"And this is Ororo's garden. She has buds from every exotic place in the world. I think he even has some plants from Japan!" Kurt said, stopping and looking up at one of the flowering cherry blossom trees with a smile. He looked over at Yuriko and he smiled a bit, his fangs glittering slightly in the light of the sun glittering through the windows above.

She returned the smile slowly, before she looked around at all of the exotic flowers.

"She must really love flowers to have so many in the attic of the school like this. I can tell that she takes great care of them all too." She said, lightly touching a cherry blossom. Kurt nodded, walking up beside her.

"Ja, Ororo loves flowers." He agreed. He turned to Yuriko and his tail flicked excitedly. "I cannot believe you are alive!" he laughed, shaking his head a bit. "When Logan told me about the fight I. . ."

"What?" Yuriko asked, looking at him quietly. Kurt looked her in the eyes and he smiled shyly.

"I was scared." He admitted softly. Yuriko tilted her head to one side, a lock of ebony hair falling over her eyes.

"Why were you scared?" she asked. "We only knew each other for a few days at least." She pointed out.

"Ja, but for those days, you helped me as much as I helped you. I don't think I would have lasted so long if I didn't have anyone to talk to; even if they didn't talk back." He added with a soft laugh. Yuriko shook her head and laughed a bit.

"You have no idea how much I wanted to talk back to you, Kurt. After I heard what Norris said about your Amanda. . ."

"I remember you put your hand over mine and squeezed faintly." Kurt finished for her with a smile. Yuriko smiled and sat down on the bench, looking at Kurt quietly.

"Kurt, do you like that woman Ororo?" she asked. Kurt laughed softly, crossing his arms across his chest as he thought about it for a moment.

"In a way, ja I do." He admitted with a smile. "She is very kind and I think you and her will get along." He said. "Sadly, she is being treated unfairly by the others."

"How so?" Yuriko asked.

"A woman named Jean Grey died that day at Alkali Lake. Her boyfriend Scott cannot teach his classes and gave them to Ororo. Not only that, but she must also teach her own and Jean Grey's classes." Kurt explained with a sigh. "She is not doing very well with all of the pressure exerted on her."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Yuriko said softly.

"Why did you ask if I liked Ororo anyway?" Kurt asked, thinking her all ready knew the answer to that. Yuriko stood up and walked away slowly, hugging herself slightly. Kurt followed after her slowly and they went to an area of the garden that was filled with white and pink flowers.

"Yuriko?" Kurt asked, his tail curling slightly. Finally she turned around and she smiled weakly, walking up to him slightly.

"Kurt, I love you." She said finally. "I know that sounds strange from a woman whom you only knew barely alive in a cell for a few days who can make ugly claws come out of her fingers but. . ."

Kurt interrupted her by gently taking her hands into his and looking down at them quietly. He looked from her hands to her eyes and he smiled, gently kissing the tips of her fingers.

"I don't think your hands are capable of carrying anything so ugly." He said softly. "Deadly, ja. But they are also beautiful in a way." He explained with a shrug. Yuriko took one of her hands and traced one of the tattoos on his cheek, smiling a bit.

"Like your tattoos in a way." She said softly. "They are carved into your skin with a knife and made with blood but in a way they are art in its purest form."

The two stood in the garden, looking into each other's eyes in a way that needed no words to explain the emotions flowing between the two of them. Kurt's tail lifted lazily and wrapped around Yuriko's waist, pulling her close to him slowly as they wrapped their arms around each other, her face buried in the sparkling cloth of his circus jacket.

Stryker had planned on using his serum and experiments to destroy Mutants and wipe them from the face of the Earth. All he did was make them stronger against the hatred from the Humans, and even more determined to fight for acceptance into a society that despises them.

He also made two of his most recent victims come together in love.

The poor bastard must be rolling in his watery chained up grave.