Searing flames over her body.

The sound of an eagle screeching aloud.

Liquid, fire hot pouring from every orifice, ever her eyes and mouth.

When it finally finished, Yuriko found herself able to move. Narrowing her eyes slowly, she thought she saw a falcon made out of fire looking down at her with regal looking eyes. With a flap of its great wings, the firebird left her lying in the tank.

Slowly Yuriko sat up, finding herself underwater with some surprise. Kicking up with her feet, she swam for shore. When she broke the surface of the water, she dragged herself onto the land and coughed up a tiny bit more of adamantium, which instantly became hard and indestructible.

Looking out at where Stryker's base of operations once lay, Yuriko smiled. She was herself again, not some mindless slave that constantly cracked her knuckles and attacked people on her master's signal. Looking down at her nails, she clenched her muscles and with a sleek SHLICK, metal claws came out and sparkled in the light of the sun; a clear reminder of her enslavement.

As her claws retracted, she realized something.

Where was she going to go now? There was no way she'd be able to go back to Japan with no money on her and she figured most people wouldn't take kindly to a foreign woman walking around barely dressed in torn leather clothes. Closing her eyes she tried to think when something suddenly came to her.

"Hang in there. . . you've survived the worst of it. You'll be all right. I'm here. I'm right here."

"We'll get you out of this, miss, I promise. I know someone misses you the way Amanda and I miss each other. That kind of love is the only thing that can keep you alive right now, I know."

"Kurt." Yuriko smiled faintly, remembering the German's kind words to her when she had first been experimented on. Even thought she never saw her face, she guessed that he looked very different due to the furry three- fingered hand that often held hers. If he had been able to escape from Stryker, maybe he was still in America.

But where in America?

Standing up slowly, she brushed off snow as she tried to think of where he could possibly be. She remembered going through files and maps of various cities and buildings under Stryker's command, and she could go anywhere from those memories. Finally, she had an idea of where he may be.

"The school!" she said.

Of course he'd be there! Mutants who could went there for shelter all the time. Stryker often had her look at the maps of the mansion in case he wanted to send her in to attack with the squad.

Facing the proper direction, Yuriko was off to Xavier's Institute for Gifted Children.