Disclaimer: okay, Tai walked in then what?

"Hey Kar, hey Matt." Greeted Tai as he walked in.
"H-hey Tai. Wassup?" the couple stuttered leaping apart.
"Uh.what were you doing to my sister?" he asked slowly.
"Um, do you want a straight answer." Matt replied nervously glancing at Kari.
"Hey, you got food!" Tai exclaimed making a beeline for the kitchen.
"Thank god he's so easily sidetracked." Kari sighed and followed her brother into the kitchen were Matt was making poached eggs for breakfast earlier.
As the day dragged on the morning was forgotten by Tai, at least, that's what it seemed. The three spent the day lazing around at the park with the other digidestined and chatting about the old days. (AN: skip the boring chit-chat and onto the confrontation.) Kari and Matt were walking back to her apartment when Matt got called to practice in the garage they used to use.
Walking along the road to the garage Matt ran into none other than Tai.
"Now what were you doing to my sister this morning Ishida." He growled at Matt.
"Look Tai, can't we talk about this later. I'm late for practice already." Matt answered trying deflect the topic from Kari.
"No we cannot. I want to know what you think you're doing with my sister Matt, my fucking sister!!!" Tai raged at his friend.
"Tai it's none of your business. You can't run her life anymore Tai, grin and bear it." Matt responded straining to be calm.
"The hell it isn't, but you're right. I can't control her life anymore."
"What the hell are you talking about? I'm right?"
"You're right, Ishida, I can't control who Kari sees anymore. I can however beat the shit out of you." Tai's disapproval escalated as he raised his already balled fist.
"Hey dude, you're late. Taichi Kamiya right? Hey I'm Jake, this is Rodney and Drew. Pleased to meet you." The back up singer for the Teenage Wolves greeted walking up to the fuming duo and shaking Tai's hand.
"Guys, this isn't the best time." Matt stated through gritted teeth.
"Nonsense, this is the perfect time." Rodney disagreed.
"Can we please settle this later Tai." Matt tried again.
"No!" he replied.
"Matt, there you are. We found you boys a new singer for the next tour." The band manager exclaimed excitedly walking up to the group with a young girl close behind him.

I know this is a really short chapter but I absolutely had to leave you something to hang on. So who is this mystery girl anyway? And didn't Matt say he was staying in Japan? I guess you'll have to wait for the next chapter huh? *evil grin*