How I loathe him. How I hate him. As a child I swore revenge on that bastard for taking away my papa when I just barely knew him as I imagine my papa also swore vengeance on the bastard when his papa was also taken from him. I vowed to avenge my family, I vowed to avenge the people who were wronged by the bastard!

So . . . . . how was I supposed to do that when my hands and ankles were shackled to his room's wall whilst my sworn enemy watched me from his position on the floor with (what I could only describe as) a dreamy, lovey-dovey look. I don't think he even blinked ONCE. (On as small side note: I can move about two feet before the chains go taut.)

I can't believe it!!! THIS was how he treated the people he was in LOVE with?! BY SHACKLING THEM IN CHAINS TO HIS DUNGEON WALL!!!??? What the fudge is wrong with the guy!!?? Scratch that there are LOTS of things wrong with him!

"I love you." He sighed dreamily.

Well I don't thank you very much!!

A desolate sigh. "But I sense that my feelings are not reciprocated."

Well isn't he smart?! Note the sarcasm.

"Which is why I chained you."

¬¬ And he thinks this will change my mind how?

"So that you will never leave my side."

This guy needs some mental help.

"So I apologize for any inconveniences you are experiencing. "

Apologize?! He chains me to a fucking wall and all he can say is 'So I apologize for any inconveniences you are experiencing.'!?!?!?!?! What the f-

"Is there anything I can do to please you?"

. . . . . Now where do I begin?

"Sango's brother . . . Kohaku . . . free him." I said after a short while.

Naraku nodded without hesitation. "Of course my love." He snapped his fingers. "Kohaku. Come here."

From the shadows a diminutive young boy stepped out with unseeing eyes. He walked over towards his dark master and bowed. "Yes Master." He said monotonously.

Without looking at the young boy he instructed. "Go and find the miko, Kagome. Do not attack her. Ask her to purify the shard in your back so that you will no longer be under my influence."

"Yes master."

"Wait!" I called. "Don't forget to say that Miroku told Naraku to tell you to do it!"

Naraku nodded in acquiesce. "Yes. That too. Now go Kohaku."

The underling bowed before leaving the room. Naraku stared at me dreamily once more. You know when you think about it really Naraku is pretty hot – NO!!! EVIL THOUGHT OF DOOM!!! BAD MIRO!!!! BAD!!!!! BAD!!!!!

"Wind Tunnel in my right. Take it out." I growled through gritted teeth.

The hanyou then stood and walked slowly in a hypnotic fashion, his long muscular legs – GRAH!!!!! BADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBADBAD!!!! -

Naraku unchained my right wrist gently and cradled the appendage to his chest. He unwrapped the wrappings surrounding my hand but still kept some cloth over the hole, then to my complete fascination – I mean repugnance!!! Yes repugnance. Err . . Then to my complete REPUGNANCE he lifted the cloth and quickly licked my palm. It felt nice too . . .

GLEH!!!! Must. Not. Think. About. Naraku's. Sexual. Prowess! ARGH!!!! I just thought about it!!!! ;-; Dammit!

"It is done." He whispered into my palm and sending chills down my spine. "Your curse is no more."

I hesitated before tugging my hand away from his grasp then held it in front of my face in wonder. My eyes were met with unmarred smooth skin, experimentally I flexed my hand. This had to be a dream. I pinched myself then gasped as I felt the pain in my cheek. My lips trembled as tears streamed down my face. The curse was gone.

Vaguely I registered the fact that the hanyou was looking at me in concern and scarily enough I vaguely registered the fact that he was also licking my tears up. At that moment all I really could think about was the fact that I was free! (More or less considering that fact that I was chained up . . . ) I'd been waiting for this my whole entire life! Now I wouldn't end up dying like my papa! I'd have a chance to live down and take things a little more slowly now. I could have children, I could have a wife! (or not) It was at this point that I noticed that my sworn enemy was kissing me. Then I fainted.


Darkness. Groggily I opened my eyes. Ergh. I felt like hell. Like (as Kagome often says in the morning) roadkill – whatever that is. I didn't know where I was, much less cared. For that one brief moment I forgot everything.

"Awake my lovely?"

Damn. Now I remember.

A hand manifested before my face. Three guess who it belongs too . . . . .

I tried to move my hand. Chlank Shit. I was still chained. "Don't you trust me enough to let me roam chainless . . . ?"

Naraku suddenly materialized before me, with a sexy smile (I'm just gonna give up on denying my attraction. It takes too much energy.) he sat down in front of me. "No." he said plainly.

I blinked. "You love me yet you don't trust me?"

He nodded his head.

"So how do you expect me to love you in return if you don't trust me!?"

A shrug. "You love me first THEN I'll trust you."

I opened my mouth, then snapped it shut. How can you argue against THAT kind of logic?! It makes sense ne?

"I take it that you agree with me?"

"Yes . . . I suppose I must." I responded with a desolate sigh. Suddenly, unexpectedly my chains flew off, experimentally I rubbed my arms before I was flipped onto my back on a futon . . . . that wasn't there two seconds ago. . . . Then I felt it. His hands were rubbing my back. Massaging. Relaxing. NO! Must. Resist. Temptation. . . . . Especially. When. No. One. Is. Looking! No! Resistance . . . fading . . . falling . . . under . . . massage . . . NO! I. MUST. RESIST.

Naraku tsked as he continued kneading my back. "You have to relax darling." He whispered close to my ear. "There is no use giving you a rub down if you don't relax."

Well that did it for me. My bones melted, and I think my brain did along with 'em . . . .


I didn't ask for the shikon shards.

I can NOT believe I forgot ask for those good-for-nothing shards! There I was. Naraku willing to rip out his own heart for me (literally) and I. Forgot. To. Get. The. Shards. --'''

(Just a quick note for all you hentai (like me) out there. NOTHING happened between my despised enemy and I. I fell asleep after a while truth be told . . . " It was just soooo soothing and relaxing and – oops! Ahem. Gettting back on track. This would be . . . about . . . day two of my imprisonment.)

When I had awoken from my slumber Naraku had already up and gone. In his place was a drool-worthy meal of succulent lobster, juicy crab meat, a bowl of rice, a bowl of sliced fruit, sweet mango juice, thick shreds of some type of really tasty meat (nice and chewy!), vegetables in some sauce and lots of sushi! It was all so good! I almost cried from the pure deliciousness of it! sigh

After that I was pretty much stuck in the dark room I was placed in. Four walls. A shoji screen to my right, window to my left and directly in front of me . . . . . a wall. Awww . . . no flowers? ( Sarcasm)

Sighing I stood and started pacing. I didn't even try to open the use the shoji screen I knew he would've enchanted it to keep me in, the window wouldn't do either – I know Naraku better than that. I had to escape in an unpredictable way . . . some way SO sneaky he'd NEVER expect it! But what? Hhhhmmm . . . .

Then I spotted it. The floorboards . . . . .


It took about twenty minutes (more or less) to pry apart the floorboards before I saw dirt below me. Luckily there was enough of a gap between the ground and the wooden floor for me to be able to crawl through, so I jumped down then with careful precision I replaced the floorboards and started crawling. Escape was gonna be as easy and pissing off Inuyasha . . . .

Two hours later and five rats later . . . . .

Oh hell! I've been crawling around for kami-only-knows how long and I STILL haven't found any openings! That's it! I'm just gonna have to break into another room.

So with that I started pushing against the floor to find any loose boards. Bump. Too hard. Bump. Too heavy. Bump. Too rough. Bump. Ouch! Splinters. Bump. Chnk. Thunk. Loose boards! With a sigh of gratitude I lifted the boards and climbed out with a grin. Enthusiastically looking around I found that I was . . . . . in the same room I tried to escape from . . . . .

Aw hell no!

"You know if you wanted to leave you could've gone out the regular way." I masculine voice drawled from behind me.

I really (x100) wish I had been alone when I resurfaced. Slowly I turned towards Naraku with an annoyed look adorning my visage. "How long have you been here?" I asked in annoyance.

Naraku smirked as he leaned back against the wall from where he sat crossed legged. "Oh long enough to see how you fared with that big black rat."

I winced. That episode was NOT pretty. While crawling around a gigantic sized rat jumped out of nowhere and started to attack me, I fended for myself just fine until it wriggled down my robes. "Help would've been nice." I grumbled through gritted teeth.

He shrugged. "Now where is the fun in that my sweet little flower." He purred as he grabbed my hand an pulled me into his lap.

I glared at him half-heartedly. Why did he have to be so drop dead gorgeous? No dammit! Focus! "I thought you loved me." I said in what I hoped was a dry voice.

The spider hanyou just grinned devilishly. Slowly he brought his face closer until we were only centimeters apart. Damn. He was gonna kiss me and there was nothing I could do about it. Or was it that I didn't want to do anything about it? Closer. Closer. Suddenly the door exploded sending me and Naraku slamming into a wall. Groggily I looked up to see that someone was standing there. Someone who looked awfully like . . . . . Kouga?


Sorry about spelling mistakes.