Chapter 10: Enter Star Dog

"Fox, try to calm down," exclaimed Kyle. He put a hand on his shoulder sympathetically. "We'll get your brother back."

Everyone was in the living room by the couch, trying to calm Fox down. Peppy was hugging him and consoling him like he did when he broke the news to Fox about James' death. Slippy was on his computer, trying to pinpoint the location of the stolen Arwings. Falco had his arms crossed, leaning against the wall, fuming about his precious jet being stolen. Kyle was sitting on the other side of Fox, thinking of what to do to cheer him up. Just then, Jackie ran into the room, her clothes and fur soiled with oil. She stopped to catch her breath, then grinned.

"It's fixed," she exclaimed.

"And just in time, too," started Slippy. "I found out where the Arwings are!" Everyone looked over at Slippy as he loaded up a screen. "They've been taken to the Venomian Air Base. Their security around the Arwings isn't as strong as it has been, though."

"Well that's odd," breathed Kyle, deep in thought. At that moment, Fox got a message in his comlink and motioned for everyone to hush up.

"Who is this," growled Fox.

"Guess who," said an evil, yet familiar voice. Fox's eyes widened a little. His expression soon turned into one of anger.

"Where's my brother, Andross!?"

"Your brother? Oh, you mean the runt that looks just like you? He's here," Andross taunted.

"Let him go!!!"

"We also have your Arwings, Junior," said another familiar voice. Jackie had been listening to the conversation with her comlink and then gave out a low, threatening growl.

"Sky! What the hell are you doing," she roared.

"Getting revenge, Orwall," Sky started, coolly. "My comrades and I feel like we've been treated unjustly in Corneria. We want to help take it over for the humiliation that Pepper gave us-"

"Get a grip, Sky! You brought this onto yourself," boomed Fox.

"Unless you want to see your ships and brother again, Junior, you'll have to come here and get them. Tah tah," laughed Andross. The connection then closed. Jackie punched the couch angrily after the news finally sank into her head.

"It's got to be a trap," said Peppy. "Why else would they lower their security and invite us to go rescue Jamie?" Fox then stood up with his head lowered, looking at the ground angrily. Peppy looked at him worriedly and went to put a hand on the shoulder of his leader. Fox stepped away quickly and started heading toward the docking bay.

"I'm going after him," he stated with almost no emotion. His walk then turned into a jog, then to a sprint. Everyone started running after him, trying to get him to stop. Fox hopped into the cockpit of the Arwing and took off toward Venom.

"Fox, wait," cried out Peppy. "You're still wounded, remember!?"

"Too late, old timer," stated Jackie. "He's on his way to Venom."

"Guys, get over here," yelled Slippy from his computer. Jackie and the others rushed over to him and looked at the computer screen. "Venom's sending two assassins to Katina, waiting for us! They're sending their army to Corneria instead!" Everybody stood there in shock and confusion.

"Shoot, Fox is heading in that direction, too," fumed Jackie. She thought for a few moments, then finally spoke up. "Slippy, contact General Pepper. Tell him we need five Cornerian ships ready in one hour." Slippy looked at her in confusion.

"Why do you want me to do that, Jackie? You're not in cha-"

"Just do it! Trust me on this one!" Slippy quickly nodded and sent a message to Pepper. Jackie then got on her com-link to contact ROB. "ROB, dock the Great Fox at the Cornerian Air Base."

"Affirmative," beeped ROB as he steered the Great Fox towards its destination.

"Man, we need a name," suggested Mark. Trixy looked up from her laptop and stared at Mark like he had just grown another head. Sky and Haley walked into the room, overhearing Mark's suggestion.

"Why do you say that," asked Haley.

"Well, you know how there's Star Fox and Star Wolf, right?"


"So how about we call ourselves 'Star Hawk'?" Everyone burst into laughter.

"Mark, you're not even a hawk," started Sky, still laughing. "You're a cardinal."

"How about 'Star Cat'," suggested Trixy.

"Sounds too much like your sister's name," exclaimed Haley.

"How about this, guys," began Sky. "How about 'Star Dog'?" Everyone looked at each other, smirked, then nodded.

"Star Dog it is, my man," agreed Mark, giving his buddy a high five.

"Let's go pay a visit to the runt, shall we?" Everyone laughed and got up, then walked towards the prison cells. In the one at the very end of the hall was Jamie. He sat on the bed in his cell, had his arms resting on his legs, and his head lowered, looking down at his untied tennis shoes. He was remembering when he got kidnapped by the "weasel" as he called Sky. He was up for a while playing video games in his room. He just turned the console off and was untying his shoes when he was knocked out. He heard a noise, gasped, and looked at the bars of his cell, seeing the newly declared Star Dog team. He shot a glare at them, then defiantly turned his head away.

"Now, now, why must you be so rude to us, kid," asked Sky in a taunting way.

"You kidnapped me, and now you're going to try and hurt my big brother," snapped Jamie.

"Relax, kid, we're not going to hurt you. It's your brother that we want revenge on."

"You're nothing but a big bully! My brother will save me, I know it!" Sky Dog laughed again and walked down the hallway back into the main room, leaving Jamie by himself. He buried his face into his hands, rested his elbows on his legs, and started sobbing silently. "Big Brother, where are you?"

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