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############################################################################ ##########

"Ahh! Finally School is here!" Tea exclaimed, stretching her arms out wide.

The four friends were walking on campus grounds for it was the first day of school. Everywhere they saw old faces they recognized from last year, along with some new faces as well. Tea was ecstatic, Yugi was smiling like he always does and Joey and Tristan were both grumbling.

"What's so great about it?" Joey mumbled. To him, school was just a waste of time. You can't get anything out of it.

"Oh come on Joey, school is fun! It's not all bad." Yugi said, looking back at his friend.

"Whatever you say Yugi." Was the reply.

The four continued to talk about stuff, mostly duel monsters, until they came to sit down under the shade of a huge tree.

"Hey Tristan, you've been awfully quiet. What's wrong?" Tea asked. Indeed Tristan hadn't said a word since they had started talking under the tree. He was gazing across the campus.

"Hey Tristan what's wrong?" Joey asked waving his hand swiftly in front of Tristan's face.

"Huh? What? Oh, sorry guys, it's just that there's a girl I've never seen on campus here before, she's over there." He said, pointing to a girl in the opposite side of the school grounds, all alone.

"Oh....maybe she's a new girl." Tea said, not really being bothered.

" I guess." Tristan said, leaving it at that. Yugi and Joey though, started staring at the girl.

"She's beautiful." Joey said, in a trance and drawling.

"What? You can't even see her face from here." Tristan said narrowing his eyes to look.

Before anything else could be said, the bell rang.

"Come on guys, we're gonna be late." Tea said.

**************************************************************************** ************* First Subject: Uhm, Homeroom I guess.

The class was noisy. People were talking to people. No one noticed the teacher walk in so he had to rap on the table with his hand to get their attention.

"Good morning class. I'm your homeroom teacher, Ms. Misaku, and you, are section 2-A. Now before I begin I would like to introduce you to our new student. Ms. Kinoshi, please come in."

The whole class turned to the door as it opened. A girl about their age stepped in. She had dark brown hair lightly resting on her shoulders, her green eyes were bright, she was thin and her skin was perfect. (Everybody has different definitions of perfect skin, I'll let you imagine.) She was wearing the school uniform with a small smile on her lips.

"Ah, here we are, would you please introduce yourself?" Ms. Misaku said.

The girl nodded and slowly stepped in front. (She was waiting by the door.)

"Hello, I'm Ayane Kinoshi, I transferred here from Hisuko High, that's all I guess."

"Okay then, um, you could take a seat. um." the teacher paused looking for an empty seat. Finally, spotting an empty seat she motioned to it while taking her seat plan.

"There you can take the seat next to....." *looks at seat plan* " Mr.....Kaiba? Yes, that's it, the one over there."

Everyone looked as Ayane took the seat next to Kaiba. Joey looked especially shocked because he was half way ready to pushing Tristan out of the seat next to him and offer it to Ayane. Tristan though grabbed his hand and twisted it.

"Ouch! What you do that for?!" Joey complained.

"You idiot, you were about to push me off!" Tristan said, smacking Joey from the back.

"But Tristan, she's the girl we saw earlier!"

"She is?"

"No duh!"

"Would you two please settle down!" Ms. Misaku said, glaring at the two teens.

"Y-yes ma'am." Both chorused.

Ms. Misaku was about to start roll call when the intercom started to act up and the voice of the Principal's secretary was heard.

"All home room teachers, please proceed to the Principal's office for a brief meeting, again, all Home room teachers, please proceed to the Principal's office for a brief meeting, thank you."

"Oh...... well if you will excuse me class, seems I have to go...... you just do your things while I'm gone okay?" and with that she left.

The whole room burst into chatter. People took the time to pass notes, others took out their cell phones and game boys to play and do whatever.

*Dialogue between Yami and Yugi. *


(Yes Yami?)

(You like this new girl?)

(What?! I mean, no I don't.)

(Don't attempt lying to me Yugi.)

(Huh, how do you know anyway?)

(I can see into your soul, and when the girl walked in, you had the same feeling you use to have when you were around Tea.)

(My thoughts are private Yami.)

(I see.)

With that, the deep voice of Yami stopped conversing. Inside his head, Yugi knew Yami was smiling.

*Between Bakura and Ryou*

(My, my Ryou!)

(What is it Bakura?)

(You feel things for that girl!)

(Yes, I do.wait, did I just say that?!)

(Amazing how many tricks I can play on your mind Ryou.)


Ryou could hear his Yami laughing. Suddenly he was aware of his seatmate staring oddly at him.

" alright? You're talking to yourself." Josh Kimono said.

"I'm ok." Bakura (Hikari) said.

*On to where Ayane and Kaiba sat.*

Ayane took out a small laptop from her backpack. She was a studious type by nature. She could also write but now she was very busy um.uh. doing stuff on her laptop thingy!

Kaiba paid no heed to his new seatmate. To him she was just another girl. Ayane was focused on the screen of the laptop when she heard some girls talking.

"Kinoshi huh?"

"Isn't that the name of some rich family?"

"Some very rich family tha owns a lot of companies here and in the U.S.A. is what I hear."

"Yah, the school she transferred from, Hisuko High, is a school for all those rich people."

"I hear the tuition there is very expensive."

"So why'd she transfer here?"

"I don't know, all I know is she's probably the richest person here in the school."

"Oh! Next to Kaiba-kun of course!" and with that the girls proceeded to giggle uncontrollably.

Ayane did not smile at the conversation. She was still focused on whatever she was doing. She remembered that "Kaiba" was the boy beside her.

"Kaiba-kun eh?" She smirked.

Kaiba eyed his seatmate, well more of a glare, surprised at the comment. He thought that this girl was just an ordinary girl, but he had found out she wasn't. She was probably as rich as he was, as smart, and had an attitude too.

"Kaiba." He said coldly, wanting to take out the little er...add-on.

"Oh, I didn't notice you could speak." She said, the smirk still in place.

*A bunch of note passing dialogue from Yugi to Bakura* (don't worry both are Hikaris)

Yugi: Hey Bakura, how's your day going?

Bakura: Fine Yugi, except for the part where my seatmate caught me talking to my Yami.

Yugi: So what'd you think of the new girl?

Bakura: I think she's pretty and I've fallen in love with her.

Yugi: What?!

Bakura: Oops, my Yami got a hold of my hand.

Yugi: But is that more or less how you feel?

Bakura: I haven't fallen madly in love with her.

Yugi: I think she's nice.and pretty too.

Joey: (Don't ask me how he got in.) That girl's hot, look she's talking to Kaiba!


Kiba gave her a little "tcht" and turned away. Insolent fool! He thought. After what seemed like forever Ms. Misaku came back and the class quieted down.

"I'm sorry for the delay class. Anyway, I will now assign Lab partners now; your Lab partner will be your partner for all science experiments and reports. Clear? Okay, now to save time, I've decided your seatmates will be your lab partner's okay? Good, oh there goes the bell, well I'll see all of you later."

*Kaiba's thoughts*

She's my partner? That's all right I guess, she doesn't seem like those giggling girls in the back. She seems okay.she sort of looks nice when she looks bored and she tilts her head to one side..Wait, what am I thinking?!


Kaiba shook his head. He definitely needed more sleep.

**************************************************************************** ******************************

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