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Chapter Five: Anger, Relief and a Broken Nose

After Glorfindel had shown Gilraen the way back to her room the next thing that he had to do was find Lord Elrond. Usually he wouldn't be nervous about talking to his friend, but since he had taken some of his frustration out of Elrond last night it might be a little tense. True, Elrond had needed to hear everything that he had said, i"But,"/i thought Glorfindel,i "I could have found a more tactful way of saying it. Why did I let myself go into such a passion, as if I were no older than a 100 year old elfling."/i With and shake of his golden head and a steeling of his nerves, Glorfindel marched off to Elrond's office. Tap, tap, tap! Glorfindel rapped his knuckles on the solid oak door of Elrond's study. Waiting for the usual "Come in!" Glorfindel was slightly taken aback when no reply issued forth. i"Maybe,"/i mused Glorfindel,i "he is just in one of his 'silently mad at the world' moods. Oh well, better just get it over with."/i So he pushed open the door and walked in. The study was cold, and the fire had burned down to the coals quiet some time ago. There were signs that Elrond had been in his study at some point that morning. Papers dealing with the relations between the Mirkwood and Imladris, were spread all over the desk. A paper with the royal insignia of the Mirkwood caught Glorfindel's eye. Another fault of Glorfindel was his unquenchable curiosity.

iHail, Elrond of Rivendell. Greetings from King Thranduil of the realm of the Greenwood. As you and I are both aware or the strained relations between our two realms that we both would like to see healed. To try to heal this wound I am sending my two sons to you as ambassadors in my stead. One is the crowned prince, Telperion, and the other is my youngest, Legolas. I thank you to receive them with all the same courtesy you would show me./i


Glorfindel shook his head. There had almost always been a riff between the Silvian and Noldor Elves of Rivendell and Mirkwood. Smiling, Glorfindel had to shake his head since he had partially been responsible for it. Thranduil had been madly in love with Celebrían, the daughter of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn of the Golden Wood, but she had only had eyes for Elrond, and he for her. It had upset Thranduil that Celebrían would choose a lowly Noldor, who was only a half-elf over him. Glorfindel had been a notorious prankster (the twins repaid him for every mean deed he ever did) and he had pulled a few 'harmless' jokes on Thranduil and his company during that Fall Festival. The was all after Elrond and Celebrían had been married, but it seemed to enrage the Mirkwood prince. Since Celebrían was no longer available and Thranduil was being pressured by this father to take a wife; he settled for second best. There was a beautiful Elf maiden name, Felicían, whom Thranduil finally married. He learned to love her very much, even more than his own life, but alas! When she gave birth to their second son an infection set in. Felicían lingered on for many months; it broke Thranduil's heart to watch his wife suffer.

Putting the letter back down on Elrond's desk, Glorfindel sighed. He had heard that the crowned prince was very much a gentle-elf, but that is younger brother was spoiled by their father and refused to listen to anyone. It would be very hard for all of Rivendell when the princes of the Mirkwood arrived. iAh, but I will try not to judge these young elves before I meet them. If Thranduil does spoil his youngest, as the rumors say, then this will be a very interesting visit. /i

After about an hour of searching, Elrond, Elladan and Erestor were almost ready to give up their search. "Elladan, iionn-nin,/i did you see if Glorfindel was in my study?"

"No, Ada, I did not thing of checking in there. Would you like me to go see if he is there?"

"My lord, may I make a suggestion?" Erestor questioned. Receiving a slight nod of the head from Elrond he continued, "Since it is doubtful that Glorfindel will be passing by this place why don't we all go? It will be much easier that way."

"Your suggestion is noted. I believe that it is best for us all to go with this course of action at this time. Shall we proceed?" They all started off at a brisk walk, not wanting to waste anymore time than they had already spent.

Just as Glorfindel was about to pull open the door something or someone hit it full force on the other side. "Ahh!" Came the very girly, un-Elvish shriek that Glorfy emitted as the door connected with his nose.

Elladan's hand flew to his mouth first in remorse, then to cover his laughter. It wasn't often that you got to see the mighty Glorfindel screaming and crying like an elfling. "Glorfy, are you alright?"

"Does it look like I am alright, son of Elrond?" Blood was gushing from his nose.

Elrond gently guided Glorfindel to a place to sit down. "Here, take this handkerchief and apply a firm but gentle pressure to your nose so that the bleeding with stop." Since Elrond is, of course, the best healer in Middle Earth, he retrieved some herbs that would lessen the pain till he had fully examined Glorfindel in the infirmary.

"Well, it looks like we found Glorfindel by Elladan nosing him out." Erestor remarked thinking his comment was hilariously funny. He stopped laughing when Elrond raised and eyebrow and Glorfindel tried to grab a letter opener. "I guess it wasn't all that funny." Usually Glorfindel was able to get a good laugh at the expense of Erestor, who was one of his best friends, but he did not take it kindly the other way around.

"No it wasn't." Glorfindel said, rising to look in a mirror. Removing the handkerchief from his nose, Glorfindel gasped. "My nose! My poor, beautiful nose! It is ruined now." His nose was already turning colors and big black circles were forming under his eyes.

"I really am sorry about hitting your nose with the door. We have been trying to find you for the last hour or so, so that you could help us locate Aragorn and Gilraen. They seem to have gotten lost," explained Elladan.

"If that is the case I may feel inclined to forgive you, but maybe this!" he pointed to his mutilated nose, "Will teach you to walk instead of run. It just so happens that I happened upon Gilraen and her son not but forty and five minutes ago." Glorfindel paused while Elrond, Elladan and Erestor all glared at him.

"Well, master balrog slayer, are you going to inform us where they are?" Erestor impatiently tapped his foot waiting for Glorfindel to answer.

Glorfindel smirked at Erestor, but in doing to made his nose hurt worse. "We had a nice little breakfast together since they seemed to be very hungry since they were FORGOTTEN at breakfast. After that I lead Gilraen and Aragorn back to their chambers. I believe that Gilraen was going to give her son a bath… because he was quiet sticky from our breakfast."

The three former Elves all breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank you, Glorfy," said Elrond, slipping and calling Glorfindel by his pet name. "We will go see about Aragorn and his mother, then we will see about your nose… if you will come with us. "Shooting a look at Elladan, Glorfindel consented to go with them.

Elrohir sat on his bed, propped up on pillows, reading his favorite book. The story was a familiar one that dealt with the fall of Gondolin and the coming of Morgoth, again. For some reason Elrohir could not find the enjoyment he usually had whenever he read that story.

When Elladan and Elrohir had been small elflings in school the only way Erestor could get them interested in history was fiction. It was by historical fiction that the twins retained any knowledge of the history of Arda. This book was obviously one of the twins favorites because almost all the pages where dog eared from all the years of use. Even Elladan, who would have rather been out riding, hunting, or practicing weaponry, loved to read that book. Usually Elrohir would read aloud while Elladan would lament the mistakes the fictiscious character, Tórwain, would make.

Every word Elrohir read an image of his twins face, crest fallen at his hateful words, imbedded its self in his memory. He slammed the book shut, not wanting to thing about his harsh words toward his brother. It made Elrohir think of all the fights he and Elladan had had over the years, none had been as violent as this one had.

After a few minutes of angry contemplation Elrohir decided that he would go to the stables and check on Mebedir, his horse. Horses had always had a calming effect on Elrohir, even was he was young. Quickly he grabbed a cloak, some sugar reserved for his horse, and his training gear incase he decided to practice his archery. As Elrohir stepped over the door frame he looked both ways down the corridor to make sure no one was coming. With a determined stride Elrohir set off towards the stables.

Elrond, Elladan, Erestor and Glorfindel walked to Gilraen and Aragorn's suite. Three out of the four were doing so with remorse, but with a lighter heart. Soon they reached the door that lead into where the Dúnadain queen and her son were staying. "Knock, knock, knock!" Elrond rapped on the door a couple times, but there was no answer. "Are you sure this is where you brought them? Elrond's eyebrows raised in Glorfindel's direction.

"My Lord Elrond," Glorfindel's voice heavy with sarcasm, "I realize that I have only lived in Imladris for close to 5,000 years, but I do think I know my way around a little better than that."

Erestor smirked and Elladan chortled (a/n: Is that a word?) behind his hand, but Elrond just rolled his eyes in annoyance. The lord of the Rivendell pushed open the solid oak door and the group walked in. Before Elrond had time to thing a blur of color came flying towards them. Thanks to Elrond's elvish reflexes he was able to catch Aragorn. "Ada!" The human child remembered the name that he had been told to call the Elven lord by. Naked as the day he was born; Aragorn threw his arms around Elrond's neck and have him a hug.

"Aragorn, come back here right now. This is not funny. You must put on your clothes."

"Hide!" The future king of men whispered. He tried to wiggle his way down out of Elrond's arms.

"Right now is not the time to play games. I am tired and in no mood for this kind of-" Gilraen stopped short when she saw the powerful Elven lord holding her bare naked son. A blush crept up Gilraen's cheeks. Why had Arathorn taught Aragorn that it was acceptable to run around nude? Then she realized the other three Elves standing behind Elrond. "My lords, I am so sorry, um- You see his father- well, I'm so sorry for all of this." She was about on the verge of tears.

"No need to apologize, Gilraen. I can remember when the twins where young, my wife and I could hardly keep them clothed either. Elladan was much worse than Elrohir though."

"Ada!" Elladan gasped. Erestor and Glorfindel chuckled at his embarrassment.

For the first time in a long while Gilraen felt that she was in a family that loved a cared for each other. It was comforting to know that Elves, like humans, could tease and laugh and make jokes. From that moment on she knew that if she ever needed anything that there would be people for her to go to.

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