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Chapter Thirty-Two

It was another whole week before Legolas had been told he was well enough to leave his bed and even then he was not supposed to walk around completely unassisted to the blond prince's great annoyance.

Legolas stood in front of the mirror and straightened his dark green causal robe. Attempting to brush out any creases in the delicate fabric. He stared at length of his body for a moment, pulling the material tight against his body silently glad that his normal figure was slowly beginning to return. He had lost a lot of weight whist he had lain incapacitated for so long and with his still slightly swollen stomach he felt he had looked rather odd, although Estel was always first to tell him he was wrong to think so.

They had finally named their son, after much debate that the twins had found highly amusing King Thranduil of all individuals had suggest a name they all agreed with.

Aiden. (1)

It suited him well.

Legolas smiled softly before he turned away from the mirror and slowly made his way out of the sleeping chamber and into the corridor beyond.

"Legolas!" He did not stop as he heard Estel's voice call out to him from in side the chambers. "Legolas you know you should not walk out alone, what if you were to fall?" The young human caught up with him quickly, baby Aiden held tightly to his chest.

But his speech was ignored.

Legolas, although still a bit unsteady, was adamant that he would reach his destination with out help.

"Legolas, please do not ignore me where is it you intend to go?" Estel, by now used to Legolas's determination, continued to hover beside him, their babe in one arm, waiting to offer his support if it was needed.

"I am not ignoring you love." Legolas continued down the corridor with out looking at the man he could sense was close to him.

"Then where are we headed?"

"I am headed to the gardens I do not know where you are off to." Legolas smiled teasingly, glancing across at Estel although instantly regretting it as the sudden movement caused him to stumble slightly. He reached out to steady himself against the wall, but found himself immediately held in place by one of his lover's supporting arms.

"Steady." Estel murmured "And you wonder why I worry." Gently rubbing his hand up and down the length of the elf's arm. "You are supposed to be taking things slowly."

"If I take things any slower I might as well stay asleep!" Legolas looked up meeting Estel's eyes hating the sympathy that he saw there. Looking down at the infant tightly held in Estel's other arm he sighed. Little Aiden's eyes were wide open and seemingly glued to his elven fathers form, full of a curiousness that Legolas had not noticed in his young son before now.

Aiden gurgled.

"See even he worries for you." Estel breathed smiling tenderly. "Come on I will assist you for the rest of your way."

Legolas sighed, obviously frustrated, but gave in and allowed his lover to silently guide him along the rest of the corridor and finally out into the palace gardens.

The gardens themselves were almost empty for which Legolas was glad it would provide him with the solitude he was searching for, now just to get rid of his annoyingly possessive lover.

"Did you not plan to meet the twins this morn?" He asked innocently.

"Aye but I do not wish to leave you alone they will not mind my missing..."

"But I mind!" Legolas interrupted, startling the young human next to him. "It causes much concern to know that you are missing out because of your insistence that I need a baby sitter."


"No, I insist that you go what possible harm can befall me whist I sit out here?" Legolas moved to the centre of the lawn and carefully dropped to his knees, settling himself comfortably on the dry grass. "Pass Aiden to me!"

"Are you sure?" Estel looked doubtful, although he did take a step closer.

"Yes, you can hardly take him riding with you," He reasoned. "Now allow me to spend time alone with our son."

"If you are certain, I could always..."

"Estel if you do not go riding with your brothers then I shall go instead!" Legolas growled finally having come to the end of his tolerance.

As if noticing Legolas's glare for the first time Estel immediately handed the infant in his arms into the care of its other parent. If the thought of Legolas walking about on his own was enough to concern him then he believed he would almost certainly have a panic attack if he saw Legolas on horse back.

"Just promise me you will call out if you need help and not try and get back by yourself!" He pleaded.

Legolas rolled his eyes whilst smiling tenderly and grasping Estel's arm he pulled him down and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips it held both understanding and promise. Both of which Estel read clearly. Pulling away Estel sighed before leaning down and brushing his lips across his son's forehead.

"Keep your Ada out of trouble for me." He whispered into the child's ear. Standing up he through one last smile at his lover before finally heading off in the direction of the stables where the twins were now probably waiting impatiently.

Shaking his headed, Legolas lifted Aiden up gently so that he was level with his father's eyes. "We are going to have to somehow calm that man down before he worries himself to an early death." Laying the infant once again across his lap he smiled. "And we can not have that can we, for who then would your Ada play with?"

Looking down into his son's wide eyes Legolas could hardly believe how much his life had changed in such a short time. I did not seem so long ago that he was arriving in Rivendell having only just met the young human for the first time and yet here he now sat Estel's child lying in his lap.

"Contemplating life?"

Legolas turned his head at the voice, angry at the interruption especially when he caught sight of who it was that had disturbed him.

"What do you want Lysander?"

"Not very much."

"Then why did you disturb my son and I?" Legolas watched as the dark elf drew closer regardless of what was being said.

"I was merely curious; you know it is not good for the child if you dote on him constantly. He will become too dependant on you."

"Lysander he is just a few weeks old he is completely dependant on me!" Legolas shook his head incredulously. "What would you have me do?" He asked. "Leave him on the floor until he is screaming, I do not believe that even you are that cruel."

"Then you do not know me very well." Lysander sank to the grass beside him his dark eyes carefully watching every movement the infant made. Aiden turned his little head to look up at his elven fathers as if he were attempting to ignore the new elf staring at him.

"I think I know you better than you realise." Legolas sighed, moving to try and untangle Aiden's tiny fingers that had grasped a few strands of his blond hair.

"Really." Lysander looked unconvinced.

"Of course."

"I do not believe you."

Changing the subject slightly away from their seemingly pointless debate Legolas said. "I need to thank you."

That caught the other elf's attention. Looking up from the child Lysander met Legolas's eyes for the first time.

"What for?" He looked genuinely confused.

"I believe that you saved not only my life but also that of my son's." Legolas looked down and gently brushed the back of his hand across Aiden's soft cheek. "And that is something I have to be very thankful for."

"I did not do it for your gratitude." He muttered. "I merely alerted others to your situation Arwen would have been devastated if you had been lost to this earth." Lysander turned to face away from the two beside him and glanced across the gardens at nothing in particular, as if trying to distance himself from the current topic of conversation.

"Your tone of indifference does not fool me. I know you have a heart hidden somewhere deep with in you. You forget that I have seen it." Legolas smiled inwardly as he noticed Lysander sift uncomfortably.

"That was a long time ago and yet you forget the way in which we parted."

"Nay I have not!" Legolas glared across at him, how dare he suggest he could forget such words of hate and cruelty. "But I do not doubt that there was a reason I am yet to be informed of that prompted your behaviour. I was young at the time and to naive to believe that the reason could be anything but my own actions but..."

"And now you believe yourself wise enough to judge my actions!" Lysander snorted. Shredding a blade of glass aggressively between his fingers.

"I believe that I am able to look at the situation more objectively than I could before yes." Legolas searched Lysander's profile with his eyes scrutinising the darker elf's expression. "At the time I could not see passed the hurt you caused with your words but looking back your words were spoken out of desperation rather than hatred."

"Is that all you can think about." He said looking up to stare at the blonds face. "What about what I did before that, you were young and I took advantage of you."

Legolas met his eyes suddenly everything fell in to place. Lysander's anger and words had not been directed at him but at Lysander himself.

"You were angry with what you thought you had done to me." Legolas whispered with realisation. "Not at me. You used words to scare me away."

Lysander sighed heavily.

"One of your brothers over heard from others on the patrol what I had done. He pulled me to one side and spoke to me, his words understandably harsh, he made me realise what I had taken from you." For the first time since Legolas had met him Lysander sounded ashamed and almost afraid. "I did not see how wrong it was until that point. I was too caught up in your beauty both in appearance and nature, but that I know was no excuse."

"I may have been young but I could have said no." Legolas tried to reassure. "I trusted you and after the first time you laid with me I knew what we were doing. There was nothing then to stop me from walking away but I did not."

"But I should not have used my anger I felt towards myself as a way of discouraging you." The piece of grass in his hand now in hundreds of segments.

The blond prince was not quite sure of how to proceed, up until a few minutes ago he had felt nothing but resentment towards this elf but now... he was not sure how he felt, although sympathy was somewhere near the top of his list of emotions.

Aiden gurgled contentedly, drawing the attention of both for a short moment.

"He will have a strange life ahead of him." Lysander commented finally breaking the silence.

Legolas cocked his head to one side his expression asking the other elf to explain his meaning.

"Born of two males, one a prince of Mirkwood and one a man of Rivendell, which parents ways should he follow?"

"Which ever he chooses. I would not have him following a path that he does not wish to." Legolas said more to Aiden than to Lysander. "I will not have him trapped by the pressures of either realm."

"But what about the ways of men. Your mate may not have a lot to do with his own kind at the moment but one day he will wish to discover his own path, will you walk beside him or allow him and you son to be swept away from you?" Lysander was genuinely curious as to Legolas's answer although it looked like the blond elf was having difficulty forming a reply.

"That is not something I have thought upon," Legolas tried to explain. "But not by choice will I leave the side my family."

Lysander smiled.

His expression warm for the first time in a long while.

"Then I wish you well my prince." He whispered before leaning in and pressing his lips against those of Legolas. Pulling away after a short moment Lysander then kissed Aiden's cheek gently. "Good luck little one." The dark elf then stood, brushing the small pieces of shredded grass from his tunic and walked back towards the palace all malice gone from his strides.

"Well Aiden." Legolas laughed softly. "What just happened there?"


(Epilogue) (A few weeks after previous chapter)


"Hold on just a moment."

Estel stood out side the chambers he had been told to wait out side until his elf was ready to admit him although by itself caused him to feel slightly apprehensive. What exactly was his elf up to?

Aiden was safely in the care of Arwen and Lysander for this eve. Estel had been surprised when his dark hair theoretical rival had willing accepted to care for his son enabling him to spend some time alone with Legolas.

"Legolas!" He growled again, he had no idea how long he had been standing outside in the corridor but he was sure that if it was for much longer rumours would being circulating that Legolas had thrown him out.

"You may enter now." The voice was soft.

Sighing with relief he opened the door only to freeze only a few steps into the sleeping room.

The room was dark, lit only by a series of candles scattered across the small tables and dressers around the room. His eyes were drawn to the slim figure lying on the bed. His blue eyes sparkling in the minimal flickering orange light, whist soft blond hair cascaded down his shoulders that were only covered by a sheer fabric that concealed the whole of his body.

"Legolas...I..." He whispered, shock causing him to stumble over his words.

"If you do not wish to lie with me then I suppose I shall have to find some other way to entertain myself." Legolas sat up and made as though he were about to move from the bed.

"Do not move." Estel's tone was forceful and Legolas grinned inwardly, moving back to his original position.

As Estel moved closer Legolas shifted purposely revealing a cloth free leg from the thigh down.

"You have no idea what effect you have on me." The man sighed as he finally reached the edge of the bed.

"I believe that I have some idea." The prince smiled. "If the effect is similar to the one you have on me."

Estel climbed gently onto the bed, reaching out he ran his fingers through the soft blond hair.

"Some times I believe that this is all a dream and that one day I will awaken and find you gone from my life."

"If this is a dream then we are both dreaming the same one and when I wake I shall ride as fast as I can to your side." Legolas leaned into the touch before turning his head and nuzzling his lover's hand.

"I do not ever what to wake up if it means leaving all I have behind." Estel leaned forward and pressed his lips gently against those of his elf. "What on this earth did I do to deserve you?"

"That is the second time you have asked me that since we first met." Legolas slipped an arm around Estel's waist pulling him closer.

"And what is your answer this time?"

"That I love you more than I ever felt was possible to love another." Legolas kissed him tenderly. "And that together we have created a beautiful child who we both love just as much as each other. What more could either of us want or deserve?"

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Estel laughed pushing Legolas until he rolled over on to his back.

"Not that I can remember." The prince released what sounded suspiciously like a giggle.

"Well I love you." Estel began peppering kisses form the blond's forehead, down his nose and finally reaching his lips. "Was there something that we were supposed to be doing other than talking since we are with out our dear son?"

"I do not think so. Perhaps we could..."

But what ever he had planned to say was cut of as Estel claimed his month, dispersing any train of thought from his mind.


The End

Hope you enjoyed reading.

(1) Aiden means 'little fiery one' in Gaelic, I thought this was both sweet and appropriate for the son of Legolas and Estel.