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Halloween Chase

"Ok, Yuka remember you promised to give me your honest opinion." Kagome called from behind the curtain.

"I promise." Yuka nodded even though the other girl couldn't see her. Three costume shops and dozens tried on and still Kagome hadn't chosen one. Even though several had been adorable. As the curtain parted Yuka gasped, "Kagome, are you TRYING to lose your virginity?"

"Really?" Kagome squealed happily. At her friends nod she jumped up and down happily. "YES!"

"KAGOME!! STOP!!! If you keep jumping up and down like that you're going to fall out of that top." Yuka shook her head as Kagome stepped back behind the curtain to change "Umm, Kagome is Hojo bringing you to the party?"


"You're bringing your boyfriend aren't you? That two-timing, rude, arrogant jerk." She waited and no answer came from the curtain hidden girl. "Kagome?"

"Well... honestly Yuka," Kagome stepped out of the dressing room holding the costume over her arm, "if my plan works ... I don't think I'll make it to the party. Sorry."

"I ... I... I ..."

"Yuka you look like a fish. Get some air. Come on I still have to get shoes." Kagome walked to the counter and paid for the outfit. "Oh I also need to stop by the fabric shop and get some ribbon."

Yuka followed Kagome through out the afternoon, shaking her head at her friends purchases. As they parted she tried again to talk some sense into the girl. "Kagome he'll just break your heart, again."

"No, Yuka. If things go the way I hope they will. I won't ever have to worry about his ex again." Kagome smiled, 'If what Kaede told me was right.' She added silently.


She stepped out of the shower smiling. Everything was going perfectly. Grandpa, Mom and Souta had left half an hour ago for a three day retreat to a hot springs near Kofu. Inu Yasha would be arriving in about an hour. If things didn't work out, the party was in two hours. Picking up the perfume she almost pushed the plunger then remembering his sense of smell hastily set the bottle down. Her own scent should be all the perfume she would need.

After drying her hair, she criticized her face in the mirror carefully. Deciding less was more, she carefully applied her eyeliner with a light touch and her new "Always Rose" lipstick. She smiled at the effect. Satisfied that there was nothing about her that could remind him of the dead priestess.

Walking to her desk she booted up her computer and went online to her favorite fan fiction site. A quick scan of pages and she found a new NC-17 story by her favorite writer. Twenty minutes later, sufficiently aroused and relaxed she finally put on the costume. Taking a moment to dash back into the bathroom she tied the thin black velvet ribbon around her neck. "Perfect." Blowing herself a kiss "Go get him girl." Looking at the clock she realized he'd be there in five minutes, she walked downstairs to get her shoes. As she was finishing pulling them on she heard him call.

"Oi Kagome? Where are you?"

"Downstairs Inu Yasha."


Inu Yasha still couldn't believe he had agreed to take her to some stupid party. Only the thought that that Hobo person might take her if he refused made him agree. Leaping easily from the ground to the tile roof before her window, he slid it open and stepped inside. "Damn, where is that girl?" he muttered before calling out "Oi Kagome? Where are you?"

"Downstairs Inu Yasha."

As always the room was filled with her scent. Taking a deep breath he paused noticing a new note to her scent, similar to her heat scent but not quite. It was still enough to make him hard though. 'Stupid,' he berated himself silently, 'why would she want you?' He exited the room and made his way down the stairs entering the main room. Opening the door he walked in and froze. He didn't believe what he was seeing. His eyes took in the white ears first. Her eyes sparkled with mischief, seeming larger and an even deeper blue. Her rosy lips, curved in that smile she only gave him. A black ribbon encircled her throat, forcing him to notice her graceful neck. Her breast were barely covered by the pink bodysuit, around her waist a cloth belt with a long white tail flowing behind her. The bodysuit was cut high on her hip emphasizing the length of her legs. The pink spike heels shaped and molded her calves to perfection. He swallowed hard. She was stunning.

"Hi Inu Yasha!" She said cheerily pleased with his 'deer in the headlights' expression. "Like my costume for the party?" No response came from the still dazed hanyou. "Umm we don't have to be at the party for about an hour... so I was thinking," she blushed slightly. Taking a deep breath to gather her courage, she couldn't believe she was going to say this. "If the doggy catches the kitty, he'll get a little pussy." With a giggle she turned and dashed out the door.

He took a shuddering breath and muttered her last sentence to himself, "If the doggy catches the kitty, he'll get a little...." His head shot up "FUCK!!!!" Dashing out the door, he caught sight of her running around the corner of the house. Smiling he turned and ran in the opposite direction.

Stopping she spun back around and headed towards the door dashing back in and up the stairs. Desperately trying to hold back the laughter that threatened. Her plan was working!

He rounded the final corner of the house only to find himself standing before the door again. His ears twitched as he caught the sound of her footsteps on the second floor. Moving with all the stealthy grace of the predator he was, he stalked his prey. Before ascending the stairs he removed his fire rat hiori laying it on the couch. As he reached the top of the landing he dropped his white yukata on the banister.

"Here kitty kitty kitty." He called in husky voice, "nice kitty kitty kitty." He heard her whispered giggle and turned towards it. "Doggy has a treat for you." She hadn't turned on the lights, but that didn't matter as he could see perfectly well in the dark. Entering the room at the end of the hall he saw her trying to hide in the corner. "Look what I caught." He whispered as he moved towards her.

With a screech and a giggle she tried to bound over the bed only to be tackled by him. "Bad kitty, trying to run away." He reached up and pulled the ribbon from her neck slowly. "What should doggy do to the bad kitty? Hmmm." He rubbed her cheek softly with his own burying his nose in her hair. "Maybe he should nibble her ear?" His teeth lightly nipped at the lobe, causing her to take a gasping breath. He chuckled and traced the shell like curve lightly with his tongue. He noticed the spike in her scent, and whispered "Does the kitty like that?" She nodded. He nibbled at her earlobe and traced back up the shell of her ear again, nipping all the way.

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As they calmed he placed a finger under her chin, "Mate." His lips brushed hers softly. "Do you still wish to go to this Hal - O - Wean party?"

Kagome smiled, "It's not important." Then realizing what he'd called her she blinked, "Mate?"

"Hai." He answered. He chuckled when she through her arms around him. "Inu Youkai mate for life Kagome. Now we need to find you something else to wear to the party."

"Huh? We don't have to go..."

His finger to her lip stopped her. "Oh no, mate. That Hobo boy and those nosy friends of yours will know tonight you are mine." He silenced any protest with his lips claiming hers.


Have a safe, and happy Halloween...