"Sins of the Father"

By:  Beloved/Shadow

            It was a nice day with the skies clear, the sun shining, and not a worried care in the world going on.  Yugi smiled happily as he stretched his arms and looked at his friends having a good time.  It had been mere months since the incident of the rape and several weeks when he had begun to slowly trust Yami.  The group was now at the beach and having a good time as well. 

            "Hey that wasn't fair!!" Joey snapped where he and some of the others were playing volleyball.  "I wasn't ready!!"

            Well, maybe not that good.

            "Quit staring at Mai and get your head in the game," Seto said coolly as he caught the white ball.

            "I wasn't staring and how would you know?!"

            "You're drooling."  The blonde blinked and quickly wiped at his mouth while blushing brightly.  Laughs arose from nearly everyone as the CEO tossed the ball into the air and spiked it hard.

            "I got it!!" Bakura shouted as he ran under the ball and hit it back.

            "Now I got it!!" Malik said with a grin as he spiked it one handed.  Joey growled as he chased the ball, hitting it to his teammate before his eyes drifted to the young woman who was sunbathing and dressed in a deep red bikini.  So of course he didn't hear Bakura yell for him to duck until the ball hit him in the back of his head and plowed him face first into the sand.

            "Oh way to use your head, man!!" Tristan laughed then tried to cover it up with a laugh as Serenity glared at him before running to help her brother.

            "Um maybe I should apologize," Malik said while trying to stifle a laugh.

            "You had better run!" Joey yelled, or tried to as he spit out sand and tried to get up but kept tripping.  However, the young man ran to the safety of his yami who was trying to get his tan even darker and dueling against Ryou.

            "Big brother please!  Just relax, okay?" his sister tried to calm him down.

            "Oh let him just try to get him!" Marik snapped in his direction before pulling his light into a deep kiss then released him as he threw a monster card down.  "Ha!  Beat that, tomb raider!"

            Ryou growled as he looked at his hand.  "Damn you, psycho."

            Serenity has managed to get Joey into the water where Tea and Duke were enjoying themselves.  Now with the girls perched on the boys' shoulders they were trying to push one another into the water.  All in all this was a good day that even Mokuba was having fun as he and Seto decided to have a little one-on-one game as Bakura went to his yami since he lost his teammate.  Yugi just smiled but it grew when he felt someone sit behind him.

            "Why aren't you joining the others, aibou?" Yami asked, having wakened up from his brief nap next to him.

            "I think I'll just watch them for now," he answered, leaning his head back on his shoulder and enjoyed his company.  Since that night their relationship had been going slow but steady.  He was almost back to his old self but he was also wiser.  He still had bad dreams but with Yami there to hold him they began to fade more into the darkness.  They didn't do very much except holding one another close during the night but Yami understood that he just wasn't ready for that yet.  Like he said before, a person's first time with the one you love should be special.

            The former king had his arms wrapped around his tenshi's shoulders from behind, taking his time as he ran his hand along his arm before resting his hand over his chest to feel the gentle beating.  He had all he wanted in life and nothing was ever going to change that, no matter what.  He chuckled when he heard a loud splash and saw that Joey and Serenity had won their water fight.

            "Ho ho!!  I am the champ!!" he proclaimed loudly before falling into the water.  He came up sputtering water and glared at his sister playfully.

            "Okay I think I soaked up enough water.  I'm going to work on my tan some more," the blue-eyed brunette smiled as she get out of the water and lay next to Mai on her beach towel.

            "Well there goes my partner.  I'm going to challenge Kaiba to a volleyball game," Duke sighed as he got out of the water as well, wringing it out of his hair as he made his way to the volleyball net.

            "Sore loser!!" Joey called out to them but then his sight settled on his dry friends and smiled.  "Yugi!  Come get in the water already!"

            The young man smiled and shook his head.  "No thanks Joey I like it here on dry land."

            "C'mon aibou, you're suppose to be having fun," Yami whispered into his ear.

            "You just want to see me get wet."

            "That too."  Pleading with his light got him no where so smiling Yami stood before pulling Yugi up and into his arms.  "Time to get wet, koi."

            "Yami no put me down!" Yugi cried out, playfully kicking his legs but the grip tighten.  Soon he looked into the crystal waters of the clear blue ocean then he gave his love a glare.  "Yami, for the last time put me down!"

            The crimson-eyed youth smiled a shrugged his shoulders.  "Alright."  He let him go and watch with amusement as he hit the water with a splash.

            Joey laughed and nearly swallowed salt water as he wadded over to the pharaoh.  "Hey good one, Yami!!"  The water was about their waist but as they waited there was no sign of Yugi.  In fact, as they looked around Serenity was gone as well.  "Yo sis!  Where'd ya go??"

            /Yugi?/  There was no answer that he was beginning to get worried;  he nor the blonde noticed as the watery shadows behind them.

            "Charge!!" Yugi said with a shout as he fairly erupted form the water and jumped on his dark half's back, sending him into the water with a mighty splash.  Serenity soon followed as she pounced on her brother and send him into the water as well.  Soon the two of them came up for air while laughing hilariously.

            "Oh Yugi that was so much fun!!" the young girl said as she pushed wet hair from her eyes.

            "I know I thought they were going to hear us!" he laughed as he shook his head, his usually spiky hair dropping all around his face.  "Hey Yami, we fooled you and Joey big time! … Yami?"

            "Joey?  Big brother?"  The two teens looked around but they couldn't find them anywhere.  "Yugi… you don't think… they drowned, do you?" she asked worriedly.

            "No, no way! I mean the water is shallow!"  But he didn't seem very convinced himself.  Just before he was going to try the mind link he felt hands grab his legs before he was hosted into the air.

            "Yugi what-"  Serenity experienced the same fate that they blinked and looked down to see their loved ones had managed to get them to sit upon their shoulders.

            "Now we got you good!!" Joey laughed then winced as his baby sister tried to find balance by using his hair.  "Sis I still need my hair!! Oww!!"

            "Yami, you scared us;  we thought we drowned you!" Yugi glared at his lover as he held onto his head with one hand in his hair and the other grabbing his face as he struggled for balance as well.

            Yami tried to explain but since his koi's hand kept grabbing his jaw he switched to their private link.  /Turn about is fair play, tenshi./

            //You are such a jerk.  But I love you.//

            /And I you. Now, will you please release my face?  I can't see.  Better./  He blinked as he looked at the blonde and they grinned.

            "Water war!!" Joey proclaimed loudly as they wrestled one another.  By the time they were done they just wanted to have a nice long nap in the sun to work on their tan.  Well, Yugi and Serenity wanted to sun bath.  Joey challenged Yami to a duel, which he narrowly lost.  "One of these days I'll beat you, Yami!"

            "I look forward to it," he winked at him.  Looking over his shoulder he noticed that the other two spirits were snickering to each other and were holding water guns.  'Uh-oh,' he thought to himself before dodging to the side.  The blonde was hit with ice cold water and he made this very realistic scream as soon as it struck heated flesh.

            Marik and Ryou were both laughing their heads off as they rolled on the sand, clutching at their sides.  Joey was glaring at them hatefully but he knew better than to go after them.  "If I didn't know any better I'd swear you were your sister, Wheeler!" Ryou laughed as he sat up, rubbing at his eyes with a fist.

            "He screams louder than our sister!!" Marik laughed as he sat up as well, coughing a bit.

            "What did he mean by that?" Bakura asked the other light.

            "… Isis had been working all night on a research and I sent Marik to wake her up.  He ended up pouring cold water on her when she didn't wake up the first ten times of yelling in her ear," he sighed.  "I was downstairs when I heard her scream.  Mere seconds later Marik came running down, begging for his life, followed by Isis who was cursing at him and throwing everything that came within reach."

            Bakura tried not to laugh but picturing the big bad darkness of the Istar boy running scared from a mortal woman was just too funny.  "I-I'm sorry but I'm trying to stop!" he explained.

            "Hey Isis is not a pretty person as soon as she wakes up or when she's angry!!" Marik growled before spotting the sleeping ladies.  He nudged the thief with his elbow.

            "Stop that, you have sharp joints," he growled, hitting his arm before catching his drift.  Sneaking silently they shot their guns at the sleeping ladies.  They woke up with shrill shrieks before chasing the two sprits along the beach, yelling for revenge and such.  This time it was the guys turn to laugh that even Seto suppressed a grin although his shoulders were lightly shaking at the scene.

            By the time it was ready to go the dark spirits of the rod and ring were not only black and blue but they had been tossed into the ocean and nearly drowned a few times.  Now they were staying as far away as possible from the ladies.  The ride home was quiet but then again, they had been out at the beach for nearly the entire day.

            Mai, however, had brought her own car and offered the Wheeler siblings a ride home.  Accepting the group waved their good byes.  The first stop on the ride home was Tristan's place.  Next was Tea's and then Duke's store but since it was right across from the Turtle Game Shop Yugi and Yami got off as well.

            "Bye guys!  I had a great time today!" the violet eyed teen said happily as he waved at them.

            "We did too, see ya tomorrow!" Bakura smiled as he waved at the window before Malik popped out of the sun roof.

            "Hey don't forget!  We're gonna duel at Kaiba Land tomorrow!" he challenged with a grin.

            "Better believe it!"  He winked at him and waved as they drove off.  Smiling the two youths went inside and to the back of the store.  "Grandpa we're home!!"

            Old man Motou came out to greet them and embraced them both.  "Welcome back you two!  I take it you had a good day?" he asked with a smile.

            "We sure did! Marik and Ryou shot the girls with ice water but they turned around and beat them senseless!  I never saw them get so scared before!"

            "Ho ho I would have liked to see that!  Why don't you two get washed up for dinner."

            "That sounds like a  very good idea, grandpa Motou," Yami smiled at him.  "Let's go aibou."  As they headed up the stairs they stopped though when Solomon called up to them.

            "Yugi!  Sasaki sent you a letter today!  But I'll leave it on your desk, go take a shower!"

            "Okay grandpa!"

            "You go ahead aibou, I'm going to get dressed."  The former king smiled as he sweetly kissed his love of his life and disappeared into the puzzle.

            Heeding his grandfather's words the young man dashed into his room, grabbing some clean clothes, his towel and went to the bathroom.  He removed his swimming trunks and wrung them out as much as he could before letting them soak in the sink for a bit.  Shivering at the feel of goose pimples he set his puzzle on the counter and turned the water on.  It didn't take long for it to heat up before he stepped in and shut the curtain behind him.

            'Oh that feels so good…' he thought to himself with a soft sigh, closing his eyes he turned his face to the shower head to let the heat gently beat down upon him.  He had grown up a lot these past several months and looking back, he wouldn't change it for anything.  Yes it still scared him a bit at night but he had learned to put it past him and to live again.

            He thought about how patient his other self had been as well.  Yami never pushed him or tried anything without his consent;  he just held him close and they would kiss.  Once he had thought they were going to the next stage of their relationship but at the last moment he pulled back, saying he wasn't ready.  Yami said he understood and just held him tightly, the two of them cuddling like that.

            'I'm beginning to think if I'll ever be ready,' he thought to himself, picking up the bar of soap and began to lather his body.  As he scrubbed the salt water away his mind drifted to the first time he had gone to the Youth Center.  It had taken a lot of courage on his part but he went and Sasaki went with him as did Yami but he stayed within the puzzle.

            Upon entering a young woman introduced herself as one of the workers here and leading them to her office asked what brought them here.  It had been hard but she was patient and waited until Yugi was ready to tell his story.  It had taken a bit of time but when he was finished he was crying despite his best efforts to stop.  The lady said nothing but let him be and even handed Sasaki the tissue box on her desk as he quietly rocked his son back and forth.  Afterwards the lady expressed her deepest sympathy for him but from this moment on, he didn't have to tell anyone else his past unless he chose to.  He understood.

            The shelter was more than a place to go for advice and counseling, it was also a kind of home for abused youths so they didn't have to live off the streets or couldn't go home.  And the youths were somewhere about Yugi's age who had either been beaten or raped and not just by strangers, but by friends, relatives, boyfriends, even by their girlfriends.  The workers helped out as much as they could to get the youths back on their feet and some of the workers had been raped as well in their youths.  But just talking wasn't enough for him but it wasn't until he met a girl who had been raped by a person she thought she could trust did he feel that he was finally healing.

            A knock interrupted his thoughts that Yugi noticed that the water was beginning to grow luke-warm.  Turning it off he grabbed a towel and began to dry himself off.  He didn't answer the knocking because he knew who it was anyway.  Sometimes he would ponder his thoughts in the shower that he lost track of all time.  So Yami would knock on the door if he'd been in there for a while and it usually brought him back to the real world.  Sighing as he scrubbed his skin dry he wrapped the towel around his waist but paused as he looked up at the mirror.  Despite the slight fogginess he could make out his reflection.

            He was still short but he could actually see himself growing just a bit taller each day.  So he wouldn't be as big as Joey or Tristan or even Bakura, he would be just tall enough not to be considered a child.  He hoped.  Other than that his skin was still fair and such but if one looked close enough, one could see a patchwork of tiny scars that marred several places.  Reaching up Yugi traced a hand over his chest where he remembered having the Millennium Items fused with his body.  He traced the tiny pricks the golden needle shards had dug into deeply, frowning before reaching up to peer closer at his left eye.  It looked just like his right eye except the more he squinted he could make that the eye color was just a tad lighter and the pupil had a very thin ring of gold.  Proof of what happened was not a dream despite how much he wanted to forget it.

            "But to forget means to repeat," he told himself softly.  Sighing deeply he rung his swimming trunks out and laid them over the top of the shower stall to dry a bit before he tossed it in the hamper.  Opening the door he pulled on some boxers then a loose pair of sweatpants and a sleeveless shirt.  As he tried to tame his hair some he slipped the puzzle around his neck.  It glowed softly and Yami appeared in his usual attire of black leather.

            "Yami, why do you always wear leather?" Yugi asked with a smile as he sat on his bed, picking up the letter.

            The former king smiled as he sat on the chair, facing him as he leaned back a bit.  "I like it and believe what you will but I think it's comfortable," he explained.

            "Yeah but then again you're almost always in the puzzle."  Yami scowled but it didn't last very long.  Yugi looked at the letter and carefully tore it open.  Pulling out the letter he noticed that with it were several photographs.  He smiled as he handed them to Yami.  "Here, I'll read the letter and you can look at he pictures."

            "Alright."  Looking at he first one he smiled.  It was of Sasaki, Solomon, and Yugi in front of the game shop.  It was the latest family photo but the next one really warmed his heart.  It was of him, standing behind his aibou with his arms around his shoulders, both smiling into the camera.  He remembered the photos, it was when Sasaki decided to start a new life in a city called Toyama the next day after these pictures were taken.

            The young man was smiling as he skimmed over the letter before clearing his throat and began to speak.  " 'Dear Yugi,  I hope things are going well for you as they are for me.  I finally got around to finishing the roll of film and mailed all the photos to you like you asked.  Sage talked to his father and now I'm working for the Toyama PD as a detective.  I guess after hearing how I helped bring down Arago's gang and such they wanted me to try and help out to bringing down other would-be crime rings.  It's an honest living and Sage's grandfather said I could help around the dojo whenever I could.  On top of them, he said I could live in the apartment just above the dojo as well so I could keep an eye on the place during the night and such.  It's small but I couldn't be happier.'  I'm so glad dad has a job and a place to live, he sounds really happy," Yugi said with a gentle smile.

            "He certainly looks it.  Look," Yami handed him a photo.  It was of the dojo with the words Date Dojo in green letters on the glass and Sasaki was walking right into the door, smiling as he waved over his shoulder.

            " 'Sage has been helping me as well getting adjusted to my new life.  Sometimes he stays over and we practice hand-to-hand combat or swordsmanship in privacy.  He's an excellent Kendo master and I have a feeling we could teach each other something new.  He's also been helping me learn to love again.  He's been patient and understanding with everything sometimes I'm wondering if this is just a dream…

            'Shary wants to say hi and that when Spring Break comes she wants you and Yami to come to Toyama so she can introduce you to some friends.  I've meet them and they are nice people.  I haven't told them my past but they haven't pushed me since they seem to have secrets of their own.  Once you meet them you'll know what I mean.

            'I better go now, I have to work late tonight and then Sage is coming over.  He's going to teach me how to meditate and clear my mind.  I miss you and I hope you're having a good time yourself.  Tell Solomon, Yami and your friends I said hi and write to me when you can.  Take care, son and know that I love you.  ~Sasaki.' "  Yugi slowly lowered the letter but said nothing.

            The dark one looked at him curiously as he set the photos on the desk and sitting next to him gently tilted his face up.  "Aibou… why are you crying?" he asked softly as he tenderly brushed the single tear that fell.

            "I'm just so happy," he smiled but leaned against his side, resting his head on his shoulder.  "Dad is leading a good life and he's found someone to love, but what about me?"

            "Aibou you have a good life as well.  You're getting help and the nightmares are all gone," Yami told him as he held him close, rubbing his back as he spoke in low and gentle tones.

            "But it's just not the same."  He sighed as he just curled up in his embrace.  "Yami?  I think I'm gonna lay down for a bit.  Can you help grandpa with the store?"

            "Of course, my little hikari."  Placing him in bed he kissed him softly and covered him with the blankets.  Watching him he slowly left eh room and headed downstairs.

            Yugi sighed as he rolled onto his side, facing the wall and just let his mind wonder.  His mind picked up on when he had first meet the raped girl.

            Her name was Shary and went he first meet her, she seemed like she had never had such a traumatic event happen to her such as rape.  She was warm, friendly, a bit shy but also energetic in a way.  He didn't bluntly ask her about her rape but began to talk to her.  In a way they were so much alike.  Shary lived with her brother Sage in a large mansion in Toyama, left to her when her family died in a sudden car accident.  The courts had let her keep the estate and live on her own rather that provide a guardian or move her into a foster home.  She and Sage, her brother, were in Domino though because of a Self-Defense Exhibition the Youth Center was holding for every one of all ages.  Sasaki took Yugi and Yami who had decided to appear in his physical body.

            He slowly rolled onto his back, resting one hand behind his head as he looked up at the ceiling.  'Maybe if I had known that, I wouldn't have gotten hurt,' he thought to himself a bit sadly, mindful to block his feeling from his other self.  'No no!  Do not think about it!'  Pushing the memory back he rolled onto his stomach now but reached under his bed and pulled out a thick photo album.  He smiled as he remembered his father giving it to him before leaving that day to start his new life.  It had belonged to the family when he and his mom began going out but many pages were still blank.  He wanted his son to fill it with pictures of everyone he cared about and that's just what he did.  Solomon had even provided several photos of his own that he had been saving.  Yugi took the photos off the desk and flipped to a blank page put them in.  When he was done he looked through the book once more.

            He mother had been very pretty with golden blond hair with red-gold highlights falling to her waist.  He remembered when he was young he loved the feel of her hair;  it was so soft and silky.  Her eyes were a deep violet that also shone with happiness and love.  Looking at his father he realized he was a good looking man without the scar adorning half his face but even now he was still handsome.  Yugi smiled and flipped forward a bit, stopping at his parent's wedding picture.  They looked so happy… Sighing some more he flipped through the pages, looking at them each in turn until he heard Yami say he had a phone call.

            "Maybe its Joey or somebody," h said to himself as he got up to use the phone in the hallway.  Picking it up he said he got it and placed the receiver against his ear.  "Moshi moshi."

            "Yugi!!!" came the excited voice from the other line.  "It's Shary, how ya doing?" she asked.

            "Oh Shary hi!  I didn't expect to hear from you," he smiled as she leaned against the wall.

            "That's me full of surprises.  So what's up?"

            "Nothing I just got some photos from my dad.  How are you and Sage doing?"

            "I'm fine just tired.  Been running around all day and my feet are killing me.  Sage is doing great as well.  He and Sasaki are getting close and I think it good for them."  She stifled a giggle as she lowered her tone some.  "But now I'm calling him Wolfy.  Every time they go out and he sees everyone looking at Peacock he gets all protective and fierce, like a true wolf protecting its mate!"

            "Shary!!" came a male voice over the line but the girl just tried very hard not to burst out laughing.  Yugi was the same way as he just imagined that happening.  But as he thought about it he couldn't help but become sadden a bit more.  Would he ever find someone who would love him that much?  Even Shary had a boyfriend and they loved each other deeply.

            The girl blinked as she heard the silence and frowned a bit in concern.  "Yugi?  You still there?"

            "Hmm?  Oh sorry, I was just thinking," he said softly, twirling the phone cord around his fingers.

            "… I'm here if you want to talk about anything," she said softly.

            "I know it's just… I don't know if I'm ever gonna be the same as I was before."  He sighed as he slowly slid down the wall until he was now sitting with his knees pulled to his chest.

            "Hey little DM, want to start from the beginning?" she asked, purposely using his nickname she had given him after finding out that the Dark Magician was his favorite card.

            "It's just… Yami and I have been getting close but I can never seem to get past the kissing and holding.  I thought that I had it beat and for a moment, I did it but I just continue," he explained, doing his best to suppress the tears that threaten to fall.

            "Oh Yugi… hey remember what I told you?  You've been with Yami for what?  Going on a little longer than a year, right?  During that time has he ever done or said anything that showed he was going to hurt you?"

            'He slapped me when I talked back to him for the first time but he apologized,' he thought to himself but he didn't say it.  "No."

            "Okay.  And after the rape, has he in anyway try to sleep with you himself or suggested anything?"

            "No!  Of course not!"

            "What about now?"


            "Has he treated you any differently, like how a father would act over protective and/or frantic over his only daughter going out on her first date?"

            "… No.  He tends to get a little protective but not to the point of smothering me."

            "Last question, has he told you he loves you?"


            "Yugi?  You still there?"

            "… He hasn't said it but the way he holds me, looks at me, tries to take are of me… I know he loves me!"

            "Well I think you just answered your own question.  Yugi, you trust Yami not to hurt you or make love to you without your consent so you have nothing to fear.  You said he stopped when you told him to, so what is there to worry about?"

            "But, my mind-"

            "That was in the past but if you continue to let it haunt you like this then those sick jerks will have won.  Listen to me okay?  The next time you feel you're ready, go for it.  If those images start to appear just fight them off.  Just keep telling yourself Yami would never do anything to hurt you and he cares for you.  Don't forget your friends as well;  they care about you so much."  She paused as he let the words sink it and smiled before continuing.  "Yugi, you deserve happiness in your life and if this will help, go for it.  Besides, Yami is quite the catch but still, how can he wear leather every single day??"

            Now that brought a small giggle, lifting his depressing mood some.  "I don't know but I think he's one of the few people I know who can pass it off so well," he admitted as he rubbed at his eyes.

            "True… Okay I better go, Peacock-"

            "Don't call me that, line-walker," came a stern male voice.

            "I hate that nickname!" she shouted at him, "-is coming.  You take care and remember what I said okay?"

            "I will.  Arigato for everything, Sword Dancer," he thanked her, using his nickname for her.  He could feel the smile over the line and after she said her good-byes heard the click and the line went dead.  Sighing he placed the phone back on the cradle and stood up, stretching his back.

            'Who knew talking with someone would help me out some,' he thought to himself as he went back to his room.  Taking the photo album up he flipped it near the end and looked at a photo of two young teenagers, both dressed in karate uniforms.  They were both holding wooden practice swords but only one was smiling at the camera.

            The young man was unlike any Japanese person with his fair skin and golden blonde hair covering the right side of his face.  His visible eye was a mixture of very light lavender and the palest shade of sky blue he'd ever seen.  His posture was stern and straight as he held his sword in a slightly calloused hand.  Many thought he was American but he wasn't, he was 100% Japanese from both his parents' side and his family name was one of the most respected and well-known names in all of Japan.  His sister enjoyed calling him Brother Peacock due to his good-looks but his real name was Sage Date.

            The girl next to him was his sister, one of Yugi's best friends and a former rape victim.  Her skin tone wasn't as fair or light but her hair was deep brown curl and her eyes were chocolate brown.  Her hair was held back by a white ribbon and she held her sword at her side but was making a victory sign at the camera while smiling.  But from under her sleeves she was wearing two silver braces around her wrists with a white and black pearl.  It was hard to believe they were siblings but they balanced each other out pretty well.

            "A living Yin and Yang," he quoted from Sage as he closed the book and tucked it under his bed for safe keeping.  Lying back on his bed he rolled onto his side, facing the wall and before he knew it, he was fast asleep.  This time his slumber was filled with a dreamless void that just had him floating.  It felt oddly calm and soothing he let himself drift.  Before he knew it though, he could hear someone calling out his name that he couldn't help but stir a bit.  Slowly opening his eyes he looked over his shoulder at the crimson-red gaze of his darker self.

            "Yami...?" he asked sleepily, yawning a bit as he rolled onto his back.  "What time is it?"

            "Going on either," he smiled at him, thinking how cute he looked right now.  "You missed dinner."

            "So right, I'm not hungry right now."  Smiling at him he shifted a bit, patting the space next to him.  He then curled his body against Yami's chest as he laid down, sighing in delight.  For a moment it was spent in silence before the dark one spoke up.

            "How's Shary doing?" Yami asked as hi hand slowly moved up and down his hikari's back.

            "Good.  She said she had a long day and we just talked," Yugi replied, debating whether or not to tell him about their little talk.  Instead he let laid there, glad for the peace and quiet.  "Yami?  Can w do something tomorrow?"

            "Like what?"

            "I don't know, maybe go see a movie?"

            "Sounds good.  Just the two of us then?"

            "Well… how about we see who's free tomorrow?  I haven't seen the others in a while…"

            Yami just smiled as he tilted his face up to his.  "I think that's a good idea."  Still smiling he leaned forward and kissed him softly.  Hearing his light moaned softly he rolled him onto his back, still keeping the kiss light and settled most of his weight on his arms.

            Yugi moaned softly as his eyes drifted shut, letting the warm feeling wash over him as he reached up, running his fingertips along his dark love's face before sliding into his hair.  His other hand reached around to grip the back of his shirt tightly.  He could feel his mind slowly start to play the evil images in his head but he kept telling himself that Yami loved him and would never hurt him with such ferocity that he was clear to think for once.

            'Does this… Does this mean… that I'm ready?' he thought to himself.  He could feel his heart beat a bit faster as he felt one of Yami's hands slowly rub at his waist, pushing the shirt up and reached underneath to caress the soft skin beneath.  He stifled then turned his head to the side.

            "Y-Yami…" he managed to breath out, tightening his hold.

            "Do you want me to stop?" came the question, the hand stilled and crimson-red eyes looked down at him.

            "No… But I'm ticklish…" he panted, trying very hard not to laugh but it did feel really good.

            "… Then, I'll just have to be careful."  Yami smiled as he began to slowly run his palm along his side, caressing the warm and soft skin.  He could feel the quickening of his little light's heart that he slowly drew his hand out and moved up so he was leaning over him on his hands and knees, looking down at him.  'I have to make sure…' Yami thought to himself as he tried to contain his own desires.  'I'm not going to destroy all the hard work we've done in bringing him back.'

            Confused, slightly dazed violet orbs looked up at him, the soft pink lips parted as he panted;  slowly his hand loosened it's grip from his hair and shirt, falling to rest on his shoulder as the other fell next to his own head on the pillow.  'Why… Why did he stop?  Is it because, he doesn't want me?'


            'Oh Kami here it comes.'

            "Yugi… tell me what you want?"

            'What?!'  He blinked and looked up at the spirit of the puzzle.  "What I want?"

            The leather creaked softly as the figure within them shifted, sitting up on his knees as he continued to look down at him.  "Tell me what you want."

            "I want…"  Yugi paused as he thought about it.  'Do I really want this?  What's gonna happen afterwards?  Will he leave me?  No he wouldn't do that he loves me I know it!!  It's just a risk I'll have to take.'  "I want you."

            "You want me…"

            (Due to the NC17 ban this chapter has had the lemon edited out.  Sorry everyone but thanks to idiots who banned me the first time and other people, whose stories I loved to read, this was forced to fall right on our necks.  If you want to read the lemon then please look for the following Screen Names at the following sites:  Shadow of Light @ MediaMiner.org or ShadowofLight @ AdultFanFiction.Net)

            Yugi sighed, completely satisfied as he curled around his guardian/lover happily.  There was a good side to having sex and he was very glad that Yami showed it to him.  He yawned cutely as he snuggled into the strong chest, wrapping the blankets and arms around him tightly.  "Yami?"

            "Hmm?"  A hand reached out, gently stroking his hair that was lightly damp with sweat.

            "Ai shite'ry yo… my pharaoh."  He could feel the smile as he slowly began to drift to the land of dreams.

            "Ai shite'ry yo… my angel."  Kissing his slightly swollen lips Yami held him close as he slowly began to drift to sleep as well.  From the desk the puzzle laid there, the eye in the center glinting in eh moonlight as it seemed to glow for just a moment.  Before it could gain any attention the glow died down.  Sins had been forgiven and hearts were mended but more importantly, two lost souls found love within one another and would never be alone ever again.

~The End~

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