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Black Pawn, White Pawn.


Prolog:- Betrayed.

"The Astrolabe and the Zelee, incessantly tossed about by the hurricane, could not be worth the Nautilus, quiet repository of labor that she is, truly motionless in the midst of the waters."

~ Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Part 1. Chapter 21 .
~ By Jules Verne.

Dorian Gray lounged by the pod, idly twirling his stick.

"Ah M." he purred as the other came running up. "At last. Ready to go?" he turned and pressed a button, opening up the Pod. M paused and looked back the way he came.

"No." he hissed. Dorian looked mildly confused.

"No what?" he asked. M turned back to him a hungry look in his eyes and Dorian took a step backwards. M gave a grunt of pain and pulled out the sword from his shoulder. The rage was burning all too brightly in his eyes.

"I'm not ready to leave. I want one more thing from this ship before we go..."


The League - minus Skinner and Gray - were currently standing outside of the Nautilus.

"We did it." Allan said with a smile. "We stopped M." There was a gasp behind him and out of the Nautilus staggered Nemo's first mate, Ishmael. He held out a shaky hand to Nemo.

"It was Gray..." he whispered, sinking to his knees, Dr. Jekyll grabbing him as he fell, Nemo standing by Ishmael's side.

"Save your strength old friend." Nemo said. Tom Sawyer fingered his weapons, his anger building. They had been betrayed, betrayed by someone they thought they could trust. He spun on his heel and ran up the slope to the inside of the Nautilus, determined to find Gray before it was too late.

"Not Skinner..." Ishmael said, his fingers searching thin air blindly for Nemo's face. Nemo caught Ishmael's hand in his own and the injured man turned his fading gaze onto his captain and friend's face.

"It was Gray, he tricked us all..." The light faded forever from his eyes and with a tiny gasp he died.

Captain Nemo looked away and tightened his grip on his sword. Suddenly a low creaking sound was heard.

"What was that?" Quartermain asked in alarm.

"The sound of betrayal!" roared Nemo rushing inside the Nautilus, the rest close behind him.


The four League members stood and stared as Dorian Gray kissed them all goodbye before leaving in the exploration pod. The next hour or so passed in a blur as they listened to the recording left to them by M and Gray, then working hard to prevent them for sinking. It was only after they had surfaced that Mina looked around the room and realized something, that no-one else seemed to have noticed.

"Where's Sawyer?" she asked. The rest looked round.

"I haven't seen him since Ishmael was killed." Quartermain said. Nemo sent out sailors to look all over the ship for him. No-one on the whole ship had seen him and no-one on the whole ship knew where he was.

"We found this Sir, near the where the exploration pod used to be." One of Nemo's sailors said. He held up Tom Sawyer's main gun.

"What does this mean?" Mina asked.

"Sir! We'll getting a signal!" another sailor yelled, interrupting the League. He ran back to the radio, Nemo close behind.

"Well?" Nemo demanded.

"It's Morse code." Quartermain said.

"What does it say?"

"Hello, my freaky darlings." the sailor said in surprise. Dr. Jekyll smiled with relief.

"Skinner." he breathed.

"Am on board little fish with M and Gray. Sawyer here too. He's alive but in bad way. Heading East by East, follow my lead." The sailor finished. There was a short, stunned silence then Allan bared his teeth in a snarl.

"Let's get this repaired so we can go after them and get Sawyer out." he said sharply, storming out of the room and away. The rest hurried after him - all except Mina. She turned and stared out of the window into the sea.

"Oh Dorian. What have you done?" she whispered, twisting the end of her scarf tightly in her fingers and she bowed her head.


In the Exploration Pod, Dorian was watching M, from his chair. M was currently sitting in his own chair, watching the still form of Tom Sawyer with the same hungry, vengeful look on his face that he had, had on before.

"Why did you want him out of all the League?" Dorian asked. M's eyes never left Tom's body.

"Simple. If by an improbable chance even one of the League has survived they will all be so worried about saving the boy that they will focus all of their energy on saving him."

"You think the League will survive?"

"No." M said with a snarl. "But even so, I shall delight in proving Quartermain wrong. So that old coot thinks he can get the better of me, does he? Well, let's see what happens when I destroy his little American friend." M held up the sword that he had pulled from his shoulder and threw it towards the back of the pod.

"He wanted to make this boy like his son. All I shall be doing is taking it one step further and killing Sawyer." he laughed, long and hard. Dorian involuntary shuddered and turned back to the control's plotting the course. M bent down so that his mouth was right by Tom's ear.

"No-one makes a fool of me... not even a dead Quartermain." he hissed then slammed his boot into Tom's unprotected stomach. Sawyer let out a groan of pain before sinking back into the land of darkness. M pressed his hand to his shoulder then rubbed his fingers together. The bright red blood was rubbed all down the three fingers he was using.

"No-one..." he repeated savagely.


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