Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel series are the property of Joss Whedon (Poster boy for evilly brilliant geniuses) Mutant Enemy (with that too funny Grr Arg vamp logo) and a whole host of other wonderfully lucky entities that are not me. *Side Note: If those entities ever wanna share with me, I'll gladly take Spike.* This story is not intended to infringe upon the copyrights of those rightful owners it is simply me borrowing the characters for a bit to write them in situations I would have liked to see in the show. :-)

Author's Notes:

It's taken me forever, but I have finally begun to write out a Spuffy fiction! *happy dancing* This story is a total follow up and companion piece to my song fic "It Was" which I hope readers of this series will also check out 'cause it's a major heartbreaking piece much like the season finale of BtVS was. With the resurrection of Spike (my favorite character from all things Buffy) on the Angel series I have begun watching that show and this story will contain many spoilers from season 5 of Angel as well as lots of references back to random episodes throughout the BtVS series.

I am uploading this story separate from "It Was" because that piece was all sad and regretful and heartbreaking. This series will start out with that drama and angst, but trust me it'll get all kinds of good. I can only handle writing so much gloomy stuff before I blow a circuit and start writing the cheerful stuff again.

Story Summary:

Having realized too late her love for Spike Buffy is struggling to handle her pain and responsibilities with little success until she learns something to turn her world upside down again.

He's back and in LA with Angel's crew.

Instantly she is rushing to be with him and make him believe in her love for him, but no one told her anything about how he came back.

With her refusing to accept anything less, will the gang be able to make 'ghost' Spike solid again?

Will they be able to have a happy ever after if they do succeed?

How will Angel deal with seeing so clearly that Buffy has truly moved on from what they had had?

All this and more shall be revealed in "It Will Be Again….."