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Chapter Two: The Discovery


The sun rose on a regular Saturday morning. Kurama woke up around 9:00 in the morning, to him its considered sleeping in. He woke up with a start and then determining that it was a Saturday decided to fall back to sleep. It was then that he noticed that it was cold inside his room.

Kurama ignored it for about five minutes but then it started getting to him. Usually it wasn't this cold inside his room, and he could remember that he was shivering earlier in the morning. Suddenly becoming paranoid, he left his warm covers and bed to find out the source of the problem.

It didn't take more then a second for Kurama to find the source of the frigid temperature. By the time he stood up in his bed he faced his desk and sitting upon it was Hiei, who looked like he had been sitting there for a while. To Kurama's right was the reason why it was so cold; Hiei had come through the window.

"Hiei!!" Kurama jumped back, "How long have you been sitting there? Why didn't you wake me up? What's wrong? Don't tell me Koenma needs us to help him, I was going to enjoy my free weekend."

Hiei jumped down from the desk, "Hn, you don't need to worry Kurama, I was just around and decided to come over. You looked knocked out so I decided not to wake you."

Kurama sat back. It was a pretty hectic week that was for sure. A lot of tests, papers, and quizzes had mostly filled up Kurama's weekdays and he was finally happy that the weekend had come. The last thing Kurama wanted to do this week was to go on another mission to kill another demon, save some person, or retrieve some priceless artifact that the young prince of Spirit World couldn't handle.

Hiei also sat back, and leaned against the wall by the desk. He looked around Kurama's room and then back at the spirit fox sitting back in his bed. At that moment, he envied Kurama. He had a place to call home, a warm and happy place where he was loved. Ever since Hiei was born he never felt that kind of love and attention. He felt saddened that he had no one to love and care for him, and he desperately wanted love at that moment. He didn't want a mate, or a girlfriend as humans called them; he just wanted someone to love him unconditionally. Even girlfriends get tired of their boyfriends after a while.

Kurama saw that Hiei was wallowing in his self-pity, although he wasn't sure why. After many silent minutes, Kurama got up and closed the window.

"Hiei, do you want to come downstairs and eat something?"

The fire apparition looked curiously at Kurama. Usually he only lets him stay in his room, and Hiei has to demand food. This was an odd moment, and Hiei wasn't sure what to say. He slowly got off the couch and followed Kurama down the stairs into the kitchen. He had never seen the rest of Kurama's house before and found that it was a lot more interesting then he imagined.

Kurama told Hiei to sit down at the table and asked what he wanted to eat for breakfast. Hiei hadn't eaten in quite a while, he had stolen some food from a restaurant the afternoon before and hadn't eaten since.

"Hn. Anything you got that's good, fox. I don't really care." Hiei coldly replied.

Kurama sighed and gave Hiei four pieces of toast. It should be enough to last him for a while Kurama thought. He ran upstairs to get changed, at the same time eating a piece of toast himself. When he ran back down the stairs, he heard the TV in the living room. Scared to death that it was his mother just waking up, he bolted into the living room to find that it was only Hiei. He discovered how to work a remote control.

"Anything good on?" Kurama asked, leaning against the doorway that leads to the hallway.

"Hn. I can't see how you humans can watch this crap for hours a day." Hiei said while channel flipping through all the channels. Eventually he got bored and started watching cartoons.

Suddenly Kurama heard movement upstairs. He realized that it was his mother waking up, and she was heading down the stairs. In about two seconds she would be in full view of the living room, and Kurama didn't have enough time to think up a good excuse as to why Hiei was there.

In a flash Kurama rushed over to Hiei and told him to run into the kitchen and out the door as fast as he could. This of course, was an easy task for Hiei and he rushed out of the living room, past Kurama's mother, and out of the kitchen window before Kurama's mother could ask what the rush of wind was coming from.

By the time Shiori got into the living room, Kurama was sitting on the couch and channel flipping.

"Suichi, dear, who were you talking to?"

"Me? Oh, I, uh, was just talking to myself."

"You sure you're alright, dear?"

"I'm fine mother, you don't need to worry about me. I guess I'm just lonely that's all."

"Dear, I really think you need to make some more friends."


Hiei sat up in a tree. He was out of breath. He had never moved that fast in such a long while. He knew that Kurama's mother didn't work on the weekends, so he couldn't come back for more food until his mother went out or something. He decided to walk around the city, like he usually does.

Hiei looked pretty much human when it really comes down to it. He found that walking around the city and in crowds during the daylight didn't cause any stir in the humans. Sure, he'd get an odd look and a double take every once and a while, but he found that humans really didn't give a damn about other humans. This worked well, because he didn't really give a damn about them either.

Eventually Hiei got extremely tired and bored from just walking around and decided to rest in an alleyway just off a busy sidewalk. He sat down in the cold, dark alleyway and closed his eyes for a moment. He was awoken by a strange noise coming from down farther in the alley. It sounded like a human, but humans he knew never made sounds like this. Curiosity got the best of the demon and he walked farther down trying to find the source of the sound.

He looked around for what seemed like hours, in trashcans, corners, doorways, everywhere. The sound was all around him, but he just couldn't find its source. Eventually he got tired again and sat down next to a dumpster. The sound had gone away for the moment, so he took advantage of the silence to sleep again. He woke with a jump when he heard the sound again, this time more like a scream. It echoed in the dumpster next to him, so he jumped atop it and looked inside.

There, a small white blanket was moving around. Hiei moved in cautiously and touched the blanket. The screams stopped, and all was silent. The blanket was warm! Something alive must be hidden underneath it, thought Hiei.

Slowly, he pushed the cover away and revealed, a human baby! The young child looked so fragile, but Hiei jumped back anyway. The baby looked at the demon and reached for him, it started to cry. Hiei looked around, trying to find someway to escape without looking like he was abandoning the child. The baby screamed louder, and Hiei began to get desperate. He realized that he must calm the child down, or else he will attract attention. He reached for the baby and touched it with his right hand, running his fingers along its face. He wiped the tears away from its eyes.

He was moved with compassion for the young thing. He remembered when he was abandoned, he cried a lot too. Hiei looked around one more time. The baby must be abandoned too, he thought. He remembered how it felt, and decided that no child, not even a human should be allowed to suffer like he did. He picked up the child and instinctively began to rock it; he remembered that as a baby it always calmed him down. Eventually the cries lessened and the child began to sniff and sigh.

Hiei felt such a love towards the abandoned child, maybe not a love, but a connection towards it. Hiei usually never felt this way, and it made him nervous. He saw that the sun was setting and he was getting desperate as to what he needed to do now. After rocking the baby, he felt such a connection that he couldn't just leave it alone over the long and cold autumn night. He thought of all the choices he could use, and then he thought of Kurama.

Kurama had just done a project with a baby, Hiei thought; he would know what to do. He rushed off towards Kurama's house; careful not to harm the precious cargo he was carrying along with him.


Kurama enjoyed the peaceful day off. He was concerned about Hiei, of course, but he knew that he could take care of himself. Still, Kurama felt guilty and wanted to offer Hiei some more food, who knows when he would be able to eat again?

Kurama sat upon the couch, watching Saturday night TV, which isn't much to really watch, when he heard the doorbell. He rushed up and over to the door, where he discovered Hiei.

"Hiei! What are you doing over here?" Kurama asked, "And why did you use my doorbell?"

"I couldn't open your window, and I didn't want to climb the tree." Hiei replied quietly.

That's when Kurama noticed, that in Hiei's arms, was a bundle of a white blanket. The blanket moaned and shifted position.

"Oh my God!" Kurama yelled, "It's a baby!"


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