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              February 23, 2100

            Zuzu ran down the hall of the base, heart racing as the others ran behind her. "Hey! Slow down!" Badguy yelled.

            "No time! We have to get there before he moves again." She said, skidding around a corner, her feet flying out from under her. She lowered her left hand to the ground to keep from landing on her shoulder and pushed herself back up before running on. The others slid around the corner in the same fashion, however Badguy wasn't as lucky as everyone else.

            "GAH!" Everyone stopped and turned around at the yelp of a dog.

            "Angelo!" Rinoa cried, running back. Badguy was laying on the dog who was squirming to get away. He managed to do so and jumped into the arms of his owner. Badguy rolled onto his back.

            "I'm just going to stay here awhile, if that's good for you." He moaned, staring up at the ceiling. Shortly after an angry looking Zuzu stood in his line of vision. He winced.

            "Get your ass off the floor. We don't have all day."

            "Yes ma'am," he  cursed, pushing himself to a standing position. Zuzu frowned and grabbed his wrist, sprinting down the hall dragging the taller man with her.

            "Can we ask where the hell he Matt is before we go rushing off?? You ARE the only one that's seen the damn reports." Reise frowned.

            Zuzu slowed a bit, catching her breath but keeping the pace. "He's on the beaches in Marlanier. Spotted with some woman going by the name of Suina." She shrugged and ran up the short flight of stairs to the level holding the garage. She stopped in front of her jeep and looked at the groups. "Malia, Irvine, Rinoa and Angelo come with me. Squall and Reise, you go with Badguy."

            "You sure you have enough room in the jeep? Angelo and Rinoa better come with me. I'll take Jen's truck."

            "She'll kill you."

            "Nah." He grinned. "I got written permission to use it." He pulled out a piece of paper. Zuzu snatched it.

            "It say's scratch my truck and die."

            "Yes, but how would it get scratched if I didn't use it?" Zuzu sighed.

            "Your car is the one parked next to hers. I'm sure she meant scratch it with your door."

            "Nah. She wouldn't have left the keys in plain sight if that was the case."

            "Whatever. It's your corpse. Let's go!" climbed into the jeep, ignoring the door as did Malia. Irvine shouted happily. "YEEEHAW!" Everyone froze a second to look at him.

            ". . ." Squall climbed into the front seat of the truck..

            Within seconds they were flying out of the underground garage and heading towards Marlanier, over two hours away. Zuzu grinned to herself as she flew through every stop light and stop sign, more likely than not causing an accident or two. There  was a slight beep in her car and she pulled the screen out of the console, flipping it up.

            "It's YOUR fault if this thing gets scratched!" Badguy yelped, jerking the wheel to a hard right to avoid a car.

            "I never said you had to keep up with me."

            "And let you have all the fun yourself? I don't OH SHIT!" The screen fuzzed out a minute, giving Zuzu a few seconds of panic time."

            "Oh crap."

            "What happened?" Malia asked from the back. She leaned forward and watched the screen as it focused back into view.

            "We're alright."

            "We'll be out of the city in a few minutes. Just watch where you're going. It'll be easy from then on." Zuzu shut the screen, cutting them off.

            Within minutes the two vehicles left the city and picked up even more speed. Badguy's screen flipped down automatically from the ceiling. "Yeah?"

            "Does Jen have a nitrus tank in there?" Badguy looked around.

            "I'm sure she does. Hold on." He reached under the dashboard and felt two little buttons. "Well, there's some buttons here. I'm assuming it's them. What do you have in mind?"

            "Try to keep up." She grinned and leaned forward towards the screen, reaching for something. A split second later she was thrown against the seat and a loud yell could be heard from Irvine.

            "Oh that's how we're going to play?" Badguy grinned and looked at his passengers. "Lean back against the seat," he instructed, "and brace yourself. We're going to get really fast now. And hold on to Angelo." Leaning forward her searched for the first button and pressed it, getting thrown against his own seat in the process. Angelo whined in the back seat of the truck as Rinoa held on to him while he struggled get away, almost scratching Reise in the process.


            "So sorry!" Rinoa apologized.

            Outside the car the trees and spaced out houses passed quickly as the truck caught up with the slower jeep. "Ha! Looks like this truck can beat your old jeep anytime!" He laughed into the screen.

  Zuzu rolled her eyes and slammed hers shut, once more cutting them off. After about two minutes of the speed the vehicles started to slow down. Frustrated Zuzu reached over to the dashboard and pressed another button, the car lurching forward again.

"What the hell does she think she's doing?" Badguy reached down and pressed the other one, catching up to her quickly. "I don't know how much pressure this engine can take."

Zuzu wanted to get to Marlanier as soon as possible. She knew Matt wouldn't stay still for too long and this was her opportunity to get him. She wasn't going to let that chance go so easily.

"How much longer do you think it will take?" Malia asked from the back.

"Ten minutes if I hit it again."

"Don't." Mal warned.

"Why not?"

"You know your jeep, but we don't know if the truck will blow with another touch."

"So they can meet us there."

"Zuzu be serious. We don't know what'll be waiting. If we rush in without proper back-up we're as good as dead."

"Don't worry about it. Matt won't hurt me. I know him."

"Maybe he won't hurt you," Irving spoke for the first time, "but who's to say he won't hurt US? It's best not to rush into these things. We did it far too often in my world." He turned his head back out the window, causing Zuzu and Mal to sigh a little. He grinned. "So this Matt guy is really your ex?"


"Still care about him?"

"Not a damn bit. Bastard is responsible for the death of my family."


"Yeah. You know, it's kinda funny how pretty much everyone is connected in some way." Mal said quietly.

"What do you mean?" Irvine was a bit confused.

"Well, most people in the NA are somehow connected to each other because of someone in the AC. First you have Zuzu who's ex is working for the AC. Then you have Jen, Damon, and Sypher. Aerick Bosnar killed their families for not helping him out. They hadn't known each other or about their mutual history until they were somehow drawn to the NA. Then you have Eric who's brother works for the AC, killed his own girlfriend who was a member of the NA before Eric and was friends with Arlington. It's like fate or something."

"That's strange."

"Yeah, and there are more connections." Zuzu added.

"Like what?"

"We aren't allowed to discuss them." Mal answered quickly. Zuzu just shrugged and tried to push her foot farther to the floor, but it wouldn't go.

"Damnit. Can't go any faster."

"Zuzu, we're going fast enough."

"No we aren't."

"I assure you we are." Mal was worried. They were maxing out at one hundred thirty-eight miles an hour without the nitrus, and at that speed, if they crashed they would be dead.

"We'll be there in ten minutes," Zuzu said after a minute. Mal sighed with relief and looked out the back to see Jen's truck not far behind them. She winced.

"Oh man."


"He's smoking in her truck."

"HE WHAT?! OH DEAR LORD!" Zuzu flipped open the display and punched in the code that would link her to the truck.

"Sup?" Badguy asked, cigarette hanging from his lips.

"You are SMOKING in her TRUCK!"

"You didn't know about that? She doesn't mind it in her truck, just not the car. Almost ripped my balls off one time when I tried it in her car. She said something like, 'My truck, fine, but you do it in my car and I blow them off. Got it?' Sheesh, and I thought you were like, her best friend." He rolled his eyes and she narrowed them.

"If you burn anything. . ." she trailed off. He nodded.

"Yeah yeah, I know, it's my fucking corpse. Look babe. We're almost there." He grinned and turned her off.

Zuzu swore under her breath and looked up as the rode turned sharply ahead of he towards a beach. She grinned. "Fuck the road. We're going off!" She leaned down and pulled the shifter towards her, the jeep sliding into four wheel drive. She grinned as they left the road and headed towards the sand.

"Which way are we going to go? The beach is awfully long."

"Hmmm. Let's try left." She jerked the wheel to the left, rear tires spinning and kicking sand up. Unlike the county just a short time before, the beach was very dreary. Grey clouds covered the sun, and a slight drizzle was starting. "Fighting in the rain. Couldn't be better." She slowed down a bit so they wouldn't get stuck and kept driving.

"Oh I'm going to really have to clean this baby later." Badguy lamented in the truck behind the jeep. He reached down and pulled the shifter back and winced as the tires rolled easily on the damp sand.

"What if we get stuck?" Rinoa asked.

"No worries. Won't happen." He watched as the jeep suddenly turned to the left and he followed them, wondering if Zuzu knew where she was going, or if she was just out for a joy-ride. A minute later her theory was proved right.

            Ahead of them was a long pier, and at the end stood two figures. "What the hell are they doing here alone?"

            "Trap," Irvine suggested. He pulled the cowboy hat lower over his eyes, causing both Mal and Zuzu's hearts to beat quicker for a few seconds. The jeep and truck pulled up alongside the pier and stopped, the inhabitants quickly getting out. Zuzu checked the knives and fans at her side and unhooked the pouches they were in. She climbed onto the long dock and stood at the opposite end while the others climbed up with her, Angelo waiting patiently by Rinoa's heels.

            Standing at the other end was Matt, his long wavy hair slightly damp from the rain but still blowing in the slight wind. Little drops of water slid down his leather shirt making it look smooth and shiny. Next to him with her arms crossed stood one of the women who worked for the Archon Circle, Suina Jibrille

            "Well well well. If it isn't Azumi and all her friends come to see us Suina. So nice, don't you think?" Matt grinned. Suina smiled a little, raising an eyebrow. She leaned against a staff with a crescent shaped blade on the end.

            "This is all they sent? What a shame."

            Zuzu couldn't but frown at the two of them as they started to walk slowly towards the group. Atlantica. Can you come without me summoning you? She silently called to her Guardian. She waited a minute.

            "I'm sorry, but the entire beach has been marked a battle zone. Can't do anything without a summon."

            "Fantastic," she muttered. Badguy looked down at her.

            "What's up?"

            "The whole beach has been marked battle zone. We have to summon them if we want 'em."

            "Oh. Great." Mal walked up to Zuzu and leaned close to her.

            "But think of it this way. Atlantica and Pandemona. Water and Wind and we're on a beach." Zuzu grinned.

            "Oh this is just too good. He must have forgotten all about our Guardian's."

            "It would seem it. Even if he doesn't know about me and my Guardian, he should know you and yours very well. Very foolish if you ask me, unless he has something set up to stop the summoning."

            "Nah, he's not THAT smart." She watched as they came closer and stopped when they were about ten feet away.

            "Zuzu, I'll hate killing you. So I'll offer you one last chance to stay with me and live."

            "HA! Like I would. You should know me better than that, Matt." He frowned.

            "So be it. I just wish our last meeting was in a nice club. Wouldn't that be nice? One last dance before you die? You know, it can be arranged." He pulled the keys to his car out of his pocket and pressed a button. Zuzu turned to watch her car flash it's lights once as a song came blaring over the radio.

            "Oh for the  love of. . .  you are SUCH a dumbass! I can't even stand your stupidity."

            "Let's say one last dance Zuzu baby. Then at the end, you and all your friends will die." He grinned, Suina still leaning on the staff, her focus now on Irvine who held his shotgun in his hands.

            "One last dance for you maybe." She said. "Now let's see what song it is." She listened to the beat. "Hmm, fast song it seems. Could it be your favorite?"

            "Ah Zuzu. You know me so well."

            "It's Azumi to you, you bastard."

            "Well then Azumi, shall we dance?" His smile faded and he reached for the kunei at his side. Zuzu didn't answer, reaching instead for the fans at her side. She pulled them out as he pulled his knives.

            Zuzu flicked her wrist down, the fans popping open. Badguy walked up to her side. "This fight is mine."

            "No. When it comes to the end he's all yours, but we're all in this now. Don't let pride take over." He threw his cigarette onto the ground. Reise stayed in the back ground, one hand holding his whip like ribbon, the other holding onto nearly invisible thread. Squall looked at Rinoa.

            "Not you."


            "Stay back with Reise until we need you." He eyed Suina's staff warily. There was no way that was an ordinary staff. He had a bad feeling about it. She stopped in front of him, Irvine and Malia, who held her long daggers in both her hands.

            "Ready?" Matt didn't wait for an answer as he threw the kunei at Zuzu. She threw on leg back and swung one of the fans in front of her, deflecting the attack as he reached and grabbed two shuriken. Badguy pulled out his rapier and ran behind Matt, coming at him. Matt deftly jumped out of the way and brought a kunei up to block the attack, simultaneously throwing the shuriken at Zuzu. Once more she threw the fan in front of her, throwing the shuriken off. Matt watched as they landed harmlessly in the sand.

            "Practicing I see."

            "Take it as a compliment."

            "So do you wanna dance?" He asked.

            "I thought we were."

            "Oh we just started. How bout we warm it up a bit?" He grinned. "You know I love this song. I can't help but sing it whenever I hear it."

            "Pity it's the last time you'll hear it." She taunted. She needed Badguy to distract him so she could summon Atlantica, but Matt wasn't letting her out of his sight."

I'm in the club with my homies, tryna get a lil V-I, keep it down on the low key, cause you know how it feels. I said shorty she was checkin up on me, from the game she was spittin my ear you would think that she knew me. So we decided to chill.

            Suina sighed, the music was a tad over the edge, but this was Matt and he had to show off someway. She watched those in front of her and smiled once more at Irvine. She gripped the the staff in her right hand, the end right next to her right foot. She slowly swung it forward, keeping the edge on the ground and brought the tip to her left shoulder. As she did, the top blade disconnected and swung out quickly on a long chain. Squall jumped back, narrowly missing it. Irvine brought his rifle up and knocked the blade out of the way, a sharp clang of the metal sounding. Suina watched the blade swing and moved the staff once more back to its original position, the blade swing farther out in a wide arc. Irvine ducked, jumping to the side while Squall was completely out of reach. Reise watched and quickly pulled his ribbon out, whipping it at Rinoa who was in the path of the blade.

            "Rinoa!" He yelled, flinging his hand towards her, the strong black ribbon wrapping around her waist and jerking her back as he pulled. She fell backwards, her hair floating before her as the blade sliced by, cutting off some of the shiny black hair. Squall swore under her breathe. "You all right?" Reise asked. She nodded, quickly moving back to his side with Angelo. The curved blade resumed its position on the staff and Suina waited patiently for their next move.

Conversation got heavy, she had me feelin like she's ready to blow! She saying come get me, come get me, So I got up and followed her to the floor, she said baby lets go, When I told her I said. . .


            "Do you remember this song?" Matt asked, dancing his way from between Badguy and Zuzu so he stood behind them both. They turned to face him. "It was always played in that club in Miami. Those were great days, wouldn't you say?"

            ". . ." Zuzu glared at him, briefly glancing to the side to watch Suina and the others. "Quit rambling and fight."

            "My my. So anxious to die aren't you?"

            "I'M SICK OF YOUR BULLSHIT!" Zuzu ran at him, her fans quickly crossing in front of her face. She jumped up whipping them down towards Matt, the hidden daggers flying out of them. Matt was startled and jumped back, avoiding two of the three. The third one grazed his arm, slicing at his skin, the blood slowly oozing out.

            "BITCH!" He yelled, wiping at the blood.

Yeah yeah Shorty got down and said come and get me
Yeah yeah I got so caught up I forgot she told me
Yeah yeah Cause if my girl new it'd be best to hold me
Yeah yeah Next thing I knew she was all up on me screaming: Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah Yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, Yeaah

            He laughed. "I remember when we would dance at the clubs to this song. Quite a dirty girl, weren't you."

            "Enough wit' the fucking reminiscing. Shut yo' mouth and fight!" She snarled.

            "Getting you nervous am I?" Zuzu glared at him and raised the right fan in the air before sweeping it down towards the blue band on her ankle quickly. From there she raised it straight up to her left shoulder and the flung her arm out until it was held parallel to the ground back on the right side. As she did so a burst of water flew out of the fans straight at Matt. Unprepared for the water attack he was hit and thrown backwards, landing on his back.

Shes all up in my head now, got me thinking that it might good idea to take her with me, Cause she's ready to leave. Now I gotta keep it real now, cause on a one-to-ten she's a certified twenty, and that just aint me.

            Squall came at Suina, raising his Gunblade and swinging it down. The shorter girl raised her staff and blocked the attack, throwing him off and nimbly running away before he realized what happened.

            "Well the girl's fast. You gotta give her that much."

            "That's right cowboy. I am fast." She appeared behind Irvine, the tall man quickly spinning around, his shotgun raised. Suina smiled and threw the staff forward, knocking the barrel away just as he shot, the bullet grazing Reise.

            "WATCH WHERE YOU POINT THE GUN!" Reise snapped. He threw his right hand out, the black ribbon snaking its way towards Suina. The girl blocked it with the staff and the ribbon wrapped around it. Reise grinned. "Heh! Get out of this one."

            "With pleasure." She snarled, leaning back to pull. Reise jerked the ribbon forward, trying to throw her off balance. As the staff twisted the blade detached itself once more and flew towards Reise, who ducked out of the way. The blade came back, hitting the ribbon. Suina had expected it to break, but it didn't. "What's this?" She demanded. Reise stood straighter, "casually" swinging his right arm in front of him and then back to the side, releasing the invisible strings in the process.

            "Galvonized ribbon. It can't be broken." He grinned as the thread wrapped itself loosely around the unwitting girl. Now when things started to get bad he could stop her movements.

Cause I don't know if I take that chance just where is it gonna lead, But what I do know is the way she dance makes shorty alright with me. The way she getting low!
I'm like yeah, just work that out for me. She asked for one more dance and I'm
Like yeah, how the hell am I supposed to leave? And I said. . .

            I gotta get him distracted so she can summon Atlantica. Badguy though, trying to figure out how. Then it dawned on him. The last time they met, Matt got very jealous. Bingo! Matt stood up, his clothes and hair soaking wet. Badguy walked over to Zuzu's side and grinning, placed an arm around her shoulder. Zuzu froze and tilted her head up.

            "What the hell you doin'?" She demanded.

            "Shh. Remember the last time we ran into him?" He whispered. She paused thinking and nodded.

            "Okay and this will work how? He'll only get more pissed off."

            "Exactly. At me. Buying YOU some summoning time." Zuzu grinned.

            "Ahh, I see now. You aren't as stupid as you seem Sanders."

            "Um, I think I should take it as a compliment?" Matt glared at him as he pulled her closer.

            "What do you think you're doing?" Matt demanded, his eyes narrowed.

            "Doing what? I'm not doing anything," Badguy smiled, leaning down and giving Zuzu a little kiss on the cheek. She rolled her eyes and smiled at Matt, who growled loudly.

            "Get your hands off her."

            "What? Ooh!" Badguy made a surprised face, his eyes wide, mouth in the shape of an O. "Is this bothering you?"

            "Get away from her."

            "You don't like this do you? No? Well, what about this?" Badguy smirked evily, lowering his nose to her hair. "Mmm, she smells so good." Zuzu almost burst out laughing.

            "I smell good? You're the fucking dumbass now," she said lowly.

            "Shut up," Badguy whispered into her hair. A few feet away Matt raged, his fists clenched as he watched the two in front of them.


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