~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Two of a Kind*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Author's note: This story takes place six months after Andross was destroyed. Jackie Orwall, Tyson Orwall, Linda Orwall, Gene Orwall, Trixy Monroe, Haley Warner, Sky Campton, Mark Cardi, Kate Zarra, Jamie McCloud, Jake O'Donnel, and Kyle O'Donnel are all my creations. If you want to use them in any way, please e-mail me first at art1st4786@cox.net. All other characters are creations of Nintendo. Thanks.

Just as a fair warning, I wrote most of this over a year ago, so my writing isn't as good in this as it is now (I've had another English course, which helps). If you see any grammar errors, repetitions, or anything, please disregard it. Again, I wrote this over a year ago. Well over a year ago. Back when my writing pretty much sucked. Anyway, enjoy!

Chapter 1: Baby-sitting

Everything was back to normal. Corneria was a peace again thanks to Fox McCloud and the rest of the Star Fox team. General Pepper was starting to rebuild the Cornerian Army after losing almost half of its team. All of the members of Star Fox decided to help out with recruiting new soldiers. Peppy assisted General Pepper as a spectator of the incoming cadets and with the paperwork, Slippy taught the new recruits mechanical engineering skills, Falco helped out with on-the-ground combat, while Fox helped out with piloting techniques.

The team had been called in early that day by the general to meet him in the main lobby. Peppy was there early as usual, followed by Fox, then Falco. Pepper looked around to see only three of the four mercenaries there. Peppy looked around.

"Where's Slippy," he asked.

"Probably still hogging the shower as usual," complained Falco. "I got here before I got mine so I wouldn't be late."

"I was wondering what that smell was," teased Fox.

"Very funny, Fox," snickered Falco. Just then, Slippy came running through the doors, out of breath.
"Am I late, guys," asked the frog.

"What took you so long, Slip," roared Falco.

"I was taking a mud bath!"


"Knock it off, you two," ordered Peppy. He then turned to the general. "Why are we here early, Sir?"

"I want the four of you to keep an eye out on a certain cadet. She's been getting into trouble lately and I want to make sure she stays in line. She's had a rough time here in Corneria City, and I thought she would learn some discipline in the Cornerian Army," replied Pepper.

"So basically we're stuck baby-sitting," snapped Falco.

"More like keeping someone in line. Her name's Jackie Orwall."

"Orwall," said the surprised Fox. "You mean she's the daughter of THE Tyson Orwall, one of the best pilots in the Cornerian Army?"

"He WAS one of the best pilots in the Cornerian Army, until he got kicked out. He was arrested five years ago for one count of murder, and another count of attempted murder. He mysteriously disappeared from the federal prison on Macbeth over a year ago, and no one's heard from him since," explained Peppy.

Just then, a tall, slender, slightly muscular fox came through the doors. Her fur was the same color as Fox's in the same places, except that she had long, light brown hair and light green eyes. She wore a tight, black, long- sleeved shirt with the sleeves that went just past her elbows with a short, green jacket over it. She had the sleeves rolled up to just above her elbows. She wore dark green pants with two brown belts crossing each other in the front and back. Her silver, metal boots that looked just like Fox's went up to just under her knee's the way his did. She had a green headband that went across her forehead and her older brother's dog tag around her neck on a small chain. She walked up to General Pepper and then looked at Star Fox.

"So, this is the Star Fox team, Pepper," she asked.

"Star Fox, this is Jackie Orwall. I asked her to come in early also so you can get acquainted with her. Make sure she stays out of trouble," Pepper ordered.

"Yes sir," replied Fox, saluting with the rest of the team to the general. Pepper then walked off, leaving the five in the lobby. Jackie then turned to the team and crossed her arms.

"So, you're the famous Star Fox team, huh," said Jackie cockily.

"She's just as cocky and sarcastic as you are, Falco," whispered Fox, elbowing him jokingly.

"Looks like you have a clone there, Fox," Falco whispered back, winking and punching him in the arm playfully, smirking.

"Hello? Are you guys going to answer my question or what," complained Jackie.

"Yeah," started Fox, "we are. I'm Fox McCloud." He then shook hands with her.

"I'm Falco Lombardi, and don't you forget that," stated Falco.

"Slippy Toad, at your service," replied Slippy.

"And I'm Peppy Hare. I think we've met before, Jackie, in General Pepper's office," exclaimed Peppy.

"Yeah, I remember you. You're the old guy that keeps hanging around Pepper," said Jackie. Falco couldn't help but laugh. Peppy elbowed him in the stomach to get him to shut up. "Anyway, class is about to start. I better head off. Later," she said as she walked down the hallway to her first class. Falco was holding his stomach while Peppy was looking at him angrily.

"Geez, Peppy, you still hit hard for an old timer," replied Falco.

"Another crack about my age and I'll make sure it's not only your stomach that hurts," yelled the middle-aged hare.

"We all better get back to our posts. See you guys at lunch," interrupted Fox. All four of them nodded and went to where they were supposed to be as the rest of the cadets went to their classes.

About four hours later, everyone went to the cafeteria for lunch. Everyone sat with their friends in the usual spots. Jackie paid for her lunch and looked around for a place to sit. She went past a booth with a male Doberman Pincher, a golden, female Labrador, a male Cardinal, and a white, female cat.

"Hey baby," started the Doberman, "never thought I'd see you here at the academy." Jackie stopped and looked at him with a disgusted look on her face.

"I'm surprised to see you here, too, Sky," she replied, annoyed.

"Hey, if you want, we can go to the movies like we used to on Friday nights, Jacqueline."

"For the umpteenth time, Skyler, it's Jackie! And I'm not your girlfriend anymore!" She then stormed away from the booth while the four of them were laughing their heads off. Fox spotted her and motioned for her to sit with them. She obeyed and sat down next to him.

"I heard what happened. What was all that about," Fox asked.

"What, I don't even get a hello," Jackie said sarcastically. "Anyway, Sky and I went out for about a year. I dumped him about four months ago."

"Why did you break up with him," asked Slippy. Jackie got the look on her face that she didn't want to talk about it, and he left it at that. They started eating their lunch, talking about what happened in their day so far.

At that same time, the other group was talking amongst themselves.

"What a tramp! I mean, look at her! She's sitting with McCloud over there, and she looks like she's trying to steal his style," said the Labrador.

"Relax, Hal, I have a feeling she still hasn't gotten over me," replied Sky coolly.

"But wasn't she the one who dumped you, Sky," asked the Cardinal.

"Hey, it doesn't matter anymore, Mark. Sky's got Haley with him now, and that's that," exclaimed Trixy, the white cat. They finished their lunch as the bell rang and everyone went to their next class.