Summer Fun – by Panny
Chapter One: Sand and Sun

Salt water rushed up against white sand, turning it a dark brown before rushing back into the ocean. Children ran about, playfully dodging the water as it attacked the bottom of their feet with the tide. Parents relaxed and swam, glad to be free from the stresses of work and everyone on the beach just tried to have fun. A red convertable pulled up near the dock, and 5 people who appeared to be teenagers jumped out, running towards the sand.

This is so great! Marron yelled out, running down the wooden steps wearing a red bikini top and a red skirted bottom. Bra ran closely behind wearing a one piece aqua green bathing suit with holes cut out to reveal just enough of her near perfect body. Goten followed wearing dark blue trunks. Behind them Trunks was walking in purple trunks while Pan rode on his shoulders wearing a collared purple one piece. Walking behind avoiding attention was Ubuu who was wearing a yellow speedo and feeling extremely embarrassed.

After finding a suitable place to put their things the six friends headed for the water, Ubuu moving more quickly than the others to reach the safety of the water where no one could see him. Pan ran up behind him, lifting him out of the water and yelling out to everyone at the beach to look. Ubuu struggled with the girl as the others began laughing around him. A couple of boys walked by and began laughing at the dark skinned boy.

Hey Todo, check it out. Ever seen a bathingsuit so tight, ya can see everything through that.

Yeah and from the looks of what I'm seeing he don' mind that girl grabbin him either.

Pan looked up at Ubuu and dropped him in the water, her face turning beet red as she turned her back to her friends, her whole body shaking. Ubuu lowered in the water till all that showed was his nose and eyes, which he held shut. Trunks waded over to him and rested a hand on his shoulder. Hey don't worry man. He comforted. Pan's done much worse to me, believe me. Ubuu turned to face Trunks who seemed to be embarassed thinking about what she had done. Really? What did she do? Pan's ear pirked as she waited for Trunks to answer.

Well we were at an indoor pool during the winter so it was heated and you know what heat does to well you know. So I get out of the pool and there's a bunch of girls looking at me so I'm acting all cool like till Pan gets out of the water and grabs my shorts. They went down and the girls eyes followed. I fell back into the pool and ended up loosing the shorts too. Ubuu laughed out loud along with everyone else.

Hey y'know why I think she did it? Trunks asked. Marron and Bra snickered, knowing what he was going to say. My guess is she was jealous that she couldn't have me to herself. That or there was something she wanted to see. Pan swam over with a look of pure evil on her face, placing her mouth right near Trunks ear.

Say Trunks? She asked wickedly. You wouldn't want a repeat of that pool incident would you? There sure are a lot of pretty girls on this beach, and I wouldn't hesitate to throw you onto the sand after I do it for all to see.

Trunks laughed nervously and patted Pan's head. Now relax Pan-chan. I know you want to look again but that's just not something I can let you do. Pan's face turned red in anger and Goten broke into a fit of laughter as his neice began chasing his best friend around in the water. In any case Ubuu was far less embarassed now.

After everyone had calmed down they left the water to relax on their towels and eat lunch. Bra and Goten spoon-fed each other their lunches as everyone else grew nauseous watching them. After the two noticed their friends stares they stopped and everyone else began eating. Marron had a lunch box that she had made that morning and Trunks had one his mother had made. Ubuu bought a snack box from the concession stand and Pan watched everyone else hungrily.

Say Pan? Bra asked. What's wrong, did you forget your lunch?

No, I just didn't make one. She answered quickly, sliding her bag farther behind her back. Bra sneered and leaned back against Goten. Don't lie girl, you were telling me this morning about how you had spent like three hours cooking this morning. Pan sunk inward as her face flushed and her friends all turned to face her.

Pan cooking? Ubuu asked incrediously. That's something I gotta see. Trunks nodded agreably and Goten smiled encouragingly at her. Hoping to avoid showing the lunch (which resembled a pot of rice that had been hit by a truck), Pan grabbed the lunch box and ran yelling If you want to see it you gotta get it first. Much to her embarassment no one followed and she had to trudge back to their spot and hand over her lunch. Marron, being the cook of the group, pulled off the top, then held it out at arms length as if just being near it would make her sick. The other four leaned to look, then peeled back in unison, their faces plastered with fake smiles. Slowly Pan took the box and stared at it before flinging it over her shoulder.

Wh- what'd ya do that for? Goten asked, looking at the box which even the hungry beach dogs left untouched. Despite it looking rather gotesque, food was food and no saiyan wasted a meal. Pan fell back onto her towel and stared at the sky. It doesn't matter does it? No one would eat it and it was just embarrasing to have it around, y'know? I'll just have to try to do it again when I get home.

That's the spirit! Marron cheered, standing and knocking over their umbrella. And I'll help you do it too!

You will? Pan cried, standing alongside Marron with tears in her eyes. Marron nodded and the two stared at each other proudly.