A/N This takes place after the second movie. It completely disregards the third and the new prequel movie. I think I'm just gonna scrap what I have here and redo the whole thing, because as it stands, it's pretty shitty. A newly revamped version should be here sometime soon.

Raised voices woke her. While laying there with her eyes closed she realized something was different. She could tell that she wasn't in her cell, but she wasn't in the lab either.

The raised voices were laced with feat which soon became panic, and then finally the only sounds heard were sobbing and a soft voice reciting something. She felt whatever she was laying on move beneath her, shaking slightly.

Slowly she found the strength to open her eyes, only to find a blurry blank ceiling above her. She was warm. A thick jacket was laying over her, tucked underneath her arms, insulating her body heat. The blood from her unhealing wounds had dried and crusted all over her arms and legs.

"She's awake," a gentle female voice beside her said. Slowly she turned her head towards the voice. A short young woman stood, staring. She was black, her soft white hair contrasting beautifully with her ebony skin.

Another person came into view. It was another young woman, taller this time. She was white, with brown hair except for two white streaks in the front.

"What is your name?" she asked.

"I do not have a name. I am mutant 427O1," she said. She still had a high amount of the serum in her. She would have to do whatever these people told her to.

"What were you doing there?"

"I could not leave."

"How old are you?"

"I do not know."

"I'm Ororo, or Storm. We're taking you somewhere where you'll be safe. Rest now," Storm said, tucking the blanket around her.

She closed her eyes and fell to sleep.