Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ.

Summary: Yes a Halloween poem indeed. Goten starts walking down the street with Gohan, and is wondering, if this is the day of the dead…where is his father?

Breaking out

Streams of orange and colors of black,

Ghosts, witches, and even cat's,

It's the one time of year when the dead rule,

But why aren't you here now?

It's the day of the dead, when all return,

Why aren't you here daddy?

Don't you want to come back?

It's the one day of return from the dead,

A full bright moon is now lit,

Candy and sweets are given out,

Though I never got to experience this,

Can't you come back dad,

Just for one day,

Is it really the hard,

To come back and let me see you for the first time,

I want to say that I had a Halloween,

One with my daddy,

Instead you're still not here,

And I'm never going to live through this alone,

My childhood is slipping fast,

Now the skeletons are to dance,

And the night is half way through,

Where are you father?

Its time to come out,

Free yourself from all despair,

Let the inner child come out again,

For this one time,

And let your soul be free and fly with me,

To beyond the moon and pumpkins,

Ignore the vampires, and zombies,

Just stay with me for this one night,

And when I awake, you'll be gone,

So are you really going to do it,

Are you going to come back for this holiday?

Or is the day of the dead,

Another one of those things…