Summer Fun – by Panny
Chapter Five: A Continuing Story

Dawn broke over the mountains and a soft light filtered into the Son household. Goten woke slowly and groggily, his movement like that of someone with lead feet. Remembering the events of the day before however his step livened as he made his way to the shower. Once washed and dressed he headed downstairs for a quick breakfast.

Hey there Goten. Videl greeted from the stove. You sure are up early.

Oh really? Goten replied sheepishly. His sister-in-law smiled in a way that made him realize how lucky his brother was. I hadn't even noticed. Must have a lot on my mind, huh?

. Videl giggled. So are you and Pan going to see Bra today?

Actually, I'm heading over to see her once I eat. Pan said she'd rather visit later for some reason.

Alright, well make sure you give her our regards.

I will.

In her hospital room Bra moved her feet from side to side, trying to keep herself entertained. There was nothing on TV and she had read all the magazines left by her parents the night before. She just wished something interesting would happen.

A while later the door opened and she looked over, then felt her jaw drop as a huge bouquet of flowers walked in.

At least that's what it looked like as Goten struggled to get into the door. Bra laughed while he looked for a place to put the blossoms, finding it too large for both her bedside dresser and table he put them at the foot of the bed and smiled.

Hey Bra.

Bra tried hard not to laugh as he suddenly went from a comedic scene to someone completely serious. She greeted, shutting her mouth quickly.

So, how are you feeling today? he asked, sitting at the side of her bed. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Okay I guess. Not much is going on. I was getting pretty bored.

Oh? I guess it's a good thing I came over then.

Actually, yeah. I was hoping you could tell me something Goten.

And what's that?

What did you and Marron talk about on the beach?

She could see he was taken aback by her questions so she just sat and waited while he struggled to maintain his composure. Sure, he had sworn to Marron to say something, but he wasn't counting on having to do so right away. Scratching the back of his head he looked pensively to the side, then looked at her nervously.

I, well uh.. y'see. It's like this. Umm we got to talking about how her and Uub were together all of a sudden and how it was kinda strange that they were always together before but it took this, for them to notice it. And while we were talking I started to realize something

You know what Marron? You're right. It's not odd at all to find someone you love right in front of you. And I'm just realizing that.

Oh really? How so Goten?

Well, I'm starting to see how I really feel about you, and how much I truly love you. And how I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you. That's why I...

The small room fell silent as the two partial saiyans stared at each other, one with thought, the other with apprehension. Goten struggled to breathe through the thick air of uncertainty until Bra smiled.

That's why...?

"Well, uh. When you're old enough that is...I want to marry you. She smiled at him again, this time almost shyly. Gradually her smile widened and she cursed her batteref body that kept her from flinging her arms around the man she loved.

"Oh Goten! You have no idea how happy that makes me.

You really mean that Bra? Goten asked, overcome with joy. He enveloped her in a tight hug then pulled back and smiled. She smiled back at him and they pulled close again. Hey, Goten Bra whispered towards his ear. Pan's supposed to be coming soon, so do you think maybe, y'know, you could stop by later?

Huh? Yeah, sure. I'll be back in a bit. He jumped up, still smiling and made his way out, continually looking back and smiling until he had left. Bra giggled as he stumbled his way out of view, then turned her TV on. It was another hour or so before anyone else came to see her. This time, rather than Pan whom she was expecting, her father came in.

She hadn't really thought he'd come by at all, especially not on his own. He sat next to her rather gruffly and nodded in her direction. She smiled at the sentiment' and rolled over towards him.

Hey Daddy. She greeted. He looked over but gave no other sign of recognition. Used to his indifferent attitude she continued talking without need for reply.

I read all those magazine that mom brought by. Tell her thanks for bringing them.

He nodded.

And, uh-

She was loosing her nerve as she watched his face, harder and more scornful than usual. Worriedly she pondered as to whether or not he was still mad about her going into the gravity room.

Papa. About the gravity room I'm really sorry I went in there when I'm not supposed to and uh I'll never do it again, I promise

He shook his head slightly.

I uh She sighed and rolled over onto her back to face the ceiling.

You don't need to fight.

Surprised to hear her father talking she rolled back over.

There's no reason for you to fight. That's all I'm saying.

Well, yeah, I know. But I feel so left out. I mean, I'm the only one who doesn't, right?

Your damned mother doesn't

That's not what I mean. Bra said exasperatedly. I mean I'm the only saiyan who doesn't fight. You, Trunks, Pan, Goten and Gohan. Everyone but me fights.

Since when does that matter. You never cared before. You're fine off as a human.
Vegeta stood to leave, not glancing at all in his daughters direction.

Daddy wait!

He stopped at the door and waited.

It didn't matter before but it does now. Bra said, half whispering. He gave a small nod and walked out.