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**************************************************************************** *****

Joey looked at his watch, finally the day was about to end and he had just enough time to see the results of the culinary arts club tryouts. He ran up the stairs, gasping for air because he had been running around the campus all day. He reached the outside of the cooking room just as Shira, a girl who was a member, was posting something on the bulletin board by the doors.

"Hey, is that the list of new members?" Joey asked, after he had successfully caught his breath.

"Ah, Hai, you tried out earlier if I'm correct?" She replied.

"Yeah, the club was my first choice!" Joey said enthusiastically.

"Mmm, yes I remember you, what's your name again?"

"Joey! Joey Wheeler!" He said, extending his hand, expecting the girl to take it. Instead though, she put a finger to her chin and scanned the list.

"Well, Joey-san, congratulations, you made the list." She smiled.

Joey's eyes gleamed. He ran up to the list as Shira went back inside the Cooking room. He scanned the list himself, as if not believing what Shira had just told him. Indeed, he saw his name, Joey Wheeler 2-A, under the word sophomores, on the list. He gave out a loud yahoo and a whole lot of other sounds which attracted the attention of a boy coming down from the nearby stairs.

"What are you howling about Wheeler?" Came Kaiba's cold sneer.

"Huh? Wha? Kaiba? Nothin, mind your own business moneybags!"

Kaiba just narrowed his eyes at him. He shoved him over and looked at the waiting piece of paper. Joey was too stunned to move. He slowly watched as Kaiba turned around and faced him.

"Cooking? Was that the best of your ideas Wheeler?" He smirked, giving Joey that 'I'm so better than you that I have 10 clubs begging me to join' look.

"Like I said Kaiba, mind your own business." Joey growled.

He smirked even more. "I supposed they were desperate for anyone who would try their 'experiments'".

Joey was about to throw Kaiba a one-two punch but suddenly restrained himself, thinking that this probably was the only club he was going to get into and it wouldn't help if the moderator caught him fighting with someone right in front of the cooking center.

"Just back off okay?! And don't tell anyone." Joey growled before stalking off.

Kaiba was about to give him a snide 'or else what' but he felt something inside stop him. Something that told him it was wrong. For a moment a flash of the time when Ayane had stopped them from fighting appeared. The look in her eyes made his mouth shut up. He shook himself, and then headed the opposite way.

When he was sure he was alone in some strange corridor that was apparently not in use, he just sat there. He sat on the floor, leaning on the wall and he pulled one of his legs up to his chest, even though it was so unlike him. He held is head in his two hands.

What was happening to him? Was he still the same person he was a few months ago. Well obviously he had changed but he wasn't about to admit that to himself.

**************************************************************************** *********

Tristan changed back into uniform inside the locker room. Sweat dripped from his forehead and the talk going on in the locker room made it seem even hotter.

"Yo Tailor! How you doin?" He heard a familiar voice greet.

His face turned up from his bag to Rod. The boy was holding a clipboard along with some sort of aloof grin on his face. Tristan zipped up his bag and turned to him.

"Pretty good, I just really hope I get in, the try outs took the whole day, I haven't tried out for any other clubs." Tristan said, pointing out quite the obvious.

Rod just nodded, looking somewhere distant. Tristan wondered what was wrong with him. Before he could ask, the coach called everyone's attention. The results he said, would be posted up on Tuesday (otherwise known as tomorrow). There will be four people in, 4 or so in the training pool, maybe less, and the rest are out.

Everyone inside nodded, to tired to do anything more. They moved out of the locker rooms one by one. Just before Tristan exited, he felt Rod grab his shoulder. When Tristan turned to him, he looked around before speaking.

"Listen, Taylor, I know I shouldn't be saying this but, you know the four people accepted?"


"You're in there."

**************************************************************************** *******************

Ayane slapped her forehead. She just remembered where she really was supposed to go. The Auditorium. She closed her eyes and tried to remember where it was located. She felt a cold wind pass by swiftly and her eyes shot open. No one was there however, so she shrugged it off.

"Yeah, wasn't the auditorium.......this way?" Ayane asked herself, turning around about 45 degrees from where she stood.

She crossed some corridors and went up some stairs. She began to recognize the halls more and more. She passed the Audio Visual Rooms and remembered that if she passed the computer rooms and turned right at a certain corridor, she would end up near the auditorium.

Making her way there, she felt the cold wind pass by again. She eyed her surroundings wearily, thinking she must be sick. She proceeded through the corridors and a huddled up figure came into view. She narrowed her eyes to see what it was.

"Seto?" She asked more to herself.

She walked quietly over to him. Indeed it was the blue-eyed wonder boy (just gotta love that nickname.) In minutes she was crouched beside him. Sensing someone was beside him, Seto looked up. For a flash of a moment, Ayane saw, sort of a lost look in his eyes, but it was all gone and his cold glare replaced it almost immediately.

"What do you want?" He asked.

"Oh, nothing...just want to know what you're actually doing."

Seto eyed her for a moment, and then stood up. She stood up too and smiled up at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Are you going back to the classroom now?" She asked.


"I mean...cause if you're not, do you wanna come with me to the drama club auditions?" She asked, shuffling her feat a bit.

"Why would I want to audition for the drama club?"

"I'm not asking you to, I was just wondering if you wanted to watch."

Seto raised his eyebrow a bit, and nodded. Ayane brightened up and dragged him to the auditorium. Seto just looked at her with wondering eyes. They neared the auditorium and quietly went in. To their surprise, it was a bit chaotic inside. Someone ran up to them.

"Are you auditioning?"

"Well, uh......"

"We're trying to rap up the auditions so are you auditioning or not?" The girl said hurriedly.

"Yeah, yes, I'm auditioning!" Ayane said.
The girl grabbed Ayane's wrist and dragged her to the stage. Once near, Ayane went up the stage and Kaiba stayed. The girl started to push him up the stage.

"Come on don't be shy! We don't have time for that!"

"But I'm not-"

"I don't care if your ready or not! Get up there."

"I'm not au-"

"Look, your friend is up there? Do the same!" And with that, she gave him one last shove.

He stumbled onto the stage with an agitated look on his face. The teacher in charge motioned for him to fall in line with the others. Grumbling, he went and stood beside Ayane who gave him a questioning look. He glared at her.

The auditions went on and of course, Kaiba gave 0% effort. He began to question why he even went there in the first place. They had scrip reading first, then a sort of group role playing audition. It was time for the last one. Kaiba thanked his lucky stars it was almost over. He was running out of patience.

"Alright, since we are in a hurry, we'll probably do this by pairs. This'll also test your stage abilities. As soon as you're done, you may exit the auditorium. Okay, number 3 and 4 you are a............"

(Stage abilities are being able to cry, faint, etc. at will or do those things you wouldn't normally do in front of a room full of audience.)

Ayane only half listened to the explanations. It wasn't her turn anyway. More of her attention was focused on Kaiba who looked angry and bored at the same time. He saw her looking and mouthed a rather rude, "What?" She just smiled and shook her head.

She could hear one of the students who were currently auditioning pretending to cry. Her mind wandered off to what she would be asked to do. She didn't have to wait long, since right after, her number was called, along with another number.

"Hey, isn't that your number?" She asked Kaiba.

"What? I guess so." He shrugged.
They both walked over to center stage and waited for the situation. A student unrolled a piece of paper and read it slowly. Then, she looked up to the two and read it aloud.

"Alright, you guys are two lovers who are never going to see each other again because the girl is moving to another continent. Stage ability here is...maybe crying, just shock us and make us believe it as if it were a real situation. I'll give you some time to get in character."

Kaiba's eyes grew wide. It took some time before everything said got processed into his mind. He looked at Ayane who was covering her mouth. Her shoulders were shaking with laughter. After some time, she faced him.

"Well, let's get this over with." She whispered.

The teacher gave the signal. It was time to put their acting to the test. Ayane finally stopped laughing; she looked Kaiba in the eye and gave a small wink. She then put her arms around his neck and buried her head in his chest pretending to cry.

"I-I don't want to go." She stuttered, though Kaiba could see that little glint in her eye.

He was struck motionless for a moment. Deciding on what to do, he took a deep breath and followed along. He put his arms around her and held her close.

"I don't want you to, but I don't think there's anything we can do." He said, with as much emotion as he could muster.

Ayane lifted her head and pulled away a bit. Kaiba grabbed her shoulder and made her face him. She looked into his eyes.

"Tell me you love me, please, that's all I need...." She trailed off. Her eyes were sad and gave the impression that they had been crying. Her hands gripped his own shoulders.

Kaiba cupped her face with both his hands he leaned in closer, looking deep in her eyes.

(Ack, some guy told me this was Japanese for I love you, I don't know, I don't really have enough time to care, just replace it with whatever is really correct.)

"Aishiteru." He said.

What Kaiba did next was unexplainable. He leaned in closer. He couldn't explain what it was. Ayane gave a sad smile, still in her character and closed her eyes. Kaiba did the same. He could hear his heart beating. It was the only sound in the auditorium. Within seconds their lips met. Kaiba pulled her closer. It was perfect. He deepened the kiss and Ayane offered no objection. The rush of sudden emotion took over his body. He could forget about everything else now. The world had narrowed down to him and Ayane. Ayane however, did not forget there were Teachers watching. She pulled away and looked at his deep blue eyes, her arms around his neck.


All ten or so people in the audience stood up and started clapping. Ayane took a comical little bow and Kaiba just began to dust off imaginary lint from his sleeve. They went down from the stage and exited the auditorium. Kaiba was still in a sort of half trance. He touched his lips. Ayane stared at him. He saw her and just smirked. She brightened up and hugged him.

"Oh thank you Seto! I know you didn't want to audition in the first place but thank you anyway." She smiled up at him.

"Yeah, you owe me....two." He said, almost thoughtfully.

"Huh? Two?"

"One, for making me get up there in the first place, and two, for making me pull that stunt up there." He said snidely.

"What, you didn't like it?" She smiled sneakily. Seto eyed her. She laughed quietly.

"Just joking, okay then, I owe you two. Are you happy?" She asked as they both headed for their homeroom classroom.

"......." He didn't say anything.

They walked silently together for a moment. Seto thought quietly to himself. Did he like it? Stupid question, he told himself. He sneaked a glance over to Ayane who was fiddling with a balllpen she had taken from her pocket. She was twirling it between her fingers. He gave a slight smile. Yeah, he did enjoy it.



"You know what?"

"What?" He asked a little more exasperatedly.

She leaned close to his ear. "You're no fun." She laughed a little and ran ahead. Seto just stared after her, rolled his eyes and followed.

**************************************************************************** ******************

By the end of the day, everyone was already in their respective homeroom classrooms, just waiting for the final bell to ring. Many were talking about the clubs they tried out for and which ones they were going to join.

"So where are you going to go Yugi?" Ayane asked.

"I don't know, wherever I'm accepted I guess." Yugi shrugged.

"How about you guys?" Ryou asked, motioning over to Joey and Tristan who were having one of their thumb wars.

"Yeah! One two three four and five! I win Joey!" Tristan said, finally releasing his grip on Joey's thumb.

"Yeah, yeah, so where were you off to today ol' buddy?" Joey mumbled.

"What? Huh? Who, me? Uhm, you know, here and there." Tristan said.

Joey's gaze narrowed. He was about to pry more, but then the homeroom teacher entered.

**************************************************************************** ******************

Just to clear up a little confusion, I'll put up which clubs the guys tried out for...

Yugi – Historian's Club, The Back Issue, Reader's Club (Don't give me crap about any of this alright?)

Joey – Culinary Arts Club, Computer Club.

Tea – Ballet Club, Dance Club, Cheering Squad, Home Maker's Club.

Tristan – Basketball Club

Ayane – Drama Club, Chess Club, Debater's Club, Computer Club.

Ryou – Drama Club, Computer Club, The Back Issue, Art Club.

Kaiba – Computer Club, Drama Club, Math Club, Science Club.

All clear? Good.

**************************************************************************** ***********

"Well, I see you're all still pretty lively today. Tomorrow all club results will be posted on the bulletin boards, anybody who still doesn't have a club will proceed to room," She said, pausing to glance at her clipboard. "Ah, room 302 tomorrow, ok?"

Everyone nodded. Joey felt someone smirk at him when the teacher said something about "not having a club". He shrugged it off. Ms. Misaku told all of them they could do whatever they wanted for the remainder of the period.

"C'mon Tristan, tell me what you tried out for." Joey whined.

"You can go first Joey." He just mumbled.

"I tried out for the computer club." He beamed proudly.

Tristan frowned, that really wasn't the answer he was expecting.

"Oh come on you guys, we're all going to find out everyone else's club anyway, just spill it." Tea reasoned.

"Fine...I tried out for...the Basket ball club." Tristan said slowly, a dramatic aura surrounding him.

His two friends just sweat dropped.

"So....that's it, huh?" Tea asked with mild annoyance.

Tristan came back from his dramatic hero trance., "Huh? So you guys won't laugh?"

"Course not! My buddy in the team? Nothin to laugh bout there." Joey said.

"Uh huh, so what did you try out for Joey?"

"Er...well, you know, that club, here, there, in that room, ahh, you know."

"No we don't Joey, just spill it." Tea said.

"I tried out for the cooking club." He said in a barely audible whisper.

"What?" Tea asked, tucking some hair behind her ear. "I didn't hear you."

"I tried out for the cooking club." He said, just a little louder.

"Huh? Speak up Joey." Tristan said.

"I tried out for the cooking club." Joey said, just a little bit more louder. (wrong grammar but who cares?)

"What?" Tea and Tristan chorused.

"I TRIED OUT FOR THE COOKING CLUB! THERE, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!" Joey exclaimed standing up from his desk and yelling.

There was a dense silence in the room for a moment. What he did slowly dawned on Joey. He took his seat and slumped down on his desk. A shuffle of whispers and few small laughs went through the class. Smoke was coming out of Joey's ears and his friend's eyes were on him.

"Hey, um...you alright Joey?"

"Go ahead and laugh." He stated, head still buried in his arms on the desk.

"We're not going to laugh." Tea reassured, patting Joey on the back and glaring at Tristan for support.

"Um, yeah! It's nothing to be embarrassed about, go you Joey!" Tristan blurted, though inside, he was trying to stifle some laughter.

The bell rang soon enough, and one by one, the students went out of the classroom, still eagerly talking about their clubs. Yugi, Ryou, Ayane, Tea, Joey, and Tristan walked together and all sat around one of the stone benches in the schools campus.

"I can't wait for tomorrow." Ayane exclaimed.

"Yeah...me to." Ytugi said as if he were in a daze.

The four guys were familiar with the daze and recognized that Yugi was talking to his Yami inside his head, Ayane however, had no clue.

"Are you alright Yugi?" She asked.

"Oh, he's just talking to Yami." Joey said boredly, an elbow coming from Tristan quickly followed it.

"Yami? Who's he?" She asked, a puzzled expression resting on her face. How can someone talk to someone who wasn't there?

"Oh, don't mind him, he just babbles incoherently sometimes." Tea said, waving her hands with a rapid motion. "Uhm, Yugi's just nervous I mean, stressed out, you know? We've all had a long day." She said.

"Oh, guess your right." Ayane said, letting it rest at that.

"So do you guys want to go to that new place that opened up near the park?" Ryou asked, not really caring.

"Oh, sorry, gotta go to this place to get some point shoes." Tea said, digging a piece of paper out of her pocket. "This...is near your house right Ayane?" She asked, showing her the piece of paper.

"Hmm, yeah it's on the way. We can go together." Ayane said, standing up and gathering her things.

"I can't go either, I gotta go take care of some stuff at home." Joey shrugged.

"I'm going to check my e-mail when I get home...." Tristan said.

"I'll go, Grandpa's having the game shop renovated, he told me it was better if I stayed out for a while."

The friends got up and left the bench. They all went their separate ways, except those whose ways were the same. You get it. Tea and Ayane crossed the road and walked onto the street just across their school.

"So, do you think you'll get in?" Ayane asked.


She shrugged. "Anywhere you tried out for."

"Oh, I think I have a pretty good chance in the first two clubs." She stated thoughtfully.

They turned a corner.

"How about the third club?"

"Cheering Squad? I don't think Andrea will be to keen on letting me on you know..."

"Tea, you didn't."

"I just thought to give it a try...."

"Well, I just hope you'll get into the other clubs you tried out for..."

"What about you?"

"Well, I tried out for the Drama club." Ayane replied, a strange smile playing on her lips.

"Oh, what did you have to act out?"

"Well, it's quite funny."

Ayane told her the whole story and stopped right about when the kiss happened.

"Oh look, we're here." Ayane smiled as they stopped at the door of a small shop that sold ballet clothes.

"Tell me what happened." Tea said. She had been hanging onto every word of the story.

"Don't you have to get your point shoes?" Ayane asked, leading the way in the store.

The two girls went in and were greeted with the light scent of strawberries. Tea walked over to the point shoes on display and began to look through them. Ayane just leaned by a wall and stared off into space, reminiscing the day's earlier events. After a saleslady helped Tea pick some point shoes, she asked again.

"So, what happened?" She asked, taking off a pair of white point shoes.

"He leaned in......and kissed me." Ayane said. Her own words made a wide smile appear on her face.

"WHAT?" Tea exclaimed.

"I'm telling the truth..." Ayane trailed off.

"You're lying right? I mean, if anyone in school found out...." Tea said, heading over to the counter to pay.

"They're not going to." Ayane said almost amused at how all of this was playing out.

"How are you so sure?" Tea asked as they walked out of the store.

"Cause I'm not telling, you're not telling, and I'm pretty sure Seto won't be talking about it." Ayane reasoned.

"What about the other people who were in the room?"

"Oh, well there were barely a handful of them, and they all thought we were acting, given the circumstances."

"Were you?" Tea asked, as they walked on.

"Well, I guess, I was, I mean, I'm not planning to move to another continent soon...." Ayane trailed off.

"But during the kiss....."

"What about it? Seto just did what he had to do..."

"Did he really have to do it?"

"Well, no, and that's why I owe him now."

They reached her house.

"I still can't believe it." Tea shook her head.

"Oh come on, I bet Seto is off somewhere rinsing his tongue out right now." She smiled.

"Hey Ayane, I just realized-"

"Ayane! It's about time you got home, Oto-san is on the phone, he wants to talk to you right now!" Her brother yelled from the door.

"Oh, sorry Tea! Gotta go, see you tomorrow!" She waved as she ran across the yard to get to her house.

"Yeah, bye." Tea waved before turning back. "It's just that I realized...." She trailed, talking to herself now. "You've been calling him Seto all this time..."

**************************************************************************** *******

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**************************************************************************** **********

Ryou and Yugi were sitting at the café, calmly eating some pastries while they were watching Yami and Bakura duke it out in mid-air. No one else saw the two of course.

"So how did your try outs go?" Ryou asked.

"I guess they were okay." Yugi answered.

"I was wondering, what was your picture, you know, the one form the newspaper try outs?"

"Oh, well, it was sort of some people going on strike in front of a burning building." Yugi said.

"Oh, mine was a dog biting a duel monster card. I couldn't make head or tails of it, so I just made something up." Ryou shrugged.

"Really? Like what?"

Ryou sighed. "Headline: The rabid Dingo has struck again. Sources say people saw him devour a 10 year old kid, all that was left of him were his duel monster cards." "I didn't know you could get that creative."

"Neither did I, actually, I just go the idea from when Bakura accidentally swallowed, er....one of my cards."

The two Yamis heard the conversation and in no time at all, Yami was tumbling out with laughter. Bakura however was glaring at his Hikari.

"I told you to never mention that thing ever again!"

"Sorry Bakura." Ryou mumbled.

"Honestly, I think I expected that to happen one of these days." Yami laughed, resting his spirit like feet back on the ground.

"I-thought-it-was-a-piece-of cheese." Bakura growled, making the situation worse.

"Cheeheeheeheese?" Yami exploded in a fit of exhausted laughter.

"Come on Ryou, we're going home." Bakura hissed. He dragged Ryou by the arm and walked straight out of the café. People stare after him, wondering why a his arm was seemingly moving on it's own.

Yami ang Yugi just shook their heads.

**************************************************************************** ************

"Ryou! I thought I told you to never mention that little "cheese episode" ever again." Bakura growled as he paced around the air in the living room.

"I'm sorry Bakura, it just came up." Ryou said, watching as his yami fumed.

"Oh, I'll get that pharaoh, get him I will. Laugh at me will he? Well, I'll show him a thing or two." Bakura mumbled.

"Cool down Bakura, take it easy. Where were you today anyway?"

"Floating around, I actually saw your little girl friend wondering around the halls."

"Ayane? Where did she go?"

"Becoming a stalker are we?"

"I'm her friend." "Whatever you say. Well, she found that jerky tall blue guy-"


"Yes, now stop interrupting." Bakura said, obviously enjoying the attention he was getting. "Anyway, she found Kaiba sitting down in a weird position on the floor. They talked a bit and then they went into that big room with lots of chairs and a big stage."

"The auditorium?"

"Yeah, that's it. Anyway, she went up the stage and somehow he got dragged along with her. They went through the same things you did, along with a few other kids. Then guess what happened."





"Just tell me."



"Because then you wouldn't have to guess."

"Just tell me."


There was a minute if silence, Ryou eyed Bakura.

"Sorry, I got caught up in all those one liners, hehe, um, where was I?"

"You were about to tell me what happened."

"Oh yeah, right. So that Kaiba took her face in his hands and leaned and did this."

Bakura imitated Kaiba saying the I love you and doing the kiss. Of course in this case he was kissing his own hand.

"Well, in anycase that's what happened." Bakura said.

"No, you're lying."

"Yeah right. I supposed I only did that because I wanted to kiss my own hand." Bakura replied sarcastically, raising a hand wet with spit.

"No, but...she really kissed him?"

"Well, not exactly she kissed him, it was more of a he kissed her." Bakura said. "Or is that the same thing?" Bakura asked. He looked at the dismayed face of his Hikari.

"Don't worry Ryou." He said, floating over to the couch and sitting beside him. "I bet my life on it."


"They were only acting....just acting." He said.

"Yeah, probably....just acting." He kept this in mind as he did his chores and took a bath.

"Just acting."

Before he rested the ring on his bedside table and went to bed himself.

"Yeah....Bakura is right."

And it was to these words that he fell asleep to.

"They were just acting."

**************************************************************************** ***********
Seto slowly opened the doors to his mansion. It was quiet, though it was evident that Mokuba had just been here earlier. His gameboy was still on the elegant wooden coffee table a few feet from the doors. A few cartridges lay beside it and it itself, was still on. The monotonic music was playing. Mokuba must've been waiting for him.

Seto smiled. He hated the way he always had to go to the office and come home late, but he loved the way Mokuba always waited for him, even though Seto had told him numerous of times that it was not necessary. He walked closer to where the gameboy lay. Around the coffee table was expensive European furniture. As he neared the sitting area, he saw that Mokuba was sleeping on one of the chairs that had it's back to him. He smiled at the sleeping little boy. Carefully he picked the gameboy up and turned it off. The music stopped. Seto was about to make an attempt at carrying his little brother to his bedroom when Mokuba began to stir.

"Big Brother, you're home." He smiled.

Seto smiled back. "I am, it's time to go up to bed now." He gently told Mokuba.

A small frown formed on the boy's face but it quickly vanished. "Okay, have you asked her out yet?" He asked, still in a drowsy state.

Seto was taken aback by the question. "What?"

"Ayane, the girl you like so much."

"Where do you get your ideas Mokuba?"

The younger boy yawned and curled up to his side. "Don't hide it big brother, it's just that, you look *yawns* really...happy now." He said. "Something happened ant that's why you're smiling...." Mokuba trailed off. Within a few seconds he was back asleep.

Seto was left speechless. He turned to look at his own reflection in the grandfather clock a few feet away. It was true, there was something glowingly different about his disposition.

What happened........

**************************************************************************** *************

"Hayaku Ayane, oto-san is waiting." Her brother scolded her, crossing his arms.

"Alright, alright, I'm coming." Ayane exclaimed, as soon as she entered the house, she thrust her bag at her brother and ran for the phone down the hall.

"Father?" She said into the phone.

"Ah, Ayane, how do you like your new school there?"

"Oh it's great I have new friends and everything." She said into the phone.

"Don't you miss your old friends back at you're old school?"

"Ano....I guess so." She trailed, not really knowing where the conversation was going.

"Well, I've received a message from Hisuko High, and I think you'll be pleased to know that the school is up and running again, they've resolved all their past problems and they'll be ready to accept students again by the next school year."

"What? Oh, that's great, so the school is open again huh?" Ayane asked. She was happy because she knew some of the teachers there quite well, and was bothered when the school encountered problems.

"Yes. The message I received also informed me that due to some circumstances, they will only accept a number of students for the next year."

"Uh huh...." Ayane trailed, not really following the conversation.

"Ayane, you are one of those select few who have passed the board's deliberation and have been accepted again as a student there."

"What? Really? Whoa." Ayane exclaimed, she beamed a little.

"Yes, and I've already enrolled you."

"You what? Wait, so that means...."

"Yes, come next school year, you'll be back at Hisuko High." He stated.

"Wait a minute..."

"They have the highest academic standards, the most capable staff, the very best facilities, need I remind you."

"No, no you don't father but...."

"But what is it Ayane? I'm doing this for your own good. Your future even...."


"Well, it's best you be telling your new friends about all this. You still have a whole year you know. Don't get attached to anyone since it'll be harder on you in the end. You'll be saying goodbye very soon, before you even know it." Her father laughed a little, taking this as a light hearted situation.

The situation however, was very different on the other side of the telephone.


"What is it Ayane? Anything wrong?"

Ayane thought about it for a moment. Her father was doing this for her. She didn't want to disappoint him. Not now...at least.

"No, nothing is wrong." She said flatly.

"Good, well I'll see you in a few days, take care of yourself honey."

"Yeah, you too father." She said. Thoughts were running themselves tired in her head. Was there anything she could do? She felt like sinking to her knees just then, instead she leaned on a nearby end table, letting it support her.

"Are you sure nothing's wrong?" Her father asked, but by then he was just talking to a dead line.

Ayane slowly sat on the floor and found herself in the position Seto was in not too long ago. She had one year. One year, and then she had to say good bye. To everyone. To Yugi, to Ryou, to Tea, to Tristan, to Joey........and even....to Seto. She had to say good bye to Seto. Somewhere deep inside her, a pang hit. The thought of not seeing him anymore made her silently cry out in pain. She didn't want to lose him. She buried her head in her knees. A year would be over just like that....

Before she even knew it............ *************************************************************************** ****************

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