Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans. They and all their characters belong to DC Comics and Cartoon Network.

Okay this is my first Teen Titan fic. The pairing is going to be Robin & Raven.


Robin sat enjoying the view from the top of the "T" tower. There hadn't been any major crime in the past two weeks so the titans had decided to take a break today. So while the others had gone off to do their various activities, Robin had escaped to the roof.

Usually Robin didn't distance himself from his teammates, but today he just wanted to be alone. However he had forgotten that there was at least one other person that used the roof for privacy.

Raven stood where she was, watching the titans' leader. To find Robin up here on the roof had startled her. More so than she cared to admit.

"Robin why aren't you down stairs with the others?" she asked.

"I will be in a moment. Right now I just want to enjoy the peace and quiet for a while." Said Robin.

Raven nodded and went back to her room. On the way she paused just long enough to see what the others were doing. Cyborg and Beast Boy were battling it out on some video game. Starfire was busy cooking in the kitchen. Seeing this Raven quickly hurried the rest of the way to her room.

"Starfire cooking. I think perhaps I will eat out tonight." Muttered Raven.

Relaxing, Raven started her meditation. However she was unable to keep her concentration as images of Robin floated through her mind.

"Argh. Why am I thinking of him?" Raven asked herself.

To Raven's relief the alarm sounded. Calmly she went to join the others. Not surprisingly so had Robin.

"What is it?" asked Raven.

"Looks like our friend Slade is on the move again." Said Cyborg.

"Let's go." Robin growled.

Raven and the other titans stared at him worriedly. It was obvious to them that when it came to Slade, Robin had little self-control. Raven silently promised herself to watch out for Robin during the upcoming battle.

Slade waited patiently in the shadows on the docks. All was going as planned. He knew that the titans would come, of that he had no doubt. If for no other reason than to protect their precious leader. Yes Robin would come. Slade was certain of that. After all the two of them were more a like than the boy wanted to admit.

"Remember, I want Robin in one piece. Do what you want with the others." Said Slade.

"No problem Slade." Answered Gizmo.

"See that it isn't."

The titans walked around the docks cautiously. They knew from experience just how dangerous Slade was. The episode with the nanotech probes was still fresh in every one's mind.

Robin didn't like what he was seeing or rather what he wasn't seeing. No Slade, Slade robots, or any members of H.I.V.E.

"Something isn't right." He muttered.

"Maybe we just missed them." Beast Boy joked.

Before any of the titans could reply, Beast Boy was suddenly pulled through the docks by a giant stone hand. Starfire was thrown away from the others by a remote jet pack.

"Beast Boy! Starfire!" shouted Robin.

Cyborg changed his arm to its cannon form. "That little freak Gizmo is around here some where, I know it."

Raven looked at their surroundings. Slade had chosen a good place to ambush them. With the ware houses, construction, and shadows, the H.IV.E. members could have hidden themselves any where.

Beast Boy was suddenly tossed into Cyborg. The green skinned shape shifter shook his head.

"Guess what? Cinderblock is here."

From the shadows Slade continued to watch. The H.IV.E. team had done quite well so far. But Slade couldn't allow the titans to regroup just yet. Pressing a button on his arm, Slade chuckled. 'This should be amusing.'

All around the titans large groups of Slade robots popped up. Add to that Jinx, Gizmo, and Cinderblock, and you had odds most people wouldn't even want to face. Luckily the Teen Titans were not most people.

"Titans go!" shouted Robin as he threw several birdarangs in all directions.

The birdarangs took down some of the Slade robots. Beast Boy changed into an octopus and began tossing more of the Slade robots at Cinderblock. Cyborg blasted the dock floor out from under Cinderblock's feet. The stone giant fell through to the ocean below.

Gizmo grinned as he snuck up behind Cyborg. Just as Gizmo was about to strike, Cyborg turned and grabbed him.

Cyborg grinned. "Not this time short fry."

Before Gizmo could react, Cyborg tossed the small genius down after Cinderblock.

Robin and Raven in the mean time were dealing with the remaining Slade robots. What neither of them could see was Jinx smiling as she fired. Robin saw the blast out of the corner of his eye. Then he saw where it was going, directly for Raven's back.

"Raven look out!"

Raven turned at the warning just in time to catch Robin's limp from. Raven stared at her unconscious friend in shock. The shock lasted only a moment then a rage Raven had known before over came her. Tendrils of dark energy shot out of Raven's cape hitting every remaining Slade robot. Jinx gasped in fear as the tendrils came straight at her.

Raven's face was a mask of pure rage as she watched Jinx get tossed around by the tendrils. After Jinx landed with a loud crash, Raven eyes widened she calmed down some. Turning back to Robin, she knelt next to her injured friend.

"Don't worry Robin every one's going to be all right." She whispered.

Slade watched the scene before him with interest.

"Interesting. Perhaps Raven is the key I need to have Robin once again." Slade said as a new insidious plan began to form.