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It was nearly impossible for Touya to think straight. Every time he thought he had found the

answer, he remembered something that made it the wrong one. He wanted Jin to remember him

more than anything in the world, but the young yoko seemed to really care for him and he couldn't

just destroy the happiness of another just for his own benefit. Then he thought it would be better to

just wish for his eyesight back. But could he really go through each day of his life seeing his

beloved in the arms of another? And then there was also the yami to think about. What would it

take from him this time? The most logical solution would be to do nothing at all. This way, none of

them would get hurt . But then he would still not have what mattered most to him in the entire


"Touya...you must make your decision now. What is it that you want?" Touya would have

looked up at Kurama if he could have. Instead he stared at him with the hollow sockets that used to

be his eyes.

"Will ya be hurrin' it up?! I can't be waitin' all day!"

"You must be patient onji-san, this seems to mean a lot to him."

"Hn. It's obvious he's going to choose to do nothing. Let's just let him be and get on with

our lives."

"No Hiei. Touya? Please. Make your decision."

And the ice demon began to speak, his words merely whispers in the cold air of the night.

"The most important thing in the world to me....is Jin."

And the yami spoke to him, from inside him, but yet this time all of them could hear it, could

feel it. Even Hiei, who had not believed in its existence took a step back as its shrill voice filled his

ears. "So what is it you want from me my little ice warrior?"

"Another trade."

"You do realize that once I make this deal with you, there will be no others?"

"Yes I understand. Kurama has already told me."

"Ah yes, Kurama. I remember you. It's quite a shame that you didn't use your other wish.

You could have saved your beloved Koroune."

"I did not know I had two wishes to make and only a year to make them! By the time I

knew, it was already too late. But it was my own selfish wish that caused you to take him in the first


"Yes, that is true. I take from those who take from ME, but I take more when they ask for

selfish things. You Kurama, asked for entry into king Enma's palace so that you could steal. For a

wish as selfish as that I took the life of the one you loved. Our red headed friend wanted his wind

back and in the process denounced his love for the one that saved his life. For this selfish act, I took

away his memory. As for the ice youkai, he wished to locate the one he loved, for fear that he was

perhaps injured or hurt. His wish was granted, but since it was not made for his own benefit, I only

took his eyes. But I am afraid there is no unselfish way out of this. So be quick little demon and tell

me what it is you want."

The air became silent as everyone focused on Touya. His wish could cause anything to

happen to any one of them, and they were all powerless to stop it. In truth, none of them could see a

way out and none of them knew what they would do if faced with this same dilemma.

"Jin is the most important thing to me in all the three worlds. And that is way......and that is

why I wish for him."

"He he he he. Then the deal...."






The entire area around them began to spin. All the lights and colors of Gandara seemed to

blend together as time and space themselves collided with one another. They were all going forward

and backward and reality itself was starting to crumble at the utterance of Touya's wish. But when

you blend the colors of the rainbow together, there can be only one outcome. And that's all any of

them could see. Black.


A soft buzzing filled Touya's ears and his body relaxed like never before. He could feel the

warmth of sunlight on his face but as he tried to look upwards, he found he no longer could. He was

still blind. But he did not care. Everything around him seemed at peace and everywhere was calm.

If this was what the after-life was like, he wondered why he had not discovered it sooner.

But he did not feel as though he was dead or that he was dying. No. He felt so much more

in tune with himself, almost as though he was being reborn......

"Touya?" It was a mere hint of a word, but somehow it spoke volumes. "Touya?"


"Well come on now we can't be waitin' all day!"


"Errr. Look, if ya want ta be late that's fine but you were the one that told Kurama we'd be

being there by noon not me!"


"That's my name! And ya would think that after bein' yer partner for so many years ya

would have learned it by now." Touya could feel two hands grasp one of his and pull him to his

feet. He didn't quite understand what was going on, but he hoped that Kurama could shed some

light on the whole situation.


After they had arrived at Kurama's cave, the two demons were treated to the most delicious

meal either of them ever tasted. The four of them told stories and laughed over jokes that weren't

funny and even Hiei put in a few comments of his own. But none of them seemed to notice that

Touya remained sightless. It was as if.....as if he had always been blind.

After the joy and merriment of the feast Hiei and Jin went off to gather wood for the evening

fire. The black haired demon wasn't too keen on having a traveling companion, but with a little

coaxing from his kitsune, he agreed. With the two gone, Kurama took the chance to talk to Touya

alone. "You seem upset Touya is anything the matter?"

"No Kurama.....everything is as it should be."

"Even though you have no eyes?"

"How?....I thought...."

"It is a shame the yami did not give them back to you, but you did not wish for everyone to

be back in there normal state when Jin was happiest."

"So you remember what went on!?"


"Then why doesn't Jin? He doesn't seem to remember anything."

"Touya....you wished for Jin to be back at the time when he was happiest, and apparently he

was happiest when with you. So, to him, it is as though you never had eyes. He rememberes

nothing from that night."

"But what of Kinno?"

"He never existed at this point in Jin's life so by the same token Jin never existed in his."

"And the yami?"

"Gone as well."

"By how is it you know all this Kurama?"

"You wished for JIN to return to this time, so it only affected HIS memory, Hiei remembers

everything as well."

"And what are you two bloats blabberin' about other there?"

"Hn. Yes indeed, what are you talking about?" The two youkai had returned from their

trek and both now wore a confused countenance.

"I was merely telling Touya, Jin, about some information I had just gained."

"And what might that be I'm wonderin'?" Touya too was wondering this same question.

Surely Kurama wasn't going to tell Jin what had happened, that news might destroy the wind demon

from within.

"I have been doing some research on Touya's situation and I believe that I have found

someone that may be able to help."

"And what situation might ya be talkin' about Kurama?"

"Yes Kurama," said ice demon "what situation?"

"Your eyes Touya....there is someone who may be able to give them back to you. He lives

far to the west, in the mountains of Daisuki....."

"Then....that's where we'll be goin'....."

Kurama laughed softly to himself. A new adventure was about to unfold for his two friends

and it to would be paved with many dangers and hardships. But for a love as strong as theirs

anything could be overcome. "Then I wish you safe passage my friends. Farewell wherever you

fare. May the road always rise to meet you."

And the demon pair stood at the entrance of Kurama's cave facing outwards towards the

higher reaches of the land. And though Touya could not see what lay before them, he had complete

faith in his companion. They would survive this together as they always had before. And the ice

demon promised quietly to himself that, unlike the past, the future of their lives together would not

be....a time forgotten....


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