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Raven watched Robin as the titans searched the ruins of their home. Debris was scattered every where. It was hard to believe that only a day ago that this island had been their home. 'Slade meant business when he destroyed the Tower.' She thought.

Her thoughts soon returned to Robin as she watched him bend down to pick something up. Raven suddenly felt her face blush and was glad that she had her hood on. She had never noticed before just how cute Robin was. Unknown to Raven someone else heard her thoughts.

Robin had picked up a piece of computer circuitry when he heard: 'I never noticed just how cute Robin is.' Surprised Robin turned around. The only person behind him was Rave and she was facing the opposite direction.

"Hey rob you find anything yet?" Cyborg asked unaware of his friend's distraction.

"No, just some pieces of our computer system. Whatever Slade used for explosives it was pretty effective." Said Robin.

"So what shall we do now friends?" inquired Starfire.

Before anyone could answer her a wave of purple energy knocked Starfire into the ground.


Cyborg and Robin turned around to see Jinx smiling at them. A moment later a long metallic leg suddenly crashed into Cyborg sending him several feet away from Robin.

"Now you get your butts kicked." Said a grinning Gizmo.

Robin growled, this was the last thing that he needed at the moment. Seeing Cyborg and the other titans were now surrounded by several Slade-bots, robin realized that he would have to face Gizmo and Jinx by himself.

"Come along peacefully now Robin. Slade is waiting for you." Said Jinx.

"Then he'll just have to keep waiting." Robin replied bringing out his bo staff.

Raven in the meantime was busy trying to keep Mammoth and Cinderblock from flattening her. Flying in the air Raven was able to stay out of their reach. Unfortunately that was all she was able to do since both brutes were now throwing debris at her.

Normally Raven would have kept calm about this, but she had noticed that the H.I.V.E. members were keeping Robin separate from the rest of the titans. However Mammoth's raising form brought Raven back to her own situation. Caught off guard Raven knew that there was no way to defend herself.

A green beam flew over Raven's shoulder and formed a wall between her and Mammoth. Mammoth's eyes widened as his momentum carried him straight into the green wall. A loud thud was heard from the impact. Mammoth fell to the ground unconscious. Cinderblock looked up to see the source of the wall. Floating in the air, glowing brightly was Green Lantern.

"Do you want to save yourself some trouble and just give up." Asked Green Lantern.

Cinderblock merely picked up a broken pipe and began swinging it like a club.

"I guess not." Green Lantern said and pointed his power ring directly at the oncoming Cinderblock.

"Man where did all these Slade-bots come from?" asked Beastboy.

"Doesn't matter just trash them. These tin cans are trying to keep us from helping Robin." Cyborg said firing his sonic cannon at another Slade-bot.

Several batarangs impaled the Slade-bots behind Beastboy. Batman merely nods before handling the next group along with a now conscious Starfire. Cyborg used the added distraction to his advantage and makes a run for Robin.

Back to Robin...

Robin parred one of Gizmo's techno spider legs with his bo staff. Sweat dripped down Robin's forehead as he struggled to stay one step ahead of his opponents. 'This is not good. I'm barely able to dodge Jinx's attacks let alone block Gizmo.' Thought Robin.

"Hang on Rob the calvery is on the way!" Robin heard Cyborg cry.

"Hey Robin catch!" Jinx said releasing a wave of energy directly at him.

Unable to disengage from Gizmo at the moment Robin panicked, wishing that he could somehow block the oncoming attack. To Robin's surprise Gizmo started to glow lack and float in the air.

"Hey what the snot is going on?" Gizmo shouted in confusion as he flew into the path of Jinx's attack.

Gizmo was not the only one confused. Robin himself wondered what had just happened before he dropped to his knees.

"Robin are you all right?" Raven asked as she and Cyborg reached him.

Robin nodded. "Yeah. That was a nice save back there Raven."

"Robin that was not me." Said Raven.

Robin looked at her. "You're kidding right? Who else could have done that?"

"Uh, Robin I think you might want to sit down for a minute." Said Cyborg.

"Huh" was all Robin could say before Starfire, Beast Boy, Green Lantern, and Batman joined them.

"Robin you are all right, thank goodness. Robin why are your eyes glowing black like that?" Starefire asked.

"Glowing? C'mon there not doing that are they?" Robin asked nervously.

"Star's not kidding dude. Actually it's kind of creepy the way your eyes are glowing with that mask of yours." Said Beast Boy.

'...But how can they be glowing? Does this mean I took care of Gizmo by myself then?' Robin asked himself.

Raven however heard his thoughts along with the sudden fear Robin was currently feeling.

"Robin relax I think I know what happened." Said Raven.

"Calm down! Raven my eyes are glowing not to mention the fact that I just tossed Gizmo without using my hands! How could I possibly be calm!" cried Robin.

As Robin ranted his eyes glow brighter and several pieces of debris around him began to float in the air.

To Be Continued...