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"Shit," Logan muttered. He had found himself wondering around the lower level. This was the first place he'd ever seen Jean. 'Why am I even down here?' he thought to himself.

"Because I asked you to join us here," the professors voice sounded inside his head. Us?

"You'll see."

He sighed heavily. This place was Jean. No matter where he turned, there was something to remind him of her. One of her spare suits hanging in a glass case, her medical lab, where she spent most of her time.

"Ah, Logan. I was hoping you would join us." Logan shot the professor a glare, then his attention turned to the girl sitting on one of the tables, clutching one of her arms to her torso.

"Is this the one Waggner stole?"

"In other words, yes. She'll be staying with us for a while. But as of right now, she needs your help."

"Cut the crap." The girl flinched at his harsh tone. He sighed and consciously lowered his voice. "What is it you want from me?"

"She has metal bindings on her wrists and around her neck. I was hoping you would agree to remove them for me."

"Why couldn't Scott do it?"

"I'm afraid his concentration is a bit off at the moment. One inch error and he would kill her."

Logan rolled his eyes and began approaching the girl. As if everybody's concentration wasn't off. He extended just one of his long metal claws and the girls eyes widened and she gasped.

"Don't worry kid. I wont hurt you," he said as gently as he could.

Slowly, she lifted her uninjured arm. He took it in one of his large hands and slid his blade underneath the metal ring that fit tightly around her wrists. He made two cuts on each ring and they both fell from her arms. He was about to do the same to the ring that encompassed her neck, but as he moved her dark hair away, her sent washed over him.

He staggered as a random memory invaded his mind. He was in a kitchen and something was baking. He was standing behind a woman, his arms wrapped around her, and his hands resting on her large, warm belly. As he nuzzled his face into her dark hair, the same sent wafted to his nose. As he felt something move beneath his hand he was suddenly thrown back into reality.

He stood, blinking, not really seeing anything for a long time. And then her face came into view. Dark almond shaped eyes, rich dark hair. No, it couldn't be. This girl looked to be no older than 20. They couldn't be the same person.

He shook his head to clear his mind, than carefully cut the ring from her neck and slipped it off her.

After he had stepped back and retracted his blade, she closed her eyes and felt the healing energy wash over her. Her aches, cuts and bruises disappeared as her arm began mending itself. She sighed, her mind no longer clouded by the pain and weakness.

"Her skeleton, much like yours, has been surgically altered with ademantium." Another regenitive mutant? Logan thought, how many of them could there be.