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Halloween Chase
Chapter 2

Miroku watched as Inu Yasha stood calmly leaning against a tree. Kagome had stepped off a ways from their camp to speak with Kouga. Kouga's mere appearance anywhere near the young miko usually sent the hanyou into a jealous fit, ending with Kagome shouting Osuwari. This time he merely watched. That confused the monk greatly. He hoped that one day the two of them would confess their feelings to each other, but he did so enjoy Inu Yasha's fits of jealousy. Though the two of them had been acting strangely since returning from that Halloween party. Miroku hadn't realized the party would last three days.

"Inu Yasha, I'm surprised you haven't interrupted Kagome's and Kouga's conversation."

"Feh, let the wolf talk to her. He can look and talk to her all he wants, but he lays one finger on Kagome and he's dead."

Miroku, startled by the calm conviction in the hanyou's voice, almost rethought his plan. "But what if she decides to go with him?" He asked mischief alight in his eyes.

"Won't happen monk."

"What makes you so sure, Inu Yasha?"

"Watch." Inu Yasha walked a small ways from the tree. His arms resting at his side. After clearing his throat, in a soft husky growl he called, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty."

Kouga was puzzled. Inu Yasha hadn't tried to attack him, or even insult him. With a shrug of his shoulders Inu Yasha had just leaned up against a tree. The conversation between Kouga and Kagome was not going the way he planned either. Every time he would mention her being his woman, she would sigh and roll her eyes. He was about to say something else when Inu Yasha's voice calling a cat was heard.

Kagome's head snapped up and around, seeing her mate standing near the fire. She ran to him, forgetting every thing the wolf she had been speaking too, the monk behind Inu Yasha. Stopping in front of Inu Yasha she clasped her hands to her chest like a child offered an unexpected surprise. In a delighted voice she asked, "Does the doggy have a treat for the kitty?"

"Umm hmmm." He nodded.

Throwing her arms around his neck she leapt up. He easily caught her legs as always. The first time she had done this they had ended up on the ground in a heap. "Bye Sango. Bye Miroku. Watch over Shippo for me. Bye Kouga." Good-byes said Kagome snuggled into her mate's hold, and began kissing his neck and along his jaw.

Turning to walk away, Inu Yasha spoke to his friends, "See you guys in the morning." With a soft woof he demanded his mates lips and she complied.

Kouga fumed, he moved in front of the couple barring their path. "Put down my woman, mutt-face."

With an audible groan Inu Yasha lifted his lips from Kagome. Meeting the wolf's blue eyes with his golden orbs he spoke. "Kouga take a good sniff. She ain't your woman. Never was. Never will be. If that ain't enough let me be blunt. She's my mate and I plan on pleasuring her all night. Now I'll be happy to fight you in the morning, but right now my kitty has an itch."

Kagome had blushed fifty shades of red during Inu Yasha's speech. Still her body reacted to his promise. Tearing her eyes from her mate, she turned to face the wolf. "Kouga, go find a nice wolf female. I never was your woman, I was always Inu Yasha's for the taking and he took." Turning back to the hanyou who held her, "All night? Really?"

"Hai my mate. All night." He answered the wolf forgotten as he continued away from the camp.

"Meow!" Kagome answered.

In the dim light of the firelight three beings watched as the couple moved further into the darkness until only the white of Inu Yasha's hair could be made out.