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Chapter 19

Crimson Hearts


Valentines Day had arrived and Harry made his way to Hogsmeade with Ginny. They decided that it was a good idea to avoid the coffee shop Harry went to last year and just go to the three broomsticks. The weather outside was sunny yet still slightly chilly. It was almost a nice day. Inside the pub Harry ordered a few butter beers for himself and Ginny.

"So what do you want to do today?" Harry asked Ginny when he sat back down at the table.

"Just spend some relaxing time with you." Harry knew that his response was cheesy but he really didn't care because he meant it. Ginny just giggled at him.

"You are really cute when you want to be."

Harry could feel his cheeks start to color. He did his best to hide it though. Ginny pulled him out of the three broomsticks and walked down the street towards a few shops. The problem with Hogsmeade was that once you've been there the place had very little to offer that was new to see. Ginny was heading towards the apothecary to buy a few supplies. She grabbed what she needed, paid and left. The day really was supposed to be spent enjoying each others company.

Halfway down the street Luna called them. Slightly put off by the fact that they wouldn't be spending all there time alone they stopped and waited for her to catch up. When she reached them she was out of breathe.

"…Dumbledore…you two…his office," She commented.

Harry felt a bit disappointed but decided not to argue. They started to walk back towards the castle.

"Did he say what he wanted?" Luna shook her head.

"Of course he didn't he is always a bit vague."

In about twenty minutes they arrived at the castle and another ten saw them standing outside the gargoyle statue giving it the password to enter the room.

"Enter," Came the voice of Dumbledore when they knocked on his door.

Harry opened the door and approached the desk. A simple glance at the Headmaster told Harry that there was something wrong. His eyes showed a vast amount of sorrow. Dumbledore was a skilled Occlumnce so his show of emotion stated that whatever was wrong affected him in a way that he needed to be mournful. It meant that someone had died.

"Who is it?" Harry asked before even saying hello. Ginny had taken a seat and was waiting for a response. She knew that Harry was right with his assumption that someone had been killed.

"Please Harry have a seat." Harry could feel his heart drop. Someone else had died that he was close to. He wondered briefly who it was. Perhaps Tonks or his dad both thoughts disturbed him greatly.

"Please Professor; just tell me who it is." Harry unconsciously took a seat.

"Very well, this morning after everyone went to Hogsmeade we discovered a body in the castle." At this moment Hermione knocked on the door. She entered to the situation and the smile on her face vanished. Behind her Neville and Luna entered. They took their seats with only one of its members suspecting what had happened.

Harry looked around the room. Something was a miss. But at the moment his brain had stopped functioning.

"Where's Ron." He asked to Dumbledore. Harry could see the old mans eyes fall.

"No that can't be real my brother can't be dead." White hot tears fell down Ginny's face and leaked from Harry's eyes. Ginny had stated what he thought.

"I am afraid that Mr. Weasley was found dead this morning a little after everyone departed for Hogsmeade. He was found with a note that said why he chose to do this."

"What are you saying? Why he chose to do what?" Luna was the first to answer that question.

"He chose to kill himself. Because…because of me." Her voice was not its normal tones. She was in a state of breakdown. But her outward feeling reflected the rest of the rooms.

Crying ensue her comments. She seemed unable to do anything else.

Harry redirected his attention back to the Headmaster.

"What happened?"

"He got a hold of a poison and drank it. There is no sign of anyone being there other than moaning myrtle. She told me that he entered her bathroom and sat on the floor. He was completely unaware of her presence. After a few minutes he pulled a bottle out of his cloak and set an envelope on the floor next to him. He drank the contents of the bottle and then laid down sobbing to himself. He died only minutes later."

"What are you talking about Ron wouldn't kill himself."

"I am sorry Harry but there was no one else in the room with him. I called you all in here for two reasons and we have gotten passed the first and most difficult. The second reason was to find out if Ron had been acting differently around you guys."

Harry was the first to speak.

"Yeah he kept asking me to teach him what dark arts I knew. He kept saying that he needed to know what I knew so he could help aid the war. He was tired of not doing anything."

Dumbledore took the news with slight alarm.

"Professor I knew my brother. He wouldn't have killed himself. He must have been bewitched."

"Those were my thoughts Ginny but if he had been bewitched into killing himself with the imperious curse then there is no way to find out. It leaves no traces once it has been lifted. Now to discuss what will be done. Your family has been notified and they are on their way for the funeral arrangements."

Harry couldn't take much more of what he was hearing. How was he supposed to believe that Ron killed himself? It all felt like he was dreaming and that he would wake up any moment. His first friend, no his brother, had died. Harry could feel the office start to spin. His face was draining of blood and he was getting light headed. The world went black.


Harry could hear voices around him. He couldn't make out any of the words that they were saying. He could feel Ginny's presence. She was unconscious just like he was. They were both starting to reawaken.

"Hey Ginny, can you hear me."

"Yeah I can hear you."

"What happened?"

"I don't know exactly."

"The last thing I remember was being called to Dumbledore's office…"

Harry and Ginny shot up out of bed. They both remembered that Ron had died. The nurse came in and forced them to lie back down. She was really convincing when she wanted to be. She checked there vital signs and gave them some potions to drink. It didn't really matter; there wasn't a potion that could bring Ron back to life. And there was no way that he was going to take one to forget Ron. Ginny was in the same state as he was. It was exactly like losing a sibling to both of them.

All Harry really could do was sit there and feel nothing. His whole world was turned upside down. Ginny started to sob on the bed that she was sitting in. He felt even worse. Why wasn't he crying for the loss of his friend? He cried for the loss of his godfather and even for Cedric, why not Ron.

Ginny looked up at him for where she sat. She didn't need to say anything because of their connection, but words just seemed more fitting.

"Harry I can feel your sorrow, I don't think less of you for not crying. I think that this might be too much for you to cry. But I know how you feel." She wiped her eyes knowing that it wouldn't do any good. Her tears would continue to fall until there were no more.

"Ginny, I just don't know what to do right now." Harry hung his head down. He couldn't think straight. He could feel his magical core disrupt inside of him. It was becoming unsteady. He blacked out shortly after that.


Harry awoke, what would appear to be, the next morning. His eyes were puffy even though he had not been crying. The strain from the day had all but killed him. He looked around the room to find Molly and Arthur Weasley in the room whispering amongst them. It was more than obvious what the conversation was about, and Harry knew that they had been and would still cry for the loss of there son.

Harry and Ginny were finally released for the hospital wing latter that day. The news that Ron had died spread through the castle like wildfire and it had taken its toll on all of them. Ron was seen as a bit cocky and morose at times but he was always remembered as heroic no matter what side the conversation you were on. The news even seemed to rattle most of the slytherin house. In fact only a hand full of slytherin were unscathed by the events.

The next week Harry and his friends were excused from there lessons. To give them time to grieve. Harry knew that he should be thankful for this be truth be told he would rather be in class learning something. It was a great distraction from all of the problems that he was having. It was a distraction from Ron's funeral. It would be held tomorrow.