Luffy's Day

"LAND!!!" I heard Usopp yell.  I sprang up and ran out to the deck as fast as I could to see the land off in the distance first.

"YAAAAAAY!!!" I cheered as I jumped up as high as I could to touch the sky, which was clear and lovely.  I continued to throw myself a party because I deserved one, being the incredibly awesome captain I was who would someday be the Pirate King and be the one to find One Piece.

Then Nami came out of her own personal room.  She had a map!  We all looked at it.  It was a pretty map.  It had colors on it and it was drawn on paper.  I bet Nami drew it.  She's really good at drawing maps.  That's why she's our navigator and she's the best navigator in the world which is good because I have to have the best navigator in the world since I'm going to be the pirate king.

I need the best everything for my ship.  But most of all, I needed a musician.  But I don't have one yet.  But I do have Nami, Zoro, Usopp and Sanji.  Zoro doesn't really have a job on the ship but he can sword fight really well.  And he's the best swordfighter in the world which is good because I'm going to be the Pirate King.  I don't know what Usopp does but he does do some stuff.  Plus, he has a really long nose which is so COOL!  And there's Sanji who's our cook and he can fight too.  He can cook really good meat.  Which reminds me that I am REALLY hungry.

"I'm HUNGRY!!" I commanded since I'm the captain and he's my cook.  "Make me something!"

I assumed he went off to go and cook because I had told him to.  Sometimes he makes meat.  I like it when he makes meat because meat is my favorite food.  Not any specific kind of meat, just meat.  Just as long as it came from a defenseless animal and not a person, I'm okay with it.

I overheard Nami and Usopp talking about NOT docking at the island.  I really wanted my meat.

"But I want to dock on the island." I said.

"Luffy, why don't you go and sit on our personal seat and be the lookout?" Nami suggested.

"ALL RIGHT!!!" I yelled as I ran over to my personal seat.

I watch the sea sitting on our ship.  A seagull is like someone's eyebrows.  Not Sanji's though.  Sanji's eyebrows are an exception to the eyebrow rule.  I bet he only has one though because I've never seen the other one.  But the one he DOES have is very curly.

The calendar means nothing to me.

It's up to me. I feel so wonderful!

Tremendously huge oceans from anywhere and they all lead to the Grand Line!  Which I want to get to.  And become the Pirate King.  And find One Piece.

"A bird!" I said happily as I saw a bird flying overhead.  It looked really good.  I hoped it wasn't one of those freak big birds that would grab me.  I turned around to tell Nami and Sanji and Usopp and Zoro about the bird but they were all gone.  So I figured I would just catch it and show it to all of them but by the time I had found it again, it was too far away.

But I was still hungry…

Maybe the island had some food.

I had to find someone to go to the island with.

I had to go find Zoro.

He was my first crewmember.

He's a really good swordsman.

So I jumped off my seat and went off to find Zoro.  I looked in all of his favorite sleeping spots and went to our sleeping room last to find him there.  Sleeping.

"Aww…Zoro's sleeping…" I said sadly.

Even though I originally had intentions to wake him up, I figured I'd just wait for him to wake up on his own.  So I wandered around the ship checking to make sure no one needed my help since I was the captain and all.  I wish that all my crewmembers were there to sing a happy song with me.  But we would need a musician for that.

Maybe we would find a musician on this island that we were docking on because I said we had to and since I'm the captain we HAD to!!

I'm really glad I ate the Devil Fruit because I can stretch so much and make lots of funny faces.  I decided to try and find the funniest face I could make and use the ocean to see my reflection.  Just then, while I was in the middle of a funny face, I looked up to see Zoro standing there.

"Come on, Zoro!" I said.  "Come to shore with me!"

"Not right now." He said.

"But I'm hungry!!" I insisted.  "I'm gonna go eat…now."

I stretched my arm all the way to shore so I could catapult myself over to land.  I felt my hand grab a tree and began feel myself being pulled towards the island.

"Come on, Zoro, it'll be fun!" I said, grabbing Zoro as I was launched towards the island.  It's so much fun that I love doing it so much.  I think I should do it more often and it was even BETTER because Zoro was here to have fun with me!!  Though I sort of wished that I had grabbed everyone else too because then we could have all had fun together as a crew as we got on the island.

"We should have grabbed everyone else!" I said when we landed.  "Should we go back and get them?"

"No, that's all right." Zoro replied.  I could understand since Zoro was the first one I recruited so that makes him sort of my first mate which means he has ALMOST as much say as I do but not quite because I'm the captain and I'm going to be the Pirate King and someday find One Piece.

"Where are we?" I asked.  As Zoro began to answer, I couldn't help but be distracted by an enormous woman that was standing behind Zoro.  She was SO big.  She was…I don't know, TWICE as big as Zoro.

"WOW!" I laughed, pointing at her.  "You're huge!!"

She attacked Zoro and me.  But it didn't really hurt so I thought that maybe she was playing with us.  She's so silly and large.  Zoro just went to sleep so I assumed that he didn't want to play so I allowed her to tie us together and carry us away.  It was so much fun!!  She was carrying us!!  I told her how much fun I was having but she didn't say anything!!  But it was still fun!  It's too bad Zoro was sleeping through all of it because it was really fun.

Then she took us to this village where there was about a million trillion and a half humungous large women dancing around.  It was so funny.  So they tied me and Zoro to a tree and I guess that woke Zoro up.

"Luffy, cut that out!" Zoro yelled at me since he was probably cranky that he missed out on all the fun.  Or maybe because he just woke up.  Maybe it was both.

I couldn't help but laugh at the large women dancing because they just looked so very silly!  "It's funny!" I told him.  "But I think it would be funner to get involved!!"

I stood up and spread my arms out to break the ropes.  I didn't want to play that game anymore since we weren't being carried around so I would have to search for a new game.  "Those ropes were uncomfortable!" I told Zoro who was looking slightly confused.

He yelled something, but I saw meat.  "Ooh, food on the table!" I said as I went to go and get the meat since I was very very hungry.

For some reason, Zoro grabbed onto me.  At first, I thought that it was another funny game that he had thought up but I didn't want to play since I wanted meat now.

"ZORO!" I yelled.  "LET ME GO!"

All the large women turned around and looked at us.  "Men slaves escaping!" said the largest of all the large women.  "Get them!"

Zoro let go of me and ran off as I laughed at all the large women.  Obviously we were playing tag and they were 'It'.  At first I thought it was a little unfair to have so many 'It's but whatever!  I wasn't about to let them tag me though so I started running away from them only after picking up some meat and eating it quickly.

It was a fun exciting game until Zoro came back out of nowhere and told me that we had to defeat them all.  I didn't want to because it's not like they were doing anything mean to us so I only watched as he started to fight them.  And, even though he had provoked them, I couldn't let them get hostile to Zoro since he was my partner after all.  I let Zoro do most of the work since he loves it so much but I did make sure that no one attacked him from behind.

When the battle was over, the huge women began to bow to us.  They must have known that I was going to be the King of Pirates.  "Little men much stronger than our strongest warriors." Said one of them.

"Naturally." Said Zoro.  "Come on, Luffy.  Let's get back to the ship."

"No!" said the leader.  "You must help village.  We make you leaders."

Leaders!  That sounded like a lot of fun!  Since I was going to be the Pirate King, I might as well get some practice on being the leader.  "Sounds like fun!" I said, but then thought that I might as well throw in the fact that I was going to be the Pirate King, just for future reference.  "I'm gonna be the Pirate King!!"

"Luffy, you can stay here but I'm getting back to the ship." Said Zoro.

I could have commanded him to stay, but the big women did instead.  "You must stay!  If you defeat strongest warrior, you must be leader!"

"Even if you man." Said the leader of the women.  "And…all beautiful women fall for you."

I sat down and listened as the women explained a story about their Prince and Princess being kidnapped.  Since I was their new leader, I had to do the right thing and find the Prince and Princess.  I didn't need much detail because I knew that I had to help.  "I get it now!" I declared.  "We'll help you!!"

"What?" said Zoro.  He probably wasn't listening because he never listens!  He was probably sleeping.

"They said that the Village of Men are going have a battle to the death with them and we have to help them win." I said.  I didn't want to have my subjects fight to the death with another village, so I wanted to think of an alternate way to settle the argument.  "The only question is…how are we going to do it?"

Let's see…the Prince and Princess are missing.  So, we have to find them.  But…we don't know where they are.  I guess a search of the entire island is in order!  Then again, the island is pretty big so what if we didn't get back in time and the men came and raged war against my people?  If we could somehow buy some more time until the battle then we could make a more thorough search of the island.  But how could we buy more time?  We would have to get someone to stand in for the Prince and Princess.

"I've got it!" I said as my brilliant idea came to me.  I looked at Zoro who was waiting for my command.  "We have to trick the men into believing that we're the Prince and Princess!  I'll be the Prince, and you can be the Princess!"

"What?!" yelled Zoro.  "Not only would I never be a princess but why would we have to be a prince and a princess anyway?!"

"Because the Prince and Princess got stolen!" I said, getting tired of having to explain everything to Zoro just because he was sleeping.

"Why would we bother having to trick them?" Zoro said.  "Why don't we just have the fight?"  Zoro's always trying to find the easy way out.  Just then, I thought of another great idea!  Why couldn't we just go and TALK to the village leader of the Village of Men?

"We'll go to the other village and talk to the men, all right?" I said to the women.  "We're men!  They'll listen to us!"

"Thank you leaders." Said the women as they continued to bow.

I followed my instincts and walked off into the forest as all the women waved me off.  Zoro followed me.  Cause I'm his captain.  And he's part of my crew.  And I'm gonna be the pirate king!

"Luffy, do you even know where you're going?" said Zoro.

That was a silly question.  "Of course I do!" I assured him.  "To the Village of Men!"  I felt like telling him that he should have more faith in his captain.  It's not like I just started walking around randomly.

"And…do you know the way to this village?" he continued.

"I know it's somewhere on this island." I said, wondering why Zoro was so incredibly slow today.  "We'll find it sooner or later."

He didn't say anything else after that, so I figured he finally understood.

It had been a REALLY long time since I had eaten anything.  I wished I had grabbed Sanji on the way to the island so he could cook me something since he's my cook and a really good cook too.  And the King of Pirate deserves the best cook around.

All of this walking was just making me hungrier.  Not to mention the fact that all we were doing was walking and there's nothing fun about walking.  I mean… it's just one step… then the other… then the first one… then the second one… then the first one again… Where's the fun in that?  Someone should think of a way to make walking more fun.

I had talked myself out of walking so I just stopped.

"Why did you stop?" asked Zoro after he had crashed into me.

"I'm bored…" I answered.  "And hungry…"

Zoro didn't exactly respond to me.  He just stood there with an expression on his face that completely threw me off.  Was he confused?  Was he shocked?  Was he depressed?  Could he have been looking at something?  I turned around but nothing of interest was there so I looked back at him but he was still just standing there.  Not doing anything.

All of a sudden, he moved, but for his swords.  It was my turn to stand and wait, wondering what he planned on attacking.  I turned around and looked behind me just in case there actually WAS something there that I had missed the first time around but I turned back around when I heard Nami screaming.  She seemed to be screaming at Zoro so I just watched and didn't say anything because I didn't need her screaming at me too!

"What are you all doing out here anyway?" Usopp asked suddenly which caught my attention because it was a break from Nami's screaming.

"I'm the captain so I should be the one asking you all that question!" I said since it was true and all.

"We're looking for the Village Leaders of the Village of Women." Usopp responded.

"Oh!" I said, realizing at once that we were, in fact, those leaders.  I pointed to myself and Zoro.  "That's us."

"YOU TWO are the village leaders?" Nami said since she was obviously over her anger at Zoro now that she knew he was a village leader.  "How?  WHY?"

"Uh, no, just Luffy, not me." Zoro said.

There must have been a misunderstanding back at the village.  We were both the village leaders because we defeated the strongest warriors and Zoro helped me do that!  He must have just assumed that since I was captain that I was the only village leader when that was definitely not true since he did most of the work anyway!

"No, we both worked TOGETHER to beat the large women!" I clarified for him.

"So you beat up the women and they made you their leaders?" Nami said.

I nodded happily.

"Well, I guess that settles it then." Said Sanji.  "You two can just tell them not to rage war against the Village of Men."

Rage war against the Village of Men?  But the Village of Men was the one raging war against the Village of Women!  Who had told my crewmates this horrible pack of lies? "But the Village of Men is the one that's raging war against US!" I tried to explain.

"Don't say US!" Zoro said.  "You're not REALLY part of their village!"  He obviously had no idea what he was talking about.

"I'm their leader!" I reminded him.

"Whatever it is, just tell them not to go to war." Nami shrugged.  "And that's another conflict solved."

"What about the prince and princess?" asked Usopp.

"We were just going to the Village of Men and DEMAND that they return the princess back home!" I declared.

"But we just came from the Village of Men and they have the same problem." Said Nami randomly.  What could she have possibly been talking about?

"What problem?" I asked.

"THEY don't know where the Prince and Princess are either." Nami replied.  Ah yes.  But they could have been lying.  I knew my people were the honest ones and the men were probably dirty, rotten, stinking liars. 

Just as I was about to voice my opinion, (that everyone would have to follow since I'm the captain) Usopp said; "With our luck, they'll probably be at the top of that mountain."

THAT seemed logical enough!!  I mean, if I were a conniving man, I would definitely hide the Prince and Princess atop some humungous mountain!  At the top, too!  "I bet they are!" I told everyone else as I stretched myself out and grabbed something at the peak of the mountain.  Just as I was about to take off, I also grabbed my crew and then we were off, soaring through the sky which was an experience that never ceased to make me chuckle warmly!!

We landed right on the peak, a perfect landing!  I stood up and immediately started scouting the area.  "I can see the whole island from up here!" I announced to everyone else.  "WOW!  We're so high up!!"

"I ask you again, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" Nami yelled suddenly.

I looked at her.  And then at everyone else.  But… everyone else wasn't there.  Where was everyone else?  "Huh?" I said, looking around but my searching was in vain.  "Where is everyone else?"  I looked back at Nami who was only sitting there looking irritated.  Maybe she was wondering where everyone else was too since I had, after all, grabbed them all.  "How come it's only you, Nami?"

"Luffy, if you remember correctly, you were the one who grabbed ME." Nami said.

That wasn't true.  "But I grabbed everyone else too." I said.

"OBVIOUSLY you didn't!" Nami continued.

"But I DID." I assured her since she must have been confused or something.  It's not like I was treating her any more special than the rest of my crew just because she's my navigator.  As a matter of fact, everyone has their own special jobs in my crew.  Nami is the navigator, Sanji is the cook, Usopp ties up loose ends, I'm the captain and Zoro… sleeps all day.  He's my first mate and that's all that matters.  But all we need now is a musician.  Maybe Zoro should learn how to play a musical instrument and be our musician so my crew could have music to listen to.

Speaking of my crew, they were nowhere to be found.  They must have been hiding from me.

Now, I know that my crew is really good at what they do so they must have been really good at hiding too.  I left no stone unturned and also checked over all the ledges to make sure they weren't holding onto the edge just to throw me off.  Then I spotted a piece of ground that looked as though it had been dug up recently so I knew exactly where they were!  I began to dig in that spot because they weren't going to get the best of me!

Then I felt someone hit me on the head.  I turned around to see only Nami standing there.  "Hey, Nami, what did you do that for?" I asked, assuming she had been the one who had hit me.

"They're not going to be in a hole!" Nami said even though she really had no idea.  "You just didn't grab them on the way up!"

"But I thought I did." I said, starting to think that maybe I had missed one or two of them in the process of grabbing 'everyone'.  "I thought I grabbed everyone."

"Oh that's right!" said Nami, slapping her cheeks.  "I just saw them start running down the mountain.  If we hurry, maybe we can catch up with them.  But we need to go now because they're pretty fast."

Aha, so now they were playing tag!  Two could play it that game!  Or four, I guess!  "Not as fast as me!!" I declared as I hopped up and was on their tails as fast as lightning.

I left Nami in my dust but I wasn't going to go TOO far without stopping to wait for her.  Sure, she's our navigator but I don't know how she can run in those shoes of hers.  Maybe if she wore shoes more like mine, she'd be a much faster runner.

Suddenly, I rounded a corner to be faced with a tiny, old rope bridge.  I looked over the edge to see a teeny little river WAY at the bottom that we might land in if we fell off.  I heard Nami come running up behind me and I waited for a minute for her to catch her breath but then I couldn't wait any longer because the longer we stood there, the more time everyone else had time to run away.

"Let's go!" I said, getting on the bridge and beginning to cross it.

"Luffy, is this bridge really all that safe?" Nami asked but she got on it anyway since it was captain's orders.  AND it was fun!

"It's PLENTY safe!" I assured her because the bridge wouldn't break under me.  I'm Luffy.  And I'm going to be the Pirate King.  And there was no way that A BRIDGE was going to defeat me.  It wasn't even a young bridge.  It was a bridge in its old age.  And it probably didn't even have a name or fans or any crewmembers.  I had some crewmembers.  But I needed a musician.  Which reminds me, maybe I SHOULD ask Zoro to take up the flute or the violin or the ukulele.  Yeah!  Definitely the ukulele!  But where were we going to get a ukulele?  Geez, I wish Nami would stop screaming so I could think for a minute.

I suddenly felt myself emerged in water.  I don't like water.  When I'm in water, I can't move.  And I couldn't just then.  And then I felt tired.  And when I get tired, I fall asleep.  And I did.

I woke up a little while later in a boat with one of the large women.  My subjects had come to my rescue!  "That was fun," I said.

Nami gave me a real angry glare that I don't think was justified, especially since I was her captain and she should treat me with more respect seeings how she's just a navigator and doesn't even come close to my status.  Which is captain. 

"Right, Luffy?  Tell them!  YOU'RE the Village Leader!" said Nami suddenly.

Hey, I AM the Village Leader.  "Yeah!" I agreed.

"WELL?!" Nami yelled, shaking me around violently.

I knew it was time for a big decision on my part.  "Let's get those men for capturing the princess!!" I announced.

"NO!!!" screamed Nami.  Though she had no right to undermine my authority because not only am I her captain, soon to be the King of Pirates, but I am the Village Leader.

"Time go to war!" said the woman as she docked her boat.  I jumped out as well, and so did Nami.  But then Nami got this REALLY good idea that since the village women were so large, they wouldn't even notice if she got a foot ride from them.  I wasn't about to let her have all the fun so I grabbed onto the woman's leg and got a free ride all the way back to the village.  It was so much fun being dragged on the ground that I could have probably done it all day but then the woman suddenly bent over and lied down on the ground.  Maybe she thought it was her turn.

But then I stood up to see that every woman in the village was lying down on the ground.  I couldn't give them ALL a foot ride.

I looked at Nami as she started hurrying through the crowd to the middle where none other than Usopp, one of my crewmembers, was!

"How did you find them?!" Nami asked.  I wondered who 'them' was.  But I looked at Usopp and awaited his explanation.

"Easy!" Usopp began.  "I used my superb navigational and tracking skills to cleverly deduct their most likely position and then went to that very spot and, just as I predicted, they were there!"

Usopp was so heroic!  He always seemed to be doing the most courageous things!  "WOW!!" I said, showing my approval as his captain that I was happy that he had found 'them'.  "THAT'S AMAZING!!!  WOW!!  WOW!!"

It was so incredible that I had such a brave and strong member of my crew.  I so deserved it though because I was definitely going to be the King of Pirates someday and if I didn't have a brave and strong member of my crew like Usopp, it would just make me look bad.

"It okay, Village Leader?" came a voice.

I looked up.  "Fine with me!" I said.

"It okay, God Usopp?" the woman asked, looking at Usopp.  "Grand feast in your honor!!"

"Of COURSE it's all right!" Usopp said.

A FEAST?!  USOPP IS A GOD?!  A FEAST?!  USOPP IS A GOD?!  "YOU'RE A GOD?!" I yelled, unable to hold back my giddy excitement.  "THAT'S AMAZING!!!"  Usopp being a god was great because I was going to be the Pirate King.  But what was even better, we were going to have a feast!  And that meant there was going to be meat!!  What a great day this has been!!

The women all pulled out their musical instruments and began playing them.  All the instruments were so big!!  And there were so many of them!!  I figured I'd ask them if I can have one of them so I can give it to Zoro since he's going to be my musician.

"Can I have this?!" I asked one of the women, pointing to her drum.

"Anything for Village Leader!" said the woman, standing up and handing me her two drumsticks.  Oh wow, I just had a thought.  Okay, so Zoro would be real good at playing the drum with his TWO drumsticks but we ALL know that Zoro can hold one of them in his MOUTH so he could play the drum with THREE drumsticks and it will just be one HUGE drum party!!  And plus, no musician in the world plays with THREE drumsticks so he'll be the best and he SHOULD be the best because I'm gonna be the Pirate King!  I picked up the drum and wandered around, in search of Zoro but I oddly enough could not find him.

The crew of the Pirate King should always be on call.

ESPECIALLY the musician/first mate!!  What if I wanted to hear some music?!  Or get some advice?!  What THEN?!

Just then, everything got really quiet and suddenly, the goofiest looking man in the entire world stood up on a table.  He was about…three feet tall and butt-ugly.  I was about to laugh at him, but he looked like he was saying something important.

The tiny man started talking but I was bored, so I put the drum down and sat on it.  I would have to wait until Zoro wandered up to me since I wasn't going to move until Zoro came to me!  I shouldn't have to go around and look for him.  It's HIS job to appease ME, not the other way around!  Suddenly, all the women started running around crazily.  It was hard to stay in place because they kept knocking into my drum so I had to keep regaining my balance but nothing was going to knock me off this drum!  Nope, not until Zoro came!!

I waited and waited.  Then I began to get somewhat bored and wondering what all the commotion was all about.  I stood up on the drum so I could see a little better but all I could see was a bunch of large women's backs as they were all watching something.  Something amusing then started to happen.  Up in the sky, tiny little people were flying!  And then they were falling!  But it was like popcorn.

I NEEDED to see what was going on over there so I jumped off the drum and then picked it up.  I wasn't about to leave it behind because then Zoro would never get his drum and then he wouldn't be able to play any music for me and be the musician!

When I got to the center of all, I found Zoro, Sanji and Nami all talking!  This was a perfect opportunity to announce my decision that Zoro would be our new musician.  I was sure that this would make everyone very happy since we were so lacking in a musician prior to this day in which I decided Zoro would be the musician.  And everyone loves musicians.

"I got this drum for you so you could be our musician." I told him as I put the drum down.

Zoro looked down for a minute.  He looked like he was mustering up to say something.  And then he did.  "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!" he yelled at me.  I could have shot the question right back at him since I wasn't exactly sure what HE was thinking when he asked that question.  Obviously I was thinking that I wanted him to be my musician and what I say goes since I'M the captain and he's only he musician.  And, as important as the musician may be, the roll of captain is MUCH more important.

"Because you all helped us retrieve our Prince and Princess, we formally invite you to the wedding!!" exclaimed one of the little midgets randomly.

"HURRAY!!" I cheered.  "A WEDDING!!  I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!"  But I guess I missed it because everyone just started partying.  I was confused at first, but then I heard Usopp's voice.

"NO NEED TO THANK ME!!!" he yelled.  "All I want is for you to remember the name; USOPP!!"

"THANK YOU USOPP!!" I said, saluting him.  But then I remembered that Zoro still had to learn how to play his drum.  I turned around to see that he wasn't there anymore.  So I picked up the drum and went off to find him.  Every once and a while, I caught sight of him but he quickly disappeared.  I would have had a much easier time nabbing him if the drum wasn't so huge and heavy, but I knew if I waited long enough, I would finally get the perfect opportunity.

I was distracted then by the buffet table!  There was so much MEAT!  So much meat that I could eat!!  But…I still wanted Zoro to play his drum.  But I wanted meat.  Drum.  Meat.  Drum.  Meat.  Aha!  I could put the meat INSIDE the drum!

After I did that, I realized I broke the drum.  I knew it would be hard to break the news to Zoro, but he would appreciate that his drum was broken for a worthy cause.  But I had to make it up to him by finding another drum for him to play so he wouldn't be upset.  Then I found a tiny man playing a tiny little guitar just for fun!  After watching him for a minute, I figured that if he had a guitar then he would probably have a drum too.

"Do you have a drum?" I asked.

"No." he replied.  "All I have is this."

"Is it a guitar?" I questioned.

"No, it's a ukulele." He answered.  "A man-sized ukulele."

"Oh." I said.  "Can I have it?"

"Well, sure!" he said.  "After all, you did help save our villages!"  He handed me the tiny guitar, and I knew this would make up for me breaking his drum.

Speaking of Zoro, I stumbled across him right then and there just standing there idly by like a fool!  The best way to tell Zoro what had happened to his drum was to just say it straight out, so I did.  "Zoro, look, I filled your drum up with meat!!" I said.

"Whopee." He said.  I waited for him to go into shock so I could comfort him and apologize.  "Okay, Luffy.  The drum is filled with meat."  Well, he was certainly taking it better than I thought he would.  After all, I had broken his drum.  Maybe it didn't quite process in his mind yet that since the drum was filled up with meat, it was broken and therefore he would not be able to play it.

"You can't play it now." I explained to him.  "And I felt a little guilty about… you know, breaking your drum.  So I asked the men if they had any drums!  But… they didn't.  So I got you this instead!"  I gave him the man-sized ukulele.  "It's a man-sized ukulele."

"No ukulele is man-sized." He said.  "ESPECIALLY not this one."

I wasn't sure what he meant, but I did know that I wanted my musician, which was him, to play the main-sized ukulele for me.  "PLAY IT FOR ME!!!" I ordered him as I sat down next to the drum filled with meat and grabbed a piece of it.    "I'll sit here and eat my meat as you play and entertain me since I am your captain and I command it and you are the musician!!"

"I am NOT the musician, nor have I ever been one!" Zoro yelled as he dropped the man-sized ukulele and stomped off.  Oh yeah.  It had finally gotten through to him that his drum was ruined.  I guess he just needed a little bit of quiet time to think it through and realized that a man-sized ukulele was just as good as a drum, if not better!  After all, I know how much Zoro likes manly things and the man-sized ukulele has the word 'man' right in the title!  So Zoro would get over it fast and accept the man-sized ukulele.  I know it.

I sat there and enjoyed my meat.  I had a few drinks too, but not a lot.  The meat was really the upside of the evening.  "Luffy!" I heard someone call me.  I looked up to see Nami.

"Oh, hi Nami!" I greeted her.  "Do you want some meat?  I filled Zoro's drum up with meat."

She raised an eyebrow at me as if she didn't believe me even though the drum was right there in front of her, filled with meat.

"Uh…right." She said.  "We're heading out now.  If you just walk down that path, you'll come across a small boat that will take us out to the ship."

"But I'm eating my meat!" I told her.

"Take it with you!" she urged.

"Right!" I said, wondering why that idea hadn't occurred to me in the first place.  I stood up and picked up the drum and began walking away.  "Aren't you coming, Nami?"

"I have something to take care of first." Nami answered.  "I'll see you all there in a few minutes!"

"Okay!" I answered as I hurried off down the path that Nami had directed me to and ran along it until I found a boat.  I knew it was the right boat because Usopp, Zoro and Sanji were already in it.

"Zoro, you forgot your man-sized ukulele." I said, dropping the drum into the boat.  But then I realized that I had also forgotten the man-sized ukulele back at the village where Zoro had dropped it.  Whoopsies.  Maybe we could repair the drum later after I had finished eating all the meat.

"What's that?" Usopp said suddenly.  I turned around to see Nami walking down the path with the BIGGEST bag of stuff I had EVER seen in my ENTIRE life!!

"IT'S SO BIG!!!" I yelled.  "THAT'S AMAZING!!!"

"Just my payment for finding the Prince and Princess and ending the war." Nami replied.

"Hey, I was the one who found the Prince and Princess and ended the war!" Usopp said.

"We're ALL going to be sharing it!" said Nami as she dropped the bag into the boat and then got in herself.  I announced myself as the self designated look out so I got out in the front of the boat and… looked out.  I looked to the left, then to the right, then in front, then behind me and then I looked up and down and I looked EVERY direction I could think of.  Even diagonals.

"There's water in the boat!!" Nami yelled as I turned around to see that there was, in fact, water in the boat!  Wee, water in the boat!

"We're too heavy!" Usopp yelled.  "Get rid of the treasure!"

"NEVER!!" yelled Nami.

"All right…get rid of the meat!" Usopp continued as he made a dive for my meat.  I was quicker than him though.

"NEVER!!!" I said threatening.

"We're SINKING!!" Usopp said even though we KNEW that.  "Do we have any other deadweight that we can throw overboard?!"

"How about the cook?" Zoro asked.

"YEAH!!" I yelled.  ANYTHING was better than throwing the meat overboard!  But then I remembered.  Sanji is my cook!  If he's overboard, then I won't have a cook to cook stuff for me!!  "Wait a second!  THAT'S MY COOK!!"  I had to save him!  And save him I shall!!  I leapt into the water, but in that split second before I actually hit it, I remembered that I couldn't swim.  How often I forget!!

I woke up a little while later, not recalling when exactly I had fallen asleep but whatever!

"Ah, Luffy!" Usopp greeted me.  "You're awake!!"

"Yeah!" I agreed since I was awake after all.  Then I noticed that no one was being the lookout.  "I'LL BE THE LOOKOUT!!!" So I ran back to my spot.  Once again, I looked to the left, then to the right, then in front, then behind me and then I looked up and down and I looked EVERY direction I could think of.  And yes, I even looked in diagonals.

We rowed and rowed and it was fun as I continued looking out.  It was dark now as we got closer to the boat.  Zoro, for some reason, was in the water and climbed up the ladder first.  Even though I should have climbed up first since I'm the captain, he had already beaten me to it so I just climbed up second with the drum filled with meat in one hand.  I got to the top to see Zoro standing there as if he was waiting for something.

I waved my hand in front of his face but he didn't flinch.  Then I stepped over Sanji who I did not recall ALSO climbing up the ladder before me but I guess he climbed up really fast because he was so tired since he was sleeping right there.

I took my meet over to my personal seat.  I looked at the island and wondered if we would ever go back to visit it as I ate my meat!  That would be fun!  They had really good meat there.

Usopp came up next to me and watched with me.  It was silent for a minute until Usopp suddenly screamed, "REMEMBER THE NAME, USOPP!!  REMEMBER THAT HE IS YOUR GOD AND SAVIOR!!!"

That reminded me that Usopp was a GOD!!  "Ooh, you're a god?  AMAZING!!"

"Yes, I am a god." Usopp replied.  "I'm surprised that you didn't know that you've had a god traveling with you this entire time."

That hadn't even occurred to me!  What an honor it was to have a god traveling with me!  But I guess it suited me since I was going to be the Pirate King and find One Piece someday.  Hopefully someday soon.  "I didn't!!" I admitted since I wasn't going to lie to a god because he'd KNOW if I was lying.  "That's amazing!!  That's SO amazing!!"

"The Great God and Captain Usopp now must retire to his quarters!" Usopp said as he started marching off.

God…yes.  Captain…no.  That was me.  "I'm the captain." I called after him.  He didn't answer.  But I assumed he heard me.

I didn't stay up for much longer after that.  I was quite content there with my meat watching the night sky.  Actually, I must admit that I lied down and went to sleep right on my personal seat just around the time when all of my meat ran out.