'And now I'm here, about to take the first step of the rest of my life.

'Yesterday I did it. I defeated my father in battle! I am the new Master! In a matter of hours I will be sworn in.

'My hands are trembling at the moment. I'm surprised that my handwriting is still legible, haha. I'm so nervous, more nervous than I was about the final battle even! I know how bizarre that sounds. Believe me, I don't even understand it myself.

'Everything is great now in our family. It took a little while, but I finally realised how hard it must have been for my mother, and how she didn't want to hurt me or my father, but that fear can make you do things you wouldn't even normally contemplate. We are both as close as ever, closer than most mothers and daughters. I guess one of the reasons for that is that we don't get to see each other that often.

'I really miss everyone while I'm away. I've missed a great deal of Kai and Bri growing up. He is now eleven and she seven, and both as obsessed about Pokemon as our parents and me. I guess that's my only regret about becoming a Pokemon trainer, being away from the ones I love. I'm just glad I held off and began my training at home. I couldn't allow myself to miss the birth of my little sister.

'It's been a hard eight years travelling. There have been so many troubles along the way, and more than once my life has been in danger, but I've been able to get through. I've made so many friends and allies along the way, human and Pokemon alike. It's been just as my parent's told me it would be, and I wouldn't give it up for anything.'

"Aya, are you nearly ready?" She heard her mother call into her hotel room. "It's almost time."

"I'll be there in ten, mum," Aya replied, before turning her attention back to her journal.

'Well, it looks like I'm going to have to bring this entry to an end. I have to leave for the stadium soon to welcome my future. Say goodbye to Pokemon trainer Aya Ketchum and hello to the Pokemon Master.

'But then my victory is tinged with a touch of melancholy. I must take the title from my dad, the one who has been my icon from the day I first saw him battle. I have brought an end to his twelve year reign, but, as he told me;

"It is better to lose to someone you love rather than to someone you don't know, 'cause then you can be happy for them instead of feeling sorry for yourself."

'I guess he is right, but it still doesn't prevent me from feeling guilty.

'It does feel a lot better putting this stuff all down on paper. Kinda helps me sort out any of the last shreds of dark emotion I have about the whole situation. Now I feel ready to walk out upon that stage and accept the position I have fought for for so many years.

'Goodbye to this journal, but I promise, another one will not be far behind.

'Love, Aya Ketchum, Pokemon Master.'

Aya closed her diary, turning the key in the lock. She placed her hand upon the thick book, sighing. It was sad to bring it to an end, but everything has change.

Standing, she walked over to the full-length mirror and contemplated her form. She was as tall as her mother, and many even said more beautiful. Her once short raven hair had grown to the midpoint of her back, and held itself in stark contrast to her alabaster skin. But everyone told her that her eyes were her most beautiful physical facet, blue-green iris' behind Asian lids. She always loved the fact she looked exotic, and it helped her when it came to the opposite sex, though she had never had a full-time boyfriend. But then, when you travelled, you didn't get much of a chance for romance.

She quickly abandoned her jeans and discarded her top, before attempting to arrange the purple kimono upon her frame. Fastening the sash around her waist, slipping on her white socks and sandals, she studied herself once more. She had already fixed her makeup before she had sat down at the journal, so she was now ready to leave.

"Wish me luck," she whispered, before continuing to the door. Taking a deep breath, she turned the handle.

Aya looked around the ancient stadium. This was the place where all the battles were held for potential Masters and where, if they won, they were sworn in. She had defeated her father the previous day upon the battlefield below, and now she was ascending the steps to the highest point of the colosseum, to where he stood, Pikachu upon his shoulder, the Elite Four by his side.

The stadium was crowded with gym leaders from many regions, all of whom she had defeated in her eight year career. There was also a long line of fans and TV reporters recording the event, a fact that just added to her nervousness.

She turned around to look at the four people who stood at the bottom of the staircase. Her mother, nana, Kai and little Bri gazed back, proud smiles upon their faces. She returned the grin, feeling some of her apprehension drain away.

She continued up the timeworn stone steps towards her father, her treads the only sound in the entire amphitheater. After a few more agonizing paces, she reached the end of her journey.

Ash gave her a heartwarming smile as she approached. She kneeled before him, gazing up at the man who had raised her.

Ash took his eyes from his daughter and regarded the crowd. "Today, one Master must step down and allow another to succeed him, to hand down the title to another generation, and create a new legend."

He brought his attention back to the teenager, gazing deep into her bright eyes. "Aya, from now until the day you are defeated in battle, you will be the leader of all trainers out there; their teacher, their hero and their idol." He looked down upon his own kimono, unpinning the symbol of the Supreme Master, before leaning down to attach the badge to the fabric of hers.

"I give you Aya Ketchum, Supreme Pokemon Master." The crowd broke into a ruckus at the announcement, hundreds or thousands of clapping hands and cheers producing an almost overwhelming din.

She arose from her position and bowed to her father, unsure of how to treat him in such a formal situation. Ash didn't seem to care though. Sacred ceremony or not, he enveloped her with his arms. She couldn't help but return the tight embrace.

"I'm so proud of you, Aya," he spoke into her ear, his voice full of emotion. "Everyone is."

She felt a few tears fall, sinking into her father's clothes. "Thanks, dad." After a moment, she felt a hand settle upon her back. Instantly recognising the touch, she pulled herself from him and gave her mother a hug with as much intensity.

Aya felt ready now. Her new life had just begun and she knew she would be able to make the best of it. As long as she had those that she loved by her side, she could do anything.

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