I've always been fascinated by death, but in a good way- I wonder what it is like to die- how do your last moments feel- what goes on in your head? Perhaps this is how Haldir felt. Um, it is movie-verse and I hope you enjoy it. Please review.

Oh, and remember that I don't own any of this, other than the words and the idea.


Floating Away

Sweat coats my face, my hair sticks to me as I swiftly swing around, raising my sword against an Urk'hai. Our blades clash as metal hits metal. He snarls at me as we try to out-match one another. The soft singing sound of my sword fills my heart as I force him to lower his scimitar. Seizing the moment, I swiftly plung my sword into his body. The sleek elven blade does not meet any resistence as it tears through rotted flesh and diseased organs. Foul blood gushes from the wound as I pull out my sword. I pause for only a brief second- I have fought for hours it seems, but it cannot have been more than two. My arms grow tired for not even an elf is accustomed to such fierce fighting, but I must continue- the race of men shall not fall tonight.

I raise my sword again, blocking a blow from an Urk'hai, but he has tricked me and I falter. I watch in shock, my elven reflexes too slow to block the stroke as the sword hits my arm. The heavy elven armour stops the blow, but a sharp crack fills the air. It seems as though Sauron in Mordor could have heard the sickening break it turns my stomach. My hand clenches and then relaxes as my sword tumbles from my hand. I hear it hit the solid rock below me with a clang.

I grow weak; a pain washes over me pulsating through my body as blood would. I clutch my wrist- a feeble attempt to stop the pain. The world slows as pain clogs my vision. As the earth begins to tilt- I feel something on my back, a fly perhaps, it bites me, there's a sharp sting. As the pain grows I realize that it is not a fly, no something worse. Everyone men, elves, and Urk'hai slow; seconds last for hours and sounds begin to fade.

Aragorn's cry is not more than a distant shout to me. The earth starts to sway, the ground tilts as if I'm falling, I care not though. The pain begins to fade, Aragorn's face blurs. I know that he holds me, but I feel nothing. The world grows cold and dark. My vision fades and I hear a distant voice as I float away, 'Namárie Haldir o Lothlórien, meldo nya.' *

*Farewell Haldir from (of) Lothlórien, my friend.