By: Kryptonite


" I'm going away for a while kid. I don't have much of a choice."

" Yes you do. Professor Xavier said-"

" He found a lead. If I can find anything out with Striker being dead I'm gonna jump at it okay? Now stop arguing." Logan spat, unlit cigar clenched tightly between his teeth.

" Logan, please." Marie pleaded, eyes shining with tears, voice breaking in her throat.

" I'll be back in a couple of months." He answered gruffly, shoving his way past her into the hallway. Her breathing quickened as she tried to control the intense feeling of pain in her arm. He had shoved her very hard into the dresser nearby, breaking her arm.

" Logan." She whispered, tears choking her throat and stinging her eyes. " Please don't leave." Her ears, better even after having touched Logan over three months ago, heard the distant sound of a motorcycle starting up and gunning it's way down the highway.

Head bowed, Rogue let the tears come, fast and hot, burning their way down her cheeks. She stayed in the room for the rest of the day, not a person missing her.

" Where ya been Rogue?" Her so-called friend Kitty Pryde asked, not even looking at Marie as she stumbled down the stairs after the dinner hour was over. Rogue just walked past in a trance, heading for the backdoor. " Rogue?" Kitty asked, turning around in circles, trying to figure out where she had gone.

Marie walked down the grassy slope to the lake, not taking in the breathtaking display of the stars and the moon and the way the light sparkled over the lakes' surface.

" I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!" Rogue screamed suddenly, tears once more pouring down her face. " GOD JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" She sobbed, going into the boathouse, like a ritual and coming back out, struggling with a very heavy object. " I can't take it anymore." Rogue muttered with what little breath she had. Wrapping a rope around her body, Marie paused for a second before jumping into the cold, clean water of the man-made lake on Xavier's property.

She rushed to the bottom, the weight dragging her down and holding her close, not letting her go. Rogue closed her eyes to the cold blackness that surrounded her, feeling heat running out of her ears as they popped. Her lungs burned as she slowly but surely ran out of air. Finally saying one last good-bye in her mind, she opened her lips, letting the cold death flow past them.



A/N: I was having a really bad day when I wrote this (today actually) so that should explain the whole depressed essence of the story. Tell me what you think. May or may not be a one shot, depends on you, the reviewer.