A/N: This randomly came to me when I was driving home from classes, listening to the radio. I haven't seen something like this on here, but I could be overlooking it, but I would like to give this a shot. So, should I explain it? ^_^

Okay, I want to create a "new" Final Fantasy world, set on Earth in the future, but I'm going to need people to create their own characters and send them to me via email or in a review (though that could be long). I will do all the writing if you don't have time or whatever, but even though I will be writing a majority, you can have input on what the character YOU came up with would do or say.

So here's the plotline of the story. It takes place on Earth in the year 2100 (yeah, not that far but I like some of the stuff in our time and don't want to change it. ^_^) There is a World War going on, and a few select people are hired from different countries to try to take out the villains (TBA). (I really hope this doesn't sound stupid, I suck at summaries and can never do justice to the story.) They come together to try to wipe out the evil leaders.

Here's the twist. Somehow people from the other Final Fantasy worlds show up. Squall, Cloud, Zidane (^_^) and Tidus all end up on Earth, along with others from their worlds. (Just don't wanna list them all here) So they have to adjust to this new world and try to help stop the bad guys before Earth is destroyed. Why do they want to help? Well, these villains know of their homeworlds and are set to conquer them after Earth is destroyed. They don't want to see their planets destroyed, or even touched, so they help. (plus maybe the get threatened a bit. ^_~)

So, I really hope some of your are interested. There will be a few plotlines going on at once (since there are going to be lots of people, I hope, they will be split into groups and many chapters will feature only one group, and so on.) So, here's the first chapter, or prologue, bringing some of the people in from the worlds. Please DO NOT FLAME!! This is meant to be VERY AU!! Below is a list of things I will need for each character before I can write them in. I really hope a few of you like this idea. And you will get credit for your characters. I'm not going to steal them, I have no need to. If you don't like the idea, don't review, but I know this can be fun!

What I need for your characters: Name Age Bloodtype (optional) Weapon of choice and its name if it has one Physical description (like hair, eyes, height, weight if you want to include, their build, any other striking physical characteristics) Jobs (example, sniper) Histories like where they are from, why they want to fight, what they have against the villains, anything interesting. Tell me what two FF characters you would most like to be in a group with, and I will try to please everyone, but won't be able to everytime. Okay, now some of you may want to create little relationships between your character and another, and that's fine. You can also have your person like one of the original FF people, but I will NOT turn this into a Mary Sue. The FF people will not like the OC's. Sorry, but otherwise it would get hectic. (ex: Why does SHE get Zell when mine is better! I don't wanna deal with that, I'm crazy enough as it is.)

Okay, so I think I'm done rambling, so I'll start the prologue, and introduce a little bit of what is happening on Earth, and my character (who is at the moment separated from the group. And if you get your character in soon,

Now, really onto the story, and please review if you like it, and include your character stats. Thanks! No Flames!!!!! And remember, it's and AU, so the Highwind has been adapted to space travel (like in another of my stories).


A lone figure stood on the top of a building which was surrounded by rubble. Fires burned in the smaller shells of buildings, creating a thick, black smoke in the air. She walked over to the edge, her boots slightly clicking as she leaned over to look down, her dirty blonde hair covered in gray ash blowing back from the wind traveling up the building. She coughed a few times, burying her face in the neck of her brown suede duster. She ran her finger through her hair in an attempt to free it of some of the ashes.

"Another city, gone," she whispered, even though no one was left to hear her. Luckily about half the inhabitants of the relatively small city were evacuated before the city blew up.

Her normally tanned skin was grey like her hair, soot smudged on her cheeks. Her black boots rose to mid-calf, brown pants hanging over them. A tight green shirt covered her chest, ending just above her belly. The wind blew at the duster, revealing a pistol and a revolver hanging at her side, and a dark brown leather holster holding them. She turned and started walking to the stairwell.

"Amazing only this one building was able to withstand the attacks. She slowly walked down the stairs, listening for any sounds the enemy could make, or for the distinct crying of a child forgotten. There were none this time. She left the building, stepping over the blown out glass of the doors and walked to her black car, an object of beauty in spite of all the trash. It almost seemed a sin to have it in this city. She climbed in behind the wheel and slammed her foot on the accelerator, tires spinning as she sped off to the city limits, where the destruction wasn't as bad.

As she drove in silence the smoke dissipated, revealing a beautiful, cloudless sky. She frowned, wishing it didn't have to be that way. Nature was mocking them. She rolled down the windows to let the wind whip through her hair, dragging the ash out, half blowing out the window, the other half ending in the back seat.

There was a shine in the sky that caught her attention, and she slammed on the breaks. Above her hung a beautiful airship, slowly growing larger. It was landing. "Just great. I wonder who this one belongs to." She sighed, and turned off the road, tires throwing dirt behind as she got stuck. There was a house not to far from where she was that she could hide the car in. She parked it on the side and climbed out, holding her revolver. She held it down at her side and waited for the airship to land.

Cid swore violently as the Highwind was pulled in by the gravity of the planet. "Th'fuck's this shit!" He slammed his fist on the consol, nothing he could do.

"Well, if you hadn't forgotten to put that thing or whatever on we would not have had this problem." Yuffie taunted, her face green. Cid turned, ready to smack her when she skipped away to the other room. Vincent stood in his spot, wondering why he had even said yes when they had asked him to come. Just why were they traveling in space anyway?

"I guess we have to go and fuckin' check this place out." The Highwind entered the atmosphere and the crowd gathered around the window, watching as the ground rushed up to meet them. In the area surrounding the Highwind there was plenty of foliage. Small farms were abundant, and the place was beautiful. In the distance however, there was a city, or what once would have been a large city. Thick, black smoke hung over it, and many of the places glowed from the fires. "Holy fuck. Something just happened here."

"This place doesn't look too safe," Cloud said, glancing out the window. "There must be a war of some sort. We shouldn't stay long."

"No kiddin'!" Cid said, a bit sarcastically. The Highwind landed and Cid checked the air pressure outside. "Well, it has air for us to breathe. Let's go," he growled, and grabbed the Venus Gospel, slinging it over his shoulder. Everyone went to the exit of the ship, wary of their new surroundings. Yuffie was the first out, breathing in the fresh air happily, as the green of her face faded back to normal.

The girl saw the ship touch down and crouched, running to it, using the trees as cover. A panel of the airship opened just as she disappeared into the branches of a tree, her clothes blending into it. She held the revolver out.

The people that came out were not on the watch list, and they seemed strange, and unfamiliar to her. She watched them as the exited. The panel shut behind them.

"So what th'fuck are we supposed to do now?" A shorter blond man asked. He wore goggles around his head, and held a spear across his shoulders. Another blond with a large sword across his back said something inaudible. She looked around the group, noting a younger girl and another female. A large red feline lay on the ground, tail twitching. Apart from the rest of the group stood a tall man with long black hair and a crimson cloak covering has his face. Instead of a regular arm, his left had been replaced by a golden claw. The girl watched with interest. They started walking away from her.

'They don't seem bad, but I should check it out, just in case.' She said, and jumped silently from the tree. She waited until they had entered a small grove of trees before she rushed up behind him. She held the revolver up and aimed it at the back of the black haired man's head. She pulled the hammer back and it clicked, her finger on the trigger. He froze, his hand moving to his side.

"Don't move." She hissed. "I can see your hand." He stopped, and held it out, angry with himself for not being more alert. Cid stopped when he realized Vincent wasn't moving.

"What th'fuck!" He spun, holding Venus Gospel out towards the girl, everyone else whirled around, their weapons ready, Tifa's fists closed. The girl shoved her duster aside to reveal a pistol in the other holster.

"I suggest you none of you make a move." She said, taking a step back. She kept the gun aimed on Vincent's head. "Turn," she told him, he did so, using that time to grab Death Penalty and aim it at her. She laughed, her hand whipping quickly to the pistol and pulling it, aiming it at him as well. She stared up at him, crimson eyes glaring down at her. She smirked.

"Who the hell are you?" Cid demanded. She looked at him from the corner of her eye.

"I think you should be telling me that."

"And why the-"

"Cid, that's enough. We mean you now harm." Tifa said, holding out her hands. "Our airship was pulled to this planet's surface and we couldn't escape. We really just want to find someone that can help us so we can leave."

"So you aren't from this planet, eh? And I'm supposed to believe you? How do I know you aren't working for one of the Men?"

"Have you ever seen anything like me before?" Nanaki asked. She shrugged.

"I see your point. She lowered the pistol but left the revolver aimed at Vincent. "What are your names?"

"Cloud Strife, and this is Tifa Lockheart, Nanaki, Yuffie Kisaragi, Cid Highwind, and the one you are set on killing is Vincent Valentine." She looked down at his rifle and he lowered it slowly. She clicked the hammer back again and lowered the revolver. She smiled at Cloud, who seemed to be the leader of the group. "And now your name is?"

"Jennifer Hynes, Sniper and Sharpshooter for the National Allegiance."

"How the hell old are you?" Cid snorted. Jennifer stood up tall.

"Does that matter, old man?"

"Old! I-" He launched himself at her, stopping at gunpoint. She grinned.

"I'm eighteen years old."

"That's young to be a sniper." Vincent said, remembering his days as a Turk. She shook her head.

"Not so young."

"What's happening here?" Tifa asked. Jennifer turned to look at her.

"Maybe I should bring you to headquarters, and let them explain."

"I'm not fuckin' leaving the Highwind behind." He snapped. She turned to him, regarding him coolly.

"No one will touch it. There is no one left in this area. They've all moved away. I assure you, it will not be touched." He grumbled. "Do you have any means of transportation?" She asked.

"I have a motorcycle." She nodded.

"Alright." She thought for a moment. So that's four of you plus me. She looked at Nanaki. "I'm allergic to cats-"

"I'm a wolf."

"Sorry. You look similar to the big cats on this planet. Or at least what's left of them."

"It's alright." She turned a slight shade of pink, feeling horrible for the insulting mistake. "Alright, four of you come with me, but I'm warning you, my car will be cramped."

"Ugh," Yuffie moaned. Jennifer looked at her suspiciously.

"Um, maybe she should come with me." They split into their groups, Cloud racing up behind them just as they reached Jen's car, Yuffie already green.

"Wow." Cid said, appreciating the car.

"This is my baby. If you harm her, I will kill you." Cid laughed.

"Aggressive. I like that."

"I'm serious," she glared at him. He opened his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm the same way with the Highwind and the Tiny Bronco. Love my machines."

"Good," she said with a slight smile. She popped the trunk open, and pointed to it. "Well, all weapons in the trunk. Vincent eyed her. "Look, I just don't have the room for everyone and their weapons. Put the damn spear and rifle in the trunk." Cid obeyed, laughing. Vincent raised an eyebrow and laid it next to the spear.

"What's in those?" Cloud asked, getting off the bike and looking at the cases. Jen grinned, popping them open.

"My personal armory." She opened the two longer cases, revealing a few rifles, one a dark mahogany handle with a silver barrel, and some various revolver's and pistols. Vincent suddenly felt very comfortable around her.

"Nice." He murmured, admiring the rifle. She slammed them shut.

"Let's get going." They all climbed into her car, normally spacious, but with Nanaki it was rather tight. Yuffie climbed behind Cloud, and they took off, Cloud surprised at her speed.


Well I hope you liked this. Remember, please NO FLAMES and PLEASE send me your person's stats. I know we can make this great!! Thanks!