"Don't Look, Don't See"

By: Moonchild and Earthmom

Rated: R

Category: Angst/Horror

Characters: Hermione/Harry

Words: we'll see

Summary: Death Eaters have kidnapped Hermione! Who will save her from her terrible fate? Will they get there in time? A story of friendship, pain and recovery, family, and the start of something more…

Written by a Mother/Daughter team that loves Hermione so much we do awful, terrible things to her. Moonchild sighs with a half smile, "Give us more credit then that, we do give her a savior ya know!" "Yes, well," says Earthmom, a motherly look threatening to spread her features, "We could have gone a little easier on the poor girl." "Now what would be the fun in that," declares Moonchild with an evil grin. Turning to their Harry Potter audience, Moonchild ignores her mother's scowls and starts to type more authors' notes, if you have any comments, concerns, and/or questions please feel free to review (it's that little button at the end of the page on the left-hand side). And any comments about wordiness should be directed to me, Moonchild.

Oh and by the way, we do not own Harry Potter, his friends and other characters (Except for Madam Cassandra Mendis, she is all our doing), their settings (Except for the Slytherin Manor, isn't that ours Mama. Why yes, babydoll it is.), and any other Harry Potter paraphernalia that we can't think of right now. We don't own it, we're not making money off of it, so please don't sue us; we don't have any money anyway.

Warning: This story contains a very graphic rape scene in chapters seven and nine. This is why "Don't Look Don't See" is rated R. Please don't read if it will offend or upset you.

Another Warning: This story contains OotP spoilers, so please do not read this story if you have not finished the fifth book. "Hint," declares Moonchild, "notice that we say finish, there are some major events that happen in the end that changes the series forever! Read it if you haven't, (and maybe reread it if you have) I highly recommend it."

Without further ado, please get you snacks and soda in order, buckle your seatbelt, and keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Please enjoy the show!

"Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me; where the rain drops as they're falling tell a story."