Vash comes walking in. Trips and slides across floor and into wall head-first. Gun goes flying and shoots the chandelier down. Chandelier lands on Knives. Knives passes out. Gun shoots an electrical circuit. It lights on fire. Vash gets up and rubs his head. Chandelier explodes. A piece of the chandelier got lodged in the electrical circuit. That explodes. A flame catches on the curtain. The curtain lights on fire.

Outside, the fire burns a bird. The bird flies into a sign. The sign falls, hits the ground, and explodes. Inside, we all run out, Vash carrying Knives. The gun shoots again, hitting a light bulb. The bulb explodes. The entire building lights on fire.

Building collapses and we just make it out. Some of the rubble flies into another building and shatters windows. On the inside, a woman screams and runs out, leaving her oven on. It catches on a towel.

Towel falls on a cat. Cat shrieks and runs, directly into the alcohal cabinet. The cabinet explodes, and the cat gets away unharmed. The explosion causes the oven to explode, showering everything with unfinished cake. A dog tries to eat the cake, catching on fire. It runs out, and lights everything on fire along the way.

A guy in his bathroom smells smoke and runs out, only to catch on fire by the dog. The dog runs out the back doors and into the pool.

The guy screams and runs out to the back as well, into the pool. A semi carrying oil skids to stop, and tilts over. It spills oil everywhere. A gasoline semi was behind it.

The semi carrying gas runs into the one carrying oil, and blows up. It causes the previous building on fire to collapse.

Vash's gun fires again, from inside the rubble. It hits an airplane engine. The airplane starts going down and crashes into a lot full of cars. They all explode. Knives wakes up.

Ace says "Morning Knives."

Knives creates his angel arm and fires up at the sky, hitting two more planes. Vash knocks out Knives. The planes crash into each other and explode, rubble raining down on the city.

The entire place explodes. We are all that's left standing, minus all the people that are very pissed.

This was written during an IM. Ace is one of my friends. Myself, her, Marie, Vash and Knives are the only ones in this. My idea. You like?