Disclaimer: Most of the characters and settings are not mine and I promise that I will put them back once I have finished playing with them.

Title: Outside Influence

Author: Venus

Rating: PG for now

Pairings: Aragorn (Estel)/Legolas

Warnings: Eventual Slash, Blood, Possible *Mpreg* towards the end of the fic depends how I feel, Violence, Angst... anything else and I will let you know.

Authors Note: This is my first LOTR's fic so please be kind. This is an AU so Arwen is not betrothed to Aragorn and the ages of the Elves don't match up. All names and personalities of oc's are the products of my own imagination.

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(The twins and Legolas are of similar ages and in the prologue are equivalent to the human ages of about 6 or 7.)

The sun had just past its highest point in the sky, when Elrond spied the small group of elflings that were playing amongst the trees, obviously making the most of their time spent away from interfering adults.

The Lord of Rivendell watched the young elves play for quite some time from his study balcony, a slight smile gracing his usually hardened features. Though he would never admit it, he had missed the twins during their stay in Mirkwood.

Up until a few days ago, the gardens had seemed unnaturally quiet, but now with their returned presence and that of the youngest Mirkwood prince all hope of peace and quiet at any time of day had dramatically diminished.

'At least they are not pestering me.' He thought, grinning, glancing over to the door way as he felt another's presence.

"They seem to crave each others attention." Glorifindel remarked noticing where the others eyes had lain as he entered the room, moving to stand next to the other elf on the balcony. "But it is good to have them home again."

"Yes it is," Elrond, grinned "Regardless of the chaos they manage to cause." He wondered how Thranduil had dealt with havoc his sons had more than likely caused during their stay previously.

"Chaos, yes," The blond elf agreed, "Though they haven't been so bad lately, they seem to be putting most of their energies into annoying our young guest."

"I have noticed." He smirked. "Although he gives back as good as he gets." Both elves glanced at each other before laughing.

"He may be the mirror image of his mother, but Greenleaf is definitely the son of Thranduil," Glorifindel watched the small blond elf dart across the gardens in front of them closely followed by two slightly taller dark haired elves. 'Although, he is able to control his temper a little better.' He thought, though did not say it aloud. It had taken to longer time to rebuild the frayed relationship between Rivendell and its woodland counterpart to blemish it with thoughtless comments now.

Elrond nodded. "It is good for the twins to spend time in the company of others of their own age," His eyes also following the young elves. "So few of our kind are being born of late I fear they will grow up quicker than they should, with only those much older than themselves for company."

"At least they have each other for company my lord, I feel sorry for the young Mirkwood prince, all his siblings far exceed his age by many centuries, the eldest by almost three millennia." Glorifindel stated, before moving back from the balcony and further into the study. "That was why Thranduil invited the twins to stay with them in the first place and why he agreed to Legolas leaving the boundaries of his woodland realm."

"Yes he is rather protective of his youngest son." Elrond remarked turning to face the other who had now seated himself within one of the large armchairs opposite the main desk.

"As are all fathers." Glorifindel answered with a smirk directed at his companion.

Elrond grinned knowingly and shook his head but did not reply.

"How long will the young prince be staying with us?" He asked instead.

"Just until the end of the season, as you said his father is very protective of him and does not wish him gone from his sights for to long."

They stood in silence for a few minutes each caught up in their own internal musings. A few moments later the sound of several pairs of feat running down the corridor out side the study interrupted their discussion and with in moments the predictable bang on the study door echoed about the room.

"Enter." Elrond said, concealing his grin.

"Father." Was cried out as the door opened, spilling the three elflings into the room.

"Shh, Elladan there is no need to shout." Elrond chided, moving to sit in the chair on the opposite side of the desk to Glorifindel. "Now what is so important that you must disturb a conversation between your tutor and myself?"

"Oops." Legolas whispered glancing up at the older elves a guilty expression marring his face.

"Sorry father we didn't think."

"Enough Elladan," He sighed "I was merely teasing you, now what is the matter."


"Elladan ripped my robes!" Elrohir interrupted, storming past the other two youngsters and closer to his father to show him where the seam had come apart down one side of his tunic.

"I did not; you tripped and caught them when you fell." His brother protested.

"And you tripped me, so it's your fault."

"I did not."

"Yes you did, didn't he Leg's you saw!"

All eyes turned to the small blond standing in the doorway. He was running his fingers through his hair, being so young it only just reached his shoulders.

"I was not watching Elrohir," he said with a seemingly innocent smile. "For I was to busy trying to remove the leaves you had both placed in my hair."

Both twins grinned.

"We were making sure that you were a proper green leaf." Elladan giggled.

Elrond sighed again then glanced towards Glorifindel who was smirking.

"They are your children my Lord." He said gesturing towards the squabbling elves. "And that makes them your problem." He laughed before standing and walking towards the doorway.

"Glorifindel wait." Elrond called out.

"Yes my Lord?"

"Yesterday the twins asked if the would be able to show Legolas the human village while he is with us, why don't you organize a small group of elves and escort them tomorrow."

It was not a question and Glorifindel knew it.

"Oh please Glorifindel." Elladan called out "Leg's really wants to see it, his never seen a human before."

"Do not pester him on my behalf Elladan." Legolas scowled at the twin, although the elder blond elf could clearly the excitement in his big blue eyes at the prospect of the trip.

Shooting a glare at the now smirking Elf Lord, he answered. "I shall arrange a small band of elves to leave at dawn."

The reaction was almost instant and two of the young elves launched themselves at him. He couldn't help but laugh as the twins struggled into his arms, Legolas how ever held back unsure of how to react. He looked back towards Elrond for some kind of indication of what he should do. The elder nodded and with a smile, Legolas turned to face the older blond. Seeing his confusion Glorifindel put down the twins before reaching out his arms to the young prince and Legolas's smile turned into a laugh as he jumped into Glorifindel's arms.

"Thank you my Lord, It is true that I have never seen a human and I am curious."

"Then tomorrow you shall my young prince, tomorrow you shall."