting and tired, Hermione wiped sweat and hair from her forehead before rolling the unconscious body on his back.

Hermione gasped, shocked to find Malfoy, eyes closed and face paler than ever before. She jumped in fright when he suddenly stirred.


Malfoy squinted his eyes open. The sun was so bright it hurt. He lay still for a few seconds. What had happened? He strained his brain to think hard. What happened? Then it all came back to him; the swim, the Giant Squid, the Giant Squid trying to kill him!! So why was he still alive?

For the first time he noticed that someone was with him. Forcing his eyes open he realized it was a girl but he couldn't make out her face as the sun was in his eyes. She looked like an angel, was he in heaven?

He was suddenly aware she was calling to him. What was she saying? Her voice sounded familiar…


"Malfoy? Malfoy, can you hear me?" Hermione called to him but was getting no response. She leaned in closer, "MALFOY!"

"Aah!" His eyes shot open and found Granger's face close to his staring back. His heart did a little flip, which he chose to ignore, and sat up. He rubbed his head which throbbed and ached like hell. "Granger, what happened?"

"I just saved you life, that's what happened," she replied, matter-of-factly. "The Giant Squid was about to kill you before I stopped it."

"How?" Draco clutched his head suddenly feeling very dizzy.

"Stunned it," Hermione crossed her arms over her chest, annoyed. She just saved Malfoy's life and all he was interested in was how she did it, not even a thank you! Well, what else would expect from a Malfoy? She thought bitterly.

Malfoy was still in a state of shock and barely noticed when Hermione stood up muttering something about needing to go to the library, leaving him alone with his thoughts.

He couldn't believe Granger - a mudblood – had saved his life, even after six years of name calling and tormenting, after what he did the previous night at detention, she still saved his life. He had to admit, that Granger was something. She made him feel things he had never remembered feeling before.

Guilt was one- he was feeling guilty for all the cruel things he had ever done to her the past six years.

He felt something else too, though he was not sure what it was but every time he felt it his heart would lift like there was absolutely nothing wrong in the world, something much more powerful than happiness.

He shook his head and stood up. He stumbled a little from the dizziness as he bent to pick up his robes and shoes and headed back to the castle still dripping wet.


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